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Kama Sutra Sex Positions

with Liberator Shapes

By Pala Copeland and Al Link

4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra

Kama Sutra Sex Positions
with Liberator Shapes

By Pala Copeland and Al Link

Another Electronic Adult Activity Fun-book from
4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra

Copyright - All rights reserved Author Credit
4 Freedoms and Liberator Shapes 2007

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION .................................................................... 1
POSITIONS FOR INTERCOURSE.............................................. 4
Face-to-Face Positions.................................................... 6
Opposites Positions......................................................... 7
Man or Woman-on-Top.............................................. 9
Man-on-Top.............................................................. 10
Woman-on-Top......................................................... 11
Sideways................................................................... 12
Sitting........................................................................ 13
Standing.................................................................... 14
SHAPES.............................................................................. 15
Clasping Supine (Samputa)....................................... 15
Sesame Seed with Rice (Tila-Tandulaka)................. 17
Widely Opened (Utphallaka).................................... 19
Yawning (Vijrimbhitaka).......................................... 21
Rising (Bhugnaka).................................................... 24
Packed (Piditaka)...................................................... 26
Dog (Svanaka) .......................................................... 28
Crab (Karkata) .......................................................... 30
Ass (Gardabha) ......................................................... 32
Pair of Tongs (Samdamsha)...................................... 34
Milk and Water (Kshiraniraka)................................. 38
The Boar (Varaha) .................................................... 42
The Horse (Ashva).................................................... 44
Mares Position (Vadavaka) ..................................... 46
The Tiger (Vyaghra)................................................. 48
Pressed (Utpiditaka).................................................. 50
Half Pressed (Ardhapiditaka).................................... 52
Fixing a Nail (Shulachita)......................................... 56
The Swing (Prenkholita)........................................... 58
Goddess Indrani (Indranika)..................................... 62
The Cat (Marjara) ..................................................... 64
Top (Bhramara)......................................................... 66

SHAPES.............................................................................. 68
The Bow (J rimbhita-asana)....................................... 69
The Bow Rear-Entry Variation.............................. 70
The Monkey (Markatasana)...................................... 71
Contrary Position (Viparita-bandha)......................... 72
The Lotus (Padmasana)............................................. 74
The Large Bee (Purushayita-bhramara-bandha)....... 75
LIBERATOR SHAPES........................................................... 76
Manner the Fourth With Legs on the Shoulders.... 77
Manner the Sixth From Behind.............................. 78
Manner the Ninth Over an Elevated Surface......... 79
Manner The Tenth On The Couch........................ 80
Coitus of the Sheep................................................... 81
The Stopperage......................................................... 82
The Fitter-In.............................................................. 83
The Somersault......................................................... 84
Reciprocal Sight of the Posteriors............................. 85
The Tail of the Ostrich.............................................. 86
Kissing Before, During, and After................................ 89
Sensual Erotic Touch.................................................... 92
Oral Sex with Liberator Shapes.................................... 95
Kokila Congress of a Crow 69............................ 95
Fellatio with Liberator Shapes.................................. 97
Cunnilingus with Liberator Shapes........................... 99
Anal Sex with Liberator Shapes............................. 102
Afterwards................................................................... 105
The Cube..................................................................... 107
The Esse...................................................................... 108
The Ramp.................................................................... 109
The Scoop................................................................... 110
The Stage.................................................................... 111
The Wedge.................................................................. 112

The Whirl .................................................................... 113
Combinations of Liberator Shapes.............................. 114
ACCESSORIES................................................................... 120
Liberator Shapes with Physical and Health Challenges
..................................................................................... 145
LINKS TO LIBERATOR SHAPES PRODUCTS........................ 147
ORDER Liberator Shapes........................................... 149
RECOMMENDED READING................................................ 150
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As variety is necessary in love, so love is to be produced
by means of variety.
The Kama Sutra
The Kama Sutra, Indias ancient love manual, offers all
sorts of exciting, beneficial guidance for modern lovers.
Among its gems are multiple positions for intercourse and
abundant foreplay techniques from embraces to kisses,
caresses, and oral sex.

If youve seen illustrated editions of the Kama Sutra,
particularly those containing exotic paintings like Indra
Sinhas translation (shown here), you might be a bit
intimidated by the seemingly convoluted gymnastics
involved in many of the intercourse positions. But when
you see such pictures, its important to remember that at the
time the Kama Sutra was written, about 350 C.E., Indian
people were much more
limber than modern
Westerners. They didnt spend
a lot of time sitting on
elevated chairs like we do.
They were accustomed to
squatting, crouching, or sitting
on mats, cushions, and low

Differences in body flexibility
from West to East were so
noticeable, even in more
recent years, that Sir Richard
Francis Burton, who first
translated the Kama Sutra into
English in 1883, commented

on it. The exceeding pliability of the Hindus limbs enable
him to assume attitudes [intercourse positions] absolutely
impossible to the European.

Lucky for you however, no matter what your degree of
flexibility, Liberator Shapes make the sensual, sexy Kama
Sutra poses safe and comfortable to try. Whether youre a
limber yoga enthusiast or a sedentary desk-jockey, youll
be amazed at how much farther you can go. In this photo
illustrated electronic book we guide you in using Liberator
Shapes to explore the erotic world of the Kama Sutra. We
also add some sexy positions from two other classic love
manuals, the Ananga Ranga and the Perfumed Garden.

These shapes now allow you to have ALL the pleasure and
NONE of the pain, aches and muscle cramps most couples
get from good sex.
Lisa Lawless, HolisticWisdom.com
Almost all lovers, regardless of age or health status, will
find they can master many of the positions theyd
dismissed as too difficult. According to Lisa Lawless of
HolisticWisdom.com, Liberator Shapes also allow those
with disabilities to be sexually active more comfortably.
We assume you will honor your own physical and health
limitations during your erotic experimentation.

Whether you are a sexual neophyte, in a new relationship,
have mastered the Kama Sutra, or are physically
challenged the Liberator Shapes offer an amazing
assortment of sexual positions and possibilities.
The Kama Sutra differentiated the various intercourse
poses by giving them exotic titles. In this ebook, we use the

position names from the Richard Burton translation
, and
we include the Sanskrit name as well. The Kama Sutra was
originally written in Sanskritthe ancient Indian language
of culture and knowledge.

To make it easier for you to explore interesting variations
of sex positions using Liberator Shapes, weve also sorted
the lovemaking postures into a simple classification system.
As you experiment with these sexual postures using your
Liberator Shapes, take your time. Allow yourself to really
feel each wonderfully subtle sensation that even the
slightest shift can bring, not only to your genitals but also
throughout your entire body.

Sex will never be the same.
If you buy only one adult product in your lifetime, save
all your money and spend it with Liberator.


Positions For Intercourse

All sexual intercourse positions fall into one of two main
categories: Face-to-Face and Opposites. Both have distinct
properties and offer unique benefits for lovers during





Face-to-Face Positions

Face-to-face positions match up the body parts of lovers,
for example, mouths kissing, hearts together, hands linked.
During lovemaking, when your body parts are facing one
anothers or touchingespecially when youre looking at
each other, making eye contact, and breathing in harmony
togethera deep emotional and spiritual connection can
unite you. These postures also make it easier to circulate
and share your hot sexual energy.

Because sexual excitement and sexual energy build more
slowly when lovers are face-to-face, use these postures if
you want to:

make a deep emotional connection between you
help the man delay ejaculation
make your lovemaking last for a long time
circulate the energy between your two bodies

Opposites Positions

Lovemaking postures that bring different body parts
together, for example head and feet, or all rear-entry
positions with groin to buttocks, build excitement and
sexual energy most rapidly. Its difficult or impossible to
see each others faces, or to make eye contact in these
opposites positions, so they tend to be more impersonal and
encourage you to be more animalistic. They may also
influence you to focus more on your own sensation and
pleasure rather than paying close attention to your partners
experience. Men who ejaculate too quickly must use these
positions with caution, but they are ideal for men who have
difficulty ejaculating when they want to.

Because sexual excitement and sexual energy build more
rapidly when lovers are in opposites positions, use these
postures if you want to:

experience an intense passionate quickie
focus mainly on building a higher charge of sexual
energy and excitement
encourage the man to ejaculate


The Kama Sutra recommends that you orchestrate your
lovemaking over an extended period of hours. Build to a
peak of sexual arousal, then back off, resume more active
lovemaking, slow down, rest, build to another peak, etc.,
and in this way go to four or more peaks before ending
your lovemaking. You might begin with a slow buildup of
foreplay leading to one or more face-to-face positions, then
switch to one or more opposites, stop and rest, and in this
way move back and forth between the slower, quieter
positions and the faster, harder, deeper ones. With a little
practice you can move from one position to another in a
spectacular choreography of love.
Thrusting Techniques
uring intercourse, fast, hard, forceful, and deep thrusts all
uild excitement and energy quickly, urging on to climax.
low, soft, shallow, and still all encourage circulation and
aring of sexual energy and are better for extending your
vemaking. As with positions, mix your thrusting rhythms
r the ultimate in pleasure.
Making Positions Easy to Understand
Face-to-face and opposites positions can be further divided
into the five following sub-categories.



