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BUSINESS The One Minute Manager

The One Minute Manager is one of the most successful books that made a breakthrough in the approaches of management not only in business area but out of it as well. The book was created by Spencer Johnson M.D. in 2001. The concept of one minute manager describes the system of the effective impact methods on people that lead to the achievement of high results in a short period of time. This management system is based on three major elements. They are one minute goal setting, one minute praising and one minute reprimands. The first one is the foundation for the whole concept. One minute manager always knows what responsibilities should be performed by his employees and what even more important is that he knows what a good performance of it exactly is. It is some kind of philosophy with no surprise. Everyone knows what to do and the way it is meant to be done. One minute praising is a special behavior of the manager that is focused on positive. It is absolutely opposite approach. One minute manager keeps an eye on a work of an employee not for catching him doing something wrong but conversely, catching him doing something right. Then he praises and encourage him always shaking his hands, or pat on his shoulder. The third one element is one minute reprimands that's meant to speak out and show a mistake that an employee does specifically. Afterwards he is silent for moments and then he lets an employee know that he appreciate him and his work for a company but feels bad about his performance in a situation existed. Each of the three stages of one minute management strategy takes one minute. It is short but it is specific and understandable. One minute management strategy presented by Spenser Johnson M.D. is a top-ranked and very effective way of leading people and making them achieve brilliant results. One minute


manager always remembers that people are the most important resources, and when he leads, he leads people, not only their behavior.

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