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A.T. is a strategy that...

expands a students access to education.

Assistive Technology Is..


one special education student


a specific technology tool required to accomplish IEP goals and objectives or educationally relevant tasks

Assistive Technology

= AT

Assistive Technology Device


A.T. Helps When Students


have difficulty.. reading it, writing it, hearing it, seeing it, saying it, attending to it, accessing it, or keeping up.

Assistive Technology Service


Should be delivered by a student centered team with a shared vision and shared responsibility for assessment, planning, and implementation. Is an ongoing process that changes along with the student and his/her personal and curricular needs.

Consideration Process

When can assistive technology consideration take place?


Should take place as part of a students regular programming Should be part of the ongoing process after the IEP, during the AT trial period

If the team has not done the above it must take place during the IEP process (annual review) or... as a formal assistive technology evaluation

Determine Individual Student Needs


Ongoing throughout the IEP year Students use a variety of technology tools When a tool seems supportive begin an AT trial process.

Plan Action

AT Trial Plan Select aligning goals and objectives Choose correlating curricular activates Use resources of your IEP team

Try the tools


Set a reasonable time frame for trial Plan on training time Try one or two tools at a time Select one or two manageable tasks to introduce tools and monitor progress

Collect and document data


Data helps determine students progress, justify technology, and identify unmet needs First identify target outcomes. Then decide what data will be collected based on student behavior Data should be dynamic, responsive, on-going and across environments.

Analyze Data

Is the tool necessary? Are further trials of the same tool needed? Should different tools considered? Process begins again or ends in an IEP.

Document in the IEP


Special factors

Section e

Present Level or Performance Supplemental Aids and Services Assessment

Limited progress in the general curriculum Slow progress toward IEP goals/objectives

Tools available throughout the year Options for representing information Options for showing what you know Options for engagement

Did it work? Was the student more

successful with IEP goal/objective/progress in curriculum? Write outcome in the IEP Brainstorm AT to try Check the AT Consideration Tool Guide

Number of prompts Number of words Score on a rubric Time to complete task etc

Identify a tool(s) Identify a task(s) Design/select data tool(s) Complete the AT Trial Plan

AT Consideration ALL Year Long

Teachers should be bringing data from AT trials to the IEP for the team to consider

the process becomes formal WHEN

There is a written request for an AT Evaluation. The IEP team needs to do a more in-depth, systematic look at students AT needs.

Team gathers evaluation information

Generate a REED


Conduct Evaluation Meeting/IEP

Develop AT Trial Plan and Document plan in IEP

Implement trial plan, collect data

Hold follow up Evaluation Meeting /IEP

Write outcome of AT Trial in IEP

AT Lending Library

Register at

http://www.misd.net/AssistiveTech/ AssistiveTechATLendingLibrary.htm

Equipment loaned for 3 months Use during AT trial

Software in __________ District


Include a list of AT software available to staff in your district Include District AT lending information here what you have to lend how to borrow it

Assistive Technology is...

the power to do more.

Thank you