Man or Woman-on-Top

In the days of the Kama Sutra, man-on-top positions were
the norm. Woman-on-top were considered unnaturala
naughty rarity to be explored if the man was tired and the
woman hadnt yet been satisfied. Or, occasionally for
noveltys sake. But for the most part, it was the mans job
to be in charge during lovemaking, and that meant lots
man-on-top poses and few woman-on-top.

Today, women take more initiative

in lovemaking and their
partners are quite pleased to share the lead. If theres a
u, you can ease that struggle by
oth lovers, bringing their
internal masculine and feminine energies into a more
ore energy
akes sense for the partner whos tired
or r or injury to assume the bottom
pos n
power struggle between yo
taking turns in the top and bottom positions. The person on
top feels a sense of empowerment, so when the less
dominant lover gets on top the power shifts to them.
Likewise, the partner on the bottom must surrender to his
lover on top. This can be very erotic as well as
psychologically healing for b
holistic balance.

The lover on top during intercourse gives more energy than
ey receive. The lover on the bottom receives m th
than they give. So it m
ecovering from illness
itio .

In the most common man-on-top position, often referred to

as the missionary position, she lies on her back, and you
lie on top of her. There are many variations:
you lie with your full weight on her
you support yourself above her with your arms
you kneel or crouch over her
she lies flat
she tilts her pelvis up or down
she lifts or spreads her legs. The more the woman
tilts her pelvis up and the wider she spreads her
legs the more open her yoni (Sanskrit for womens
genitals) will be. Such positions are terrific for
deep penetration.
There are also lots of interesting man-on-top rear-ent
poses, as youll soon see.


you to find
just rit for penis)
into e at
they n when theyre on the
bottom. ep his body relaxed and pay attention
to th e uch more difficult to
do w n

In a woman-on-top position, the woman controls the depth
of penetration. Its particularly important if youre much
smaller than he is. Also, being on top allows
theright angle to bring his lingam (Sansk
id al contact with your G-spot. Many men report th
ca more easily delay ejaculation
A man can ke
e l vel of his excitement. Thats m
he hes on top, actively thrusting.



Sideways positions mostly allow for relatively shallow
penetration. This is particularly good when hes much
larger than you. Sideways poses are well suited to
circulating your hot sexual energy between you and for
making deep emotional connection.

Rubbing yourselfor being rubbedagainst the Liberator is
delightful. No chafing, no rug-burn, just velvety goodness
that adds to the experience.

Sitting positions are amongst the best energy sharing
positions. Theyre ideal when youve built a high sexual
charge and want to move less, but feel more. In most sitting
positions theres less thrusting and less movement, with the
exception of occasional, active rocking action. If shes
facing you, you can make eye contact, you can kiss, and
you can hold each other tight. If she has her back to you,
you can still breathe in harmony together. Your hands are
free to stimulate her breasts and clitoris.

There are no specific sitting positions in the Kama Sutra.
But the Milk and Water embrace, which happens when
youre sitting, can be used as an intercourse position. Its
almost the same as the famous Tantric Yab/Yum position.


tanding positions are great for quickies, because they
pically require a lot of strength and/or balance. Most
ce-to-face standing positions offer relatively shallow
rusting, while some of the opposites (rear-entry) standing
ositions offer deep penetration. Accompanied by your
iberator Shapes, standing positions become easy and
omfortable for both lovers and can be maintained for
nger periods of time than you could on your own.



Kama Sutra Intercourse Positions
with Liberator Shapes

Clasping Supine (Samputa)

youll be pleased. Very pleased. Tango Magazine

If you are a sexual guru and have mastered every position
ma Sutra you will welcome these shapes as well.
netration, less vaginal discomfort, and better g-spot
in the Ka
Better pe
positioning are just a few of the benefits. Add in the
possibilities for great anal and oral sex and the Liberator
Shapes quickly become a must for your play sessions.

The Kama Sutra presents
Clasping Supine as a
standard man-on-top
pose. She stretches out
on her back and you lie
atop herthats the
essence of it. Her legs
are parted only wide
enough for you to slide your lingam in between them and
into her warmly waiting yoni. This delicious skin-to-skin,
head-to-toe position is slow and soulful. Try it when you
want a heart-melting connection. Theres not lots of
movement by either of you, so its a good position for
beginning intercourse, as shes getting warmed up, and
also for tender pauses between more active poses.

This picture shows Clasping Supine using a combination of
the Stage and the Scoop. Try it as well with just the Stage.
Shed be completely flat on her back with you lying full-
length on top of her. Support your upper body weight with
your armsyou can push yourself up off her a little to
make soul-searing eye contact, softly kiss her mouth, nibble
her neck, and whisper endearments in her happy ears.

Women can also take charge and lie atop their man. If
youre a lot bigger or heavier than she is, this might be your
preferred Clasping Supine variation. See the Ananga
Rangas Contrary Position for an example.

Sesame Seed with Rice (Tila-Tandulaka)

these cushions will brighten up the typical male bedroom.
Penthouse Magazine

Finding different ways to stack them is part of the fun.

Sesame Seed with R
is featured in the Kam
tra as an embrace that
can be used at the time of
intercourse. It happens
other so closely that the

and thighs of the other. You can try it in either a m
tuned in to each other that youre literally wrapped in each
o d legs!).
ion that lasts a long time.
aves your bodies, the silkiness of skin next to skin. Here,
lovers use a combo of Stage, Wedge, and Ramp. You could
also try it with a Wedge, Ramp mix on the bed, or snuggled
sensually in the curves of the Esse.

when you embrace each
arms and thighs of one
are encircled by the arms
an or
oman-on-top variation. Basically youre so intensely
thers arms (an

Sesame Seed with Rice is another sensual, slow posea
way to make an intimate connect
Feel the beat of your hearts, the breath as it enters and

Widely Opened (Utphallaka)

During intercourse, the upwardly tipped pelvis also makes it
easier for the penis to come in direct contact with and
stimulate the G-Spot. Since the man can penetrate her while
on his knees rather than having to hold himself up with
hands, he will be able to enjoy the view of her face and
breasts while being able to last a lot longer with less fatigue.

It definitely hits the spot, G-Spot that is.
Just A Guy Thing WebTV

Widely Opened is a
Kama Sutra position that
is so much easier to do
with Liberator Shapes
like the Wedge or the
Ramp. Thats because
Widely Opened involves
tilting your pelvis up,
while your head, shoulders and feet stay on the bed. In
Kama Sutra days youd simply use the strength in your
thighs, butt, and lower back to do a pelvic lift, bringing
your pelvis up high to meet his groin. But unless youre
quite limber this can be very difficult to do, let alone hold
for any length of time.

Pillows under the small of your back and your hips help to
a certain extent, but nothing satisfies quite so well as
Widely Opened when supported by the Wedge or the
Ramp. Youll be able to relax into the intense pleasure that
the depth of penetration this position will give you. Your
hands, and his, are free for stroking and petting each other
in many delicious spots. If hes quite flexible he can bend
way over and give you a kiss that will open you even


Yawning (Vijrimbhitaka)

An enthusiastic Two legs up!

V for victory is
Yawnings noticeable
feature. With your legs
spread as wide as you
can stretch them, you
sure wont be yawning
from boredom. This is
another pose thats great
for deep, deep
penetration. Your hips are down and your thighs are opened
to envelope your lover. Add Yawning later in your
lovemaking when youre warm, wet and wanting him as far
inside you as he can get.

Lovers in the photo above curve their bodies comfortably
along the Scoopwhich gives him
on the situation, use the Stage and put a W
of the action.

Yawning is also amazing
for edge of the bed or
ven table-top sex. If
ou add a Wedge under
your hips youll have the

added leverage because
of the angle of his legs. If youd like a different perspective
edge under your
head. Your bodies will be flat, and youll have a great view
ouble delight of Widely
pen and Yawning
ure sexual perfection.

If keeping your legs up and apart is difficult, he can support
them by holding your ankles. Or,
easier version by simply droppin
your hips down, your thighs open
your feet on the bed. The Black Label Stage with wrist and
ankle restraints is the perfect plat

you can switch to an
g your feet down. Keep
, your knees bent, and
form for this pose.



Rising (Bhugnaka)

We had reached a fever pitch and ended with she and I
literally exploding (big O number three for Eddy) in

A simple but satisf
position, Rising will
make her yoni and your
lingam very, very happ
As she lies on her back
you crouch or kneel in
front of her. She lifts he
legs up in the air, but this
time instead of
her thighs, she squeezes them hard together. These lovely
squeezes create a tight tunnel for you inside her. Plu
send erotic sensations throughout her yonifrom her
clitoris all through her vag

s they
inal canal.
an rest her legs on your shoulders.
r maintain Rising by grasping
em aloft for her. This will also give
r intensifying your range of
are using the Wedge/Ramp
ded height and her comfortable

If shes holding her legs up herself, your hands are free to
caress her all overrun your fingertips up and down her
legs, or tantalize her breasts. By moving her legs from
upright to one side or the other, youll both notice
intriguing differences in genital sensations. For a relaxing
breather, she c

You can of course, help he
her legs and holding th
you a really good anchor fo
thrusting. The couple here
combo to give him ad


Packed (Piditaka)

Moving from Rising to
Packed is as simple as
crossing your legs.
Youve still got them up
in the air, and hes still
nestled nicely inside you.
Now you intensify the
sensation by crossing
your ankles. You wont be able to move muchthis is
certainly a position in which he dominates. But youll get a
major jolt from the intensity of your erotic connection.

