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For instance The Agyna Chakra (Optical Thalamus) will open with the mantra "Hong Sau" also

known as Hang Shang or the opposite of SoHam (Ham So). This is the Bija Mantra or the Bija Petal Sound of the two petals of the Lotus. The Dev shakti is Hakini here. (I will not give the technique of meditation here as not allowed). ========= The Ultimate 3rd Eye Activation Special - MMM Mantra - Tanzanite - 288Hz - Messa ge to Dr. Pillai Published on Jan 23, 2013 Krishna Bhakta Patrick J. Pereira presents you the most efficient information to heal and energize your "Third Eye" to activate its mystical powers quickly and e asely. Meditation Mp3: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/62930695/Occu... Benefits of a healthy and energized Third Eye: 1. Perfect Intuition; you are always at the right time, obtain the right piece o f information and meet the right people to solve your problems and/ or experienc e your desires. 2. The field of energy will slowly become visible and you will develop psychic a bilities; like the ability to control the field of energy.

3. Peace of mind. The Midbrain overwrites logical brain. If you have difficulty believing that; command your hand to go into the fire and see how other parts of the brain will overwrite that action. If your midbrain is more active then your logical brain, your mind-blabla will decrease and ultimately stop over time. If you want the miracles the "Third Eye" can bring you; you need to heal your 3r d eye and the higher emotional energy body that is attached to it first. After y ouve cleaned it you need to energize it continuously; the more energy is within t he Third Eye, the more miracles you can manifest. We take a deeper look at the MMM Mantra for 3rd eye activation; Dr. Pillai showe d with scientific research that the MMM Mantra activates the midbrain (EEG Scan) , today I want to present you my Audio-Visual research on the Audio Spectrum Ana lysis combined with an interpretation influenced by my understanding of Vedic Li terature. The Audio Spectrum Analysis shows that a recording of the MMM mantra is blue, to be correct, dark blue when pitched to the 288Hz that Tibetan Singing Bowls for the 3rd Eye are attuned to. It is no co-incidence that the two show similarity i n color as it is common Vedic knowledge that the 3rd Eye and the "higher emotion al body" a.k.a. the Aura that is attached to the 3rd eye chakra are dark blue. When You Sing, Chant or listen the word MMM in the right pitch, you are ejecting fresh dark blue energy into your aura with the audio vibrations, specifically i nto the higher emotional energy body where the Third Eye is attached to. By doin g this you provide the 3rd eye with fresh and new energy to "do its thing natura lly". To get the most out of the MMM Mantra, I pitched Dr Pillais voice to exactly 288H

z and chanted MMM myself in the right pitch to give the mantra pitch stability a s Dr. Pillai isnt known for his singing skills, guided with 288Hz Tibetan singing bowls and 6Hz Theta Isochronic Tones, we made the ultimate meditation tape and practice to activate and energize the Third Eye to create Miracles.

You can Lazuli d to be in the

increase the speed of awakening by using a dark blue Tanzanite (or Lapis when Tanzanite isnt available) while doing your meditation. (Crystals nee cleaned with streaming water once a week and afterwards spends some time sunlight or moonlight to get their full charge back)

To get the most out of this meditation you need to meditate to it in two session s. Session #1: Use speakers to play the meditation tape so that the audio vibration can mix with your aura, you close your eyes and MMM along to the pitch. Session #2: Plug in your headphones and benefit from the 6Hz Theta Isochronic To nes, in the 2nd session; you do not chant or sing along, you just focus on the T hird Eye and Midbrain and fall asleep. Yes, these 2 cycles are perfect as a daily bedtime ritual.

If you still have difficulty manifesting miracles after doing this meditation fr equently; repair and energize your Heart chakra as an addition to the regular me ditation A.K.A. buy a piece of Moldavite or Peridot and put it on your Heart cha kra while doing this meditation. The Heart Chakra functions as a tunnel from spi ritual energy into the physical world, when its unhealthy your Third Eye energy w ill have a difficult time manifesting. ===== MMM Mantra for 3rd Eye Activation (108x) Published on Dec 23, 2012 The MMM Mantra is given to us by Dr Pillai at the Midbrain Miracle Method confer ence 22 December 2012 and is specifically meant to activate the powers of the 3r d Eye (Pineal Gland/ Mid Brain) Download the MMM Mantra as 320kbps MP3 here: http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/96390 42... Meditating on the MMM Mantra (Basic): Listen and mentally repeat the mantra as often as possible, focusing on the vibr ation will gradually change certain parts of your aura and magnetise the result you desire. The more you focus, the quicker and more intense the mantra will aff ect your life. Focus: Listening, Mentally Repeating, Reciting and Imagining the word. Meditating on the MMM Mantra (Advanced): Close your eyes focus attention on your right eye and visualize a very powerful

light entering your right eye and shooting into your left brain go to the left e ye and visualize another powerful light entering your left eye and shooting into your left brain go to the right nostril visualize the light there and the left nostril visualize another light those 2 lights from both nostrils meet between t he 2 eyebrows and see that point... now again repeat the process... Visualize the entire body filled with light now go to the brainstem just above t he spinal column go up from there focus on the brainstem it is where the life en ergy converts to mental mind energy and go up to the midbrain to the thalamus co rpus collosum cortex parietal lobe or just a column of light... going to give yo u the fundamental sound MMM that goes into the midbrain... the eyes, nostrils, b rain and body filled with light and you are focussing on the midbrain and hear t he sound MMM going up to the top If you have difficulty mastering the advanced meditation technique; do your rese arch on Pranayama, Pranic Healing or Reiki so that you'll be able to feel and wo rk with the field of energy. More scientific information about MMM Mantra can be found on: http://www.midbrai nmiraclemethod.com/