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Ryan International School ,Greater Noida FA 1 Syllabus Class X English : Comprehension passage ,Bio sketch ,Error/omission ,Determiners and

Two gentlemen of Verona. Maths Real Numbers , Polynomials Science : Bio- Types of nutrition & Photosynthesis , Physics Electricity (till series connection) ,Chemistry Chapter -1 Chemical Reaction and equations . S.Std. Civics Ch 1 Power Sharing , Geography Ch1 (Resources & development) ,Eco Ch-1 (Development Computer : Chapter 1 Introduction to internet

FA 1 Syllabus Class IX

English : How I thought my grandmother to read ,Bio-Sketch ,Verb forms ,Comprehension . Maths Number System , Polynomials(Ex-2.1 ,2.2 ,2.3) Science : Bio- Fundamental unit of life cell till nucleus , Physics Motion (till acceleration) , Chemistry Chapter -1-Matter in our surrounding S.Std. History/ Geography India size and location , Civics -Democracy in contemporary world ,Eco Story of village Palampur (Till Will the land sustain) Computer : Ch-1A ,1 B ,1 C