Once again, he can grasp your ankles and use them to pull
himself in and out as he thrusts. An excellent thrusting
pattern to use in Packed is what the Kama Sutra calls Blow
of a Boar. He swivels his hips in a screwing motion to
stroke every part of your vaginal canal as he moves in and

For an interesting variation, you can keep your legs raised
as he grasps your hips and pulls you back and forth along
his sturdy lingam. Using the Wedge, as pictured in the
photo, also tilts your pelvis up so he has perfect aim at your


Dog (Svanaka)

According to Freddy and Eddy, hosts of FreddyAndEddy.com,
using Liberator Shapes in the dog position was the best
rear entry sex weve ever experienced and were not
normally given to such hyperbole. The soft covering felt great
and the angle was perfect.

Everyone loves mans best
friend The Dog. Its the
simplest of the Kama
Sutra rear-entry positions
and using Liberator Shapes
makes it even more so. To
put on the dog, she gets
down on her hands and knees and you climb on top. Youre
kneeling or crouching behind her, fairly high up on her

Penetration wont be as deep in this rear-entry pose as in
her from

The Esse
with a Mini
Scoop insert
more support
for you. Hold
her hips and
pull her
forward and
our lingam for a doggone good time.
of the others, so its a good one to use if your lingam
is larger than her yoni. Youll get the excitement of taking
behind but shell still be comfortable.
back along



Crab (Karkata)


The Crab is a simple,
basic pose thats quite
comfortable for both of
you. Essentially she lies
on her back, opens her
thighs, and bends her
knees comfortably. The
tops of her thighs might
be resting against her
belly, depending on her limberness level. You sit, or lie, or
crouch between her legs and give her utmost satisfaction
with your loving attention.

Although you can do this pose with her flat on her back, the
sinuous curves of the Esse cradle her body in easy comfort.
Her vaginal canal is tightened as she pulls her legs back,
giving you lots of fabulous friction.

Churning is a superb Kama Sutra thrusting maneuver for
the Crab. Itll totally bring her out of her shell! Lean back a
little as you sit between her legs. Before you enter her,
grasp your lingam firmly in your hand and tease her by
bbing it lightly over her genitals. Then, still holding him
ide every so slowly inside and churn him all around.




Ass (Gardabha)

The Ass is an easy come-
from-behind Kama Sutra
intercourse position. In the
traditional version, she
stands up, with her legs
spread and knees slightly
bent. She leans over with
hands on her thighs as you
wiggle in behind and press
your groin in tight to her buttocks.

With this combination of Stage and Scoop, she can really
relax into the pose. Her rump is displayed invitingly for
your visual and sensual delight. The height is just right for
to your rhythm

The Ass
welcomes the
called Giving
Blow. Pull
our lingam
ut all the
ay from her
oni then plunge back in forcefully all the way to her
epths. Be careful to aim your blow just so, for a smooth
ooth penetration, whether youre on the bed or the floor.
And the Scoops curved surface adds some delicious rolling
s. Stage and Ramp are just as comfy but
offer variety in angle and depth of penetration.


Pair of Tongs (Samdamsha)


Pair of Tongs is one of the
Kama Sutras rare woman-
on-top poses. He lies back
and you straddle him. You
can squat, kneel or crouch
over him. You can bend in
close for kisses and ear
nibbles or breast sucks. Or,
you can sit up straight so
that all your delicious bits
are available for titillation. Either one of you can play with
your nipples or tweak your clitoris.

gical moment for
as you press your feet on the

If youre
wielding your
Tongs on the
bed, the Whirl
supports his
knees, giving
his lower back
lots of comfort
as you kneel
over him.

Youre in control herevary your pacefrom relatively
still, with just internal squeezing of your vaginal muscles,
wild and raucous whirling of your body. Be sure to pay
ttention to his excitement level as you writhe about.
The Esse makes the Pair of Tongs a ma
both of you. His back is supported and his head raised so he
can keep an eye on every sultry inch of you. Youve got the
perfect balance for riding him

Elephant (Aibha)


The Elephant is the
tenderest of the rear-
entry poses. Its all that
skin-to-skin coverage as
you stretch your body out
overtop hers. Shes lying
flat on her belly. You lie
atop her and murmur
sweet nothings into her
ears or kiss her neck.

You can lie full out along her length and move only very,
very slowly for sweet, sublime connection. Or, you can
support yourself off her body a little with your arms to get
better thrusting leverage.

She can change the depth and angle of penetration by
raising and lowering her legs. Squeezing and relaxing her
thighs together will add other interesting sensations for
both of you.

Milk and Water (Kshirani



Described in the Kama
Sutra as an embrace that
could also be used as an
intercourse positon, Milk
and Water is a classic
sitting position. When a
man and a woman are
very much in love with
each other, and, not thinking of any pain or hurt, embrace
each other as if they were entering into each other'
while the woman is sitting on the lap of
making the magical mi

Tantric lovers call this one
the Yab/Yum. Its ideal for
intense emotional and
eyes m
earth. Alm
s bodies,
the man, theyre
x of Milk and Water
energetic connection. As
eet eyes, or lips
eet lips, as hearts press
together, and arms hold
each other tight, you know
youve found heaven on
ost any surface
suits Milk and Waterthe
Stage as pictured above, or
the Cube or the Scoop. Its
all up to you!



Deer (Harina)

The Deer is a very active
-entry position, for
both of you. Youre
kneeling on all fours,
actively humping your
back and buttocks up and
downcurving and
arching, curving and
arching. Hes pushed in snug behind you, keeping time
with your rhythm.

His hands are available for all sorts of exotic fun:
reaching round to stimulate your clitoris
tracing delicately up your back with just his
fingertips in the heavenly touch the Kama Sutra
calls Ripping Silk
lightly swatting your wriggling behind with the
open-palmed Samatala slap, a most thrilling Kama
Sutra love tap.

The yoga asana called the Cat pose is ideal preparation for
the Deer. Your back and hips will be limber as can be.


The Boar (Varaha)


The Boar
plus. She
forward on
her knees,
weight on
her arms.

This comb
home with the Boar.

For a slightly
less strenuous
version, you
can sit on the
Scoop as she
lies in front of
ou her
easure for
our inspection
nd your
With her
pelvis tilted
way, way up her yoni is presented to you in all its glory.
ination of Scoop and Wedge gives her lots of
support for her body while presenting you with just the
right angle for penetration. You can really find your way
you, offering


The Horse (Ashva)

And standing sex is easier with the Ramp on the bed.
Penthouse Magazine, Dr. Judy Kuriansky, author of Complete
Idiots Guide to Tantric Sex,

Ride em cowboy with
this Kama Sutra standing
position, The Horse.
With the Horse, she
stands with legs
comfortably apart
plenty of room for you to
slide your way in there
and bends over at the waist, her upper torso parallel to the
floor, her body supported by her outstretched arms against
a wall or high counter top.

A Liberator Shapes Ramp placed at the edge of your bed
makes this so much more inviting for her. She doesnt have
to hold her weight in any way. Her hands are free to grab
your hips and pull you in tight for the ride of your life.
Your hands are free tooand were sure you know what to
do with them.


Mares Position (Vadavaka)


The Mares Position is
an ideal one in which to
practice the Mares
Trickthe Kama Sutra
technique of squeezing
and relaxing your vaginal
muscles up and down the
length of your lovers
lingam. And wont he thank you for it!

This simp
of moveme

You can stay
sitting up or
lean way, way
back. The
Ramp and Esse
give lots of
support for
both of you to
dvantage of
is posehis hands are ready and free for whatever,
wherever, you want!

le rear-entry sitting pose lends itself to a variety
nts. Begin with him sitting, then after you give
a lusty kiss, turn around and lower yourself onto his
Youre facing away from him.

The Tiger (Vyaghra)

The Tigers sure to make you roar
with passion. Another male-
dominant pose, it builds excitement
rapidly for both of you. She bends
way over, her head down on her
arms and her butt up in the air. You
move in behind and ravish her.
Alternate between keeping your
body upright and bending way over
her back. Nip at her ears and neck,
like a hungry tiger would do.

This combination of Stage, Ramp, and Wedge offers lots of
support for her body and great height for him. Because of
the extrem
against or The Tiger can be an uncom
especially when youre leaning over her.

Experiment with the
Tiger using the Esse,
or the Ramp. Youll
find each shape
offers you a
delightfully different
viewpoint and a
hole new range of
hen youre in animal poses like the Tiger, the Kama
utra suggests you make animal sounds too. Roar, snarl,
runt, and growl. Youll feel the fierceness of the tiger, the
amina of the bull, the strength of the elephant, the
layfulness of the monkey.
e angle required, she needs something to rest
fortable pose to hold,



Pressed (Utpiditaka)


Pressed is a passion play
of master and captive.
She lies back with her
legs drawn up tight to her
body. You squat or kneel
in front of her. Then, she
presses both her feet
against your chest.

