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NAEYC Competency Standard 5

Standard number 5 of the NAEYC standards is the ability to construct a meaningful curriculum using content knowledge. This standard demonstrates the importance of creating and implementing a curriculum that teaches content knowledge to children within the classroom. A meaningful curriculum is based on knowledge that is important for the growth of each child intellectually and emotionally. This standard also discusses my ability to use my own knowledge and outside resources to create a curriculum that challenges my students and teaches the main concepts within the academic subject. Throughout my studies in early childhood, I have taken many classes that have increased my content knowledge on specific academic subjects like math and science, music and art, and literacy. In CHD 145 class, Teaching Art, Music and Movement to Children class, I created and implemented a lesson plan on local wildlife for toddlers. When creating this lesson, I use my own content knowledge and research on the Internet to build on my ideas to engage my students in learning. After completing this project, I learned that how you teach content knowledge is as important as ensuring that your students are learning what you are teaching. As early childhood educators we are responsible for setting the foundation for learning content knowledge in all academic subjects. I have taken many CHD classes that focused on the specific content knowledge of an academic subject. In CHD 146 Teaching Math, Science and Social Studies to Children course, I learned that when teaching science and math in early childhood, often times it is good to turn lessons into a game where children are learning and having fun. In CHD 145, Teaching Art, Music and Movement to Children, I learned that young children like to do things with their hands, especially with art and music. Touching and building are great ways to teach children content knowledge. I have learned how to create a curriculum that teaches content knowledge and engages and excites my students. I have learned that a meaningful curriculum is important in an early childhood classroom to ensure the development of the children in the classroom. I have learned that creating a meaningful curriculum using my own content knowledge allows me to expand my lessons during class and engage my students. As an early childhood teacher, it is my job to teach my students content knowledge and promote their development and learning to create a healthy successful child.