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April 16, 2014 To whom it may concern: During this semester, Alexandra Dishman served as a writing and social

media intern or my irm, !ar"etDone# $ am providing a recommendation %ased on my "nowledge o her dra ts, end product, relia%ility, time management and overall contri%ution to the team# Tas"ed with learning a %rand new program, &oot'uite (an online tool that automates distri%ution o social media updates across multiple plat orms) or two o our longstanding clients, she was also responsi%le or creating re*uent %log posts or two larger, newer clients to go onto their we%sites or educational and '+, purposes# Alexandra has populated these two clients- social media sites rom the start o her internship in .anuary until April 2/, 2014, and written %log posts rom 0e%ruary on# Alex too" *uic"ly to learning our process or social media curation and conducting su%stantial research 1 industry content, *uotes, videos, images and tips2 pertinent to the client-s wor" 2 and then ormulating those into posts to appear on their respective social media sites# Distri%ution included 0ace%oo", and 3in"ed$n# &er curation and writing wor" was reviewed %y %oth our 'ocial !edia !anager and mysel # As a %log ormulator, Alex produced two %logs or a large plum%ing client in the ormat o past %logs that had %een posted on their we%site# $t was necessary or her to adopt their narrative voice, and ma"e a dry su%4ect, humorous and in ormational# 0or a long time dental client, the style o %log was intended to %e more in ormational and pro essional# Alexandra was pleasant, communicative and dependa%le and team mem%ers en4oyed wor"ing with her# The initial ad4ustment period was around understanding and managing expectations and achieving the appropriate pro essional expression o even a humorous su%4ect, %ut she listened to the constructive criticism and re lected the suggestions in her learning and end products# 'he has strengths as a researcher and consistently ound good content or these %logs %ased o di erent topics suggested# 5hat needs to %e stressed is that Alexandra came in to an un amiliar environment, with demanding timelines and expectations and little training, and *uic"ly %ecame a contri%uting mem%er to the team, meeting deadlines, course correcting on the ly, and we couldn-t have accomplished some o what we did without her# !y evaluation is positively weighted, her contri%utions were tangi%le and all adopted, and my hope is that she is encouraged to continue to sharpen her s"ills, hone her writing into excellence, and continue to read and write more or pro essional purposes# 'incerely,

Deanna A. Mims
Deanna A# !ims ,wner, !ar"etDone 6eri ication o signature can %e sent to: dmims7mar"etdone#com, 8/0#42/#/240