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COURSE OVERVIEW: This course is designed to introduce Accounting and Finance students to the fundamental concepts of business law including not only the main issues of company / corporate law but also other forms of business organization and the laws governing contracts, partnerships and agency.

Module / // /// /5 5 5/ /ntroduction to !a0istan1s -egal and 2udicial 3ystem ontract -aw -aw of Agency and !artnership ompany -aw 3ecurities .egulation orporate 7overnance plus !ro$ects

Sessions " 4 ) "6 " "

GRADING: Attendance lass !articipation #uizzes !ro$ects %id&Term '(am Final '(am READING MATERIALS: !rimary %aterials+ ,usiness -aw .eader by Faisal /slam 5% "5% "5% 5% )5% *5%

3upplementary %aterials+


ases and %aterials"

Handouts, if any, for the forthcoming week will be distributed via e-mail every Saturday. Handouts may also be provided before the session.

SESSION 1 2 3 ! " # TOPIC /ntroduction to ,usiness -aw /ntroduction to the -egal 3ystem ontracts+ 9ffer and Acceptance onsideration %isrepresentation, :ischarge of ontract and ,reach of ontract /ndemnity and 7uarantee ,ailment ; "st #uiz 3ole !roprietorship and Agency Authority of Agent Formation< relationship of partners .elationship with third parties /ncoming and outgoing partners :issolution orporate !ersonality /ncorporation and .egistration /mportant :efinitions/Terms used under the law, lassification of ompanies, foreign companies !romoters< pre&incorporation contracts %emorandum and Articles of Association %id Term apital< .aising apital Transfer of 3hares and %ortgages and harges :irectors& %anagement and Administration 3hareholders and ompany %eetings ompany 9fficers, Auditors and :ividend;)nd #uiz 2oint 5entures and %ergers = Ac>uisitions /nvestigation, %inority .ights, ?inding @p 3ecurities .egulations 3ecurities = '(change ommission of !a0istan ode of orporate 7overnance plus !ro$ects READING

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