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The Aral Sea Disaster

1. The climate of the region arround the Aral sea is arid with high summer temperatures, sometimes reaching 50C. Winters can e !er" cold and there is low rainfall throughout the "ear. The aral sea it self has een dr"ing up ecause of the channels and so its salinit" is !er" high. #. 1$%$& Aral sea 'Alread" half from his original si(e). We can sea that is alread" starting to shran*. +ut water still lue. #00,& We can see that it has continued to dr" and the le!el of salt augmented. Water is sort of green now. #00$& -t has continued to dr". .ow we onl" see a trench of water, it still green, it s shure there is no more li!e in that sea. ,. We can see that as the "ears pass there is more salinit" and less le!el of water. /. This is one of the planet0s most shoc*ing en!iromental disasters ecause it do not onl" afected one of the most important part of nature, the sea. +ut also it affected a huge part of the people that li!e in that area to the point of dieing. And it s a shame that we are ne!er goinng to completel" reco!er from that situation. 1ishing ecame difficult and that meant that a lot of animals died, and a lot of people lost their 2o s and their ships. Those ships that were a andoned polluted water and ta*e man" "ears to 3degradate4.5eople got less water from this area ecause it was shran*ing, and water was going far awa" from their houses. So people had less water, less food 'less fissh ecause the" died). This caused that people suffered form mal nutrition. At last the decrease in water and climate !ariation made people to suffer from mortal disases 'e!en children), ecause of chemicals into the air. All of this fact affected also other sectors as tourism.