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School of Education Portfolio University of Wisconsin Platteville Artifact Reflection Title of Experience/Artifact: Date Experience Completed: Classroom Management

t Plan 12-9-13

Describe your educational experience/artifact:

!ad t!e opport"nit# to create an elementar#$ middle/!ig! sc!ool$ and !ealt! classroom management plan% n m# plan incl"ded !o& to create a safe learning en'ironment$ (e!a'ioral r"les$ !o& &ill moti'ate m# st"dents$ gro"p acti'it# expectations$ non-instr"ctional met!ods &ill implement$ e)"ipment "se$ safet#$ comm"nication &it! parents$ and an example of a ne&sletter t!at &o"ld send !ome% Creating t!is classroom management plan &as 'er# s"ccessf"l%
Wisconsin eacher Standard Ali!n"ent

T!is artifact goes along (est &it! standard n"m(er *$ +earning En'ironment% Teac!ers ,no& !o& to manage a classroom-The teacher uses an understanding of individual and group motivation and behavior to create a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation. (elie'e t!is experience (est aligns &it! standard *$ (eca"se !ad t!e opport"nit# to create m# o&n personal classroom management plans% got to decide &!at r"les &ill (e implemented in m# classroom$ !o& &ill moti'ate m# class to (e p!#sical acti'e$ li'e a !ealt!ier lifest#le$ !o& &o"ld create a safe en'ironment for t!e st"dents$ and created a ne&sletter t!at &o"ld get sent !ome to t!e parents or g"ardians$ to let t!em ,no& &!at acti'ities are going on &it!in t!e sc!ool$ and &!at acti'ities t!eir c!ild did d"ring t!at mont! in m# class%
UW#Platteville School of Education $no%led!e& S'ills& Dispositions Ali!n"ent

T!is artifact (est aligns &it! -.D2%d (ana!es Student )ehavior: *The candidate can establish clear standards of conduct with student input. The monitoring of these standards is subtle and preventive with respectful student self- and peer monitoring also occurring. The candidate can respond to misbehavior effectively, being sensitive to individual needs%/ (elie'e t!is artifact addresses -.D2%d$ (eca"se t!ro"g!o"t m# classroom management plans de'eloped (e!a'ioral r"les for t!e st"dents to follo&% 0it!in m# classroom management plan incl"ded r"les t!at &ill implement$ conse)"ences for mis(e!a'iors$ and incenti'es for good (e!a'ior%
Explain %hat you learned about teachin!/learnin! fro" this experience:

T!ro"g!o"t t!is experience learned t!at !a'ing different classroom management plans is 'er# important to (e s"ccessf"l% learned t!at t!e teac!er needs to ,no& &!at r"les t!e# are going to implement in t!eir classroom and !o& t!e# are going to (e consistent in t!e enforcement of t!ose r"les% also learned t!at creating a safe en'ironment for t!e st"dents is 'er# important$ as t!e# &ill learn to t!e (est of t!eir a(ilit# in a safe en'ironment% T!ro"g!o"t t!is experience also learned t!at comm"nication to t!e parents is also 'er# important$ as t!e# care a(o"t t!eir c!ild and &ant to ,no& &!at t!eir c!ild is learning in t!e classroom%

Explain %hat you learned about yourself as a prospective educator as a result of this experience/artifact:

1a'ing t!e opport"nit# to create different classroom management plans for different age le'els and s"(2ects$ learned t!at it is important for me to !a'e m# o&n classroom management plan% learned t!at need to implement r"les &it!in m# class and ,no& !o& am going to enforce t!e r"les$ as t!e st"dents need a set of g"idelines for t!e (est learning en'ironment% also learned t!at conse)"ences ma# not (e 2"st sending t!e st"dent to t!e office$ can enforce different conse)"ences or e'en (etter implement incenti'es for good (e!a'ior% t!o"g!t t!is experience &as 'er# (eneficial and !elped me learn &!# ma,e certain decisions$ and implement t!em &it!in m# classroom management plans%