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The Spiritual Heart No Mind No Problem Waking Up As Awareness You Are Ever thing The Tao o! Non"#oing Heal Your $od % &ree Your Mind Warning &rom 'ali ()*+

The Levels of Consciousness and a Map of the Stages of A akening fo! Spi!itual Seeke!s and Teache!s
By Ramaji

The ,evels o! -ons.iousness and a Map o! the Stages o! Awakening !or Spiritual Seekers and Tea.hers

-op right / ()*0 1ama2i


1ama2i $ooks San #iego% -ali!ornia Email4 advaita!oridiots5gmail3.om

This publi.ation is presented to ou !or in!ormational purposes onl and is not a substitution !or an pro!essional advi.e3 The .ontents herein are based on the views and opinions o! the author3 What ou do with this in!ormation is entirel our responsibilit 3 6! ou do not agree with these terms% ou ma return this book !or a !ull and prompt re!und3 Thank ou3 All rights reserved3 No part o! this do.ument ma be reprodu.ed or transmitted in an !orm% either b ele.troni. or me.hani.al means in.luding in!ormation storage and retrieval s stems without the prior written permission o! the publisher3 The onl e7.eption is !or a reviewer who ma 8uote brie! passages in the review3

#edi.ated% with deep abiding love and respe.t% to ever one who is on the path% espe.iall those who would like to know where the stand% those who would like to know where the are going% those who would like to know how to .hoose a good tea.her% and% most espe.iall % those who earn to reali9e the Heart and live in the &reedom that was promised% taught and e7empli!ied b Sri 1amana Maharshi3

Ta"le of Contents
A.knowledgments 6ntrodu.tion *; (+ *:

The ,evels o! -ons.iousness and the -omplete Map o! Awakening <-hart= What 6s ,evel o! -ons.iousness> How to Evaluate a Person?s ,@(; 0* 0A

Notes @n Assessing Non"#ual Tea.hers

,@-s o! ()) -ontemporar Western Tea.hers o! Non"#ualit and Advaita *)* Spiritual Ciants DB *)( *AA *D0


The 1iver o! ,i!e4 ,@- +) to 0DD

Seven Maps o! Non"#ual Awakening

Spiritual Map @ne4 Seven Ealle s o! Su!ism Spiritual Map Two4 &ive 1anks o! To9an ()+

Spiritual Map Three4 *) Fen @7herding Pi.tures Spiritual Map &our4 Patan2ali?s Yoga Sutras Spiritual Map &ive4 Stages o! Advaita Eedanta Spiritual Map Si74 Ma2or Ar.ana o! the Tarot Spiritual Map Seven4 The Hero?s Gourne The -ondensed Map o! Awakening <-hart= (0) (BB (()


((0 (+*

Huest !or the Absolute4 An @verview o! the Gourne &rom No Sel! <B))s= to Supreme Sel! <*)))= (BD

The &ar &rontier4 ,@- B)) to BDD

(AD +++

M Spiritual Gournal4 &rom No Sel! to -osmi. Sel! <,@- BA+ to ,@- ;;B= The -osmi. Eision4 ,@- ;)) to ;DD +:+ 0)+

M Spiritual Gournal4 As.ent into #arkness <,@- ;;B to ,@- A0:= The Unthinkable Surrender4 ,@- A)) to ADD 0(:

M Spiritual Gournal4 Trans!iguration or 1adi.al 6llumination via Amrita Nadi <,@- A0: to ,@- D+(= 0;0 The Hesitant Hermit4 ,@- D)) :); :(:

M Spiritual Gournal4 Starving the 6"Thought to #eath <,@- D+( to ,@- *)))= ,ost in the Absolute4 ,@- *))) The 1ASA @pportunit B+; B:; B:D BB+ BBD :A*

6! You Have Suggestions or &eedba.k Appendi7 @ne4 Musi. o! 1ama2i Unit Appendi7 Two4 Planetar Awakening

Appendi7 Three4 Gourne to the Heart o! Truth Notes B;; ;+* ;0+ ;0: ;0:


Meet the Author

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Ackno ledgments
Although this book was written in a whirlwind in about a ear% it was in !a.t man de.ades in the making3 The seeds were planted when 6 re.orded in m 2ournal m !irst spiritual e7perien.es as a teenager3 Around the same time% 6 also began e7perimenting with methods to assess spiritual development3 &irst% 6 must thank m editor 'oort3 We spent man en2o able hours dis.ussing the dire.tion !or this book3 He en.ouraged me to make it bold% dire.t and personal3 His thought!ul heart" !elt 6ntrodu.tion sets the tone !or this auda.ious enterprise3 6 want to e7press m appre.iation to the San #iego satsang group3 6ndividuall and .olle.tivel % the en.ouraged me to pursue m ,@- <,evel o! -ons.iousness= resear.h3 6 would espe.iall like to thank &red Smalle !rom the San #iego satsang group3 &red gave me a number o! interesting names !or ,@- assessment that 6 would not have thought o! otherwise3 He also alerted me to Idirt laundr I on .ertain tea.hers3 These insights made the book more entertaining while also .learing up blind spots in m ,@- assessments3 6 would also like to deepl thank Ale7 $urtson !rom the San #iego satsang group !or his pro!essional rendering o! the Map o! Awakening <.omplete and .ondensed versions=3 He was a true pleasure to work with and .ontributed man good ideas3 &inall % 6 would like to warml thank @ivind !rom Norwa !or reading the manus.ript prior to publi.ation3 His !eedba.k was wonder!ull en.ouraging as well as uni8uel use!ul3

*))) is the ultimate level o! .ons.iousness% or ,@-% the numeri.al assessment o! a person?s state o! awareness% on the wa to Sel!"1eali9ation or &reedom in this li!etime3 Even though *))) is the onl thing that is real% it is reali9ed b taking the imaginar 2ourne through the lower levels o! .ons.iousness3 6n 1000 1ama2i 8uanti!ies% 8uali!ies% and maps out this 2ourne 2ust as it is% level b level% step b step3 Although ever one?s e7perien.e and time spent at ea.h ,@- will be uni8ue% 1ama2i shows ou how to re.ogni9e ea.h level% alerts ou to the pit!alls as ou move through them% and en.ourages ou to .omplete the 2ourne 3 He opens up about his personal 2ourne to ,@- *)))3 He lists the ,@-s o! numerous .ontemporar spiritual tea.hers% gurus% authors and histori.al !igures3 He also e7plains the bene!its o! 1ama2i Advaita Shaktipat Attunement% or 1ASA3 6t was m great pleasure to have 1ama2i?s e7traordinar tutelage !or over a ear on m personal 2ourne to ,@- *)))3 6 made his a.8uaintan.e !or the !irst time in Gul % ()*( in San #iego3 6 immediatel began meeting with him !or up to si7 hours a week to .on!ront m 8uestions% eliminate m doubts% and re.eive 1ASA3 The people at ,@- +) through ,@- 0DD are e7perien.ing the earl stages o! awareness3 The progress and move through li!e operating !rom base% animalisti. impulses% great passions and emotions% and the power o! intelligen.e3 1ama2i e7plains that most likel an one reading this book has alread progressed through these lower ,@-s3 The low ,@-s make the Map o! Awakening .omplete !or the reader3 The ,@- :))s have awakened to spiritualit 3 The e7pe.t a reward !or their good servi.e to Cod and mankind either in this li!e% the ne7t li!e% or in the herea!ter3 Earl in m teens 6 turned to a higher power hoping to earn a problem"!ree li!e% loving relationships% and re.ognition !rom m peers3 6 had lots o! !antasies about enlightenment% su.h as an enlightened person will be saintl % be able to per!orm mira.les% have lots o! mone and be ver .haritable3 At other times% 6 imagined the would be ver poor and serve humanit % never eat red meat% not wear glasses% never have health problems% and never get .an.er3 6 be.ame a web sur!er and spiritual globe trotter moving !rom one tea.her to the ne7t3 &or .lose to !ort ears 6 read man di!!erent books% tried all !orms o! spiritualit su.h as

abstinen.e% a!!irmation% mantra% meditation% antra% oga% new age% old s.hool% ou name it3 6 had several mini"awakenings and peak e7perien.es via 'undalini% ps .hedeli. drugs% and dreams3 Yet !or whatever amount o! love that 6 !elt% 6 had an e8ual amount o! !ear in the !orm o! shame% guilt% anger% rage% loneliness% or some t pe o! demon or shadow that 6 avoided3 Eventuall m mental an7ieties% depression% su!!ering% and sui.idal thoughts overwhelmed me% but 6 gave up tr ing to !i7 m sel!3 6 !a.ed the !a.t that all the spiritualit % ps .holog % se7% drugs% or whatever 6 tried o!!ered no permanent solution to m su!!ering3 &or several months% 6 was barel able to leave m bed3 As di!!i.ult as li!e was !or me in the ,@- :))s% 6 reali9e now that i! 6 had not let go o! resisting m !ears and pain% 6 would have .ontinued su!!ering the e7treme emotional highs and lows that 6 had be.ome a..ustomed to and risked remaining a seeker in the ,@- :))s !or the rest o! m li!e3 The ,@- :))s have not et !a.ed their greatest !ears% but the ,@- B))s have3 At this time% 6 passed through the !irst void passage and had m !irst ego death3 6 !elt like 6 e7perien.ed a se.ond birth3 6 was more .ompletel in m bod than ever be!ore3 6 started living in the !irst stage o! non"dualit and sought out 1ama2i?s guidan.e3 6 e7isted in the world as the no"sel! and as the non"doer3 -ompared to li!e in the ,@- :))s this was a vast improvement3 6 basked in the glow o! m new li!e in the ,@- B))s3 However% 1ama2i told me that even though this was enlightenment% it was !ar !rom Sel!"1eali9ation3 As good as it !elt% it was reall no big deal3 The 2ourne was !ar !rom over3 1ama2i e7plained that 6 risked .r stalli9ing m sel! in the ,@- B))s !or the rest o! m li!e i! 6 .ontinued to hold up m new !ound awareness as something spe.ial3 He told me that there would be more darkness to !a.e% but the good news was that it would be mu.h easier !or me to trans.end% and that 6 would move ahead more 8ui.kl 3 He was right3 Although the ,@- B))s are .onsidered enlightened% the have more sub.ons.ious !ears to !a.e3 6n .ontrast% the ,@- ;))s .on!ronted the reemergen.e o! their !ears a!ter the bliss and e7.itement o! their rebirth wore o!!3 ,ike me% the bu.kled down and got ba.k to real Sel!"6n8uir 3 6 e7perien.ed a se.ond void passage3 The .on.epts o! no"sel! and non"doership dropped awa % and 6 started living in the se.ond stage o! non"dualit .alled .osmi. .ons.iousness3

6t !elt as i! the whole world was moving through me% while 6 remained per!e.tl still3 6 now e7isted as 'ing o! the Universe% abiding mostl in pea.e and 2o 3 Ever thing was in me% and 6 was the world3 #uring this stage 1ama2i let me know that the world and knowledge o! m sel! as .osmi. .ons.iousness was 2ust another .on.ept or state% and that it had absolutel no value3 6! 6 did not toss it out and .ontinue the 2ourne % 6 would remain in the ,@- ;))s as the 'ing o! -rap !or the rest o! m li!e3 The ,@- ;))s still identi! with the !amiliar .on.epts o! the world and .osmi. .ons.iousness% but the ,@- A))s have thrown these .on.epts out3 ,ike me% the passed through the third and !inal void passage and started living in the third state o! non"dualit % the pure J6 AM3K Although this was a short"lived level !or me% 6 en2o ed a personal% m sti.al relationship with 'ali% 1amana% and Gesus3 As poeti. and beauti!ul as m li!e was 1ama2i let me know that the pure J6 AM%K Cod% or ,ight was 2ust another .on.ept and a sedu.tive !orm o! separation3 He e7plained that 6 was holding onto the belie! that 6 was be.ause o! them% but a.tuall the opposite was true3 The were onl be.ause 6 was3 1ama2i warned me that i! 6 did not want to get stu.k in the ,@- A))s !or the rest o! m li!e% m CodLCoddessLCuru would eventuall have to go3 He told me that the wanted to go3 When that happened% 6 would go with them into That in whi.h all states e7ist% but is tou.hed b no state3 M beloved 'ali% 1amana% and Gesus were so kind as to remove themselves !rom me3 No 'ali3 No 1amana3 No Gesus3 No Cod3 The ,@- A))s e7ist in the brilliant state o! J6 AM%K but the ,@- D))s have trans.ended this state and the .on.ept o! CodLCoddessLCuru3 ,ike me% the dis.overed that there is no other3 6 was now living in the !ourth stage o! non"dualit % the true J63K #uring this time 6 kept to m sel! a lot% not be.ause 6 was stu.k in m pain and !ears% unable to !a.e the world% but be.ause 6 had a pre!eren.e !or living pea.e!ull as possible3 6 lived happil and mostl se.luded within the !our walls o! m home leaving onl to workout at the g m% gro.er shop% and take a weekl nature walk with 1ama2i3 6 .hose to have minimal intera.tion with !amil % !riends and other people who .ould possibl disturb m pea.e3 To avoid getting stu.k in the ,@- D))s% 1ama2i en.ouraged me to throw all .aution to the winds along with m need to .ontrol an thing% in.luding m own pea.e3 He told me that there would alwa s be disturban.es and di!!eren.es% and that m need to .ontrol was a !orm o! separation3

While the ,@- D))s are ver .lose% the still have a subtle need to .ontrol% whereas the ,@*)))s e7ist in .omplete I.ontrolessness3I The have gone !ull .ir.le and are !ull engaged in the world3 @ne a!ternoon a!ter a 1ASA the idea o! a JmeK that was tr ing to .ontrol or to be.ome ,@- *))) dropped awa 3 There was onl ,@- *)))3 6t was not that the 2ourne was over3 6t was that the 2ourne never began3 This is 6t% and 6 do not know what 6t is3 This not knowing is ,@- *)))% the ultimate level o! .ons.iousness3 6 am no longer disturbed b being disturbed3 The di!!eren.e between all the ups and down makes no di!!eren.e3 The ne7t thing is 2ust the ne7t thing3 $e!ore meeting 1ama2i% 6 had man tea.hers that 6 turned to !or help along the wa 3 6 know now that most o! them never .ompleted their 2ourne 3 1ama2i e7plained that it is likel that the .r stalli9ed at the ,@- the started tea.hing at3 $ assessing the ,@-s o! the gurus% tea.hers% and authors whose guidan.e we seek% words we listen to and books we bu % 1ama2i ma .reate .ontrovers and 2ui. gossip within the world" wide non"dualit .ommunit 3 Wh shouldn?t he> What is the problem> The dialogue will be lots o! !un3 The 2ourne !rom ,@- +) to ,@- *))) is imaginar % et it is e7a.tl what is3 Wh should we den it> Wh shouldn?t we talk about it% and 8uanti! and 8uali! our ,@-s along the wa > 1ama2i shows ou how to re.ogni9e ea.h ,@-% alerts ou to the pit!alls along the wa % and en.ourages ou to reali9e the ultimate realit % ,@- *)))3 'oort% Mar.h% ()*0

The Levels of Consciousness and the Complete Map of A akening $Cha!t%

&hat #s Level of Consciousness'

&hat #s Level of Consciousness $L(C%'

The idea that di!!erent people% in.luding spiritual tea.hers% are at di!!erent levels o! .ons.iousness% or at various stages o! spiritual development% is a !amiliar one3 Even so% evaluating their level o! .ons.iousness <,@-= remains .ontroversial3 While there are spiritual diagnosti. methods that ield good results in the hands o! an e7perien.ed user% su.h as astrolog % radioni.s% pendulum and intuitive assessment o! the human energ !ield% these methods tend to break down when the are applied to the enlightened person <someone who is stabili9ed in non"dualit =3 The method presented in this book is a !orm o! biokinesiolog <also .alled Iapplied kinesiolog I or Imus.le testingI=3 When it o..urred to me to write this book% 6 had alread worked with this method !or man ears in its holisti. health appli.ations3 6 re!ined and redesigned this popular method !or the spe.i!i. purpose o! assessing enlightened people3 The results o! m resear.h are presented in this book3 The Map o! Awakening makes it eas to understand what a person?s ,@- means in terms o! spiritual development3 The ,@- number is similar to the grade o! a student in s.hool3 The ,@- number is even more a..urate as it will show where the are lo.ated within their grade3 M Map o! Awakening model emphasi9es the ,@-s !rom :)) up to *)))3 ,@- :)) is where pure spiritualit % as opposed to organi9ed religion% begins to emerge3 Most o! m readers will be in that range3 )o This Book *1000* Came A"out

6t is important to note that the model or Map o! Awakening that makes up the ma2orit o! this book was not m starting point3 M original purpose was simpl to assess and re.ord the ,@-s o! some well"known modern spiritual tea.hers in order to satis! m own .uriosit about them3 A!ter 6 had re.orded the ,@-s o! several hundred spiritual tea.hers% 6 happened to noti.e that the results were bun.hed together3 The tea.hers at di!!erent main ,@- ranges or stages <B))s% ;))s% A))s% D))s% *)))= had noti.eable similarities3 These similarities in.luded patterns in tea.hing .ontent% st le o! tea.hing and reputation <eviden.e o! mis.ondu.t or not=3 6 believe this is important3 Had 6 obtained m main data a!ter developing m model% it would make sense that 6 .ould have been in!luen.ed b m own model3 6nstead% what happened is 6 re.orded most o! m assessments well be!ore 6 had the idea to write a book about m results3