She has very little room to move in this position, so you
must be tender in your domination. Look her in the eye and
tell her how much you adore her. Pull her in close to you,
using a light, but firm grip on her thighs or upper arms. She
can exert some control in Pressed by pushing against your
chest with her feet. She can guide you in and away, as close
or as far as she wants.

Because Pressed requires a good deal of flexibility, the
Esse is ideal, especially for her. It curves along her body,
cradling her from below as you bear down from above.
Ahh, sweet surrender.

Half Pressed (Ardh



Half Pressed eases the
tension on her a little,
giving her a bit more
range of movement.
One of her legs is still
bent in tight to her body,
with her foot either
pushing flat against your
chest or resting along her thigh. The other leg stretches out
beside you. Shes squeezed in quite tight, at your tender
mercy, but has some control over how close you get by
moving her foot from your chest and back again and by
changing which leg shes stretching out.

When she lets you in close, you can melt her with
passionate kisses. When she pushes you away with her foot
on your chest, you can move your body into an upright
stance. Your hands will be available to stimulate her
clitoris, and to stroke her inner thighs, belly, and groin
creases. Try Blow of the Boar thrusts, in which your lingam
rubs against one side of her yoni at a time. Which brings
most excitementthe side with her leg bent or the side
with her leg stretched?

The Scoop makes Half Pressed a rocknroll of tight
delight. Youve got the height to kneel comfortably in front
and away, sending sweeping sensations of pleasure deep
rough both of you.
of her and still lean in close. Rock the Scoop as you thrust


Goat (Aja)

The Goat is an intense
pose, requiring a certain
degree of flexibility from
her, because shes got to
twist her body around
yours. The Stage helps
make The Goat more
attainable because,
instead of kneeling
behind her, as in the traditional version, you can stand.
Youll have more range of motion and more comfort.

To begin, she lies on her side, then stretches one leg out
behind her while keeping the other bent. You move in
behind, between her legs. Grasping her ankle you curl the
stretched out leg around you and push powerfully in for
exquisite penetration. She twists her upper body around to
gaze back at you with desire and love. Show her how much
you want her.


Fixing a Nail (Shulachita)


Fixing a Nail is an
intricate position of
subtlety and attention.
Its about connecting the
intuitive part of you with
the sexual part. She lies
on her back, legs bent,
feet in the air. You kneel
before her and push in tight. Then she rests one foot on
your forehead.

The Scoop makes this pose easier to do because you can
stand rather than kneel and youll get a better range of
thrusting motions. Try the Kama Sutra Moving Forward
technique. Its your basic in and outsimple, smooth, and
straight forward. Each time you thrust in, she taps your
forehead with her foot. Shes fixing a nail to your third eye,
opening your sixth chakra, your energy center of intuition
and psychic power. Visualize the intense sensations
building in your genitals moving up in a fiery beam through
your body to your forehead. Awaken your sixth sense with
your sexual fire.



The Swing (Prenkholita)

Even in Kama Sutra
times The Swing was for
the fittest of the fit.
Remember that picture
on the Indra Sinha
translation at the
beginning of this ebook?
Men literally bent over
backwards to give their
lovers a swing. For those
who couldnt quite manage a full back-bend, an alternate
version entailed leaving head and shoulders on the bed and
raising the lower part of the body, the jaghanakind of
like the pelvic lift a woman does for the Widely Open

Today you can have all the pleasure and none of the strain
with Liberator Shapes like this Wedge and Stage
combination. You lie on your back with your pelvis raised.
She climbs atop you and whirls and twirls her hips until
youre both dizzy with delight.

Cow (Dhenuka)

If youve seen or practiced yogas
Downward Dog asana, then youll
know exactly how to do The
Cow. You stand with your feet
flat on the floor, legs shoulder
width apart, knees straight.
Keeping your legs straight, you
bend over from the waist and
place your hands firmly on the
floor in front of you. He sidles in from behind and enjoys
the beauty youre offering.

The Cow can be difficult if youre not used to being upside
down and if youre not quite limber in your back and legs.
Thats why Liberator Shapes are so perfect for this pose.
As you can see, this union of Scoop and Wedge creates a
soft center of support and balance.


Goddess Indrani (Indranika



Goddess Indrani is the
Kama Sutra pose for
deepest penetration of
all. You lie on your back
with your legs bent. You
spread your thighs as
wide as theyll go and
pull your knees back as
far as theyll go. Youre as open as youll ever get. He
kneels in front and penetrates you so deeply that he reaches
your X-spot. Thats right at your cervix and it can set you
off into orgasmic ecstasy such as youve never imagined

Vatsyayana counseled that Indrani requires a lot of
practice, because you need to be quite flexible to open so
much. The Wedge helps you with this position as it lifts
and tilts your pelvis.

Try Indrani towards the end of your lovemaking, when
youre both aching for intense climax. Combine it with
Sporting of a Sparrow thrusts, rapid, light strokes that will
have you both flying high.

The Cat (Marjara)

The Cats another
rear-entry position that
calls for flexibility on
both your parts. But the
Ramp, strategically
placed, will ease your
task considerably.

She lies on her tummy,
thighs spread enticingly wide. As you slide in between
them, she curls her legs around yours and brings her feet
together. She pushes her arms down and raises her head.
You bend over her in tomcat frenzy and snarl sexy sayings
into her ears. Dont be surprised if she starts to purr.


Top (Bhramara)


The Top is a playful, acrobatic position where you do all
the work and he lies back and enjoys the show. You become
slowly spinning topturning around on his body with his
lingam snugly inside you. Experiment with a variety of
Liberator Shapes to see which ones are tops for you.

Position 1: Begin with him lying
on his back, you kneeling over him.
Bounce up and down a bit on his
lingam to make him nice and hard.
Squeeze your vaginal muscles as
you wriggle, that will help keep
him inside you as you make your
sultry moves. Now, put your feet flat on the bed on either
side of his hips and wiggle a bit more before you start your

Position 2: Lift your left leg over his body and turn your
hips so that your feet are beside each other and youre at a
his chest to help stabilize you.

Position 3: Turn again,
towards his feet this time
and swing your right leg
over his body so that

nd facing his feet.
ell love this view of
ou. Bend over and
ounce a bit. If you can, stretch out to reach his toes. You
an stay here for a while, or continue your circuit and end
p back where you started. Do The Top very, very slowly
t firstand with a sense of humor. Before you know it
youll be a whirlwind of satisfaction.
90 degree angle across his body. You can place a hand on
youre straddling him


Ananga Ranga Interco
with Liberator Shapes

The Ananga Ranga, Indias second
love manual, was written sometime during the sixteenth
century C.E. Kalyana Malla, composed the Ananga Ranga,
also known as The Stage of the Bod

rent you glad times have changed?

Like the Kama Sutra, the Ananga Ranga is a compilation
and condensation of the work of many great sages, poets,
and lovers. Its premise is that in order to sustain marital
happiness, youve got to keep each other sexually satisfied.
Otherwise boredom and resentment set in and partners
begin to stray elsewhere for sexual stimulation. Although
variety is the spice of life, the Ananga Ranga tells us, you
dont have to have different partners to find it. You can get
all the diversity you want with one lifelong, loving partner.
All you need is desire, imagination, and the guidance that a
love manual like this offers.

In the six Ananga Ranga intercourse positions illustrated
here, youll see how Liberator Shapes once again add
comfort to even difficult postures.

urse Positions

most famous sex and
iless One, for his
sovereign, Lada Khan Rajah. Sir Richard Francis Burton
first introduced this classic text to the West in 1885, as a
book for private circulation to subscribers through his
Kama Shastra Society. Britain then was much too sexually
repressed to allow such a work out to the general pub

The Bow (Jrimbhita-asana)
he Ananga Ranga describes The Bow from the man-on-
p perspective. Even in the sixteenth century that was still
onsidered the right way to make love. But you modern
vers can do whatever you want, so try it in both man-on-
p and woman-on-top versions.
he Bow gets its name from the curve your body takes on
hen you put a pillow under your hips and under your
ead. Two Wedges suit this position totallythey offer
uch more support than regular pillows.
s the Ananga Ranga says, this admirable form of
congress is greatly enjoyed by both. Its simple,
comfortable, and gives you a great view of genital in-and-
out action. You can curl in close to each other fo
passionate kisses. Or the person on top can sit up. Both of
you have your hands free to drive each other crazy with
sensual caresses.





The Bow Rear-Entry Variation

Its a little more difficult to draw The Bow for rear-entry
delights, but its well worth it. You need to have a flexible
spine because your back will be arched. In fact, practicing
the bow yoga asana will prepare you perfectly for this
posture. Youll be quivering with anticipation for him to
shoot you with his arrow of love. The Black Label Wedge
with its wrist restraints adds just that extra touch of


The Monkey (Markatasana)

Youll need good upper bo
You support most of her b
she drapes her legs over t
slide her backward and forw
straight line away from [your] face. Kiss her hungrily each
me you pull her in close.
dy strength for The Monkey.
ody weight with your arms, as
hem. Holding her in the air, you
ard along your lingam in a
sion, pictured above, she supports


In a slightly simpler ver
some of her weight by leaning on her arms. Shes sitting
between your outstretched legs. You can move her back
and forth along the Scoop, rather than holding her in the
air. And the rocking motion adds to your deep penetration.

