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Raed Alotaibi Professor Marsh November 26, 2013

There are many topics that I am interested in exploring but one particular one had my attention for this assignment. I chose to write about Central American immigrants and their migration to the US, including understanding the reasons behind it, as well as American population view on the topic. I chose this topic because there are many people in the US from Central America and that number is increasing, and it is beating the number of immigrants coming from Mexico in the past few years. I think it is important to understand the nature of this migration and the reasons behind it, as well as how it affects the host country. Prior to completing this assignment I did not really understand why people from Central America want to come to the US. Countries in Central America have such beautiful climate and the nature is really nice, but I guess that does not provide one with a job or education, or this is what I realized as a result. I used online article to look up information on this topic, mainly because there are many recent news articles that cover the topic, thus I thought it would be helpful to my research. I found that more Central Americans are coming to the US in the last two years then Mexicans. The reason behind it is that Mexicos economy has improved and people are now staying there as a result of a better job market. Mexican education institutions are also offering more opportunities than ever before; therefore, many young people are staying to get their education in their home country. Meanwhile, the economic and job situation in Central American countries is

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still struggling and it is difficult for the citizens to survive and have a decent life style. As a result, many migrate to the US in hopes of getting jobs and establishing a residence. In addition, I found that many of these jobs that they are getting are not exactly glorified jobs; most of them are labor force jobs. This made me wonder why American people complain about these people coming to the US when Americans can get same jobs; it is not as if these jobs are some high paying salaries and after all someone has to do them. There is nothing wrong with making these jobs available to immigrants who would be willing to work and do a great job because they do not get the same opportunities in their home countries. This background information and researched prepared me to interview a person on this topic. The information I found allowed me to ask the correct questions and those that I was not able to find online, thus first hand conversation with someone is more valuable than just simple research. We did the interview yesterday with the PHD student her name is Jessica Emami. She is a graduate fellow, institute for immigration research. She is immigrant from Iran long time ago. She stated that the hardest part for immigrants is the culture and the value. However, she said, she likes the culture her because the freedom in the US. Also, she stated that the poverty is the main reason for immigrants. Therefore, the US government is not supportive for those immigrants. I learned from this interview that if the US government helps those immigrants, they might be good for the country because they will support the economic after they finish the degree. Thus, those immigrants came here live good life, so they will help the economic. When I started this project, I was not sure what to think of this topic besides what I heard from other people and from the news. I used to not understand why people leave their home countries to come to the US where in some cases they were not even welcomed. I quickly came to realize that other countries do not have the same opportunities for its citizens and that people
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in general as humans try to improve and gain a better life as a whole. This is especially true for those with children because they want their children to have a better future and not waste their life away being jobless and without an education in their home country. This project really helped me better understand people from Central America and their culture. I was amazed to find out that no matter what country people come from, we are all similar in many ways, and all are just trying to make the best out of life and provide our loved ones with a fair opportunity to succeed.

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