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HR Department

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HR Functions
The human resources (HR) department serves as
a link between management and employees.
Specific responsibilities of HR Dept include –

 Defining positions and related Roles

 Defining HR Policies and Guidelines
 Hiring and Recruitment
 Payroll
 Employee Career Management
 Employee Training
 Salary & Compensation
 Employee recreation
 Motivational Activities
Code of Conduct
 Add Code of conduct of your company ! !
HR Policies

 Leave Policy
 Attendance Policy
 Performance appraisals
 Trainings
 Compensation & Salary
 Employee Recreation
Leave Policy
Add No of leaves in the company and procedures to
take leave
Attendance Policy

Attendance and rules related to attendance in your

 The performance review is done bi-yearly in the organization
How do we Access You ?
The promotions in the organization are usually governed by the following factors:
 How well an employee performed in his / her present job.
 How much potential an employee has for future responsibilities.
 How much additional knowledge he / she have acquired for further
 Personal attribute, work habits, attitude towards self and others, ability to
get along with the team, leadership qualities, personal contribution to the
success of the company determines his / her competence for promotion.
 Feedback given by all those who work with the employee such as his / her
superiors, subordinates, peers and the customers.
Trainings &
Trainings Include –
 On-the-job training,
 Coaching,
 Classroom training
 Self trainings
 Team Trainings

Compensation & Salary –

Salary is paid on - of every month.
Salary is to be treated as confidential information and no
communication is to be done with colleagues and other staff
Work Culture
 Dress Code -
 Language
 Employee Addressing
 Email Utilization
 Feedback Culture
 Working Days
 Mobile use
Employee Recreation

Birthdays –

 Birthdays are celebrated on last day of the month. arrangements of

birthday celebrations are done by the HR department all cost bear by
the company.

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