The theoreti.al model appeared in spite o! m sel!3 The model impressed me even !urther when 6 !ound that it des.ribed m own spiritual 2ourne with unerring a..ura. 3 6t be.ame .lear to me that m Map o! Awakening was meant to be shared3 6 de!ine Inon"dualit I as an empiri.al understanding that trans.ends dualisti. .on!usion3 The ordinar person is ea.h da besieged b traumati. ongoing .on!li.t% a ro.k"like sense o! separation and the harsh burden o! doership3 These issues are resolved when a non"dual e7perien.e o! li!e is se.ured3 The main thesis o! this book is two!old3 &irst% that not all non"dual reali9ations are e8ual3 Se.ond% that the great non"dual spiritual 8uest does have a .on.lusion <,@- *)))=3 6n this book% that !inal stage o! !ul!illment is .alled reali9ing the Sel!% stabili9ing in the Absolute% a.hieving the Istateless stateI or living in the natural state <Sanskrit4 sahaja=3 ,i!e is allowed to be itsel! as it is3 $oth dualit and non"dualit are trans.ended3 This is understood when this stage is reali9ed3 +ni,ue App!oach to Levels of Consciousness in This Book 6n this book% 6 will .over the !ull range o! the levels o! human .ons.iousness3 6 will start at +) and work m wa up to *)))3 ,@- *))) is the highest level a.hieved b human beings3 6 start at ,@- +) be.ause this is the lowest human ,@- that 6 en.ountered3 This is e7tremel low as the average domesti. dog is at ,@- D) and the average house .at is at ,@- **)3 &or ma7imum a..ura. % whenever possible m interpretations o! ,@-s are based on a.tual people 6 know3 M !o.us is on spiritual emergen.e at ,@- :)) and above3 The .ons.iousness range between +) and 0DD is summari9ed in one long .hapter3 ,@-s !rom :)) and above are given more detailed attention3 This book e7plains the gradual intensi!i.ation o! non"dual awareness in terms o! ,@- starting with ,@- :))3 This in!ormation has not been published be!ore3 M .on.lusions are based on m dire.t observations and ,@- assessments o! spiritual tea.hers% students and seekers3 6 have made use o! m personal e7perien.e o! people 6 know as mu.h as possible3 $e.ause 6 have known man spiritual aspirants personall over time% 6 have been able to assess the signi!i.an.e o! ,@-s in terms o! des.ribable% .on.rete% 8uanti!iable readiness !or non"dual awakening3 6 have observed !avorable .hanges and !ound that the are a..uratel re!le.ted in the person?s ,@-3 6 have met and evaluated in person onl a hand!ul o! the ()) enlightened spiritual tea.hers on

m list3 Whether or not 6 had met the tea.her in person% 6 took m task o! assessing their ,@8uite seriousl 3 6 wat.hed interviews% read books% studied reviews and resear.hed personal histories online3 @! the tea.hers on m list% 6 have had the good !ortune to be in the ph si.al presen.e o! Shin9en Young% 1amesh $alsekar% Namkhai Norbu -hen% Muktananda% Gean 'lein% Canga2i% -hetananda% Sat.hidananda% Wa ne ,i8uorman% Giddu 'rishnamurti% -hinma ananda% Sri Sri 1avi Shankar% A2a A.har a Thomas% Anandi Ma% Andrew -ohen% -atherine 6ngram% Goko $e.k% the #alai ,ama% &ranklin Gones <Adi #a Samra2=% Hale #woskin% Master -harles% Namg al 1inpo.he% 1am #ass% 1obert Hover% Saniel $onder and Sat ananda Saraswati3 L(Cs -.0 to -/-0 Methodical 1!epa!ation fo! 2on34uality The movement !rom ,@- :)) to ,@- :B) is spirituall signi!i.ant but serious engagement with non"dual groups% tea.hers and tea.hings is not likel until the student enters the :B) range3 Starting !rom the :B)s there is a gradual orderl as.ent up into the :;)s and then into the :A)s3 The student in the ,@- :A)s is in position !or a leap into non"dualit 3 6ndividuals who are primed !or enlightenment and the leap into the non"dual ranges ,@B)) and above are t pi.all established somewhere between :A* and :AD3 This person is able to easil and e!!ortlessl rest in the thought"!ree state3 L(C -/0s as Sta"ili5ed 1!epa!ation fo! 2on34ual Ascent Sin.e being able to abide in the e!!ortless thought"!ree state is the strongest indi.ator o! readiness !or non"dual awakening% this is pro!oundl signi!i.ant3 At the same time% the natural ease o! their state leads man in the :A)s to be.ome spiritual tea.hers !rom that level3 The make valuable .ontributions to spiritual .ulture !rom this vantage point% but the have missed a golden opportunit to rea.h the top o! the mountain3 This is their destin 3 6 believe that this book will help readers in the :A)s to grasp the non"dual potential o! their state3 6 am inviting them to go be ond their .om!ort 9one3 When the are read % the will do so3 The :A)s% espe.iall the mid"range o! :A+ to :A:% !un.tions as a springboard or laun.hing pad into non"dualit <,@- B)) and above=3 6! the individual starts to move above the ,@- :A: staging area% a new pro.ess is a.tivated whi.h then Isu.ksI them into the :D)s3 6t is in the :D)s 9one that the !irst de.onstru.tion o! the ego <empiri.al sel!= takes pla.e3 *6ea! of 4ying* and the -70s T!ansitional 8one The seeker ma pass 8ui.kl through the transitional :D)s or the ma get stu.k there3 6! the

get stu.k% it is usuall due to !ear o! death arising3 To be pre.ise% the are a!raid o! letting go o! their identi!i.ation with the ph si.al bod 3 The onl reason the !ear death is that the still believe I6 am the bod 3I This idea% thought or belie! I6 am the bod I is a .lever and !ormidable opponent3 6 know an Australian seeker living in Thailand who sta ed in the :D)s !or several ears3 Ea.h time he !elt himsel! being pulled into the B))s% he would e7perien.e severe pani. and !eel as i! he was having a heart atta.k3 When asked about the lo.ation o! this apparent heart atta.k% he told me that it was ph si.all lo.ated on the right side o! his .hest3 This mat.hed reports !rom other students and m own e7perien.es o! similar a.tivit b the ego <6"thought= in the region o! the Heart on the right as taught b 1amana Maharshi3 6 told the Australian as !irml as 6 .ould that he was on the verge o! enlightenment3 Plunge boldl !orwardM This !ormidable drama staged b the ego <6"thought= was 2ust a strateg to intimidate this aspirant and strike !ear into him3 6ts purpose was to terri! him so mu.h with the thought o! d ing that he would give up his 8uest3 The ph si.al pain was 2ust thought"based intensi!i.ation o! sensations b the ego3 Un!ortunatel % the seeker did not !ollow m advi.e to plunge !orward and ignore the !rightening sensations o! heat and pain3 6nstead% he .apitulated to ego 6"thought intimidation3 He tumbled all the wa ba.k down to the :;)s3 This setba.k was onl temporar 3 He is ba.k to ,@- :A+ read !or another go3 -han.es are that this time he will not bu into the de.eption .reated b the ego 6"thought3 A!ter all% it was 2ust thought intensivel .ontra.ted to produ.e momentar lo.ali9ed pain3 The 6ou! Levels of 2on34ual 9nlightenment 9:plained $e ond this original des.ription o! the stages o! preparation !or non"dual as.ent <the :B)s through the :D)s=% the other main .ontribution o! this guide is to elaborate in loving detail the !our primar levels o! non"dual <enlightened= .ons.iousness3 These are B)) to BDD% ;)) to ;DD% A)) to ADD% and D)) to *)))3 As outlined in the Map o! Awakening in this book% sages in the ,@- B))s range are !o.used on the lo.al empt Ino sel!%I sages in the ,@- ;))s range are invested in an e7panded I.osmi. sel!%I sages in the ,@- A))s range are stu.k in the sweet hone o! non"dual devotion% and sages in the ,@- D))s are re!using to embra.e the world as it is warts and all3

The ,@- *))) sage has .ompleted the non"dual 2ourne 3 He is stabili9ed in the Ino mindI o! the Absolute3 We are !ortunate at this time in histor to have man people who are stabili9ed at ,@- *))) tea.hing publi.l 3 This book identi!ies the ones 6 know o! at this time3 At the same time% it is made .lear that the best tea.her !or a student ma not be the one with the highest ,@-3 The best tea.her will be the one where tea.her and student are aligned in trust% understanding and mutual warm positive regard3 Mo!e on )o This Book *1000* &as Bo!n

6 e7perien.ed m non"dual awakening in *DD( !ollowing a transmission o! Cra.e !rom 1amesh $alsekar in *DAD3 A!ter that% m pro.ess be.ame a prolonged trans!ormational 2ourne through the non"dual stages elu.idated in this book3 6n the .ourse o! m post"awakening sadhana% 6 .on.luded that 1amana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Mahara2 o!!ered the highest and purest tea.hings available in modern times3 6t was .lear to me that the were at the same level o! reali9ation3 To !urther re!ine m understanding% 6 studied the tea.hings o! both masters and a..essed their satsang via photographs% videos% pra er% meditation and visions3 6 made a spe.ial e!!ort to !ind and stud reports about their demeanor and behavior3 6t be.ame abundantl .lear that both sages lived impe..able e7emplar lives3 This served to !urther .on!irm m .onvi.tion that these two in.redible men had indeed a.hieved the supreme pinna.le o! spiritual greatness3 6 .ame a.ross a book b a respe.ted spiritual authorit in whi.h he stated that a tea.her?s level o! .ons.iousness .an be ob2e.tivel evaluated using biokinesiolog <also known as Imus.le testingI=3 6 eagerl turned to the page where he had provided his evaluation o! 1amana and Nisargadatta3 ,earning that the highest level o! .ons.iousness <,@-= that .ould be rea.hed b a human being was *)))% it made sense to me to assume that 1amana and Nisargadatta would be rated b this highl regarded e7pert at ,@- *)))3 6 was stunned to !ind that this writer had pla.ed both o! them at onl ,@- ;()M* Confi!med0 Ramana and 2isa!gadatta A!e Both L(C 1000 @n the spot% 6 did m own evaluation3 6 was right3 $oth 1amana and Nisargadatta were at ,@- *)))M

This kind o! intuitive evaluation was not new to me3 6nspired b the book Touch for Health b Gohn Thie and other pioneers% 6 began e7perimenting with biokinesiolog about () ears ago3 ( There was no doubt !or me3 The intuitive mus.le response was massivel pre.ise and .lear3 There was nothing to !igure out3 Sin.e the available in!ormation in ever wa pointed to both sages being at ,@- *)))% the results o! this spontaneous test be.ame m ben.hmarks as 6 e7plored this e7.iting !rontier3 A 2e Model fo! 2on34ual 1!epa!ation and Reali5ation

A !ire had been lit in m ps .he that would not be easil 8uen.hed3 6 began doing m own biokinestheti. <mus.le testing= evaluations3 6 !ound ma2or dis.repan.ies between m intuitive ,@- assessments o! spiritual !igures and those o! this prominent author in his books3 At the same time% there were numerous e7amples o! tea.hers where m results mat.hed or .ame ver .lose to those reported b this respe.ted e7pert3 As m data a..umulated% meaning!ul patterns began to emerge that 6 had not seen or heard o! be!ore3 6 re.eived a warm re.eption !or these ideas when 6 shared them with students and !riends3 6 de.ided to publish m !indings and .on.lusions3 This book is the result3 This book is designed to e7plain the variations that will be en.ountered in people who are approa.hing enlightenment3 6n broad terms% the as.ent begins at ,@- :)) with the emergen.e o! pure spiritualit 3 6n pra.ti.e% the e!!e.tive range where the attainment o! enlightenment is a strong possibilit begins at ,@- :B) and goes up to ,@- :A: <rarel % to ,@- :AD=3 To be even more spe.i!i.% enlightenment be.omes likel when the ,@- :A)s are rea.hed3 As the seeker abides more and more in the thought"!ree state in the ,@- :A)s% the be.ome puri!ied in preparation !or the great leap into non"dualit 3 The work done in the ,@- :B)s and ,@- :;)s is to get to the ,@- :A)s3 @n.e the aspirant arrives at the ,@- :A)s% the work to deepen the thought"!ree state and a..ess the pure silen.e and stillness o! the natural state or pure awareness3 The *2o Man;s Land* Bet een L(C -70 and L(C .00 This book also e7plains the Ino man?s landI 9one between bod "identi!i.ation <below ,@:D)= and non"dualit <,@- B))=3 This is the ,@- range !rom :D) to :DD3 There is onl one person in the world that 6 have !ound who is sta ing stable in this pro!oundl transitional :D) range3 That individual is #avid Codman% the well"known and highl esteemed translator o! 1amana

Maharshi?s works3 6 will get into wh 6 believe he is in this spe.ial ,@- position later on3 &or ever one else% this uni8ue range !un.tions as a Ibla.k holeI that ou go into but don?t .ome out o!3 6t is ver similar to the transition known as the Inear death e7perien.e3I &hy Should <ou Read This Book' 6 am sharing m dis.overies with ou in the hope that it will help ou to understand where ou% our !riends and our tea.hers are spirituall stabili9ed a..ording to the ,@- model3 The higher the ,@-% the more the person has puri!ied the mind3 The lower the ,@-% the more the are a prisoner o! thought and a slave o! the mind3 A..ording to the model in this book% ,@- *))) .orresponds to trans.ending the mind3 You do not need to know how to evaluate a person?s ,@- in order to bene!it !rom this book3 $ understanding the new model o! .ons.iousness presented in this guide% ou will be in a position to assess a person?s spiritual level based on their behavior% their tea.hings and their tea.hing methods3 6! the are deepl integrated and reali9ed% then their behavior will re!le.t the knowledge that IYou are m ver own beloved Sel!3I While this behavior usuall e7presses in what is labeled as Iloving%I it ma not appear that wa on the sur!a.e3 &or e7ample% Nisargadatta Mahara2 was known to ell and shout at man o! the people who .ame to him3 @n the sur!a.e this does not sound loving% but students reported that being on the re.eiving end o! his dramati. outbursts was a blessing3 @ne o! the biggest .hallenges !or a spiritual seeker is how to evaluate various tea.hers3 Whether or not ou are able to do our own intuitive ,@- evaluations% this book should serve ou in at least three wa s3 &irst% ou will have a new appre.iation o! the di!!eren.es in levels o! .ons.iousness even among enlightened tea.hers3 This has never be!ore been .lari!ied with this degree o! pre.ision3 Se.ond% ou will be better in!ormed regarding how to assess ,@-s3 You will know that the attainment o! enlightenment in and o! itsel! is not the end o! the pro.ess3 The 2ourne goes on in the !orm o! mental and emotional puri!i.ation until the person rea.hes the level o! total dedi.ation to servi.e3 The mature sage regards all as his Sel!3

Third% ou will be able to dis.ern the basi. ,@- range o! an enlightened tea.her or guru <B)) to BDD% ;)) to ;DD% A)) to ADD or D)) to *)))= based on the identi! ing markers in their tea.hing st le and .ontent3 Ea.h range has its own uni8ue !lavor and orientation3 6 will go into that in mu.h more detail3 &hy #s the Autho! =ualified to 9valuate (the! Teache!s' You ma !eel like asking me IWho are ou to presume to evaluate other spiritual tea.hers>I The answer is simple3 Now that there are so man non"dualit tea.hers writing books and giving publi. satsang in the West% it is time !or us to start a livel dialog about the 8ualit and level o! these .ontributions3 Somebod has to get this dis.ussion goingM 6 believe that 6 have !ound a .onvenient reliable wa to evaluate the ,@- o! a person at an level% whether the are a tea.her or not3 This is the method that 6 use ever da 3 Some readers ma !ind that the have the abilit to assess the ,@-s o! spiritual students and tea.hers3 @ther readers will dis.over that the .annot evaluate ,@-s or that results are hit or miss3 Either wa % the reader will be served b this new knowledge about the levels o! human spiritual attainment3 As !or m spiritual 8uali!i.ations% sin.e m awakening in *DD( 6 have worked tirelessl to !ul!ill m spiritual potential in this li!etime3 6 have studied the tea.hings o! 1amana Maharshi and Nisargdatta Mahara2 in great depth3 6 have personall logged man hours !ollowing their pra.ti.al meditation dis.iplines3 6 have used des.riptions b 1amana and Nisargadatta o! their state o! .ons.iousness and o! the supreme state as empiri.al ben.hmarks !or evaluating m own levels o! .ons.iousness3 6t has been m routine !or man ears to assess m own ,@-3 6 have observed how ea.h o! m spiritual breakthroughs was mat.hed b a .orresponding 2ump in m ,@- number3 The time has .ome !or this uni8uel use!ul in!ormation to be revealed3 This book began with a simple heart!elt desire to set the re.ord straight with regard to 1amana and Nisargadatta3 6 thought that would be it% but it was not3 The pro2e.t surprised me with its passion to grow and e7pand3 A!ter more than a ear o! hard work !ueled b the sin.ere desire to help as man people as possible be.ome !ree b be.oming who the trul are% m original desire to set the re.ord straight about the ,@-s o! m gurus 1amana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Mahara2 blossomed into this big book3



9valuate a 1e!son;s L(C +sing &hole Body #ntuitive Resonance

)o to 9valuate a 1e!son;s L(C +sing &hole Body #ntuitive Resonance

While this book is not a how"to guide !or assessing% re.ording and interpreting the ,@-s o! prominent non"dual tea.hers and other people o! note% it makes sense !or me to e7plain m method to ou3 You ma or ma not be able to do it oursel!3 6t is e7tremel simple !or me% nonetheless3 ,@- means ,evel @! -ons.iousness3 Ever person on the planet has a level o! .ons.iousness or ,@-3 &or most people%it tends to sta the same3 &or some people% it moves up3 A rise o! !ive points in the .ourse o! a li!etime is signi!i.ant3 &or a !ew people% it moves wa up ver 8ui.kl 3 When this happens and the person stabili9es at an ,@- level above B)) on the ,@- s.ale% this .orresponds to enlightenment3


to 9valuate a 1e!son;s L(C 6!om a 4istance

6t is ideal to have a pi.ture o! the person available3 6! the are on YouTube% ou .an wat.h a video o! them talking3 These steps will help ou get a I!eelI !or the person3 Now .lose our e es and think o! the person3 1ea.h out with our .ons.iousness and make energeti. .onta.t with them3 You do not want an thoughts% e7pe.tations or desire impinging on this rea.hing out3 6! our intuitive abilit is open% ou will know when ou have made .onta.t3 6t ma have a tangible ta.tile 8ualit to it3 The knowledge that ou have made this .onta.t is sel!"evident and sel!"validating3 When ou make this .onta.t% ou will !eel a degree o! densit % thi.kness or heaviness surrounding them3 This densit is the tangible ta.tile indi.ator o! their level o! .ons.iousness3 6n the average person% there is a !eeling o! heav thi.kness and densit 3 6t is like the have a bod or wall o! armor around them3 This ma be !elt espe.iall strong around their head3 This densit is the a..umulated thought patterns that this person is not .ons.ious o! and has not eliminated3 6n the enlightened person% there is a !eeling o! lightness3 The higher up the ,@- s.ale o! enlightenment% the lighter the person will !eel3

The 6inge! Ring Muscle Testing Techni,ue

The !eeling .onta.t step is the !irst step and the most valuable step3 As ou get more tuned in% it .an be enough in itsel!3 The numeri.al evaluation is 2ust a label !or what our intuition is telling ou about this person?s ,@-3 The !inal step is to put a number to our intuitive impression3 This is the biokinesiolog step3 This is also .alled mus.le testing or applied kinesiolog 3 There are di!!eren.es between these .on.epts% but the main idea remain the same3 @ur !avorite method is the I1ing &ingerI method3 Make a ring with our thumb and inde7 !inger with both hands3 6! ou are right handed% put that ring inside the ring .reated b our le!t hand3 6! ou are le!t handed% put our ring inside our right hand3 Here?s a link to a video on YouTube that shows ou e7a.tl what doing this method looks like3 +


to >et Thei! +ni,ue L(C 2um"e!

