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It is easy and a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Angela Altenhof.

I served as her University of Mount Union preclinical supervisor during the fall of 2013 and before that employed her as the careta!er of my ten puppies and their mother in the summer of 2013. In both situations I found Angela to be a conscientious and hard wor!ing young adult. As a beginning educator Angela carried out her preclinical responsibilities at United "lementary #chool with dedication and a willingness to do the e$tra. %er lessons plans were student centered thoughtfully prepared and se&uenced. #he always found additional resources or activities that would pi&ue her students' interests and engage them in the learning process. %er lesson plans were always turned in on time. (uring my classroom observations I noticed that Angela &uic!ly built rapport with her students. #he li!ed and respected the children and they responded to her in a similar manner. Angela intuitively !new what she needed to do to connect her students to their learning and how to say it and do it. It was very obvious from her smiles her positive comments and her interactions with her students that Angela really loved teaching. Angela was also very !nowledgeable about content and curriculum. I observed her in large group social studies teaching situations and also in small group and one on one special education tutoring situations. #he engaged all her students in conversational learning !ept them on tas! and !ept them interested in what they were learning. As a group and individually her students wanted to do well and please her. (iffering from the educational setting I first met Angela when I hired her to dog sit for me in )une 2013. #he was hired to drive to our home and care for 10 five wee! old puppies and their mother twice a day for twenty days while our family was on vacation. *ot only did Angela follow through on all her instructions and duties she often came to our home three times a day +ust to chec! on the puppies and to play with them. #he too! the initiative to buy them toys and an automatic drin!ing fountain. ,he puppies flourished under her supervision. Angela's caring her resourcefulness and her sense of responsibility really impressed me. Anyone who can care for puppies in such a mature responsible manner will do the same for children. -oth of my e$periences educationally and personally showed Angela to be conscientious !nowledgeable caring and dedicated. All these attributes will ma!e Angela an e$cellent capable educator. #he will be a great asset to the school district that employs her and that district and her students will benefit from her abilities and love of teaching. #incerely .uthAnn .into #upervisor University of Mount Union rar/rinto0hotmail.com