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Medical Tourism: Global demand for Indian Traditional Practices

Early Tourism only meant traveling for ones leisure time and relaxation. But ever since ancient period traveling is constant business that man kind has used for various reasons. In the world of globalization any movement from one place to another is either considered to be tour. It can be described as a time being or even permanent change of place or environment or settlement. Hence even traveling for medical purpose is today known as medical tourism. This exchange of medical practices is continued since olden days. Impact of globalization has made this field more professional to be implemented in the society. This paper will focus on the use of traditional treatment of east has very successfully captured the western market within few years. Here traditional treatment or practice means !yurveda and "oga. This paper will use two case studies. They will be as follows# $%& 'r. (anka) *aram+s !yurvedic ,linic - key features of this case will be how overseas patients flew to his clinic for their better treatment and how economical do they find it. $.& !rogyadham Treatment ,entre - This being the practitioner of !yurveda and "oga key features of this case will be using both the practices how it is been made convenient to export the practices in western countries. !nalytical point of this paper will be how in the world of globalization an issue of medical tourism is been exchanged to match the needs of economic tourism world wide.