Now start asking a series o! 8uestions like this4 I6s this person at ,@- ) or above> At *)) or above> At ()) or above> At +)) or above> At 0)) or above> At :)) or above> At B)) or above>I Unless the are enlightened and in non"dualit % their ,@- will be between ) <9ero= and :DD3 When ou ask the 8uestion% i! it is true then ou will !eel that our I inI or passive !inger ring is strong3 6! ou are right handed% ou will be pulling against the point where our le!t thumb and le!t inde7 !inger 2oin3 You will !eel the mus.ular strength as well as the intuitive !eeling strength3 ,et?s sa the person ou are .he.king the ,@- !or is at :*( ,@-3 You will !eel strength until ou ask the 8uestion I6s this person?s ,@- at B)) or higher>I There will be a !eeling o! weakness in the le!t !inger ring and the right !inger ring will easil break through the !ingers there3 When this happens% go ba.k to the previous 8uestion3 I6! this person at :)) ,@- or higher>I You get a strong es3 Now go up in tens3 I6s he at :*) or higher>I Sin.e he is at :*( ,@-% ou will get another es response3 Now go up another ten3 I6s he at :() ,@-> Now ou will get a no response3 The le!t hand ring will weaken3 Sin.e ou got a weak no response% go ba.k to :*) again3

Now go up b single units33 &irst% restate our veri!ied position whi.h is that his ,@- is at least :*)3 I6s he at :*)>I The answer is es3 I6s he at :**>I The answer is es3 I6s he at :*(>I The answer is es3 I6s he at :*+>I The answer is no3 Co ba.k to :*( and repeat the 8uestion3 I6s he at :*( ,@->I Yes3 You are !inished3 You have now evaluated this person and !ound them to be living at an ,@o! :*(3


# 6i!st Sta!ted 9valuating the L(Cs of 1eople

6 was introdu.ed to the te.hni8ue o! mus.le testing man ears ago3 6 be.ame interested in evaluating the levels o! spiritual tea.hers3 $e.ause 6 had been stud ing the human energ !ield sin.e m 'undalini awakening at the age o! *B% 6 was alread well s.hooled in the art o! evaluating tea.hers3 Prior to biokinesiolog testing% 6 had studied the auras o! do9ens o! individuals reputed to be enlightened <above ,@- B))=3 M e7perien.e while doing so was intensel empathi.3 6 was able to identi! a visual pattern that all o! these saints and sages had in .ommon3 The -rown .hakra was radiant with light3 6t was wide open and unobstru.ted3 The average person is mostl .losed at the -rown .hakra3 The -rown .hakra o! the spirituall advan.ed seeker in the ,@- :))s will be partiall or even mostl open3 6 see the wide open -rown .hakra bla9ing with light in enlightened people onl 3 Sin.e m spiritual awakening in *DD( a!ter re.eiving Cra.e !rom 1amesh $aleskar% 6 have noti.ed that the average bod "identi!ied person has a thi.k hard energ wall with the densit o! .on.rete or metal around their head3 This wall is their a..umulated thoughts3 The are not aware o! this wall3

6n .ontrast% the enlightened people that 6 have met !eel like the have a great deal o! lightness around them3 Their thought densit is mu.h less3 6 have noti.ed that the more spirituall enlightened the person is% the lighter the !eel to me3 6 !ound that when 6 think o! people alive or dead% 6 have the same e7perien.e3 The don?t need to be ph si.all present3 6 get an immediate and pre.ise sense o! their thought densit 3 Although people seem to make a big deal about the mus.le testing te.hni8ue itsel!% m e7perien.e is that using the ph si.al hands is not reall needed3 6t is all in the feeling3 6t ma sound like 6 am sa ing that when ou evaluate ,@- the number is the ob2e.tive% but that is not .orre.t3 The goal is to have a .ons.ious .lear empathi. .onne.tion that is purel intuitive3 6t will not work i! it is thought based3 6 am operating !rom pure !eeling3 As a result% 6 .an via dire.t per.eption evaluate the degree o! thought densit that surrounds the person3 When this thought densit has been !ull resolved and the person is no longer struggling with the mind% then their ,@- will register at *))) !or me3 When 6 think o! someone% 6 instantl have intuitive !eeling"knowing regarding that person% their thought densit and their ,@-3 6 still do the &inger 1ing -ir.le test in order to .on!irm their ,@- number% but it is a .on!irmation o! what was alread known3 @n.e again% the ke is in the feeling3 6 automati.all have a sense o! the thought densit o! an person 6 put m attention on be.ause 6 .an !eel it as a tangible .oating% almost like it is a ph si.al ob2e.t3 Sin.e m sensitivit to this aspe.t o! a person is so a.ute% 6 .an easil distinguish between the thought densities !ound around a person in the ,@- :A)s versus a person in the B))s% ;))s% A))s% D))s or at *)))3 While the densit gets progressivel less and less at ea.h higher level% onl the ,@- *))) will !eel to me to be totall !ree o! this .on.rete thought densit 3 Even the ,@- D))s present a ver !ine dete.tible la er o! residual mental densit 3 When ou are doing an ,@- assessment% be aware that an thoughts ou have will inter!ere3 You must have no thoughts% otherwise ou will be reading our thoughts% not the person3 When this happens% when thoughts inter!ere% ou will noti.e% meaning ou will feel% a subtle .hange in the energ 3 This is the kind o! attunement needed3 There is no doubting and no guessing3 There is intuitive knowing3 6t .annot be understood intelle.tuall 3 6t must e7perien.ed to be !ull appre.iated3

2otes (n Assessing 2on34ual Teache!s

2otes (n Assessing 2on34ual Teache!s

There are man tea.hers around the world toda o!!ering non"dual spiritual tea.hings and guidan.e3 Most o! the people on the main non"dualit tea.her list appear here be.ause the sa up !ront that the tea.h Inon"dualit I <or Inondualit I=3 Popular non"dual spiritual tea.hers aligned with established traditions are in.luded the ne7t .hapter also3 &or e7ample% $uddhism and Advaita Eedanta are well"known non"dual traditions3 You will !ind some o! the better known Theravadan% Fen and Tibetan $uddhist tea.hers like Ga.k 'orn!ield% Stephen $at.helor and ,ama Sur a #as along with the #alai ,ama3 You will also !ind traditional Advaita Eedanta tea.hers su.h as Swami #a ananda and Nanna Curu there3 The name o! the tea.her% their ,@-% a short bio and the title o! their book <usuall = is provided3 6t is enough in!ormation that ou .an e7plore more o! what the o!!er i! ou want to do so3 6 apologi9e in advan.e !or the man gi!ted non"dual tea.hers and traditions not represented3 6 also ask our understanding !or the Ameri.an bias that permeates this material3 6 live in San #iego% -ali!ornia3 1ather than tr to represent the world% 6 de.ided to talk about the tea.hers 6 am most !amiliar with3 This pro2e.t% even in this minimalist presentation% has been monumental in s.ope3 Tough de.isions had to be made as to who made the .ut and who didn?t3 6 make no .laim that these de.isions are the best ones3 About *) people helped make these .hoi.es3 The matter was not taken lightl 3 &uture editions will in.lude suggestions !rom readers3 Please re!er to the ba.k o! the book !or .onta.t in!ormation3 6 en.ourage our !eedba.k3 6 am aware that m ,@- pro2e.t is% and will alwa s be% a work in progress3

A"out This L(C Model fo! 2on34ual Assessment

6 have made ever e!!ort to insure that the ,@-s in this book are a..urate within the limits o! m abilit 3 No .laim is made that the are so pre.ise that the should be written in stone3 The ,@- o! a tea.her or student is one more wa to assess the overall tonalit o! a person?s being and the degree o! purit and re!inement with whi.h the e7press it3 The .hie! reason !or publishing this ,@- model is to show the progression o!

trans!ormational insight and how it un!olds in the upper regions o! the spiritual stratosphere3 M Map o! Awakening makes the natural logi. o! progress in non"dualit transparent3 6 e7plain how and wh one step leads to the ne7t3 No longer will m sti.al smoke and mirrors obs.ure the !a.ts3 Non"dual reali9ation is a human attainment3 Painters% writers% .omposers and s.ientists who a.hieve re.ognition !or their work are not all at the same level as their peers3 ,ikewise% all non"dual tea.hers and reali9ers are not at the same level o! reali9ation3 The sub2e.t o! di!!eren.es at the non"dual heights has been a !orbidden topi. or thought to be a matter o! personal opinion3 6t has been thought to be be ond words3 That is .hanging3 $ providing a numeri.al assessment% it be.omes possible to dis.uss in .on.rete terms that whi.h be!ore was represented b abstra.t s mbols3 Thanks to ,@- di!!erentiations% we .an now dis.uss in broad strokes the di!!eren.es in enlightened levels3 This enables a t pe o! dis.ourse that previousl was not possible3 6 do not .laim to be the onl person who .an make a..urate ,@- assessments3 Sin.e it is eas and e!!ortless !or me to assess an ,@-% 6 was surprised to !ind that most people% even !riends o! mine who are gi!ted intuitives% !ind it di!!i.ult3 &or this reason% tea.hing this skill is not the !o.us o! this book3 As e7plained in a previous .hapter% the 8uintessen.e o! the method is pure feeling% not the biokinesiolog te.hni8ue itsel!3 6! the person .annot easil and routinel a..ess the thought"!ree state and pure unbounded !eeling% it is m e7perien.e that the will not be able to arrive at a..urate ,@- assessments3 This is not an elitist position3 6 would ver mu.h like it to be a .ommon skill3 Perhaps someda it will be3 &or now% it is not3

)ighe! #s 2ot Al ays Bette!

The transparent energeti. .larit revealed to me b the ,@- *))) person who is Ilost in the AbsoluteI has no parallel in lower ,@- levels3 At the same time% sin.e there are man IN !a.torsI in the deliver o! satsang% it is entirel possible that an enlightened tea.her at a lower ,@- ma be presenting 2ust the right 8ui.kening o! .ons.iousness !or his or her students3 6t is natural to assume that Ihigher is better3I What matters most is the I.hemistr I between the two o! ou3 A higher ,@- would be better !or the tea.her !or their own sake% but it is entirel possible that a tea.her with a lower ,@- will be better !or ou3 The ma be easier to understand3

$est"selling author #eepak -hopra <,@- :B(= is not et established in non"dualit % et his tea.hings have been a great help to man 3 The .onsensus is that -hopra has made great .ontributions to the modern non"dualit movement30 As an edu.ator% -hopra is hard to beat% but more advan.ed and sophisti.ated students know that there is unparalleled value to being in the presen.e o! one who is established in non" dualit 3 6n that .ase% Ge!! &oster <,@- B;A= and S.ott 'ilob <,@- ;:0= are e7amples o! a..essible .ompassionate tea.hers who are well integrated in their reali9ation3 ,ikewise% both Canga2i <,@- *)))= and &ran.is ,u.ille <,@- *)))= o!!er liberating wisdom in a loving supportive .onte7t3 Even though 6 returned to 1amana Maharshi <,@- *)))= and Nisargadatta Mahara2 <,@*)))= !or .lari!i.ation o! man subtle et .riti.al points% 1amesh $alsekar <,@- ;B0= was the per!e.t guru !or me in *DAD3 1amesh?s message% down to the e7a.t words the he spoke in person to me% was pre.isel what 6 needed to hear3 The alignment itsel! was what mattered3 M .on.lusion !rom m spiritual initiation with 1amesh $alsekar is that the ,@- o! the tea.her is not the most .riti.al !a.tor3 @bviousl % ou want him to be stabili9ed in non"dualit 3 The Itrans.endentalI attunement between our awakened guru and ou% the sin.ere dis.iple% is the ke 3

The 9nlightened >u!u and the >olden Standa!d

The purpose o! this book is to elu.idate apparent di!!eren.es between tea.hers in their presen.e% behavior and message3 When the !a.ts are laid out% it appears that guru mis.ondu.t is mu.h more likel with tea.hers in the B))s and ;))s3 The .lassi. !orms o! mis.ondu.t are ver !amiliar to us3 &our big areas show up again and again3 The are abuse o! power% abuse o! mone % abuse o! drugs and abuse o! se73 : @! .ourse% these are the same e7a.t areas that e7ploitation% mis.ondu.t and abuse .an be !ound in worldl .onte7ts like politi.s% sports% business and entertainment3 The guilt part is usuall a man% but not alwa s3 Women seem to be less prone to s.andalous behavior% but then the are not as likel to be in a position o! authorit where mis.ondu.t is possible3 There is no simple e7planation !or this problem3 6n the .ase o! spiritual tea.hers% it is possible to .ome out too earl publi.l as a tea.her3 6n theor this should not make a di!!eren.e% but in pra.ti.e a ma2or awakening takes time to stabili9e and integrate3 -oming out a !ew months or a !ew ears a!ter our breakthrough into non"dualit .ould be .ounterprodu.tive3

There is no hard and !ast rule about this3 6t is more a .ase o! I$ their !ruits ou will know them3I Most people are not even remotel prepared !or being in a position o! authorit where se7% mone and re.reational drugs ma be made available without the .onventional rules or limits3 Mu.h like the people who win the lotter and pro.eed to ruin their lives% too mu.h o! a good thing .an easil turn out e7tremel bad3 A!ter a sage is ens.on.ed in this position o! authorit % it will be the rare tea.her who de.ides that he or she needs to step down and take a break3 Usuall a .risis needs to o..ur be!ore su.h an a.tion takes pla.e3 Even then the sage ma den an wrongdoing3 As the sa ing goes% an oun.e o! prevention is worth a pound o! .ure3 That means wait until ou?re read 3 To use traditional language% in the ,@- A))s sages and above a puri!i.ation pro.ess has taken pla.e that the tea.hers in the lower non"dual ,@-s have not gone through3 This in.ludes deepl buried emotional traumas but is not limited to that3 The progression !rom the lower non"dual ,@-s to the higher non"dual ,@-s on up to ,@*))) is not 2ust a matter o! going higher in .ons.iousness3 The !inal stabili9ation in the Absolute is a !ull resolution o! the world and the other3 ,ove has been !ull integrated into the path3 When ou are a tea.her at this level% the student ou are tea.hing is our ver own beloved Sel!3 The eviden.e is strong that impe..able purit is more likel to be !ound the higher ou go on the ,@- s.ale3 Highl revered masters like 1amana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Mahara2 were impe..able in their behavior as well as in the .larit and e!!e.tiveness o! their non"dual message3 The represent the gold standard to whi.h the ma2orit aspire but to whi.h onl a minorit attain3 ISel!"reali9ationI has been used to des.ribe an absolute separation between the Ireali9edI and the Inot reali9ed3I The eviden.e does not support this idea3 Parallel to the evolution o! li!e on earth% there is un!oldment over time and integration3 Progression upwards in the non"dual ,@-s means that the mind be.omes more and more attenuated until% at ,@- *)))% it !inall disappears3 6t .an be argued that the mind .ontinues with the di!!eren.e that it is no longer a problem !or the sage3 Either wa % the mind as su.h is gone3 Now there is Silen.e% and in this Silen.e% thoughts ma or ma not arise3 To attain enlightenment and get established in non"dualit is one thing3 To live as a human being who .ompassionatel embodies the truth IAll is m ver Sel!I is 8uite another3 6! the apparent other human being in !ront o! ou is indeed ou% i! the too are this $uddha Nature% then surel the last thing ou would dream o! doing would be to hurt% harm% limit or .on!use them3 A!ter all% ou are onl hurting oursel!3

6n $uddhist .ir.les% this .hallenge has been posed as IWould ou do this Oa.t o! mis.ondu.tP to someone ou know !or sure is a $uddha>I -hristians ma ask IWhat would Gesus do>I The answer is obvious in both .ases% et mis.ondu.t .ontinues3 -learl % these !or.es run ver deep3 Non"dual awakening does not mean that ever twisted knot o! the sub.ons.ious has been burned through and resolved3 6t does not mean that terrible traumas !rom past lives and this li!e have been handled3 @ne o! the gi!ts o! awakening is that now ou are in a position to dig up and resolve submerged .on!li.ts that the empiri.al ego% when it ran the show% would not let rise to the sur!a.e3 At the Itop o! the mountain%I li!e is servi.e3 6! ever one is our beloved Sel!% then the ongoing dail su!!ering o! these others is our su!!ering also3 There is no room !or sel!ish behavior3 You live !or the reali9ation o! all beings% !or the are ou3 $e.ause ou love oursel! without limits or .onditions and all is our Sel!% this is inevitabl true3 How this will look to others .annot be predi.ted3 6n our heart o! hearts% ou will know that ou are on an authenti. path o! .ompassionate love3 The tea.her o! non"dualit is a do.tor !or the deeper soul3 All o! us who seek to minister to the spiritual needs o! others will do well to remember the words o! the !ather o! modern medi.ine% Hippo.ratesI I&irst do no harm3IB To rework a !amiliar dis.ussion% at issue is not so mu.h i! the tea.her is Ihal!wa up the mountainI or even Ihal!"baked3I The .on.ern is whether the are integrated and .apable o! pro!ound and .onsistent love% servi.e and sa.ri!i.e on a da to da basis3 The d nami.s o! tea.her"student relationships% in.luding the tri.ks and traps as well as the rewards% are lu.idl .overed b transpersonal ps .hotherapist Mariana -aplan in her book The Guru Question3;

&ho &ould Be a >od' The Age3(ld #nflation T!ap?