Contrary Position (Viparita-bandha)

The Contrary Position is Mallas woman-on-top version of
atsyayanas Clasping Supine. He lies flat on his back and
a superb action when
pported by the Stage. (Ananga Ranga, Ch. X) If, in this
osition, you start a little up his body and then slide down
s youre squeezing his lingam inside you, youll be doing
a version of the Piercing thrust. Youll get some nice
friction on your clitoris as you glide past his pubic mound.
you lie atop him, your breast being applied to his bosom.
You grab him by the waist, and moving your hips sha
in various directions, enjoy him

Equal Feet (Samapada-uttana-bandha)

explore every

In this comfy man-on-top pose, she lies on her back, you sit
close to her, raise her legs, and place them on your
shoulders. The Black Label Esse and Mini Scoop makes
Equal Feet excruciatingly appealing. Shes fastened and
too mobile, while youve got hands free to
inch of her. Remember that women respond best to
multiple points of stimulation, so tease her with light
touches to neck and nipple, draw hearts of passion on her
belly, tantalize her clitoris. Use the simple power of
Moving Forward thrusts to get really, really close.

The Lotus (Padmasana)

The Lotus posture, like its yoga counterpart, generally
requires you to sit in a lotus or cross-legged position, with
your darling snuggled up close and personal on your lap.
But for those less-flexible fellows, this feet-facing-forward
version works just as well. The Esse, accompanied by the
Mini Scoop makes a magnificent surface for your lotus
flower to bloom.

You can try a slightly
different perch as well,
with the reverse
Scoop. Either way,
youll both blossom.

The Large Bee (Purushayita-bhramara-bandha)

o make like a large bee, the Ananga Ranga advises
llowing this sequence: the wife, having placed her
usband at full length upon the bed or carpet, sits at squat
upon his thighs, closes her legs firmly after she has effecte
insertion; and, moving her waist in a circular form,
churning, as it were, enjoys her husband, and thoroughly
satisfies herself. (Ananga Ranga, Ch. X) What a honey!

With its soft, supportive curves the Esse is an ideal bees
nest for both of you. He can watch every move you make
and have his hands ready to sweeten your honey pot


Perfumed Garden Int
Positions with Liberat
or Shapes
Another ancient Eastern love manual that Sir Richard
Francis Burton brought to Western notice is the Arabian
classic the Perfumed Garden. Originally entitled The
Scented Garden for the Souls Recreation it was written by
the scholar and physician Sheikh Umar Ibn Muhammad el
Nafzaw. He composed it for the Bey (the governor of
North Africas Tunisia) sometime between 1390 and 1550

Like the Kama Sutra and the Ananga Ranga, the Perfumed
Garden saw sex as a gift from God. Lovemaking is
described not only as an exotic, ecstatic pleasure, but also
as an art and science worthy of study by all.

f the sexes with detailed descriptions and with bawdy
ories reminiscent of the 1,0001 Arabian Nights, only a

The Sheikh illustrated his points about love and the battle
whole lot sexier.

While introducing some intercourse positions particular to
his countrymen, the sheikh drew heavily on Indian sources
for most of his postures of love. As youll see they cross all
international boundaries when you try them with Liberator


Manner the Fourth With Legs on the Shoulders


The Sheikh referred to 11 Arabian positions and 29 Indian
ones, and of course, gave them different names. This
Manner the Fourth is a legs-in-the-air variety of man-on-
top. As she lies on her back, you kneel in front of her, lift
her legs and place her feet on your shoulders. Her pelvis
will be tilted up and, in fact, the Sheikh advised it must
not touch the ground. Unfortunately, that can wreak havoc
on her lower back. But Liberator Shapes solve that problem
nicely. Either the Wedge or the Ramp, alone or togeth
will keep her raised as high as you like.

Manner the Sixth From Behind

anner the Sixth is a classic rear-entry pose. Shes on
nees and hands or knees and elbows, according to the

Sheikh, as in prayer. This presents her yoni in a most
beguiling manner for your plunder.

As she bends forward she can change the angle of
penetration by raising and lowering her upper body, from
elbows to hands and back again. You hold tight to her hip
or reach round to play with her love button. The Cube
affords you extra room for thrusting maneuvers as you
stand instead of kneeling behind her. Try the Sixth on the
Stage too or draped over the Esse.


Manner the Ninth Over an Elevated Surface


es held firmly in place with the Black
abel Cubes restraints, so he can dive in deep. You might
h leaning over a Ramp on the bed.

Youll find more rear-entry fun with the Ninth. It calls f
her to lean over a moderately elevated surface, and then
with either her feet or her knees on the ground, depending
on the height of your chosen furnishing, offer her beautiful
love cave for your enjoyment.

In this instance, sh
also like to try the Nint


Manner The Tenth On The Couch

Youd think the Sheikh had the Esse in mind when he
wrote about this position. Manner the Tenth calls for you to
perch on the edge of a couch or divan and lean back against
it. Your sweetheart steps in between your legs, lifts them up
and wraps them around his waist as he gives you what
youve been waiting for.


Coitus of the Sheep

For the sheep pose she bends over on her hands and kn
You step in behind and raise her thighs up until her yoni is
in the exactly right position for penetration. With you
snugly inside her she bends her head down low, to savor
every moment.

n his translators comments Sir Burton noted that the I
position tred ech chate (sheeps courtship) has received
this name, because the sheep in receiving the caresses of
the ram put its head between its legs, as is done by the
oman in the position as described.

The Stopperage

The Wedge is a perfect fit for the Stopperage. She lies
down with her hips raised by the Wedge. You kneel before
her and lift her legs back as far as theyll goher thighs
against her chest. Her vaginal canal will be tightened and
penetration will be deep. She cant move much so be
careful of how much weight you rest against her.

Add a little present-day danger with wrist and ankle
restraints from the Black Label Wedge.


The Fitter-In

With its voluptuous curves, the Esse is the ideal location
for the Sheikhs Fitter-In. Rather than sitting on your
tailbones as he suggested, youll rest comfortably in its soft
embrace. Facing each other, she places one of her thighs
ver one of yours. In turn, you place your other thigh over
ers. Youll fit very nicely together this way. Then, once
oure firmly inside her, grasp each others arms. Pull
gainst one another to rock back and forth, like a sexy see-


The Somersault

As its name implies, a few acrobatics are called for with the
Somersault. In the Sheikhs day, shed be wearing long,
silky pantaloons, which shed drop coyly to her ankles. As
she bent over to peer saucily at you between her legs, youd
iftly tumble her over in a somersault. Her legs would be
apped behind her head by the band of her pantaloons and
her ripe yoni would be pushed up and at you for athletic

You can create your own less extreme, modern version of
the Somersault with the Wedge to tilt up her hips as you
roll her onto her back. Restraints with the Black Label
version will hold her pleasantly at your disposal.


Reciprocal Sight of the Posteriors

her love

sees the same thing but
om his own point of view. Such a sight for lusty eyes.

Oh what a view! Thats what youll both say when yo
try this unusual Perfumed Garden position. He lies
stretched out on his back. Facing toward his feet, you low
your juicy self onto his lusty lingam. Revel in the feel of
him for a momentjust like this lovely lady riding
on the Esse train. Then bend way, way forward. Place your
hands on the ground to support yourself if you need to.

Now start your up and down dance of love. If you look
down and back between his legs youll see his butt and
your amazing yoni, swallowing and releasing his shaft with
ach graceful move. He, of course, e

The Tail of the Ostrich

he Tail of the Ostrich is an extreme rear-entry pose. Shes

g then penetrated into her

strich thats much easier on her back. Or, you can do a
ss strenuous version with a Stage/Wedge combination
like this couple.
lying on her backagain. Like his Indian counterparts, the
Sheikh thought man-on-top was the proper way to
choreograph about loves dance. You stand in front of her
and lift her legs so that only her head and shoulders remain
on the bed. She twines her legs around your neck as you
lip inside. Your member havin s
vagina, [you] seize and set into motion the buttocks of the
woman. (Perfumed Garden, Ch. VI)

he Ramp and Stage would give you lots of height for an T

Foreplay and Afterplay the Kama
Sutra Way

If theres one point thats made over and over and over
again not just in the Kama Sutra, but in all three love
uides, its that sex is a whole lot more than intercourse.
usic, food, drinks, games, and loving, sexy conversation
re all aspects of foreplay he advised men to pay a lot of
ttention to. Conversation is especially important for,
though a man loves a girl ever so much, he never succeeds
in winning her without a great deal of talking. (Kama
Sutra, Part III, Ch. 4)


Theres setting the scene, creating harmony of minds a
hearts, arousing your senses, and awakening your desire.
Vatsyayana suggested that it is the mans role to excite and
stimulate his lady, to pay attention to her emotional state,
and make sure she is overcome with love and desire
before you proceed to inte



Once her heart and mind are engaged through lots of loving
attention, its time to take more sensual action. Vatsyayana
dvised that an accomplished lover would spend quite a bit
of time in embraces, kisses, and caresses to raise his lady to
a fever pitch of desire before he even thought about

The Sheikh wholeheartedly agreed, Play with her before
you introduce your verge and accomplish the cohabitation.
You will excite her by kissing her cheeks, sucking her lips
and nibbling at her breasts. You will lavish kisses on her
navel and thighs, and titillate the lower parts. Bite at her
arms, and neglect no part of her body; cling close to her
bosom, and show her your love and submission.
(Perfumed Garden, Ch. V)


Kissing Before, During, and After

he Sheikh thought kissing was so important that he
dvised, Without kissing, no kind of position or movement
rocures the full pleasure; and those positions in which the
iss is not practicable are not entirely satisfactory,
onsidering that the kiss is one of the most powerful
imulants to the work of love. (Perfumed Garden, Ch. V)
Kissing, particularly, is stressed in all three guides. Fo
ost women, its one of the surest firelighters. Kisses help m
you connect physically, emotionally, and energeticall
before, during, and after intercourse.



