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ADVANCED READER of CONTEMPORARY CHINESE SHORT STORIES Reflections on Humanity ADVANCED READER of CONTEMPORARY CHINESE SHORT STORIES Reflections on Humanity ‘Compiled by Ying Wang and Cartie E. Reed prominent such as Su Tong and Yu Hua, whose novels Raise the Red Lantern and Ta Live served as the basis for internationally acclaimed films, With its captivating content dealing with current social isues, it fils a gap in the literature for advanced language students who are eager to read extensively in “real” literature. Vocabulary lists free the student from the chore of constantly consulting a dictionary while reading, grammar and usage examples highlight new patterns, and questions for discussion explore the literary content. This all-fiction collection of con- temporary works can be used as a text in language or literature courses or can be read independently. a his reader for advanced students of Chinese presents ten post-1990 short stories by Ying Wang. assistant professor of Chinese at Mount Holyoke College, is a coeditor of Literature and Society: Advanced Reader of Modem Chinese. Carte E. Reed, associate professor of Chinese at Mid- dlebury College, is a coauthor of Xidayudn Hanya / Speaking Chinese on Campus: A Textbook for Intermediate Chinese Courses “The stories, all published after 1990, reflect the zeitgeist of contemporary China.” —Shuhui Yang, Bates College “A varied and engaging selection af short fiction. The stories exhibit an interesting range of literary and rhetorical styles, of subject matter, and of authorial sensibilities," —lohn Christopher Hamm, University of Washington CONTENTS Yu Hua - “I Don't Have a Name of My Qwn Xia Shang - “Half Idiot" ‘Mian Mian. “A Patient” Bi Feiyu - “Breastfeeding Woman” (Qiu Shanshan - “Afternoon Tea” Lu Ping - “Plain Gate” Liu Yunsheng + “The Pink Butterfly That Flies Away” Su Tong - “Umbrella” Liang Xiaosheng + “Watering Can” Wang Meng “A Mis Story” Cover photo by Lori Hagman ISBN 0-295-99365-5 oe |) aii www washington edu/uwpress 9 "780295'98365 PB) 4 th Ae LAIR BIBRA Advanced Reader of Contemporary Chinese Short Stories Ate Bb A Reflections on Humanity EMF IRR IR Compiled by Ying Wang and Carrie E. Reed University of Washington Press Seattle and London