6 want to at least mention -arl Gung?s notion o! Iin!lation3I 6n!lation is a ver human response to !inding oursel! in a position o! elevation% in!luen.e% power and even worship b other human beings !or whi.h ou are woe!ull unprepared3 6n the wa that 6 am using the term% it is akin to the a.tor who begins to believe that he is the superhuman .hara.ter that he is pla ing3 The Imore than humanI .hara.ter is% in Gungian terms% an ar.het pe or god s mbol3 The a.tor% tea.her or guru enters into the danger 9one when he believes his own h pe3

This Iin!lationI via identi!i.ation with a Ibigger than li!eI image or idea ma in.rease the .harisma magnetism o! the spiritual tea.her3 6t ma lead to .laims o! being Ithe avatar3I 6nno.ent in!lation is not the same as pathologi.al nar.issism3 A This would be reserved !or so.iopathi. .ult leaders who are sel!ishl motivated and pra.ti.e de.eption !rom the start3 What 6 am pointing to is the sin.ere spiritual tea.her who goes astra 3 He .ould be independent3 He .ould represent a ma2or non"dual tradition3 Sooner or later% he !inds himsel! in over his head3 6 am not aware o! an .ourse o!!ered b an tea.her% s.hool or tradition on how to deal with these .hallenges3 The onl realisti. preparation will be the ears ou spend I.ookingI prior to .oming out as an awakened tea.her3 6! ou go publi. prematurel % ou ma well be 8uali!ied on the enlightenment side% but our !amiliarit with the ins and outs o! human manipulation ma be sadl la.king3 The enlightened sage is o!ten regarded as a Itherapist plusI b his students3 He will have to deal with ps .hologi.al issues whether he wants to or not3 This ma in.lude se7 women literall throwing themselves at him3 ,et me tell ou a stor about that3 Two ears a!ter m awakening in *DD(% 6 ran a nine da non"dual meditation retreat where we all .amped in the woods outside o! Toronto% -anada3 @n.e a da % in one o! the tents 6 privatel .oa.hed ea.h student3 An attra.tive thirt "something blonde !emale attendee .ame in !or her one on one time with me3 She sat ver .lose to me3 When 6 asked her how 6 .ould help her% she replied I#o ou think 6?m attra.tive>I 6 don?t know i! there is a right wa to answer that 8uestion3 Sin.e she was% 6 replied IYes% ou are3I Without warning% she then 2umped in m lap and said in a deep husk voi.e IMake love to me right nowMI This reall happened3 6 know it sounds like something !rom Holl wood% but 6 am not making this up3 6 have a ba.kground in ps .hologi.al .ounseling% in.luding se7ual abuse and substan.e addi.tion3 6 had alread pegged her as a likel .andidate !or some kind o! earl .hildhood abuse that would be a.ted out in some !orm o! addi.tion3 6n that sense% 6 was prepared3 Even so% 6 was sho.ked b the boldness o! her gesture3 Here she suddenl was% her arms around m ne.k% her lips in.hes !rom mine% her legs wrapped around m torso3 She was begging to have se7 with me3

As .alml as 6 .ould% 6 replied IMelod % ou are a lovel girl3 $ut 6 do not know ou well enough !or this kind o! en.ounter3 6t?s ver important to me that making love be an e7pression o! love% respe.t and tenderness3 ,et?s talk about this !irst3I $e!ore 6 said those words% it was like her !a.e was !ro9en in a tran.e3 She had a gla9ed look in her e es3 A!ter m tender and respe.t!ul re2e.tion o! her se7ual advan.es% she seemed to suddenl wake up3 Her !a.e so!tened3 She slowl disengaged her bod !rom mine and sat at a reasonable distan.e !rom me3 She began .r ing3 INobod has ever re2e.ted me like that3I 6 was prepared !or the worst3 6t had trul been a double"bind situation3 6 .ould onl hope that 6 had said the right thing3 Then through her tears% she smiled at me3 I6 reall want to thank ou3 This e7perien.e with ou has been in.redibl healing3I She .ried some more3 Then she gave me another hug3 This one was gentle and sweet without the se7ual overtones3 6 heard months later that she had been singing m praises to her !riends in Toronto a!ter the retreat3 IThat gu is the real deal%Ishe said3 IHe is a great tea.her3 He reall helped meMI This le!t me with mi7ed !eelings3 Even though that in.ident had turned out oka % was 6 prepared !or another one> She .ould have !lipped the other wa a!ter 6 re2e.ted her3 She .ould have turned on me and .ondemned me3 Then she would have gone around Toronto sa ing what a 2erk 6 was3 6t was this event and other totall une7pe.ted twists and turns that told me 6 was not et read to tea.h the publi.3 6 needed to be more emotionall mature3 6 was also beginning to sense that m IenlightenmentI .ould and should be deeper3 Seeing that led me on the spiritual 2ourne that resulted in this book3 While the most .ruel mani!estations o! ps .hologi.al sel!"aggrandi9ement are reserved !or natural born ps .hopath .ult leaders% an one who has led workshops% seminars% group meetings or given publi. talks knows that sooner or later some !orm o! temptation is likel to present itsel!3 The aura o! leadership lends a .harisma some !ind into7i.ating3 A depth ps .holog approa.h will t pi.all !ind a need to be loved b the parent who was never there or was there too mu.h% but the ones who need this insight rarel do the work to get it3 6n simplisti. terms% this is the Iro.k starI phenomenon wherein one or more IgroupiesI want a Ipie.eI o! ou3 $ getting up in !ront o! a group and showing that ou are a leader% ou will now be viewed as a desirable IalphaI human3

6n the .rude imperative o! reprodu.tive biolog that is imprinted in the human bod b mother nature% ou are demonstrating that our geneti. material is superior and worth o! reprodu.tion and perpetuation3 Power!ul !or.es are at work% but it will be a mistake to su..umb3 Whatever the underl ing .auses% the ps .hologi.al damage to the student?s sadhana and the guru?s reputation .an be .onsiderable3 6t is not the sage that these transient would"be worshipers reall want% but what the guru or tea.her represents to them3 Students are not !alling in love with I ou%I !or the do not know ou3 6! ou as the tea.her or I.elebrit ro.k starI have identi!ied oursel! with this superhuman ar.het pal image pro2e.ted onto ou% then in servi.ing their !antasies ou have lost our own humanit 3 You are a phon god o! light with ugl !eet o! .la 3

The 9legant 6!agility of the )uman 6lo e!

To be human is a rare% unusual and uni8ue opportunit 3 6t is pro!oundl personal and in!initel intimate3 The word IloveI points to the truth o! the human essen.e% but ou .annot 2ust mouth the word3 You must live it3 The path is a !orm o! art3 We are spiritual artists3 We dan.e the truths we have reali9ed with our lives3 We .annot do otherwise3 Enlightenment is universal% impersonal and timeless3 Making it relevant% personal and one to one so that the IotherI is known% re.ogni9ed% valued and esteemed is the human 2ob o! the spiritual tea.her3 To be human is like being a !lower3 We are pro!oundl beauti!ul% et in our !ragilit it is eas !or us to be.ome broken or twisted3 While the .osmos is bus smashing one gala7 into another% it is our 2ob as a human being to gentl e7tend our hand to that o! another3 This is the e78uisitel ma2esti. opportunit that ea.h o! us has as a human being% whether we are tea.her% student or pla ing some other role3 6t sometimes seems that se7 s.andals with spiritual leaders <usuall men= are more likel than not to o..ur3 Whatever the statisti.s% it is prett mu.h Iold news? when we hear o! et another I!allen guruI or -hristian prea.her or .ontroversial .ult leader who bit into the bitterl bliss!ul apple o! se73 As an antidote to the . ni.ism that arises when .ontemplating these !oibles o! human nature% 6 re!eren.e a short online interview o! editor Gean #unn about her trans.endental relationship with her guru% Nisargadatta Mahara23 6n this ama9ing interview% ou will e7perien.e a brilliant des.ription o! an e7emplar !usion o! true devotee with true guru3 D

The @ing of the &est and the Sage of the 9ast

@n a positive note% this vast new abundan.e o! non"dual spiritual tea.hers is a ver health sign o! things to .ome3 Thirt ears ago% there was no need !or this book3 The new wave o! awakening .alled !or a new .larit 3 6t is here3 Curu shenanigans are possible onl in an atmosphere o! se.re. 3 These goings on must take pla.e behind .losed door3 As the living realit o! non"dualit be.omes more and more the norm% then the magi.al gleam o! spe.ial powers% inner .ir.les and !orbidden knowledge will !all awa 3 6n its pla.e will be the re.ognition o! the guru as a !ull human e7emplar human being3 Stabili9ation in the highest levels o! enlightenment is part and par.el o! what it means to be a .omplete human being3 6ntegrating this reali9ation to the !ullest possible e7tent is also what it means to trul be a human being3 The humanit o! the sage redeems the world3 The marriage o! the spiritual and the material% so that the 'ing o! the West and the Sage o! the East are one and the same% is the luminous and pea.e!ul !uture that we as a .ulture and a planet are being pulled towards as i! b a spiritual magnet3

L(Cs of A00 Contempo!a!y &este!n Teache!s of 2on34uality and Advaita

L(Cs of A00 Contempo!a!y &este!n Teache!s of 2on3 4uality and Advaita

6?m de!ining I.ontemporar I to mean a.tivel involved in tea.hing non"dualit in appro7imatel the last :) ears3 Some sages who have dropped the bod are in.luded in this list3 Modern Western non"dualit is a new phenomenon3 M goal is to re.ogni9e prominent .ontributors and provide ou with insight into their level o! understanding and how that is e7pressed in their tea.hings and their li!e3 Some names are here be.ause the are prominent in the !ield3 Not ever bod listed is enlightened or known as a tea.her o! non"dualit 3 6?ve in.luded a !ew people who serve as skill!ul and enthusiasti. interviewers o! non"dual tea.hers3 6 have also in.luded a !ew people !rom other traditions% su.h as $rother #avid Steindl"1ast <,@- A0A= to demonstrate that enlightenment is not an e7.lusivel Eastern e7perien.e3 6t is eas to think that non"dualit is new or that its methodolog has no pre.edent3 Awakening is going on and has been going on in the .lassi.al traditions !or man .enturies3 You will see some 'undalini masters mentioned3 This is due to m own involvement in 'undalini sin.e *DBB3 6 have great admiration !or that tradition3 6 have mentioned tea.hers 6 believe deserve more interest !rom serious non"dualit students3 6t .an be argued that 'undalini pla s a ma2or role in most non"dual awakenings3 That is a stor !or another time3 Please note that 6 have de!ined IWesternI rather broadl to mean having signi!i.ant in!luen.e in the West% espe.iall in the United States o! Ameri.a3 Their .ountr o! origin ma be an where in the world% but the non"dual impa.t o! their message and presen.e has shaped Western spiritual .ulture3 6t has turned out to be impossible to provide ,@-s !or all o! the non"dualit tea.hers a.tive in the world toda 3 6! our !avorite Advaita or non"dualit tea.her is not listed here% the email address !or making suggestions and o!!ering !eedba.k is provided near the end o! the book3 This list will be updated3 Your .ontributions will make !uture editions better3 The signi!i.an.e o! di!!erent ,@-s ma not mean mu.h i! ou 2ust started reading this book3 The rest o! this guide e7plains in ri.h detail the meaning and use!ulness o! these numeri.al .ons.iousness .odes and how ou .an appl them to our li!e3

This uni8ue knowledge is designed to e!!ortlessl e7pand and upli!t our natural view3 You do not need to assess an one?s ,@- in order to bene!it !rom this in!ormation3 To be aware o! the ,@- di!!eren.es and the reasons !or them is enough3 You will be able to understand where ou are on the ,@- s.ale and wh ou are there3 1ising upwards in ,@- is based on a simple premise3 As the mind !alls awa % the person rises higher and higher in ,@-3 When pure Ino mindI is attained% this .orresponds to ,@- *)))3 &rom the spiritual seeker?s point o! view% the single most important !a.tor is resonan.e% not the tea.her?s ,@-3 You must resonate with the tea.her and be .om!ortable in their presen.e3 As long as the are established in non"dualit % the .an help ou attain enlightenment3 &inall % it must be noted that on this list there a !ew well"known tea.hers with ,@-s below B))3 6 have been e7tremel rigorous in .he.king m !indings3 M .on.lusion is that the are serving the dharma 8uite elo8uentl in that .apa.it 3 6n theor % a tea.her does not himsel! have to abide in non"dualit to !a.ilitate the awakening o! others3 His abilit to .lari! the tea.hings and make them available to people at large .an trans.end an limitations o! his personal view3 6 gave the e7ample o! #eepak -hopra <,@:B(= earlier3 However% when a tea.her .laims to be living in non"dualit and their ,@- is not even in the :B)s or :;)s% this means that at least some o! their students will be more advan.ed than them3 This is a situation whi.h warrants .onsiderable .aution3

6R(M T)9 C(2T9M1(RAR< A00B 2(234+AL#T< C A4DA#TA T9AC)9RS L(C L#ST Ad ashanti ,@- ;;A Andrew -ohen ,@- BA0 $ ron 'atie ,@- ;BA -arlos -astaneda ,@- B;( -hog am Trungpa 1inpo.he ,@- ;;: #avid 13 Hawkins ,@- A;0 #eepak -hopra ,@- :B( E.khart Tolle ,@- B;0 Canga2i ,@- *))) Ga.k 'orn!ield ,@- BA0 Ged M.'enna ,@- :A) Ge!! &oster ,@- B;A Gohn o! Cod ,@- A0A 'en Wilber ,@- ;)( Moo2i ,@- ;B+ Namkhai Norbu ,@- *))) 1am #ass ,@- ;++ 1amesh $alsekar ,@- ;B0 ISailorI $ob Adamson ,@- ;AA Sri Sri 1avi Shankar ,@- *))) Thi.h Nhat Hahn ,@- ;AB Ton Parsons ,@- BA+ U3 C3 'rishnamurti ,@- B;A Werner Erhard ,@- :A+

6R(M T)9 101 6AM(+S S1#R#T+AL 19RS(2AL#T#9S L(C L#ST Abraham ,in.oln ,@- BA( Aurobindo ,@- A;+ $uddha ,@- *))) -hinmo ,@- *))) #alai ,ama ,@- *))) Epi.tetus ,@- A:0 &ran.is o! Assisi ,@- *))) Candhi ,@- ;++ Curd2ie!! ,@- B0A 6ngo Swann ,@- B:+ Gesus -hrist ,@- *))) Giddu 'rishnamurti ,@- A00 Gohn the $aptist ,@- A0; Goseph -ampbell ,@- BA0 ,eonardo da Ein.i ,@- B;B Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ,@- *))) Meher $aba ,@- *))) Meister E.khart ,@- *))) Mother Theresa ,@- A;A Muhammad ,@- *))) Niet9.he ,@- BA0 Padre Pio ,@- AAA Pope &ran.is ,@- :0A 1a2neesh <@sho= ,@- ;:0 So.rates ,@- *))) Walt Whitman ,@- BA0 Yogananda ,@- ;BD

T)#S #S A 1R9D#9&??? 1L9AS9 B+< T)9 B((@ T( ACC9SS T)9S9 C)A1T9RS?

http4LLwww3ama9on3.omL*)))"-ons.iousness"Awakening"Spiritual" Tea.hers"ebookLdpL$))G'(Y;HCL

1000 "y Ramaji is availa"le in @indle and p!int fo!mats on Ama5on?com? #f the a"ove link does not o!kE sea!ch in the Books catego!y fo! *Ramaji 1000?*

