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Your name Student Name Professor Name Subject 24 September, 2012 Bandag Automotive Comprehensive Case

1. Organizational ties are such types of communications which exist between the workers of management personnel and are not mediated by the steady dependence between them, but basically by the unity of the purposes realized by them. The managerial process is made on the basis of the interaction between the elements of the administrative structure divisions, posts, and separate persons. The organizations with better performance management massively

outperform their disorganized competitors. They make more money, grow faster, have far higher stock market values, and survive for longer (Lee: 2007). HR strategies are aimed to encourage the employees to be open-minded and feel its value in the companys processes. They are developed in every companys branch and then become the parts of the common strategy. Thus, it is necessary for Bandag Auto to reorganize the human resource management function. The company should realize a number of the measures to execute all the changes in compliance with the current legislation. There are two variants of reorganization: redistribution of the duties with the transfer of the employees to the other positions, dismissal of the old employees and employment of the new employees. In the case of Bandag Auto, the dismissal of the employees is not legal because there are no grounds for them. Thus, it is necessary to conduct the analysis of the labor loading and the qualification skills of its employees. This analysis will show who of the employees can

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fulfill these or those functional duties. After the redistribution of the functions Bandag Auto should inform its employees about the change of the working conditions. 2. Human resources are very important for the successful activity of Bandag Auto. Each employee, especially if he or she is in a direct contact to a visitor in the course of service, brings an essential mite in success (or failure) of business. Therefore, the personnel service is the major element of the companys mechanism. The success of Bandag Auto directly depends on the correctness of the actions of HR managers. The errors of a HR manager can cause a loss of the companys reputation, deterioration of his financial position and a loss of key employees. Therefore, there is a desire of the HR management to supervise the companys activity in order to avoid the financial losses at a wrong behaviour of top managers. Good managers listen to their employees aspirations, act as coaches, identify their strengths and areas for improvement, and offer them continual feedback about their performance (Snell: 2012). The HR management function in Bandag Auto is strategically integrated with Bandag Autos own policy as preparation of the effective personnel is the functional business process of human resource department. It is directed at the ensuring of the administrative personnel continuity, prevention of the problems arising in case of the managers terminations of the employment contracts, and also the professional growth of employees. A carefully fulfilled selection and a target development of managers are defined by the need of human resource development for the enterprise as a strategic task fixed in its mission. Thus, the administrative skills and so-called key qualifications are considered at any level of the hierarchy. Another important point in human resource management is the construction of internal business communications. The head should not be inaccessible to the subordinates he should be ready to listen to and to take into consideration their offers and remarks, to give

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an important advice to them. At the same time, he should be able to delegate powers, sharing his power and responsibility with employees. In order to keep labor potential of the company the HR managers of Bandag Auto should provide: necessary quantity of breaks during a working day; possibility for restoration of forces after the done work, especially in unusual conditions; means for physical and emotional unloading; alternation of tasks.

After all, it is very important for Bandag Auto to retain qualified employees as professionally selected candidates can become an excellent tool for the increase of the organizational activity. Going ahead it is necessary to train and to develop the employees and to retain them on the giving position opening the perspective of a career growth. 3. The employees that Jim fired claim absolutely legally, in accordance with the current legislation. The employees being on the sick-list or on holiday cannot be dismissed only after their returning to work. The employees in a maternity leave can be transferred to the other positions if it is demanded by human resources department reorganization. However, it can be done only by their consent. In any case, the dismissal of such employees is possible only at a complete elimination of the company. It is necessary for Bandag Auto to remember that any changes can create the instable atmosphere in collective, reduce an overall performance and lead to the increase of a staff turnover. Therefore, the reorganization of a human resources department should occur only if such changes are economically profitable for the companys business in a long-term prospect.

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