Vatsyayana described various types of kisses for you to

Start with the Nominal
Kissholding your
lovers face gently in
your hands, you lightly
touch your lips together.

Heat it up a little with
the Touching Kiss.
Run your tongue lightly
long your lovers lips.
experiment with.

For the Bent Kiss, you angle your heads slightly. Touching
your lips to your darlings, you open and close them

When things get
really hot, bring
your tongues into
play, with
Fighting of the



Sensual Erotic Touch


There are so many ways to touch your lover for erotic
awakening. Use your hands, feet, hair, your whole body.
Tantalize each other with different texturesfeathers, silk,
fur, flowers. The only limits are your imagination. As
atsyayana advised, even those embraces that are not V
mentioned in the Kama Shastra should be practiced . . .
they are in any way conducive to the increase of lovers'
passion. (Kama Sutra, Part II, Ch. 2)


He strokes my back, my stomach, my sides,
Kisses my cheeks, and anon begins to suck at my lips,
He embraces me close, and makes me roll on the bed. . .
Every part of my body receives in turn his love-bites,
And he covers me with kisses of fire.
(Perfumed Garden, Ch. II)


Erotic Massage is a playful, exciting, arousing arta
surefire way to get you out of your busy head and into your
awakening body. Vatsyayana didnt consider massage an
integral part of lovemaking as such. But he did see it as a
very important part of a healthful, sensual life and advised
his readers to have a massage (a shampoo as it was then
called) every two days. Make massage, erotic or otherwise,
part of your lovers time.


Oral Sex with Liberator Shapes
ess of a Crow 69

atsyayana didnt focus a lot on oral sex or mouth

d of good qualities, liberal and
lever, and become attached to low persons, such as slaves
and elephant drivers. (Kama Sutra, Part II, Ch. 9)

Kokila Congr

congress in the Kama Sutra. Apparently it went against
moral teachings, so was considered an improper practice.

However, that didnt stop people from enjoying it. As
Vatsyayana noted, For the sake of such things courtesa
abandon men possesse


utual oral sex69 as its commonly called todaywas
alled Kokila, (Congress of a Crow) in Vatsyayanas time.
Today you can call it whatever you want as long as you
find ways and means to enjoy it, and Liberator Shapes with
their myriad combinations will give you more than you can


with Liberator Shapes


Liberator Shapes
will make him so
very, very
Although Vatsyayana didnt necessarily approve of fellatio,
he did know there was an art to giving great head. He listed
eight oral sex techniques that can be appreciated one at a
time or in a truly mind-blowing sequence. They are:

1. Nominal Congress: Hold his lingam in your hand,
place it between your lips, and move your mouth
softly around it.
2. Biting the Sides: Cover the end of his lingam with
your fingers collected together like the bud of a
plant or flower, then press your lips all up and
Add a little spice with gentle teeth
Put the end of his lingam in your
r lips around it and press as if
drawing it out.
4. Inside Pressing: Swallow him a little deeper, press
your lips firmly around him, and slide them slowly
along the shaft to the head.
5. Kissing: Hold his lingam in your hand, and suck
and nibble the glans (head).
6. Rubbing: Add some tongue actioneverywhere.
7. Sucking a Mango Fruit: Take about half his length
into your mouth, and forcibly kiss and suck it as
if you were sucking a very juicy fruit.
8. Swallowing Up: The grand finale. Take him as far
into your mouth as you can and suck slow and deep,
as if you were going to swallow it up.
comfortable to
receive your lovin
ministrations the
Kama Sutra way.

down the shaft.
3. Outside Pressing:
mouth, close you


Cunnilingus with Liberator Shapes

if the Wedge allows you to stick with oral
stimulation for an hour or more shell probably sleep
with it!
Penthouse Magazine

get down on your woman for hours without torquing
your neck
Osmosis r4nt.com


If the Kama Sutra had

Vatsyayana only
advised that the way
of doing this should be
known from kissing the
mouth." (Kama Sutra, Part II, Ch. 9)

For those of you whod like to know some ancient tongue
twisters, a later Indian love manual, Ratiratnapradipika,
gave some delicious pointers

1. Quivering Kiss: With the tips of your fingers, very
gently close her vaginal lips and kiss them oh so
2. Circling Tongue: Nudge her yoni open with your
nose and tease her with light circles of your tongue,
inside and outside.
3. Tongue Massage: Dart your tongue, quickly and
strongly, in and out of her yoni.
4. Sucked: Kiss and nibble her vaginal lips. Alternate
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5. Sucked Up: Put your hands under her butt and draw
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6. Stirring: Open her thighs wide and flick her pink
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7. Sucked Hard: Pull her in really close to you and
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little to say about
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Have your partner lie on the edge of the Liberator Ram
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Tristan Taormino

Burtons translation of the Kama Sutra didnt go into a lot
of detail about anal sex. There are a few comments such as,
the people in the Southern countries have also a congress
in the anus. (Kama Sutra, Part II, Ch. 6) Apparently the
original Perfumed Garden had a whole chapter about it, but
sadly it was lost in translation, so youll have to imagine
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It (Ramp) makes the angle 100 times better for me,
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According to the ancient sexual masters, lovemaking
doesnt end when intercourse is over. You maintain your
connection with cuddles, kisses, conversation, sharing food
and drink. Vatsyayana suggested rubbing your lovers body
with pure sandalwood ointment to ease any lovebites,
bruises, or aches.

After the enjoyment is over, and your amorous struggle
has come to an end, be careful not to get up at once, but
withdraw your member cautiously. Remain close to the
woman. . .You will find this pleasant, and you will not be
like a fellow who mounts the woman after the fashion of a
mule, without any regard to refinement, and who, after the
emission, hastens to get his member out and to rise. Avoid
such manners, for they rob the woman of all her lasting
delight. (Perfumed Garden, Ch.


More Positions with Liberator Shapes

While Vatsyayan gave explicit and detailed instruction on
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their ow

An ingenious person should mult
congress after the fashion of the different kinds of
beasts and of birds. For these diff
congress, performed according to the usage of
iply the kinds of
erent kinds of
each country, and the liking of each individual,
generate love, friendship, and respect in the hearts
of women.
Kama Sutra, Part II, Chapter 6
also a big believer in personal creativity. He
eartedly encouraged Kama Sutra readers to chart
n paths on the voyage of love. As youll see,
or Shapes make it oh so easy to find your way.
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The Wedge

The Wedge is the best pick if you purchase only one
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With the Wedge create an orgasm-optimum 26-degree
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The W
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The Whirl

Combinations of Liberator Shapes
sse and Mini Scoop


When not in use, they are simply sleek, tasteful
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Scoop and Ramp

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suggested that lovers should meet in the pleasure-room,
decorated with flowers, and fragrant with perfumes.
(Kama Sutra, Part II, Ch. 10) It should contain a bed, soft,
agreeable to the sight, covered with a clean white cloth, low
in the middle part, having garlands and bunches of flowers
upon it, and a canopy above it, and two pillows, one at the
top, another at the bottom. There should be also a sort of
couch besides, and at the head of this a sort of stool, on
which should be placed the fragrant ointments for the
night. (Kama Sutra, Part I, Ch. 4)


Liberator Shapes and the wide array of accessories to go
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Blue Shapes - Black Shapes

When Liberator Shapes first arrived, they all had blue
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Available Skin Colors

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Add a little danger to your romantic liaisons.
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Black Label Shapes Fun with Light Restraints

Black Label Shapes Restraint Kit



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Liberator Escape with Carrying Case (Included)

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Liberator Shapes with Physical and Health
he Kama Sutra, Ananga Ranga, and Perfumed Garden all
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Today, Liberator Shapes just made everything a whole lot

The Liberator Shapes definitely allow couples of different
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Liberator Shapes can inspire a couples sex life
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couples with special needs due to age, weight, or
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For those males who have concerns [about being too
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iberator Shapes facilitate deeper penetration and increased
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Liberator Shapes Cinema A Selection of Videos
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Liberator Shapes Sexual Intercourse Positions of the
48 Sexual Intercourse Positions Illustrated with Various
Liberator Shapes