The RASA (ppo!tunity

The RASA (ppo!tunity

Spiritual transmission is a !amiliar idea to some% but not all% in the Advaita and non"dual .ommunit 3 6ts most !amiliar !orm is probabl the notion that being in the presen.e o! or Isitting withI an awakened tea.her will !a.ilitate and somehow help to pre.ipitate our own stabili9ed awakening3 The popular term IsatsangI is used to en.apsulate these and other bene!its that ma arise in the .onte7t o! an enlightened person3 The Sanskrit word means Iin the .ompan o! truth3I M .ontribution to this time"honored method o! spiritual empowerment is 1ASA3 The term 1ASA is an a.ron m !or I1ama2i Advaita Shaktipat Attunement3I 1asa% as ou ma know% is also a Sanskrit word3 6t means Iessen.e3I (;) 6! ou would like to see me delivering 1ASA in San #iego in ()*(% there is a link to a YouTube video in the Notes3 (;* 6 have re.eived !eedba.k !rom a !ew people that the are .on.erned that the 1ASA $lessing is asso.iated with the Hindu religion and Hindu gods and goddesses3 6t is true that m devotional relationship is with 'ali Ma% a Hindu goddess3 That is personal !or me3 6 believe that i! our religion in.ludes a !eminine !orm o! Cod% it is that universal divine power that is being a..essed via 1ASA3 @ur planet needs Her Cra.eM The Spi!itual 1o e! of Silence0 Ten Minutes to 6!eedom' 1amana Maharshi is known !or demonstrating the power o! Silen.e3 6t is the most elegant e!!e.tive spiritual transmission3 However% in our bus modern world where the average spiritual student su!!ers !rom a limited attention span% the !ul!illment o! this ideal is not eas 3 &urthermore% great masters like 1amana who .an transmit the Sel! in Silen.e are rare3 1ASA is able to meet 1amana?s high standard o! e7.ellen.e !or several reasons3 The 1ASA transmission is given in Silen.e over the 6nternet via video Sk pe3 6t takes onl ten minutes3 1ASA .an be given to groups as well as individuals3 6t does not re8uire an talking other than a brie! introdu.tion3 The re.ipient does not have to believe in 1ASA or% !or that matter% in an thing at all3 No ba.kground in spiritualit is re8uired3 All that is asked is a willingness to re.eive3 6n the beginning% 1ASA was given !or !ree3 A small donation is now re8uested so that more people .an re.eive 1ASA in support o! their non"dual awakening3 6n the .urrent !ormat% 6 in.lude a one hour Sk pe .hat and .onsultation3

6 give 1ASA at the end3 The Sto!y of the RASA >!ace T!ansmission The 1ASA stor begins Spring% ()** in Palm Springs% -ali!ornia3 6t began with a heart"!elt gesture !or m wi!e3 She had .ome down with an immune s stem disease !or whi.h no .ure .ould be !ound3 6t hurt m heart to see her su!!ering3 6 !igured it was time !or me to tr healing again3 Even though 6 had learned .ompli.ated energeti. te.hni8ues% the !orm o! spiritual healing that 6 had alwa s .ome ba.k to was also the most simple3 6 .ould easil do it !rom m heart3 You ma be !amiliar with this healing !ormat3 6 pla.e m hands above the person?s head and pra !or the #ivine ,ight to .ome down3 A..ording to the Will o! Cod% bring healing or another !orm o! Cra.e that will help this person?s situation3 M wi!e sat in a .hair3 6 stood behind her3 6 held m hands above her head3 6 pra ed !rom deep in m heart !or a healing3 6 held m hands straight out with the palms verti.al3 The were above her head about a !oot on either side3 $ased on what 6 knew about keeping the -rown .hakra open% 6 did not want to .over it up b holding m palms over her head3 6 was surprised to !eel an energ above her head3 M hands moved spontaneousl ba.k and !orth3 When 6 !elt the pro.ess had .ompleted itsel!% 6 sat down3 6 had !elt something new and di!!erent3 6 was eager to know what she had e7perien.ed3 I6 .ould reall !eel thatMI she said3 IThere was strong heat3 6t went all through m bod 3 6 am !eeling reall good now3I 6 was ver en.ouraged b her report3 A !ew da s later% she told me I6?m sorr % but even though 6 was !eeling better% 6 think 6?m ba.k to where 6 was at be!ore3I Still believing that 6 was per!orming some kind o! ph si.al healing% 6 began giving the IhealingI sessions to m wi!e three times a week3 She would !eel mu.h better !or about the ne7t (0 hours3 Then the positive .hanges would de.line3 While she did seem to gain an overall .umulative bene!it% it was not li!e".hanging !or her at a ph si.al health level as 6 had hoped3 Then it stru.k me that what might be happening is that somehow the treatments were raising

her ,@- !or a brie! period o! time3 At this point% 6 had alread started assessing the ,@-s o! various tea.hers and other publi. personalities% but 6 had not et .on.eived the idea o! writing a book3 6 began tra.king and re.ording m wi!e?s ,@- be!ore the treatment and in the hours and da s a!ter the treatment3 M suspi.ions were .on!irmed3 Her ,@- was going up3 When it went up% she !elt better% but she was not able to hold onto it3 6n earl ()**% a!ter a hiatus o! more than a de.ade% 6 had gone ba.k to being a publi. non" dualit tea.her3 6 was now talking to people !rom around the world via the 6nternet on Sk pe3 6t stru.k me that the ne7t logi.al step was to give 1ASA to these spiritual students% tra.k the results and get their !eedba.k3 The results were .onsistent3 The ,@- o! ever person that 6 gave 1ASA went up into non" dualit levels !or a short period o! time3 Some were able to hold onto this boost into levels above ,@- B))3 &or these people% 1ASA .hanged their lives3 RASA By the 2um"e!s0 B!ief Summa!y of Top Results 6 have been keeping meti.ulous notes sin.e 6 began giving 1ASA in earnest in earl ()*(3 These are m top 1ASA Iper!ormers3I 6 give their starting ,@- <be!ore their 1ASA session= and their ,@- a!ter several months time3 Sub2e.ts were .onta.ted to dis.uss and .on!irm the results3 6 also re.eived unsoli.ited emails .on!irming a ma2or shi!t3 M resear.h in.luded getting .on.rete !eedba.k !rom 1ASA re.ipients3 6! 6 was going to sa this worked !or people% 6 did not want to rel solel on m sub2e.tive assessments3 All o! the sub2e.ts re.eived 1ASA at least two times3 Sub2e.t names are !i.titious to preserve priva. 3 ,o.ation is a..urate3 These students e7perien.ed unusual level o! su..ess3 The 1ASA transmission .annot promise the same results !or ou3 Sub2e.ts are .onsidered stabili9ed3 #ail !lu.tuation is unlikel 3 Month to month or ear to ear% there ma be variations up or down <still within non"dual limits=3 A!ter the sub2e.t stabili9es at ,@- *)))% no !lu.tuation has been seen3 Subject Location !"# Starting LOC Stabili$ed LOC *3 $ill " Australia " M " ,@- :A* " ,@- B;0 (3 #arla " -ali!ornia " & " ,@- ::A " ,@- B;0

+3 Erik " -anada " M " ,@- :;A " ,@- BA: 03 Eve " United 'ingdom " & " ,@- :A0 " ,@- ;0B :3 &rank " -anada " M " ,@- :A( " ,@- ;AA B3 ,aura " -ali!ornia " & " ,@- :;B " ,@- A0; ;3 Mar " United 'ingdom " & " ,@- :AD " ,@- AA0 A3 Nathan " Norwa " M " ,@- :A+ " ,@- AAA D3 Steve " -ali!ornia " M " ,@- :A+ " ,@- AD; *)3 1obert " Hong 'ong " M " ,@- :A( " ,@- *))) **3 Stewart " -ali!ornia " M " ,@- :;A " ,@- *))) *(3 Theresa " -ali!ornia " & " ,@- :A+ " ,@- *))) RASA By the 2um"e!s0 T!acking the L(C Response 6n Ganuar % ()*0% a Sk pe 1ASA student !rom @slo% Norwa asked me !or more spe.i!i.s about 1ASA and how it worked3 He had re.eived e7.ellent results !rom his 1ASA Cra.e transmissions3 6 reprodu.ed our email e7.hange here3 6 added a !ew senten.es to m email !or the sake o! this book3 =uestion0 What kind o! ,@- 2umps are InormalI a!ter re.eiving 1ASA based on our e7perien.e> Are we talking about Q*)% Q()% Q:) or Q*)) ,@- 2umps> 6 would guess it is highl individual3 #oes it make a di!!eren.e where the start on the ,@- s.ale> Ans e!0 6 believe the biggest thing with 1ASA is the preparation and readiness o! the person% their re.eptivit 3 How mu.h o! the 1ASA .an the absorb> &or me on m end doing a group 1ASA is not an more di!!i.ult than !or one person3 6 do not believe there is a limit to 1ASA per se3 A man in Hong 'ong went !rom ,@- :A( to ,@- *))) in less than a weekM 6t is si7 months later and he is still at ,@- *)))3 6 talked to him on Sk pe and asked him 8uestions to veri! his state3 There is no doubt !or me that he reall is at ,@- *)))3 His own sub2e.tive assessment .on!irms it as well3 His is an e7.eptional .ase% but it shows the potential3 1egarding 1ASA and ,@-% usuall the person goes up into high non"dualit ,@immediatel 3 The 1ASA raises their ,@- to *))) <at least D))s= at the beginning3 6t?s 2ust that most people .annot sta there3 Then the .ome down% onl not as !ar3 So there ma be permanent gain o! *% ( or : points3 This is still a big gain3 &ive points e8ual a li!etime3

Some people do stabili9e in the higher non"dual ,@-3 What 6 mean is the go up and sta up and do not .ome down3 The usual pattern is to go !rom the ,@- :A)s to ,@- B))s or ;))s3 @n.e the get to ,@- ;))s% the .an !ind their wa !rom there3 There is no e7tra e!!ort !or them to stabili9e at the non"dual ,@-3 6t is 2ust time !or it to happen to them3 A !ew people who sta up at a non"dual ,@- still have deep unresolved traumas and !i7ations3 The have a more mi7ed e7perien.e3 The ma have to work hard to a.hieve !ull stabili9ation in non"dualit % but the do !eel the higher ,@-3 6! the person is not in the ,@- :A)s et% the .an still bene!it !rom 1ASA3 1epeated 1ASAs will help move them up !rom ,@- ::)s% :B)s or :;)s3 A!ter the get to ,@- :A)s% the are in laun.h position to attain and stabili9e in non"dual levels3 (;( A >lo"al 1henomenon0 RASA Repo!ts and Testimonies Sin.e ou do not know me personall % 6 .an appre.iate that ou ma be skepti.al about the bene!its o! 1ASA !or ou3 To be sure% no IguaranteesI .an be provided !or 1ASA or an other spiritual transmission3 Even so% 6 .an sa that% in spite o! its spiritual power% 1ASA is surprisingl so!t and gentle3 Some o! the people who re.eived the 1ASA transmission in support o! non"dualit kindl provided me with !eedba.k that 6 .ould publish here3 6n most .ases% the names o! the 1ASA re.ipients have been kept private at their re8uest3 The original emails are on !ile at m o!!i.e in San #iego% -A3 The have been edited !or spelling% sense and .ontinuit 3 M13 '3 &1@M AUST1A,6A The session itsel! was simple and short3 1esting into the breath 6 soon noti.ed that m state had shi!ted% subtl more even and brighter3 6 !eltLsaw as i! three !ire pokers were removed !rom the top o! m heart and then a greater spa.iousness was obvious around the top o! m head3 6 then noti.ed there was an energ des.ending% or perhaps emerging in and as me% be.ause there was no !ront edge to it% no wave as it entered and trans!ormed% it 2ust smoothl be.ame me3 6t had the 8ualit o! deep rela7ation and a subtle et thi.k bliss3 6t was pro!oundl subtle and e7tremel !ull !ield o! Coddess ,ove% as i! an o.ean was above me pouring intoLthroughLas me with the barest golden hue% i! it ever glinted in the immense darkness%

and despite the sense o! s.ale it !elt utterl intimate3 The sense o! the des.ending !ield o! love .ontinued through a brie! meditation% and then uninterrupted through an argument with m partner where 6 got 8uite emotionall triggered3 E7perien.ing that was remarkable3 6t rea.hed a point hours later% around sundown% where the vibrational impa.t !elt so deep and !ull that 6 needed to la down3 Some organi. pro.essing or subtle"digesting o..urred over a !ew hours3333 phone .all !rom m partner% a .ompletel une7pe.ted breakthrough between us into deeper harmon % and then 6 noti.ed 6 !elt .lear% brighter and smoother throughout m inner awareness3 M13 H3 &1@M N@1WAY The 1ASA session was e7.ellent3 6 .ould !eel the energ li!t3 The tension in the Heart Oon the rightP area was redu.ed3 6 was surprised that 6 hardl had an thoughts during our session3 M e7perien.e a!terward is that 6 en.ountered a new deeper la er o! tension in the Heart area3 Things are going wellM Now 6 !eel the Sel! is more and more taking over " no need !or Ie!!ort meditationI " !eels more spontaneous " and !eeling in Heart o! melting and opening up3 6n meditation it !eels like open spa.eLsk % pea.e!ulLsilent but still !ull% with bod tensions melting and a !lowingLpulsating energ inside " !eels like Sel! is slowl melting IMeI awa " and 6 .annot do an thing about it " 6 !eel .ompletel helpless " ,@, 4= M13 ' &1@M THE UN6TE# STATES 1ASA took me out o! m head and threw me into a bliss!ul state3 6 !elt more alive than ever3 6 saw auras and e7perien.ed a deep% pea.e!ul energ that 6 had no idea .ould be a..essed so 8ui.kl and easil 3 M .ons.iousness reoriented !rom ego"based per.eption to pure being3 As m !alse sense o! sel! began to !all awa % m overall e7perien.e o! realit !elt brighter% livelier% more pea.e!ul% and ever"e7panding3 M13 $3 &1@M -ANA#A 6 did noti.e a shi!t a!ter our 1ASA session3 That evening 6 had trouble sleeping be.ause 6 had a ma2or wave and an7iet and !ear3 $ the ne7t da it li!ted3 What happens now takes priorit % with greater .larit about what is

important3 6n !a.t% nothing reall !eels to be o! great .on.ern R ever thing seems to have the same degree o! presen.e3 An7iet about what has happened or what might happen down the road has !allen awa to a great degree3 6t is like going through the motions o! being in a movie and wat.hing a movie at the same time R nothing is reall personal% it is all a s.ript3 At the same time% ever thing !eels more personal% inso!ar as ever thing !eels more present3 To use an analog % in this !rame o! mind% 6 would per.eive an elephant and a mouse as e8uall present with e8ual priorit 3 -,A61E -E116#WEN #AE6ES &1@M UN6TE# '6NC#@M 6 have had a big shi!t in .ons.iousness3 6 was wondering i! the Shaktipat was taking pla.e alread M 6 keep !eeling m .rown .hakra tingle3 Thank ou so mu.h !or the blessing the other da S=3 6 reall !elt the energ and had su.h beauti!ul dreamsT sort o! interspersed with energ surges and slipping in and out o! di!!erent realities3 6 do !eel di!!erent S= it .ould o! .ourse be that 6 have someone to .onne.t with on the earth plane that has answers to m 8uestionsM Usuall people e7pe.t me to have the answers lol3 #id ou suggest three shaktipats O1ASAsP> 6! so 6Ud like to book another one and two o! m !riends would like one tooT ,et me know how best ou think it is !or me to .ontinue to raise m ,@- with ou S=3 E!!e.ts are subtle but pro!oundM 6Uve a.tuall !elt a little bit on shi!ting sands and e7perien.ed a .hangeLshi!t3 With .lients ama9ing insights pop into m head 6Uve reall noti.ed thatM With .lients so emotional as 6Uve untangled there blahM 6Uve been more aware o! m thoughtsT Sometimes 6 .an spin into a spiral when the old tape starts pla ing but 6Uve been able to halt that pro.ess and e7amine what the belie! s stem is that .reates the thought and so onT 6Uve managed to .lose a door on a ver old wound rather pea.e!ull 3 6Um not et enlightened 6 think 6 slip in and out and e7perien.e moments o! non dualit M 6Ud like to progress !urther .ertainl 3 M intuition is ra9or sharpM ,ike a laser beamM 6 !eel reall .onne.ted and most !ears have dissipated3 6Um willing to !ollow m bliss and silen.e m ego3 Also and this is a big shi!tM 6 alwa s wanted to es.ape m ego and Vget out o! itU but re.entl 6Uve been do grate!ul to it !or how it has served me so !ar and 6 !eel more like integrating and

living it rather than stepping out o! itM 6tUs served me well rather than being m enem 3 What else> 6Uve met or .onne.ted to a man whoUs evolved and a vibrational mat.hT 6 never thought that would o..ur and 2ust a whole series o! people have been drawn to me3 6 love it but 6 have !elt the initial euphoria and wowness subside whi.h made me think% eah% itUs integratedM Time !or m ne7t leap lol3 &eel !ree to add m testimonial to the website3 6Um happ to promote and support ou in getting this energ out thereM Thank ou !or our generosit o! spirit and our energ M M1S3 A &1@M UN6TE# '6NC#@M 6 2ust wanted to thank ou again !or our 1ASA via Sk pe3 6 !eel it deepl 3 Even as 6 am writing this email% 6 !eel e7treme happiness that starts within the Heart but spreads like wild!ire within me3 There is also a !eeling o! pressure on top o! the head3 M husband reported that 6 was glowing3 6 .annot even e7press the gratitude 6 !eel at the moment !or what ou have given me3 Talking with ou has appeased m .on!usion and !rustration3 $e!ore getting in .onta.t with ou 6 had promised m sel! that ou would be the last tea.her and tea.hing 6 would seek as the road has been so long and di!!i.ult3 Thank!ull 6 am happ to report that 6 !eel a deep .onne.tion to ou whi.h 6 will trust3 You asked me to be spe.i!i. and detailed about m e7perien.e3 1ASA !elt so!t et ver strong3 6t was power!ul and !or.e!ul et !eminine3 Even though 6 sa !or.e!ul% it was not aggressive3 6t was a des.ending !or.e down !rom above3 6 !elt it was the energ o! 'ali Ma3 This energ is mer.iless3 6t is mer.iless mer. % mer. without mer. 3 6t is all done with in!inite love3 6t is mer.iless ,ove Absolute3 6t is a !ier.e !earless !or.e un!orgiving to an thing that is not aligned with Truth3 6t will destro ever thing that keeps ou in the illusion o! separation3 M13 M &1@M THE UN6TE# STATES Eer gentle and rela7ing3 The 1ASA sessions opened m bod and awareness to more o! the downward !low o! Shakti R tingling% so!t% and e7pansive3 ,ater in the !ollowing da s% unpleasant emotional a.tivit showed release and settling3 While m energ s stem was alread in various states o! openness% the 1ASA helped !urther

