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Gallegos Stephanie Gallegos Professor Roman HLAC 1040 04/23/2014 Fitness Journal Eating and Exercise Log: 02/19/2014

Breakfast: Bunches of Oats Cereal W/ bananas. Lunch: Chicken salad sandwich W/ a bottle of water. Snack: Toasted and buttered bagel. Dinner: Fish and Chips at Village Inn W/ water only!! No soda Exercise: I did not exercise at all today.

02/20/2014 Breakfast: Strawberry yogurt w/ a toasted and buttered bagel. Lunch: Ham club sandwich and a cup of veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, and some slices red bell peppers) W/ ranch dip. 20 oz. of water Dinner: Spaghetti W/cheesy garlic bread Exercise: I did not exercise.

02/21/2014 Breakfast: White chocolate macadamia nut cliff bar and a cup of fruit (cantaloupe, red grapes, honey dew, and pineapple). Lunch: BLT and a banana. Dinner: Left over spaghetti.

Gallegos Exercise: I did not exercise.

02/22/2014 Breakfast: Skipped breakfast. Lunch: Turkey sandwich and an orange. Dinner: Mac n Cheese Exercise: I did not exercise.

02/23/2014 Breakfast: French toast and bacon. Lunch: Chicken mushroom and Swiss Gyro and French fries. Dinner: Pizza Exercise: I did not exercise.

02/24/2014 Breakfast: Cereal Lunch: Ham and Swiss wrap, a bag of chips, and pasta salad. Dinner: One burrito and one Taco. Exercise: 50 min. of Pilates.

02/25/2013 Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, and toast. Lunch: Pasta salad and a turkey sandwich. Dinner: Steak, baked potato, and corn. Exercise: Nope.

02/26/2013 Breakfast: Buttered cinnamon raisin bagel.

Gallegos Lunch: Grilled cheese with veggies. Dinner: Two Chicken enchiladas. Exercise: 50 min. of Pilates.

02/27/2013 Breakfast: Yogurt, a banana, and a bagel. Lunch: Chicken wrap and a cup of fruit. Dinner: Pork chops, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Exercise: Nope.

02/28/2013 Breakfast: Honey Bunches of Oats cereal. Lunch: Half of a turkey and Ham sandwich, a banana, and half a bag of chips. Dinner: Hamburger and Fries. Exercise: Nope.

03/01/2013 Breakfast: Honey bunches cereal. Lunch: Ham sandwich and macaroni salad. Dinner: Ramen Noodles. Exercise: Nope.

03/02/2013 Breakfast: Eggs, sausage, and diced fried potatoes. Lunch: Chicken breast sandwich and onion rings Dinner: Pizza. Exercise: Nope.

Gallegos 03/03/2013 Breakfast: Cinnamon coffee cake. Lunch: Ham sandwich and a cup of fruit. Dinner: Chicken Dumpling Soup Exercise: 50 Min. of Pilates and 50 Min. of cardio (running).

03/04/2013 Breakfast: Country style potatoes and eggs. Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwich and a bag of sun chips. Dinner: Ramen noodles. Exercise: Nope.

03/05/2014 Breakfast: Cereal. Lunch: Chicken salad wrap and a cup of fruit. Dinner: Beef tacos. Exercise: 50 min. of Pilates and 1 hour of cardio.

03/06/2014 Breakfast: French toast and eggs. Lunch: BLT sandwich and a banana. Dinner: Stroganoff. Exercise: Nope.

03/07/2014 Breakfast: Bacon and egg croissant sandwich. Lunch: Pasta salad and half a turkey sandwich.

Gallegos Dinner: Chicken enchiladas. Exercise: Nope.

03/08/2014 Breakfast: Glazed donut. Lunch: Ham and cheese sandwich. Dinner: Spaghetti. Exercise: Nope.

03/09/2014 Breakfast: Pancakes with sausage and eggs. Lunch: Salad with cottage cheese and some fruit on the side. Dinner: Ramen noodles. Exercise: Nope.

03/10/2014 Breakfast: Breakfast burrito. Lunch: White rice with veggies. Dinner: Steak, corn on the cob, and some cantaloupe. Exercise: Nope.

03/11/2014 Breakfast: Biscuits with sausage and gravy. Lunch: Stir fry with veggies. Dinner: Pork chops, green beans and pasta. Exercise: Nope.


Gallegos Breakfast: Eggs and bacon. Lunch: Turkey sandwich, yogurt, and some fruit. Dinner: Mac n cheese. Exercise: nope.

03/13/2014 Breakfast: No breakfast. Lunch: Chicken sandwich and French fries. Dinner: No dinner. Exercise: Nope. (Was driving all day, road trip!)

03/14/2014 Breakfast: Glazed donut. Lunch: 6 inch ham sandwich with spinach olives and avocado(subway) Dinner: Pepperoni pizza Exercise: Nope.

03/15/2014 Breakfast: Waffles and Orange juice. Lunch: Nothing. Dinner: Salmon, cheesy mashed potatoes, and sauted veggies. Exercise: Walk around quite a bit (at an amusement park all day).

Gallegos Part Two: Goals

Goal #1 Drink at least 4 cups of water every day. - I will accomplish this goal by cutting-out the majority of luxury drinks such as sodas, sweetened juices, and shakes. I will also buy a water bottle to make water a more accessible drink. -I did fairly well with this goal. Water is now something I crave rather than something I dread. I may not have had four cups every day, but I definitely improved and Im proud of that. Goal #2 Do at least 45 min. of cardio, 2 days a week. -I will accomplish this goal by planning to do a cardio exercise after Pilates on Mondays and Wednesdays. I will get decent sleep and eat appropriately in order to keep myself motivated and attentive. -I feel that I did really well with this goal up until the end of the semester when things started getting a little hectic. I admit that I may have some spare time in my schedule to work out, but between two jobs, full-time school, family, and life, I just havent had a chance to really think about it. In the beginning I was doing my cardio workout as planned, but now it has gone down to one day or nothing at all. Goal #3 Completely cut-out fast food from my diet. -I will accomplish this goal by keeping a full fridge of healthy and snacks. When I have a craving for unhealthy foods I will use healthy substitutes such as carrots with hummus instead of French fries with ketchup.

Gallegos -I did great with this goal and I plan to continue doing well. I feel much healthier and have much more energy than before. Its not hard to break a habit once you determined enough to go through with it. Goal #4 Put 2Ib. weights on the black bar for upper body workouts in class. -I will accomplish this goal by motivating myself and not giving in to the temptations of my laziness. -I did well with this goal and after a couple of weeks I actually began to feel a need for another increase in weights for upper body strength. Goal #5 Use the silver bar for upper body workouts in class. -I will accomplish this goal by staying energetic with good sleep and healthy eating. -I also did well with this goal probably because I increased weights at a slow pace allowing my body to get used to one weight and then once I felt ready I gave it a slight increase.