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Leadership and Collaboration

Collaboration with mentor teacher My mentor teacher and I collaborated every day. We discussed how best to teach math, literacy, and IB lessons. We were able to bounce ideas off of each other and come up with the best possible ways to teach our students.

Collaboration with 3rd grade team

The third grade team consisted of my mentor teacher, two other 3rd grade teachers, and myself. We met every day to talk about how our lessons went and what we planned for the next day. We also were part of a data team where we looked at our students scores and created lessons to meet student needs. Twice a week, the third grade team and I met with the IB coordinated, Jamie. We talked about how to meet IB standard in our lessons and created IB lessons that would engage students and help them reach higher levels of learning. I attended and participated in all staff meetings at Hubbell Elementary. These meeting were about a variety of topics and it allowed me to feel like part of the school community. These meetings helped to make sure that all teachers were on the same page and was a platform to inform teachers of important information. Throughout my semester I attended professional development meetings that addressed a variety of topics

IB collaboration

Staff meetings

Professional development

including new technology and CPI training. I was able to learn and grow as an educator from these sessions. District meetings I went to all district meetings with every third grade teacher in the district. These meetings were mostly focused on the new math program that will be implemented in Des Moines Public Schools next year.