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1> why are you looking for change?

---> my product is outsourced, sales is still with BMC, now BMC is focued to sal e solution suit andnot the individual prod, revenue is downside, create sense of insecurity which force me to change. 2> What is your expectation with this new profile? --> technical growth in depth, learning new products, increased area/scope of a ctivity. 3> How will you justify your expectation from salary point of view? --> I've not asked too much considering the current package that i am drawing co nsidering my total exp and ofcourse u wud agree that sungard SunGard is the larg est privately held software and services company and was ranked 434 on the Fortu ne 500 list in 2011. -----------------------1> Questions on Standby and DataGuard? >> 2> Questions on Oracle software upgrade and patching? -> diff b/w pfile & spfile -> Value & use of 'remote_login_passwordfile' parameter --> db_recovery_file_dest for July: ------------------Night shift : 15June -14July