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Recommended Reading

Classic Love Texts - Kama Sutra
Kama Sutra Online Resources

Kama Sutra, by Mallanaga Vatsyayana, Sir Richard Burton
FREE online version presented by 4 Freedoms Tantra
Kama Sutra Books

The Complete Idiots Guide to Supercharged Kama Sutra,
by Al Link and Pala Copeland
The Kama Sutra teaches that extraordinary
sex is a worthy element of a full and rich life.
Everyone deserves the satisfaction of sex
that's truly supercharged. And everyone,
including you, can learn to make that kind of
love. Whether you're a novice in the arts of
love or know your way around the bedroom
quite well, you'll find ideas and practices that will add spice
and satisfaction to your love life. Gorgeous full-color
photos show you how! 240 pages

The Bedside Kama Sutra: 23 Positions for Pleasure and

Passion, by Linda Sonntag

A fresh and easy-to-use guide based on
the most renowned ancient text on
sexual pleasures and techniques.
Combining stunning erotic photography
with classic erotic art from the East, this
sensual compendium covers 23 sexual
positions designed to educate, excite,

and entertain. Included in this voluptuous volume are:
Over 180 full-color erotic photographs
Over 30 reproductions of classic erotic art from the East
Step-by-step instructions for 23 erotic positions
Commentary on, and extracts from, the original Kama

The Complete Kama Sutra, The First Unabridged Modern
Translation of the Classic Indian Text [UNABRIDGED],
by Mallanaga Vatsyayana, Alain Danielou (Translator)

The galaxy of pleasures in Alain
Danilou's translation of the Kama Sutra
takes you back to an India where
sexuality was an integral part of life and
an avenue to spiritual bliss. As Devadatta
Shastri says in his commentary: "At the
moment when the peak of bliss is
attained, the internal and external world
vanish. The man and woman cease to be separate entities
and lose themselves in the beatitudes of being." Danilou's
elegant rendering includes not only the entire sutra, much
of which is excluded in other versions, but two essential
commentaries as well. More than just a pillow book, the
Kama Sutra is a guide to the labyrinth of sexual etiquette,
from how to bathe before meeting a lover to how lovers
should entertain each other after making love. Admittedly,
the text is dated and culture bound in places; it can be
chauvinistic, bizarre, and even violent. The commentators
are careful to point out, however, that the work is an
overview of all sexual practices, some of which are not
recommended. Take from this encyclopedia of amour what
you will and let it keep you moving down the path of
spiritual practice.
--Brian Bruya (review on Amazon.com)

Library Journal
Long dismissed as a sort of Sanskrit J oy of Sex , the Kama
Sutra , composed by Vatsyayana in the fourth century,
explores sexuality as an integral part of human existence.
Arguing that happiness and moral duty ( dharma ) depend
on elaborate social ritual to satisfy the essential needs of
life, the Kama Sutra describes the practices, rituals, and
lore of the erotic ( kama ) in human relations, both
heterosexual and homosexual. Noted Indiologist Danielou
provides a fluent and literal translation of the entire
Sanskrit original with interpolated extracts from the 12th-
century commentary by Yashodara and the modern Hindi
commentary by Devadatta Shastri. This is an important
advance over Burton's Victorian abridgment. - T.L.
Cooksey, Armstrong State Coll., Savannah, Ga.

Times Literary Supplement
Danilou's new and complete translation of the Kama Sutra
is one of his masterpieces. It is all enchantment, a world of
refined sensation totally without humbug. Our debt to his
scholarship and humanity is immeasurable.

The Guardian Weekend
Dildo was translated as 'medicine.' Lesbian was just
'corrupt woman.' No wonder we couldn't follow any of the
instructions in the Kama Sutra. But now, there's a new
translation of the oldest sex manual, the first since the
Victorians brought it home and hid it under the mattress.

The Times Literary Supplement
Danielou's new and complete translation of the Kama Sutra
is one of his masterpieces. It is all enchantment, a world of
refined sensation totally without humbug. Our debt to his
scholarship and humanity is immeasurable.


Kama Sutra (Oxford Worlds Classics), by Mallanaga
Vatsyayana, We ar

textbook of erotic love. But it is more
than a book about sex. It is about the art
of livingabout finding a partner,
maintaining power in a marriage,
committing adultery, living as or with a
courtesan, using drugs--and also, of
course, about the many and varied
positions available to lovers in sexual
intercourse and the pleasures to be derived from each. The
Kamasutra was composed in Sanskrit, the literary language
of ancient India, sometime in the third century, probably in
North India. It combines an encyclopedic coverage of all
imaginable aspects of sex with a closely observed sexual
psychology and a dramatic, novelistic narrative of
mation, and disentanglement. Best
nown in English through the highly mannered, padded,
and inaccurate nineteenth-century translation by Sir
(thirteenth century) and fr h-century Hindi
ommentary, and explanatory notes by the two translators.
he lively and entertaining introduction by translator
endy Doniger, one of the world's foremost Sanskrit
holars, discusses the history of The Kamasutra and its
ception in India and Europe, analyses its attitudes toward
ender and sexual violence, and sets it in the context of
ncient Indian social theory, scientific method, and sexual
ndy Doniger and Sudhir Kak
The Kamasutra is the oldest extant
seduction, consum
ichard Burton, the text is newly translated here into clear,
ivid, sexually frank English. This edition also includes a
n of vivid Indian color illustrations along with three
niquely important commentaries: translated excerpts from
e earliest and most famous Sanskrit commentary
om a twentiet

ethics. ""[This] new translation is fascinating, thought-
provoking and occasionally even amusing.""--Salon.com

The Illustrated Kama Sutra : Ananga-Ranga and Perfumed
Garden - The Classic Eastern Love Texts, by Mallanaga
Vatsyayana, Kalyana Malla, Sheikh Nefzawi, Richard
Francis Burton (Translator)

Here, for the first time, Sir Richard
Burton's translations of the classic Eastern
love texts have been published in one

Sexual frankness without a hint of guilt or
prurience is the great legacy which the
Eastern, and in particular Indian,
aditions have given us. As an expression of human
ulture, and as a pillow book for the modern boudoir, the
ama Sutra of Vatsyayana the most famous work on sex
ver written, the Ananga-Ranga of Kalyana Malla, and
heikh Nefzawi's Perfumed Garden, set forth the principles
f sensual pleasure with poetry, wisdom, and humor,
celebrating love as an ecstatic expression of life's beauty.


Sir Richard F. Burton (1821-1890) was one of the greatest
traveler-explorers of history, whose life has recently been
chronicled both in biography (Captain Sir Richard Burton)
he first Kama Sutra to be illustrated in color with a
azzling and unique collection of Indian painting and
culpture. These erotic treatises are not sex manuals in the
odern sense clinical collections of coital postures but a
roader and more humane exploration of Eastern sexual
bout the Author

and film (Mountains of the Moon). Famous as the translator
of The 1001 Arabian Nights, Burton also searched for the
headwaters of the Nile, and was the discoverer of the
central lakes of Africa. Orientalist, prolific author, and
member of the Royal Geographic Society, he was one of
the most remarkable and controversial men of his century.

The Love Teachings of Kama Sutra: With Extracts from
Koka Shastra, Ananga Ranga and Other Famous Indian
Works on Love, by Mallanaga Vatsyayana, Indra Sinha

Kama Sutra is the world's classic study of
the arts of love, written in about the fourth
century AD by the mysterious sage
Vatsyayana. He analyses, with the
detached wisdom of old age, the
possibilities of lovemaking from the first
approaches to the consummation, from
the sexual positions to the arrangement of
furniture and the role of a go-between.
His dry wit, charm and vivid language combine to give the
book a relevance far beyond the perfumed world of ancient
India that it describes, and create of it a humane
masterpiece that contains no hint of obscenity. Kama Sutra
has only been known in the English language in a
nineteenth-century translation by Sir Richard Burton. The
present work is an entirely new translation, made for a
modern public; a public which, with Vatsyayana,
understands far more clearly than did Burton's
contemporaries the importance of physical pleasure to
spiritual welfare.

Utterly frank in its attitude to sex, the Kama Sutra is
Vatsyayana's classic study of the arts of love. In this new
translation, Indra Sinha captures the beautiful, vivid

language of the original as well as the humor that's been
st in previous versions.

