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The rapid release of methane into the earth's atmosphere 635 million years ago

caused rapid warming and mass extinction of species, disrupting the climate for
more than 100,000 years.and may happen again in the near future, reported in
Nature . (1)

The concern is that it could take a relative small rise in temperature to start
unleashing the gas,which would then trigger an unstoppable warming cycle. (2)

The first evidence that millions of tons of methane 72 times more potent than
carbon dioxide over 20 years(3)is being released into the atmosphere from beneath
the Arctic seabed has been discovered by scientists(4) at Sep 2008 according to
The Independent. (5)

The livestock industry is the number one producer of methane which is the most
potent greenhouse gases. The UN reports that meat production emits 37 percent of
the world's methane gas (6)

We have to save this planet, so that we’ll be able to stay, first. Because if the
ice all melt, if all the poles all melt out, and then if the sea is warm, then the
gas might be released from the ocean, and we might all be poisoned. It’s a lot of

If you see the Singapore lecture, I already warned that we have to change the way
we live, otherwise it’s too late. It was 10 or 15 years. Or before that, I always
talk about how we deforest our planet, yah? Meat eating and all that contributes
to a lot of damage to our Earth planet, you know.

Scientists say many things. They are listening now, but I just hope they do it
fast. It just takes action. All the governments in the world really take it now
seriously. It’s just I’m worried the action might be too slow, that’s all.

Because the ice reflecting the sun, you see, so send it back into the space, but
the ice is melting
so fast now, that there’s not enough reflection and because the sea is already
warm, it melts the ice. And because the ice melt, the sea warmer. You see what I
mean, the cycle?

The way it is going, if they don’t fix it, 4 or 5 years time, finito. No more.
It’s really that urgent.