stimulate the -rown and Heart on the right3 This was new to me and is 2ust in the beginning stages3 6t helped .alm re.entl elevated automati. movement a.tivit Oinvoluntar puri! ing motions o! the bod % or kri asP3 A side e!!e.t was the in.reased awareness that what o..urs in the !low o! li!e happens on it?s own3 M13 F &1@M H@NC '@NC 6 had been e7perien.ing non"doership be!ore the 1ASA session3 Yet a!ter the session% the deta.hment was more pronoun.ed% and li!e !lows e!!ortlessl and mira.ulousl 3 ,ast night% intuitivel 6 turned all m senses inward% and 6 arrived at this pla.e 2ust like the gap between thoughts or the pla.e o! pure awareness3 The bliss was immense3 6t was like the 1ASA session had .leared a path !or me to get there3 M meditation happens mostl at night and in bed these da s3 The gap between sleeping and waking be.omes longer ever da and the bliss is massive3 Still working on bringing that bliss and pea.e to dail li!e3 6 hope 6 .an have a .han.e to talk to ou !or .lari!i.ation on the pra.ti.e o! sel!"in8uir 3 The sessions with ou have reall speed up the 2ourne leaps and bounds3 6 am so grate!ul !or our guidan.e and blessings3 The 1ASA sessions have helped me tremendousl 3 M li!e right now is !ull o! moments o! non"doership with the reali9ation that I6I is 2ust a .on.ept3 Thank ou on.e again3 RASA #s a Myste!y0 A 4i!ect 2on34ual 4o nload of >!ace' 6t is possible that a good des.ription o! 1ASA is that it is a Idire.t non"dual download o! Cra.e !rom #ivine Mother3I $ut i! ou don?t believe in #ivine Mother% meaning the !eminine side o! Cod% or ou have a problem with the idea o! a spiritual blessing% 6 don?t want ou to miss out3 ,abels don?t matter3 What reall matters is the e7perien.e itsel! and ou .an get that no matter what !orm o! Cod ou believe in and even i! ou don?t believe in an kind o! Cod at all3 As long as ou believe in oursel!% in the sense that ou e7ist% then ou are 8uali!ied to re.eive the revolutionar spiritual blessing that is the 1ASA Cra.e transmission3 There is no other 8uali!i.ation3 A loving Higher Power is involved with 1ASA that wants to help people be.ome spirituall !ree3 6! ou are interested in spiritual !reedom% espe.iall i! ou?ve been working at it !or awhile% then 1ASA is worth o! our serious .onsideration3 There are no 8uali!i.ations3 Gust rela7 and re.eive3 That is it3

All *( people who have stabili9ed in non"dual ,@-s so !ar% in.luding the three who went all the wa to ,@- *)))% were advan.ed seekers who had been working hard !or a long time3 6n m .onversations with them be!ore delivering the 1ASA transmission% all o! them impressed me with their humilit 3 The were not !ull o! spiritual ego3 The were deepl sin.ere3 1ASA is ver gentle3 Sometimes people see a white% gold% or white"gold light3 6t is !elt to be a des.ending spiritual &or.e that is power!ul et distin.tl !eminine3 6t is assertive3 6t is not aggressive3 This is how it .an be so gentle% et still a..omplish ma2or trans!ormation and upli!tment3 6 re.ommend three 1ASAs3 @n.e a month or one a week seem to work best3 Then a!ter ou get three 1ASAs% ou .an de.ide i! ou need an more3 The are still help!ul even i! ou are alread established in non"dualit 3 Sin.e it is t pi.al !or the 1ASA to take the re.ipient up to ,@- *))) at least brie!l at the ver beginning% 1ASA is a spe.ial opportunit !or ou to rise to higher enlightened ,@-s swi!tl and easil whatever our .urrent ,@- ma be3 My >oal #s to Make Myself ("solete? <ou! RASA #s #t? Sin.e m 'undalini awakening as a teenager in ,os Angeles% 6 have been involved in the spiritual world3 6 am ver !amiliar with the marketpla.e and with the problems that go with it3 Sin.e 6 do what 6 do out o! love with the intention o! helping people to be happ and be their true Sel!% 6 have 9ero interest in building an organi9ation% .ultivating lots o! !ollowers or organi9ing a s stem o! tea.hings with multiple levels3 As 6 have told numerous people during their 1ASA session% m goal is to make m sel! obsolete3 6t is .lear to me that ou are the Sel!3 6! somehow ou are .on!used and do not see that ou are the Sel! toda % tomorrow is a new da 3 6t is ver likel that ou will wake up and .ome to our senses tomorrow3 Then 6 would 2ust look !oolish .alling ou a Istudent3I So 6 do not have an students3 What 6 have are !riends and people who% !or the moment% have !orgotten that the are the Supreme Sel!3 Ma be the got kno.ked on the head3 Ma be the got drunk3 $ut the are de!initel the Supreme Sel!M

The other thing is that 6 am working to do all o! this right now toda 3 6 am not aware o! an tomorrow that is going to show up3 What we have is toda and% reall % we don?t even have that3 The realit is that we have this moment3 That?s about it3 The spirit o! 1ASA is to a.t !ast and totall deliver3 So that means ou .ould be the ne7t 1ASA re.ipient who goes to ,@- *))) a!ter re.eiving 1ASA3 @! the three people who went to ,@*))) a!ter re.eiving the 1ASA transmission% one took one and a hal! ears% one took si7 months and one took si7 da s to get to ,@- *)))M To be honest% these ama9ing people blew m mindM 6 did not even know that this was possible3 A.t !ast and totall deliver means that when 6 deliver 1ASA% it is in the spirit that the 1ASA will do its thing% raise ou into a non"dual ,@- and ou will sta there3 @n.e ou stabili9e in non"dualit % m work is done3 6n other words% this is it right now3 There is no training% no ne7t level3 1ASA is it3 Some people .ome to me !or .oa.hing3 Some people .ontinue to get 1ASA and work with me until the get to ,@- *)))3 6 am here !or ou3 6 .an help and 6?m good at it3 There is no obligation3 6 am not looking !or Istudents3I 6 have no students3 You are alread the Sel!3 6! ou get 1ASA% it ma help ou remember or re.ogni9e that !a.t3 That is its purpose3 6! ou would like to s.hedule a 1ASA transmission in support o! our non"dual awakening% ou .an go to m web site3 -li.k the Pa Pal button to pa the reasonable re8uested donation3

2e:t Step0 4elive! RASA >!ace T!ansmission to >!oups This book has des.ribed a spiritual map to help seekers and tea.hers know where the stand on the path3 6t is not a book about methods and te.hni8ues !or spiritual advan.ement3 When 6 give a satsang group% 6 usuall talk about something having to do with Sel!"in8uir and non"doership3 6 also give the 1ASA Cra.e transmission at ea.h meeting to the group3 What 6 do now is give the 1ASA Cra.e transmission to the whole group at the same time3 M !irst test o! group 1ASA was with m lo.al San #iego satsang group3

A!ter delivering the group 1ASA% 6 went around the group and asked ea.h person i! the had e7perien.ed 1ASA3 All o! them did3 6 also .he.ked to see i! their ,@- numbers went up 8ui.kl like the would with an individual 1ASA3 The did3 When 6 give the 1ASA transmission% 6 do not !eel that m energ is involved at all3 6 am !un.tioning as a I.hannelI !or a spirituall upli!ting &or.e that is divine or universal3 6t is the same !or me to give 1ASA to one person% to *) people or to *)) people3 6t does not make an di!!eren.e to me how man people are re.eiving3 Ea.h person is re.eiving !rom their own pla.e3 6 am not sending it to them3 6t is dire.t !rom the Higher Power% !rom #ivine Mother% to them3 Thanks !or reading m book3 6! ou want to send !eedba.k on this book or re8uest the ,@- o! a living tea.her% please go to the se.tion o! the book .alled I6! You Have Suggestions or &eedba.k3I Use that email3 6t has been set up !or that purpose3 6! ou want to .onta.t me personall % then use the email !ound in the se.tion at the ba.k o! the book .alled IMeet the Author3I Take -are% Man $lessings in the Sel!% 1ama2i

#f <ou )ave Suggestions o! 6eed"ack

#f <ou )ave Suggestions o! 6eed"ack

Hi3 6 wel.ome an and all .omments% thoughts% !eedba.k% .riti.isms% opinions and suggestions regarding this book 10003 6t?s oka to re8uest the ,@- o! a living spiritual tea.her3 6 don?t have the time to assess people !rom the past% but i! it is somebod ou know and work with or somebod ou would like to see in.luded in a later edition o! this book% that?s !ine3 Please use this email to .onta.t the 1000 book editorial sta!!4

Please appre.iate that we re.eive a large volume o! emails and .annot be e7pe.ted to provide a personal repl 3 %lso note that sub&itting 'our e&ail to us gives us full rights to (uote 'ou in a ne) edition of the boo* or in so&e other related &ediu&+ #on?t worr % we will 8uote ou anon mousl 3 Gust please be aware that the submission o! our .ontent to us% sin.e it is !or the purpose o! improving and enhan.ing this book 1000% ma end up being used b us without !urther noti.e to ou3

Appendi: (ne0 Music of Ramaji +nity

Appendi: (ne0 Music of Ramaji +nity

6?m delighted to tell ou about m musi.3 The best thing 6 .an do is let m songs speak !or themselves3 The web site where ou .an listen to all o! the songs !or !ree is 1ama2iUnit 3.om3 The album is .alled Supre&e Self3 The songs are Supre&e Self ,1000-. /ver'thing Is God. I %& That I %&. Ishvara 0ranidhana. #eel the Love. 1on 2ual Truc*. 3ho %& I and One3 These spiritual songs are high energ with a .ontemporar sound3 The are meant to be !un% pla !ul and entertaining3 More songs on the wa !or a total o! eight3 6 .on.eived the pro2e.t% wrote the l ri.s and shepherded the produ.tion to .ompletion3 Man ears ago% 6 was in the musi. business3 6 worked at -apitol 1e.ords in Holl wood3 @n the web site% 6 provide !ull l ri.s !or the songs3 6 talk about the produ.tion team% in.luding m vo.alist 'ellian -ross3 You will !ind all o! this and more at 1am2iUnit 3.om3 6 programmed m songs to transmit enlightened !re8uen.ies o! .ons.iousness3 6t seems some people .an !eel the di!!eren.e and some people .an?t3 Either wa % 6 think ou will !ind them en2o able and inspiring3 Plus the are totall &1EE !or ou to listen to online at 1ama2iUnit 3.om as m love gi!t to ou3 6 thought it would be a .ool .hallenge to write a song about this book 10003 6?m not aware o! ver man books that have had songs written about them3 6 !igured it would be a good wa to let people know about the book and its message% too3 1emember% ou .an listen to the .omplete song online !or !ree3 THE ,Y16-S &@1 ISUP1EME SE,& <*)))=I -H@1US 6 #on?t Want the &ive Hundreds% Criml Seeking Truth3 6 #on?t Want the Si7 Hundreds% Stu.k in Their INo Sel!3I 6 #on?t Want the Seven Hundreds% Pla ing -osmi. Cames3 Eight Hundreds333 Nine Hundreds333

More o! the Same3 Go o! Universal Supreme Sel! @ne Thousand 6 Am &ree333 &ree to $e3 EE1SE @NE 6n the &ive Hundreds Stage% You Are the Seeker% Yoga% 6n8uir % Meditation% Still You Are the #oer3 6n the Si7 Hundreds Stage% the #oership 6s Cone% With Your Spe.ial Missing Sel!% You Are Enthralled3 6n the Seven Hundreds Stage% Your @pen Sel! E7pands% You Are the Universe% the Creat -osmi. 6 Am3 $16#CE Ever thing 6s Per!e.t% Gust As 6t 6s% 6 ,ove Me333 6n!initel 333 All o! This R 6s M $lissM -H@1US EE1SE TW@ 6n the Eight Hundreds Stage% You and Cod Are @ne% 'ill the $uddha on Your 1oad% 6! You Would Co @n3 6n the Nine Hundreds Stage% 1emains the Thinnest Eeil% Trapped b Your Sa.red Pea.e% You Hide !rom the World3 $16#CE -H@1US -@#A &ree to $e As You Are333 &A#E

Appendi: T o0 1laneta!y A akening

Appendi: T o0 1laneta!y A akening

The level o! .ons.iousness on our planet is based on the level o! .ons.iousness o! our world soul or earth spirit3 She is o!ten .alled Caia3 This is the Creek name !or the goddess o! the earth3 She is also .alled anima mundi or the planetar ,ogos3 The entire population o! the earth is being power!ull pulled up to the :))s and be ond3 As the energies o! .ons.iousness a..elerate on this planet% it will be IWorld Pea.e R @r $ustMI @ur planet rushes towards its non"dual enlightenment at B))3 This a..eleration o! ,@- b our planetar logos is intensel demanding on its human inhabitants3 6t is unpre.edented in re.orded human histor 3 6! we allow it% our ,@- will rise with it3 6t is the greatest !ree ride o! all time3 The gate is open3 The window o! spiritual opportunit has arrived3 This is it3 The L(C of >aiaE the &o!ld SoulE #s Moving +p =uickly 6n *D))% the world soul was at ,@- ()D3 6n *D+)% it was at ,@- (*(3 6n *D+D% at the brink o! World War (% it was at ,@- (+D3 6n *D:)% it was at ,@- 0))3 6n *DB)% it was at ,@- 00)3 6n *D;)% it was at ,@- 0;)3 6n *DA)% it was at ,@- 0A)3 6n *DD)% it was at ,@- 0D)3 6n ()))% it was at :))3 6n ()*+% it was at :0:3 As 6 write these words in Mar.h% ()*0% Caia is at ,@- ::D3 She will awaken with or without us3 She will go to ,@B)) and be ond with or without us3 The New Earth is .oming3 The non"dual planetar rebirth is on its wa 3 6o!thcoming 1laneta!y L(CS and 4ates0 -/0E -70 and .00 6 e7pe.t planetar ,@- :A) in ()*B3 Ne7t 6 anti.ipate ,@- :D) in the ear ()()3 &inall % 6 !oresee that the planetar ,@- will e7plode into non"dualit at ,@- B)) in ()(03 This shi!t will be sho.king to most human nervous s stems3 However% even ,@- :A) in ()*B is an enormous ad2ustment3 Man gi!ted human spiritual tea.hers are in the :A)s or below3 Even at ,@- :A)s there is a tremendous demand to enter into the Silen.e and to pra.ti.e love without .onditions or limits3 6! the human transition during the ,@- :D)s is an indi.ation% it will be a rough ride starting

with ()()3 That !re8uen. is the .ons.iousness o! the Ibla.k hole3I Whatever enters it and goes through it% does not return3 @ur planet will .ontinue on3 6t has been preparing !or this !or a long time3 6t will go to ,@- B))3 &hat Co!!ective Action &ill (u! 1laneta!y Soul Take' With the average human ,@- .urrentl at (*)% there is a vast dis.repan. 3 This gap will not be tolerated b our great world soul3 6 do not know how Caia intends to handle this problem3 6 am .onvin.ed that She will take matters into Her own hands at some point i! the gap remains this big3 What this will look like 6 don?t know3 1ather than talk about Isa!e landsI and Isurvival prepping%I 6 suggest that ou get right with Cod3 The basi. idea is ou do the same spiritual preparation that ou would do i! ou knew ou were going to die tomorrow3 What would ou do i! ou knew !or .ertain that ou were going to drop our ph si.al bod the ver ne7t da > Even i! ou !ound the per!e.t sa!e pla.e at a ph si.al level% that does nothing !or our spiritual li!e3 Surrender our li!e to Cod3 Surrender our ego to Cod3 Take the attitude o! INot m will but Th Will3I 6 believe there will be an intense spiritual .leansing upon the planet3 What this will entail in the ph si.al dimension 6 have not seen3 What 6 have seen pla ed out as a possibilit !or our !uture is an intensi!i.ation o! the Spiritual ,ight on this planet su.h that onl persons who are enlightened or nearl so will be able to tolerate it3 6t .an be .ompared to the intensit o! the Sun3 6! ou .annot handle this intensi!i.ation o! the sa.red Spiritual Sun ever where on planet earth that 6 believe will happen in the ne7t de.ade or so% then ou .ould get burned up3 Your nervous s stem will not be read !or it3 This would result in our transition to a denser realm more .ompatible with ou3 This is one possibilit 6 have seen3 The window remains open to turn our heart to Cod3 That is the real purpose o! all o! this3 Surrender to Cod3 Turn to Cod3 $e at one with Cod3 At the time o! this writing% it is ()*03 There is still time3 $ut that will .hange3 6n the not too distant !uture% the spiritual .lo.k will run out o! time3 The alarm will sound3 The old will end3 The new will begin3 The New Spiritual Earth will appear3

