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Course: Act 333 Faculty: Rkb

North South University

School of Business ACT 333: Managerial Accounting Project

The topic of the project is:

Implications of Managerial Accounting concepts on a product

Group members: 5 Submission date: n first presentation day You can ONLY select your product after discussing with me in my office during my office hour. Requirements: !ou already ha"e a manufacturin# company$ %o& select a product &hich you can produce$ 'roduct can be anythin# other than food or paper made #oods$ Select product in such a &ay so that ra& materials can be easily purchased and production process is not complicated$ R()()*(R+ you need to produce it$

!our project should include the follo&in# ans&ers: ,$ -escribe the nature of business and product details$ .$ -escribe the industry and competitors of your company$ 3$ Analy/e all types of costs i$e$+ capital cost+ fi0ed1"ariable+ prime1con"ersion+ direct1indirect costs etc$ 2$ -etermine the production cost of your product i$e$+ R)+ 3abor and ) 4$ 5$ -etermine the full cost$ 5$ )ake your cost strate#y$ 6hat costin# method should you follo& i$e$+ job order costin#1 process costin#1A*C1 direct allocation1reciprocal allocation1step do&n allocation method7 8$ 6hat is the price of the product7 6hat pricin# strate#y you can follo&7 9s the pricin# appropriate7 Find out the profit mar#in for each product$ Sprin# .:,2

Course: Act 333 Faculty: Rkb

;$ Forecast the demand and sales for your product$ <$ -etermine the tar#eted contribution mar#in+ *('+ *(R+ mar#in of safety based on your forecast =point no ;>$ Comments on the riskiness of the company$ ,:$ 6hat should be the performance measurement system =?'9> of your company1product7 -o you need any performance re&ard system7

To do list: !our project should ha"e co"er pa#e+ title pa#e+ table of contents+ letter of transmittal+ e0ecuti"e summary =not more than 3 pa#es>+ reference+ and appendi0 =optional>$ %o limitation of pa#e$ 'roject should be spiral bindin#$ !ou need to submit * T4 your product and project$

Sprin# .:,2