Kama Sutra - Positions 2 Volume Gift DVD

Kama Sutra on DVD

Kama Sutra: The Sensual Art of Lovemaking - Touch & the
Intimate Kiss (2002) DVD

Kama Sutra: The Sensual Art of Lovemaking - Intimacy to
Ectasy (2002) DVD

Kama Sutra - The Sensual Art of Lovemaking (Positions of
the Perfumed Garden/Positions of the Tao) DVD

Classic Love Texts - Ananga Ranga
e Resources Ananga Ranga Onlin

Ananga Ranga, by Kalyana Malla, Sir Richard Burton
FREE online version presented by 4 Freedoms Tantra

Ananga Ranga Books

The Illustrated Kama Sutra : Ananga-Ranga and Perfumed
Garden - The Classic Eastern Love Texts, by Mallanaga
Vatsyayana, Kalyana Malla, Sheikh Nefzawi, Richard
Francis Burton (Translator)
(see description above)
of Kama Sutra: With Extracts from

The Love Teachings
Koka Shastra, Ananga Ranga and Other Famous Indian
Works on Love, by Mallanaga Vatsyayana, Indra Sinha
(see description above)


Classic Love Texts - The Perfumed Garden

Perfumed Garden Online Resources

Perfumed Garden, by Umar Ibn Muhammad Nafzawi,
Richard F. Burton (Translator)
FREE online version presented by 4 Freedoms Tantra

Perfumed Garden Books

The Perfumed Garden of the Cheikh Nefzaoui: A Manual of
Arabian Erotology
by Umar Ibn Muhammad Nafzawi, Mary S. Lovell and
Richard F. Burton (Translators)

Written in the 14
to16th centuries, this
volume is one of the oldest texts on the
subject of erotica. It provides a
fascinating look into the sexual customs
and behavior of Arabia in the Middle
Ages, much like the Kama Sutra reflects
ancient Hindu culture. Translated into
English by the renowned explorer Sir
Richard F. Burton, The Perfumed Garden
Of The Cheikh Nefzaoui explicitly sings
the praises of intimacy. Sections include "Concerning
Everything Favorable to Coition," "Of Matters which are
Injurious in the act of Generation," and "On the Deceits and
Treacheries of Women." With complete candor, this classic
celebrates sensual pleasure with beautiful prose.

"I swear before God, certainly! The knowledge of this book
is necessary. It will be only the shamefully ignorant, the
enemy of all science who does not read it, or who turns it
into ridicule." --Cheikh Nefzaoui


Ingram (review on Amazon.com)
ritten in the 16th Century, this volume is one of the W
oldest texts on the subject of erotica. It
ascinating look into the sexual customs
provides a
and behavior of
a Sutra
ranslated into English by
ir Richard F. Burton, The
Sheikh Nefzawi explicitly sings
Sections include "Concerning
Coition," "Of Matters which are
ts and
th beautiful prose.
Arabia in the Middle Ages, much like the Kam
eflects ancient Hindu culture. T r
the renowned explorer S
Perfumed Garden Of The
the praises of intimacy.
verything Favorable to E
Injurious in the act of Generation," and "On the Decei
Treacheries of Women." With complete candor, this c
celebrates sensual pleasure wi

The Illustrated Kama Sutra : Ananga-Ranga and Perfume
Garden - The Classic Eastern Love Texts, by Mallanaga
Vatsyayana, Kalyana Malla, Sheikh Nefzawi, Richard
Francis Burton (Translator)
above (see description )


About Authors Al Link and Pala

Al Link and Pala
Copeland own and
operate 4 Freedoms
Relationship Tantra.
Since 1987 they have
been Tantric lovers
and have been
teaching others since 1997. They regularly host Tantra
Sacred Sex workshops in Ontario and Quebec, and
weeklong retreats in exotic locations around the planet.

ontact Al Link and P C ala Copeland

isit their website
Toll Free from Canada or USA: 1-800-684-5308
International long distance: 1-819-689-5308.
<www.tantra-sex.com> V
Email <4freedoms@tantraloving.com>

Books by Al Link and Pala Copeland

oul Sex: Tantra for Two S , by Pala
Copeland and
ur emphasis in Soul Sex is on ardent
mo relationship, why it is a
iritual practice, and how through it
we can know God and serve the world.
hought-provoking discussions,
personal anecdotes and precise but
mple techniques inspire readers to
apply these concepts in their daily lives. The observations
nd exe e include are drawn from our own heady
the hundreds of couples we have had
e priv teach at our Tantra sacred sex workshops.
usic and online
eso rc e readers with opportunities to further
els of our
soul. The authors share an authentic and wholistic view that
h beyond
p that
nion in the soul sex
isdom Today Radio
Al Link
partnership and from
rcises w
Detailed references to books, videos, m
ilege to
r u es provid
explore relationship, sexuality and spirituali

Soul Sex is a guide for those who want to leave the old
western perception of love making behind and shift to the art
of divine humans expressing love through the chann
brings new hope to couples who desire to stretc
limitations and move into a more thriving partnershi
deepens and brings true connection of u
experience. Claire Papin, Co-host of W

isten to 4 radio interviews with Al and Pala about
relationship as spiritual practice from their book Soul Sex.


The Complete Idiots Guide to
Supercharged Kama Sutra, by Al
Link and
The Kam
rts of love or
the bedroom

Sensual Love
Pala Copeland
a Sutra teaches that
extraordinary sex is a worthy
element of a full and rich life.
Everyone deserves the satisfaction of
sex that's truly supercharged. And
everyone, including you, can learn to
make that kind of love. Whether
you're a novice in the a
know your way around quite well, you'll find
ideas and practices that will add spice and satisfaction to
your love life. Gorgeous full-color photos show you how!

Secrets for
Couples: The Four Freedoms of
Body, Mind, Heart & Soul, by
ala Copeland
Secrets for Couples
offers a simple yet profound idea
for stoking the fires of lifelong
intimacy: awaken your body,
ind, heart, and soul. These four
Al Link and P
Sensual Love
leasure, and lastin
that focus on proble
Secrets reveals how couples can keep a sense of discovery,
pleasure, and appre
relationship by con
on all four levels.

freedomsthe essence of
human naturehave the power
transform a partnership into a divine union of desire, to
p g love. Unlike other relationship books
ms and how to fix them, Sensual Love
ciation alive in a monogamous
necting with and exploring each other

Sharing proven four freedoms techniques and secrets of
ouples features
re, and build spiritual bonds that last a lifetime.
antra Sex Step By Step: 28 Days to Ecstasy
sacred loving, Sensual Love Secrets for C
over one hundred playful and creative activities designed t
help you and partner establish trust, cultivate emo
intimacy, embrace commitment, open up to pure sexual

T , by Pala

and spirit is especially relevant for modern lovers who long
for deeper connection and greater pleasure. This book
shows you that T
that can have a pr t
requiring a great

Tantra Sex Step b e
instructions for si
strengthen your r

Copeland and Al Link
Tantric sex, the art of sacred loving, elevates your sexualit
beyond the physical. This ancient practice of uniting sex
antra is a practical approach to intimacy
ofound impact on your life, withou
deal of extra time.
y Step contains a 28 day plan with concis
mple, fun to do activities that will
elationship and intensify your
sexual/spiritual connection. The exercises are quite short
on average youll spend no more than 20 minutes per day
on your sacred loving practiceless time than you may
spend watching a TV sitcom or the evening news. Once p
week there are longer lovemaking periods in which you
reap great delights from the skills youve been learning. By
the end of the 28 days youll have changed your life.


Audio Books by Al Link and Pala Copeland

The Complete Secrets of Lovemaking by Pala Copela
and Al Link
We have had three of
our electronic books
professionally re
digitized into MP3 files
that you can listen
your iPod, your car or
home stereo. Listening
to these wonderful sacred sexuality guides gives you a
completely different perspective than reading them o
computer. You can listen to samples from each o
ad and
to on
n your
f the audio
ooks by visiting our website.
er day with one
y womans g-spot instantly
The one thing about sex you learned in high school that is

o this
Four stages of erection and what they mean
Breathe this way and delay ejaculation indefinitely
Here are a few teasers about what you will learn when you
listen to these audio books.
Lifetime sexual fitness in just three minutes p
simple exercise
The secret to finding an
The three ancient secrets for making any women mult
Open your heart and really feel love in one minute with this
Pump up the passion, keep monogamy hot, with the 10-
second kiss

invaluable now
Two simple things men need to learn in order to separate
orgasm from ejaculation
Three types of orgasms for men, and you can have them all!
Gain a serious competitive advantage in sports or business
over ordinary men who do not know how to d


Squeeze here at the right time and stop any ejaculation
How to have energy orgasmsooh la la
Control is the enemy of ecstasy
How to break the sound barriersounds to set you free

The butterfly pe
How to breathe
Go out of your
Stop distracting
The sexual fire
The passion pu
The big draw m
lvic technique
for deepest intimacy
mind and get into your bodyfocus on your
thoughts that take you out of the
breathhot, hot, hot
mpoh my goodness!
ethod for really big orgasms


eBooks by Al Link and Pala Copeland

100 Ways to Keep Your
Lover, by Al Link and
Pala Copeland, F

interactive edition March
available in Adobe
and MS Reader (lit) fo
as downloadable files and on

Voluntary Ejaculation

and Male Multiple
Orgasms, by Al Link and
Pala Copeland, First
interactive edition May
available in Adobe
(PDF) and MS Reader (lit)
formats: as downloadable file
and on CD-ROM

Tantra & Kama Sutra Sex
Positions, by Al Link and P
Copeland, First interactive
edition December 2003,
Revised May 2004

available in Adobe (PDF) an
MS Reader (lit) formats: as
downloadable files and on CD-

4 Freedoms Relatio
Tantra Guide to Sex Toys
a free PDF file with
illustrations and hot links

Soul Sex: Tantra for Two, by
Pala Copeland and Al Link, New
Page Books, 2003
a free PDF file of excerpts from the
book, includes illustrations


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