You are ver !ortunate to be on our planet at this time3 Please make the most o! it3 You will be ama9ed b the ears that are soon to .ome3 You will see things ou .ould not have even imagined3 Even Holl wood has not imagined these things3 Cet read 3 This is all .oming ver soon3 Surrender our heart to Cod now3 Surrender our will to Cod now3 #o not wait3 6! ou wait too long% it will be too late3 This is it3 This the time3 #o it now3 Take spiritual a.tion now3 You have our bod toda 3 Make the best use o! it3 Sta awake3 A.t now toda 3 #o not be passive3 Walk the ra9or?s edge3 Take a.tion3 Co all out3 Make ma7imum e!!ort3 Take risks3 Co !or it3 Wake upM

Appendi: Th!ee0 Fou!ney to the )ea!t of T!uth

Ramaji;s Fou!ney to the )ea!t of T!uth

1ote4 This short autobiographical piece appears in &' other boo*s+ In *))) I have focused on &' journe' through the non dual stages+ 56ourne' to the Heart of Truth5 )ill give 'ou the 5big picture5 of the see*er stage of &' life ,LOC 780s-+ 9ou )ill see that I )ent through the sa&e struggles and confusion &an' see*ers endure+ When 6 was *B ears old and living in a suburb o! ,os Angeles% -ali!ornia% 6 had a lu.id dream that .hanged m li!e3 6n this dream% 6 was in 6ndia3 6 was with a oga guru who spoke to me in Sanskrit3 He took me through man hatha oga postures% then 6 ended up sitting in padmasana% in lotus posture3 Then ne7t thing that happened was literall mind"blowing3 Ever thing e7ploded and m sense o! separate sel! that 6 had been !eeling in the dream dissolved totall and .ompletel into a bliss!ul pea.e!ul @.ean o! White ,ight3 When 6 woke up the ne7t morning% m 'undalini was awakened3 6 also had ama9ing ps .hi. powers3 6?m not going to go into details% but 6 will sa having this sudden une7pe.ted 'undalini awakening was ver di!!i.ult3 6t was hard enough 2ust being a teenager3 The e7tremes o! emotion !rom the 'undalini were astonishing3 6 managed to muddle m wa through this .risis3 6 was in high s.hool3 6 was still living with m parents3 Though 6 knew ne7t to nothing about oga% meditation or Eastern religion% 6 knew enlightenment was real and that it was better than an thing else3 6 had a reading b a gi!ted spiritual ps .hi.3 She told me that 6 would have to wait a long time3 She predi.ted that 6 would not see !ruition o! m spiritual earnings until m 0)s or :)s3 She said 6 would have to be ver patient3 6t turned out she was right3 To a teenager% waiting !or the !ul!illment o! our heart?s desire until ou?re 0) or so sounds like an eternit 3 Yet 6 sensed this dela was in m destin 3 What this e7perien.e did is !or.e me to re.alibrate ever thing in m in8uisitive oung li!e3 Now li!e was transparent3 6t was 2ust going through the motions3 All the usual things that a oung man .ould get e7.ited about didn?t amount to a hill o! beans3 6 had e7perien.ed a bliss!ul trans.endental ,ight that made ever thing else meaningless3 All that li!e o!!ered was now nonsense3 ,i!e was a .osmi. 2oke% but 6 didn?t know the pun.hline3 6t was a parado7i.al situation3 6t made me laugh3 6t made me .r 3 6t made me doubt Cod3 6t made me love Cod3 $ut one thing was !or sure3 6 .ould never go ba.k3

6n the *D;)s% 6 got involved with some marginal gurus3 6 made mistakes and 6 learned !rom them3 6 be.ame a vegetarian3 6 started doing hatha oga ever morning3 6n the earl *DA)s% 6 ended up living in a Sivananda ashram in Holl wood% -ali!ornia3 6t was there that m spiritual pra.ti.e began to stabili9e3 The assistant head o! the oga .enter was stud ing Eipassana meditation3 6 learned about it !rom her3 6 took up Eipassana <I6nsightI= meditation in earnest3 6 would meditate one or two hours a da 3 6 developed m own st le o! Eipassana that e7panded on mind!ulness while walking to in.lude the ta.tile .onta.t with sensor ob2e.ts during the da 3 The kind o! Eipassana that 6 studied !o.used on !leeting bod sensations3 The goal was to dete.t the impermanen.e in these ever .hanging bod sensations3 This reali9ation o! spiritual s.ien.e be.omes possible when .on.entration is built up3 6 had the good !ortune to stud with the Eenerable Shin9en Young3 He is a wonder!ul human being and a brilliant enlightened spiritual tea.her3 He has a.hieved mu.h su..ess as a meditation master3 His su..ess is well"deserved3 Even though he taught a .ontemporar approa.h based on s.ien.e% 6 was drawn to an old $uddhist te7t :ishuddi&agga <Path o! Puri!i.ation=3 6 studied it and learned about the .lassi.al stages o! the un!olding o! impermanen.e3 This traditional se8uen.e o! spiritual events or milestones on the road to Nibbana <Nirvana= is des.ribed b a !ew modern Eipassana tea.hers% too3 6 was living in a huge bustling Western .it 3 6 still went through the stages e;actl' as des.ribed in this book3 These stages .ulminated pre.isel as the old book had predi.ted in the !lash o! Nirvana3 6 was doing walking meditation on a drivewa in the ba.k o! the meditation retreat house in downtown ,os Angeles when it happened3 Sin.e Eipassana had been good to me% 6 stu.k with it !or seven ears3 $ut there .ame a time when it began to !eel restri.tive and limiting3 There was not an thing IwrongI with it3 6t is a brilliant pra.ti.e3 M .lo.k o! destin was ti.king3 6t was time to move on3 Advaita and Eipassana totall agree on the universal !a.tor o! impermanen.e as being ke <IAni..aI in Pali=3 Eipassana is the $uddha?s version o! Sel!" in8uir meditation3 6 was deep into m Eipassana meditation li!est le when 6 met 'ali at the Sri 1amakrishna Advaita Eedanta Temple in Holl wood% -ali!ornia3 6 was meditating there and the statue o! 'ali the keep up at the !ront moved3 6 saw Her walk b 3 Then 6 smelled the most lovel

!ragran.e o! sandalwood3 Then She started talking to me3 Mother 'ali has a ver distin.t wa o! talking3 She talks like she is in total .ommand% like she is the general and ou are the private3 She said to me% IYou are mine3 6 own ou3 Your bod is mine3 6 am in .ontrol o! our destin 3I 6 was surprisingl at ease with the sudden turn o! events3 6n m mind% 6 .alml replied I@ka % 6 believe ou3 6! that is true% then what is ne7t>I Whispering in m ear again% 'ali added I6! ou agree to this spiritual .ontra.t with me% then 6 will totall !ul!ill m side o! the bargain3 6 .an guarantee that ou will attain spiritual liberation in this li!etime3 You must be willing to surrender un.onditionall to me !rom this point !orward3 An thing less than total surrender is una..eptable3I 6 was hearing Her voi.e !rom outside o! m head3 6t was not m voi.e3 6t was a !emale voi.e that 6 had not heard be!ore3 Though she sounded stern and demanding% 6 .ould !eel her boundless love and .ompassion !or me3 I6! ou .ompl % then 6 will .ontrol our li!e .ir.umstan.es in order to guarantee our reali9ation3 $ut 6 .annot !or.e this on ou3 You must .hoose it3 What is our de.ision>I 6 seriousl doubt She said all o! this3 She is a #ivine Mother o! !ew wordsM $ut that is the essen.e o! what She said to me3 Without hesitation% 6 said IYes3 6 surrender .ompletel to ou3 6 give m li!e over to ou3 M li!e is ours now3I She smiled3 Then 2ust as 8ui.kl as She had appeared% Her Presen.e was gone3 When 6 asked somebod on the grounds about the Temple being open with the statue o! 'ali there% he a.ted surprised3 The ne7t time 6 visited the temple Her statue had been moved behind an iron !en.e3 'ali in 2ailM 6 laughed out loud3 6n earl *DAA% out o! the blue the thought .ame to me that JM last name has the name o! Cod% 1am% in it% so m guru is going to have 1am in his name3K The thought 2ust kept repeating over and over3 At this same time% 6 e7perien.ed a strange but not unpleasant metalli. taste in the middle o! m tongue3 6 have not !elt that taste sin.e3 M impression is it was !rom Akasha <the etheri. element=3 A !ew months later 6 saw 1ameshUs pi.ture in a Holl wood paper3 6 instantl knew it was him3 6 intuitivel knew with total .ertaint that meeting him was m destin 3 He was going to

.hange m li!e3 So what did 6 do> 6 de.ided to wait a ear be.ause 6 wanted to have one last ear be!ore 6 ran into the spiritual !reight train .alled 1ameshM ,ooking ba.k at it% it was a bi9arre rea.tion3 M thought at the time was J6Um not 8uite read 3K &ast !orward to m en.ounter with 1amesh $alsekar in Solana $ea.h% @.tober% *DAD3 6 saw him later at other group meetings3 This !irst time was at JGoeUs -rab Sha.kI with about :) people3 6 have never loved a man like 6 loved him3 6 !elt that he was m spiritual !ather3 6 love m biologi.al !ather totall % et the spiritual .onne.tion with 1amesh trans.ended ever thing3 The !eeling was like an o.ean o! love3 6 would .r and .r tears o! 2o 3 The last event 6 went to took pla.e in Penns lvania% USA3 6 !inall had a .han.e to talk to him one on one in a wa 3 He was hanging out a!ter giving a talk to the large group3 6 walked rather timidl up to the small group that had gathered around him in the ba.k o! the room3 He abruptl stopped talking to them and turned to me3 6 remember his penetrating ga9e lo.king m e es in pla.e3 There was no es.aping those magni!i.ent e esM 6 told him how mu.h 6 loved him and how 6 wanted to .ome to 6ndia to be his servant3 He looked genuinel sho.ked3 I@h% no%I he said% Ithat is nonsenseM You should not be lingering around3 6 have given ou ever thing 6 .an give ou3 Co stud with other tea.hers i! ou like3 @r 2ust do whatever ou want3 6t won?t matter3 6 have given ou ever thing3 Now ou must move on with our li!e3 6 .annot help ou an more3I 6 said IThank ouI and rea.hed out to give him a hug% whi.h he a..epted3 The 2o and gratitude ou !eel with the person who has revealed the Sel! to ou simpl .annot be des.ribed3 So even though this was the last thing 6 wanted to hear% 6 intuitivel knew he was right3 6 never saw him again3 He lives on in m heart and in m li!e3 M 2ourne then took me ba.k to Sri Nisargadatta Mahara2 and Sri 1amana Maharshi3 6 studied their tea.hings all over again and pra.ti.ed the uni8ue meditations the taught3 6n ())B% 'undalini .ompleted Her 2ourne to the -rown .hakra3 A passagewa !rom the -rown down to the Heart on the right .alled Amrita Nadi was revealed to me3 There was a li!e"trans!orming !lash o! Amrita Nadi3 6t was the ultimate spiritual e7perien.e o! m li!e3 Amrita Nadi <I.hannel o! immortalit I= and Hrida am <the .ausal Heart on the right side o! the .hest= are talked about b Sri 1amana Maharshi3 The awakening o! Amrita Nadi has been des.ribed as Ithe light o! a thousand suns3I The world turns translu.ent and

disappears in a bla9e o! #ivine ,ight3 When the world returns% it is not the same world3 That world is gone !orever3 There is onl the one supreme Sel!3 You .an still per.eive the world and !un.tion in the world% but !or ou the world is literall the universal Sel!3 6 have .ome !ull .ir.le3 The ,ight that was revealed in *DBB was the ,ight that was reali9ed in ())B3 6n &ebruar % ())A% 6 .ompleted the 8uest3 6n ()*(% 6 moved to San #iego and began giving publi. satsang3 Man $lessings in the @ne Supreme Sel!% 1ama2i

T)#S #S A 1R9D#9&??? 1L9AS9 B+< T)9 B((@?

http4LLwww3ama9on3.omL*)))"-ons.iousness"Awakening"Spiritual" Tea.hers"ebookLdpL$))G'(Y;HCL

1000 "y Ramaji is availa"le in @indle and p!int fo!mats on Ama5on?com? #f the a"ove link does not o!kE sea!ch in the Books catego!y fo! *Ramaji 1000?*


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$riggs% 1e73 Transfor&ing %n;iet'. Transcending Sha&e% Health -ommuni.ations% 6n.3% #eer!ield $ea.h% &,% *DDD3 $rown% Peter3 2irt' /nlighten&ent4 The Inherent 0erfection of I&perfection% -reateSpa.e% ());% ()*+3 $uddhadasa $hikku with Stephen S.hmidt% Translator3 The !editative 2evelop&ent of !indfulness of @reathing% *D;(3 $uddhagosa with N anamoli% Translator3 :isuddhi&agga ,The 0ath of 0urification-% $uddhist Publi.ation So.iet % 'and % ()*)3 $ rne% 1honda3 The Secret% Atria $ooksL$e ond Words Publishing% New York and Hillsboro% @regon% ())B3 -ampbell% Goseph3 The Hero )ith a Thousand #aces. New World ,ibrar % Novato% -ali!ornia% ())A3 -anetti% Elias3 Cro)ds and 0o)er% &arrar% Straus and Cirou7% New York% *DB(% *D;+3 -aplan% Mariana3 /'es 3ide Open4 Cultivating 2iscern&ent on the Spiritual 0ath% Sounds True% $oulder% -@% ())D3 -aplan% Mariana3 The Guru Question4 the 0erils and <e)ards of Choosing a Spiritual Teacher% Sounds True% $oulder% -@% ()**3 -arse% #avid3 0erfect @rilliant Stillness4 @e'ond the Individual Self% Paragate Publishing% Shelburne% ET% ())B3 -ashdan% Sheldon3 Object <elations Therap'% W3 W3 Norton W -o3% NY% *DAA3 -ee3 The 3a' of Bno)ledge% $ooklo.ker3.om 6n.3% ());3 -ialdini% 1obert3 Influence4 Science and 0ractice% Pearson% :th Edition% ())A3 -unningham% 'eith3 The Soul of Screen)riting% -ontinuum% New York% ())A3 #avis% &red3 @e'ond <ecover'4 1on 2ualit' and the T)elve Steps% Non"#ualit Press% Salisbur % United 'ingdom% ()*(3

#avis% &red3 The @oo* of =ndoing4 2irect 0ointing to 1ondual %)areness% ()*+3 #a % Ni.k and Mauri9io $ena99o% #ire.tors3 Short Cut To 1irvana% #E#3 Feitgeist &ilms% ())03 #iamond% Gohn3 @B4 @ehavioral Binesiolog'% Harper W 1ow% Publishers% New York% *D;D3 #ion sius the Areopagite with Gohn Parker% Translator3 2ion'sius the %reopagite. 3or*s ,18CD-% -hristian -lassi.s Ethereal ,ibrar % Publisher4 Crand 1apids% M63 #rake% -olin3 %)areness of %)areness The Open 3a'% lulu3.om% ()*+3 # er% Wa ne3 3ishes #ulfilled4 !astering the %rt of !anifesting% Ha House% -arlsbad% -A% ()*(3 Easwaran% Eknath3 The @hagavad Gita% Nilgiri Press% Tomales% -A% *DD:3 Edelstein% S.ott3 Se; and the Spiritual Teacher% Wisdom Publi.ations% Somerville% MA% ()**3 Epstein% Mark3 Thoughts 3ithout a Thin*er% $asi.$ooks% New York% *DD:3 &enner% Peter3 <adiant !ind4 %)a*ening =nconditioned %)areness% Sounds True% $oulder% -@% ());3 &oster% Ge!!3 %n /;traordinar' %bsence4 Liberation in the !idst of a :er' Ordinar' Life% Non" #ualit Press% Salisbur % United 'indgdom% ())D3 &rawle % #avid3 :edantic !editation4 Lighting the #la&e of %)areness% North Atlanti. $ooks% $erkele % -A% ()))3 Calla.her% Patri.k G3% Editor3 The Cloud of =n*no)ing% Medieval 6nstitute Publi.ations% 'alama9oo% Mi.higan% *DD;3 Canesan% E3 !o&ents <e&e&bered4 <e&iniscences of @hagavan <a&ana% Sri 1amanasramam% *DD03 Canga2i3 9ou %re ThatE Satsang )ith Gangaji% Eolume 6% The Canga2i &oundation% *DD:3 Canga2i3 9ou %re ThatE Satsang )ith Gangaji% Eolume 66% The Canga2i &oundation% *DDB3 Canga2i with 1osl n Moore3 6ust Li*e 9ou4 %n %utobiograph'% #@ Publishing% Mendo.ino% -A% ())+3

Cilbert% Eleonora% Editor3 Conversations on 1on 2ualit'4 T)ent' Si; %)a*enings% -herr 1ed $ooks and -ons.ious TE% ,ondon% U3'3% ()**3 Codman% #avid% Editor3 @e %s 9ou %re4 The Teachings of Sri <a&ana !aharshi% Arkana% ,ondon% Englad% *DA:3 Codman% #avid3 1o !ind. I %& The Self% Sri ,akshmana Ashram% 6ndia% ()):3 Codman% #avid3 1othing /ver Happened. :olu&e One3 Avadhuta &oundation% $oulder% -@% *DDA3 Codman% #avid3 0apaji Intervie)s% Avadhuta &oundation% $oulder% -@% *DD+3 Coleman% #aniel3 The !editative !ind4 the :arieites of !editative /;perience% Gerem P3 Tar.her% 6n.3% ,os Angeles% -A% *DAA3 Coode% Creg3 The 2irect 0ath4 % =ser>s Guide% Non"#ualit Press% Salisbur % United 'ingdom% ()*( Cuinn% Ge!!3 !anson4 the Life and Ti&es of Charles !anson% Simon W S.huster% New York% ()*+3 Haas% Mi.haela3 2a*ini 0o)er4 T)elve /;traordinar' 3o&en Shaping the Trans&ission of Tibetan @uddhis& in the 3est% Snow ,ion Publi.ations% 6tha.a% NY% ()*+3 Harrigan% Goan Shivarpita3 Bundalini :id'a4 The Science of Spiritual Transfor&ation% Patan2ali 'undalini Yoga -are% 'no7ville% TN% Bth Ed3% ()):3 Harper% Games and Margaret Hoopes3 =ncovering Sha&e4 %n %pproach Integrating Individuals and Their #a&il' S'ste&s% W3 W3 Norton W -o3% NY% *DD)3 Hawkins% #avid3 2iscover' of the 0resence of God4 2evotional 1ondualit'% Ha House 6n.3% -arlsbad% -A% ());3 Hawkins% #avid3 I4 <ealit' and Subjectivit'% Eeritas Publishing% Sedona% AF% ())+3 Hawkins% #avid3 0o)er :s+ #orce% Ha House% -arlsbad% -A% ())(3 Hawkins% #avid3 Transcending the Levels of Consciousness% Eeritas Publishing% Sedona% AF% ())B3 Ha % ,ouise and Mona ,isa S.hul93 %ll Is 3ell% Ha House% 6n.3% -arlsbad% -A% ()*+3

