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Alex Kendall, Carreen Hughes, Jessica Gutierrez, Nicole Jennings Hannah Hernandez Date: April 2, 2014 Harriet Tubman

and the Underground Rail Road

Objectives: The student will learn about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. The student will investigate codes used by slaves in the Underground Railroad. The student will use critical thinking and problem solving skills to make their own survival kit. Focus/Anticipatory Set: We will introduce the lesson through music, technology, hands-on activities, group activities and an overall fun learning environment. Relevancy: We will establish relevancy by explaining that this is a part of everyones history for good or bad. Explanation/Teaching Strategies& Modeling: Carreen welcomes the class and introduces the topic with discussion questions to have the students come up to the Promethean board and answer. Jessica and Carreen will tag team the Powerpoint and video and transition into Nicole with her survival kit activity. We will have the students elect a representative from their group and have them drag and drop the pictures into a box. Hannah will pass out a large sheet of paper to each table and have the students work as a group to make a coded quilt. Alex will close the lesson out with a Kahoot! Quiz and closure questions. Teaching/Checking for Understanding: The students will be actively participating in group as well as individual activities, discussing and answering questions from the closure, and the Kahoot! Questioning Strategies: True or False: Slavery lasted for hundreds of years in North America? Does anyone know who Harriet Tubman is? Why was the Underground Railroad created? Do you think this could happen again in America? How does this relate to current events? Can you design your own secret code? What would happen if you were a slave?

Alex Kendall, Carreen Hughes, Jessica Gutierrez, Nicole Jennings Hannah Hernandez Date: April 2, 2014 Guided Practice: The Runaway Survival Kit will be the guided practice activity because its a problem solving scenario based activity where the student is to come up with the most logical answers with minimal guidance. Independent Practice: The quilt codes are the independent practice because we are not telling the students how to make them just that they have to represent something. Closure: Quizzing the students on what theyve learned during the lesson with Kahoot! Using the IPad and then reviewing the lessons key points through Power Point. Materials: Promethean Board, iPads, Markers, Paper, Projector, and Computer. Duration: 45-60min