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To Whom It May Concern, It is my pleasure to provide a reference for Brittany Moore.

I have known Brittany for three years in her capacity as an education student at the University of Mount Union. I have found Brittany to be a dedicated learner with a keen interest in teaching children in elementary school and young children with disabilities. Initially, I perceived Brittany to be a quiet and shy student but quickly recognized her heartfelt commitment to children, learning, and the education profession. Over the past years, I have marveled at Brittanys growth and have secretly celebrated as she built her confidence and the competencies needed to be an effective teacher. Brittany excels in her coursework, as evidenced by her outstanding academic record. She also demonstrates exceptional skill in applying pedagogy and learning theory to real-life teaching endeavors. Brittany completed her clinical experiences in a rural setting at Knox Elementary School within the West Branch Local School District and at Parkway Elementary School within the Alliance City School District, a small urban community. Both teaching experiences included diverse learners of varying abilities and needs. These experiences provided her with the opportunity to practice explicit instruction as well as a mix of co-teaching and consultation designed to support typical learners, at-risk learners, and students with disabilities in inclusive settings. Brittanys commitment to learning and her understanding of the resolve needed to persevere during tough times adds to her potential as a future educator. It is just amazing to watch her face literally light up when she talks about children and the experiences she has encountered during her field placement and student teaching activities. Her evident love of children and the teaching profession is uplifting. Brittany also has good rapport with colleagues. She appreciates collegial mentorship and takes to heart suggestions that will improve her teaching competencies. Brittany is a reflective teacher and looks for ideas to enhance her teaching and build positive connections with students. Brittany has a number of strengths to offer the field of education. She is a naturally caring person with a solid work ethic and a passion for young children. She is an organized and reliable individual. Brittany also has an excellent demeanor for education. She is calm, flexible, and consistently displays a willingness and interest in learning and personal growth. She is self-motivated and possesses many characteristics of a life-long learner. Traits that will undoubtedly be needed to withstand the ever-changing trends in public education. Brittany would be a valuable asset to any educational team. There is no doubt that she will be an excellent teacher and professional colleague. Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information or perspective regarding this notable candidate. Sincerely, Jan Webler Visiting Instructor University of Mount Union Email: weblerjm@mountunion.edu Cell Phone: 330-705-6886