Henderson% &lo d3 #ro& the I to the %bsolute% Henderson $ooks Publishing -o3% ,ake -onroe% TN% Third Edition% ()):3 Hopkins% Gerr and #aniel Sugerman3 1o One Gets Out %live% Warner $ooks% New York% *DA)3 Horner% Althea3 The 3ish for 0o)er and the #ear of Having It% Gason Aronson 6n.3% NY% *DAB3 Ga7on"$ear% Eli3 The /nneagra& of Liberation% ,eela &oundation% $olinas% -A% ())*3 Ganwillem van de Wetering3 The /&pt' !irror4 /;periences in a 6apanese Aen !onaster'% St3 Martin?s Press% *D;+% *DDD3 Genkins% Gohn Ma2or3 Galactic %lign&ent% $ear W -o3% 1o.hester% ET% ())(3 Gohnson% Stephen3 Character St'les% W3 W3 Norton W -o3% NY% *DD03 Gohnson% Stephen3 Characterological Transfor&ation4 the Hard 3or* !iracle% W3 W3 Norton W -o3% NY% *DA:3 Gones% #antalion3 @uilding 9our Cult4 0o)er. 0olitics and 0eople% $uildingYour-ult3.om% ()*)3 Gosephs% ,awren.e3 Character and Self /;perience% Gason Aronson% 6n.3% Northvale% NG% *DD:3 Gourdain% Stephen and Cilles &ar.et% Editor3 Translated b -anda.e , ons3 <adical %)a*ening4 Cutting Through the Conditioned !ind% 6nner #ire.tions Publishing% -arlsbad% -A% ())*3 'abat"Finn% Gon3 3herever 9ou Go There 9ou %re% H perion% NY% *DD03 'atie% $ ron with Stephen Mit.hell3 % Thousand 1a&es for 6o'% Harmon $ooks% New York% ());3 'atie% $ ron with Stephen Mit.hell3 Loving 3hat Is% Harmon $ooks% New York% ())(3 'e es% Margaret &rings3 /&otions and the /nneagra&4 3or*ing Through 9our Shado) Life Script% Mol sdatur Publi.ations% Muir $ea.h% -A% 1evised Ed3% *DD(3 'ilob % S.ott3 Love>s Quiet <evolution4 The /nd of the Spiritual Search% ())A3 'inslow% &rank3 @e'ond Happiness% ,u.idSea% ())A3 'lein% Gean3 -ompiled and edited b Emma Edwards3 I %&% Third Millenium Pub3% St3 Peter

Port% Cuernse % -3 63% *DAD3 'lein% Gean3 Trans&ission of the #la&e% +rd Millenium $ooks% *DD03 'night% -urtis3 6i&i% Praeger Publishers% New York% *D;03 'orn!ield% Ga.k3 % 0ath )ith Heart4 % Guide Through the 0erils and 0ro&ises of Spiritual Life% $antam $ooks% New York% *DD+3 'ramer% Goel and #iana Alstad3 The Guru 0apers4 !as*s of %uthoritarian 0o)er% &rog ,td3% $erkele % -A% *DD+3 'rishnamurti% Giddu3 #reedo& #ro& the Bno)n% HarperSan&ran.is.o% NY% *DBD3 'rishnamurti% Giddu3 Tal*s and 2ialogues% Avon $ooks% New York% *DBA3 'wong% Gakusho3 1o @eginning. 1o /nd4 the Inti&ate Heart of Aen% Harmon $ooks% New York% ())+3 ,al% P3 The @hagavadgita% @rient Paperba.ks% #elhi% 6ndia% *DB:3 ,ao T9u and Ei.tor Mair% Translator3 Tao Te Ching% $antam #oubleda #ell Publishing Croup% 6n.3% *DD)% *DDA3 ,i8uorman% Wa ne3 %cceptance of 3hat IS4 % @oo* %bout 1othing% Advaita Press% 1edondo $ea.h% -A% ()))3 ,inssen% 1obert3 Living Aen% Crove Press% New York% *D:A3 ,o9owi.k% ,ee3 Spiritual Slaver'% H@HM% Tabor% NG% *D;:3 ,lo d% Eirginia3 Choose #reedo&% &reedom Publi.ations% Phoeni7% AF% *DA+3 ,u.ille% &ran.is3 /ternit' 1o)% Non"#ualit Press% ())A3 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi3 Love and God% Spiritual 1egeneration Movement% @slo% Norwa % *DB:3 Marks% #ara3 Inside Stor'4 the 0o)er of the Transfor&ational %rc% A W - $la.k% ,ondon% ());% ())D3 Master -harles3 The @liss of #reedo&% A.a.ia Publishing -orporation% Malibu% -A% *DD;3

Merton% Thomas3 The Seven Store' !ountain. Har.ourt $ra.e Govanovi.h% 6n.3% New York% *D0A% *D;B3 Mer9el% #ennis Cenpo3 @ig !ind. @ig Heart% $ig Mind Publishing% Salt ,ake -it % UT% ());3 Mindell% Arnold3 3or*ing On 9ourself %lone% Arkana% ,ondon% *DD)3 Moore% 1osl n3 !eeting 0apaji% #@ Publishing% Mendo.ino% -A% *DDD3 Morrison% S.ott3 Open and Innocent4 the Gentle. 0assionate %rt of 1ot Bno)ing% Se.ond Edition 1evised% (*st -entur 1enaissan.e% ()))3 Muni% Sri Easishtha Canapati and '3 Swaminathan% Translator3 Sri <a&ana Gita% Sri 1amanasramam% Tiruvannamalai% 6ndia% ()**3 Namg al 1inpo.he3 @od'. Speech F !ind% $odhi Publishing% 'inmount% @ntario% -anada% ())03 Naran2o% -laudio3 Character and 1eurosis4 %n Integrative :ie)% Catewa sL6#HH$% 6n.3% Nevada -it % -A% *DD03 Naran2o% -laudio3 /nneat'pes in 0s'chotherap'% Hohm Press% Pres.ott% AF% *DD:3 Nelson% Gohn3 Healing the Split% Gerem P3 Tar.her% 6n.3% ,os Angeles% -A% *DD)3 Nisargadatta Mahara2% &r dman% Mauri.e and Sudhakar S3 #ikshit% Editors3 I %& That4 Tal*s )ith Sri 1isargadatta !aharaj% The A.orn Press% #urham% N3 -3% Third Ed3% *DA*3 Nisargadatta Mahara2% 1obert Powell% Editor3 The /;perience of 1othingness% Motilal $anarsidass Publishers% #elhi% 6ndia% *DDB3 Nisargadatta Mahara2% Maria Gor % Editor3 @e'ond #reedo&% Yogi 6mpressions $ooks% Mumbai% 6ndia% ());3 @phiel3 The %rt F 0ractice of Caballa !agic% Samuel Weiser% 6n.3% York $ea.h% Maine% *D;B3 @sborne% Arthur% Editor3 The Teachings of <a&ana !aharshi% 1ed WheelLWeiser% York $ea.h% Maine% *DB(% *DDB3 Parker% Gohn3 2ialogues )ith /&erging Spiritual Teachers% Sagewood Press% &ort -ollins% -@%

()))3 Parsons% Ton 3 Invitation to %)a*en4 /&bracing Our 1atural State of 0resence % 6nner #ire.tions &oundation% -arlsbad% -A% ()):% ()):3 Pierrakos% Gohn3 Core /nergetics% ,i!e1h thm Publi.ations% Mendo.ino% -A% *DD)3 Prasad% 1amananda3 The @hagavad Gita ,The Sacred Song-. % !odern /nglish Translation% 6nternational Cita So.iet % &remont% -A% ())*3 1am #ass% @e Here 1o)% ,ama &oundation% San -ristobal% New Me7i.o% *D;*3 1ama2i3 The Spiritual Heart% 1ama2i $ooks% San #iego% ()*+3 1ama2i3 3a*ing =p %s %)areness% 1ama2i $ooks% San #iego% ()*+3 1amana% Aruna.hala3 Consciousness @eing Itself% AHAM Publi.ations% Asheboro% N-% *DD:3 1amana Maharshi3 Tal*s )ith Sri <a&ana !aharshi% Sri 1amanasramam% Tiruvannamalai% 6ndia% *D;A3 1awlinson% Andrews% The @oo* of /nlightened !asters4 3estern Teachers in /astern Traditions % @pen -ourt% -hi.ago and ,aSalle% 6llinois% *DDA 1en9% 'arl3 The !'th of /nlighten&ent% 6nner #ire.tions &oundation% -arlsbad% -A% ()):3 1oberts% $ernadette3 The /;perience of 1o Self% SUNY Press% Alban % 1evised Edition% *DD+3 1osenberg% ,arr with #avid Cu 3 @reath @' @reath4 The Liberating 0ractice of Insight !editation% Shambhala% $oston% MA% *DDD3 Sa.hdeva% Santosh3 Conscious #light Into the /&p'rean4 % :isual 6ourne' in !editation% Eolume *% Yogi 6mpressions% Mumbai% 6ndia% *DDD3 Sadhu @m and Mi.hael Games% Editor3 The 0ath of Sri <a&ana. 0art One% Sri 1amana 'shetra% Tiruvannamalai% *D;*% *DA*3 Sak ong Mipham3 Turning the !ind Into an %ll'% 1iverhead $ooks% New York% ())+3 Sal9berg% Sharon3 Loving*indness4 The <evolutionar' %rt of Happiness% Shambhalla% $oston% MA% ())03

Samenow% Stanton3 Inside the Cri&inal !ind% Times $ooks% NY% *DA03 Sarkar% P3 13 The 3a' of Tantra% Ananda Marga Publi.ations% Manila% Philippines% *DAA3 Sartre% Gean"Paul and Stuart Cilbert% Translator3 1o /;it and Three Other 0la's% Eintage% New York% 6nternational Edition% *D;B% *DAD3 Segal% Su9anne3 Collision )ith the Infinite% $lue #ove Press% San #iego% -A% *DDB3 Siddharameshwar Mahara23 %&rut La'a ,The 5Stateless State5-. 2iscourses on 52asbodh5 ,Includes !aster Be' to Self <eali$ation-% Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Adh atma 'endra% Mumbai% 6ndia% ()))3 Sloss% 1adha 1a2agopal% Lives in the Shado) )ith 6+ Brishna&urti% $loomsbur Press% ,ondon% *DD*3 Sn der% Stephen and Tina 1asmussen3 0racticing the 6hanas% Shambhala% $oston% MA% ())D3 Solk% Mandi3 The 6o' of 1o Self% Empt $ooks% ,ondon% ())A3 Spira% 1upert3 The Transparenc' of Things4 Conte&plating the 1ature of /;perience% Non"#ualit Press% Salisbur % United 'ingdom% ())A3 Sri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Mahara23 !aster Be' to Self <eali$ation% Sadguru Publishing% ())A3 Sui% -hoa 'ok3 %dvanced 0ranic Healing% Samuel Weiser% 6n.3% York $ea.h% Maine% *DD:3 Su9uki% Shunr u3 Aen !ind. @eginner>s !ind% Weatherhill% New York% *D;)% *DDD3 Swami -hinma ananda3 The Hol' Geeta% -entral -hinma a Mission Trust% Mumbai% 6ndia% *D;)3 Swami Sat.hidananda% The 9oga Sutras of 0atanjali% 6ntegral Yoga Publi.ations% $u.kingham% Eirginia% *D;A% *DA0% *DD)3 Swami Sat ananda Saraswati3 9oga 1idra% Yoga Publi.ation Trust% Munger% 6ndia% ())*% ())D3 Swami Sh am3 :ive* Chuda&ani4 Light of Bno)ledge% Sh am Spa.e% @ttawa% -anada% *D;B3

Swart9% Games3 Ho) to %ttain /nlighten&ent4 the :ision of 1on 2ualit'% Sentient Publi.ations% $oulder% -@% ())D3 Tarthang Tulku3 Hidden !ind of #reedo&% #harma Publishing% $erkele % -A% *DA*3 Tend9in% Xsel3 @uddha in the 0al& of 9our Hand% Shambhala% $oston% MA% *DA;3 Ten9in Wang al 1inpo.he3 The Tibetan 9ogas of 2rea& and Sleep% Snow ,ion Publi.ations% 6tha.a% NY% *DDA3 Terrell% Amber3 Surprised @' Grace% True ,ight Publishing% $oulder% -olorado% *DD;3 Thi.h Nhat Hanh3 Transfor&ation F Healing4 Sutra on the #our /stablish&ents of !indfulness % Paralla7 Press% $erkele % -A% *DD) Thie% Gohn3 Touch for Health% #evorss W -o3% *DA;3 Thompson% $erthold Madhukar3 The Od'sse' of /nlighten&ent4 <are Intervie)s of /nlightened Teachers of Our Ti&e% Wisdom Editions% San 1a!ael% -A% ())+3 Tolle% E.khart3 % 1e) /arth4 %)a*ening to 9our Life>s 0urpose% Plume% New York% ()):3 Trungpa% -hog am3 Cutting Through Spiritual !aterialis&% Shambhala% $oston% MA% *DA;3 Eenkatesananda% Swami3 :asistha>s 9oga% S3U3N3Y3 Press% Alban % NY% *DD+3 Eitvan3 Self !aster' Through !editation% S.hool o! the Natural @rder% $aker% NE% *DA(3 Yonge Ming ur 1inpo.he with Eri. Swanson3 The 6o' of Living% Harmon $ooks% NY% ());3 Eogler% -hristopher3 The 3riter>s 6ourne'4 !'thic Structure for 3riters% Mi.hael Wiese Produ.tions% Studio -it % -A% +rd Ed3% ());3 Wilber% 'en3 Integral Spiritualit'% 6ntegral $ooks% $oston% MA% ())B3 Wolinsk % Stephen3 Quantu& Consciousness% $ramble $ooks% Nor!olk% -T% *DD+3 Yapko% Mi.hael3 Trance)or*4 %n Introduction to the 0ractice of Clinical H'pnosis% $runnerLMa9el Publishers% NY% Se.ond Edition% *DD)3 Faehner% 13 -3 Our Savage God% Sheed and War% New York% *D;03

Meet the Autho!

Meet the Autho!

1ama2i tea.hes Advaita and non"dualit in San #iego% -ali!ornia3 There is a monthl satsang meeting set up via Meetup3.om3 1ama2i?s website is 1ama2i3org3 1ama2i?s !irst awakening was at the age o! *B via 'undalini in a lu.id dream3 Sin.e that time% he has kept a detailed 2ournal o! his spiritual 2ourne 3 1ama2i took the Ilo.al busI to ,@- *)))3 He personall went through man steps slowl and with pre.ision3 This put him in a per!e.t position to provide an a..urate map o! the stages that the spiritual student en.ounters on his 2ourne !rom seeker to reali9ing the Absolute3 1ama2i is the author o! 1000% a groundbreaking guide to the path o! enlightenment and the levels o! .ons.iousness !rom the lowest to the highest3 This uni8ue guide to the evolution o! human .ons.iousness is based on a li!etime o! intuitivel evaluating people3 1ama2i has a natural gi!t !or a..uratel assessing a person?s ,@- or ,evel o! -ons.iousness3 1ama2i also o!!ers a power!ul uni8ue spiritual transmission .alled 1ASA in support o! rapid non"dual awakening3 1ASA is eas and e!!ortless3 All that is asked is that ou be rela7ed and re.eptive3 Nothing else is re8uired3 The best wa to rea.h 1ama2i is via his web site 1ama2i3org3 1ama2i works with students all over the world via email and Sk pe3 He has students in Australia% United 'ingdom% S.otland% Hong 'ong% Singapore% 6ndia% Gapan% 1ussia% -anada and the United States3 The 1ASA transmission in support o! non"dual awakening in.ludes a one hour .onsultation where ou .an ask an 8uestions that ou want3 A!ter our Sk pe 1ASA session with 1ama2i%

ou have a..ess to him via email3 The new dire.tion in ()*0 and be ond !or 1ama2i is delivering 1ASA to groups3 This is the result o! the dis.over that the bene!it is the same3 6t makes no di!!eren.e i! ou get 1ASA one to one or in a group3 Sin.e giving 1ASA to a group enables man more people to bene!it at the same time% it is the ne7t step !or 1ama2i in his mission to deliver the power!ul et gentle spiritual bene!its o! the 1ASA transmission to as man people as possible3 1ASA <1ama2i Advaita Shaktipat Attunement= delivers the Cra.e o! #ivine Mother !or a..elerated spiritual awakening3 Even though this Cra.e or $lessing has the power to 8ui.kl raise our level o! .ons.iousness% it is ver gentle3 Some people shi!t into enlightenment <stabili9ation in a non"dual ,@- above well above B))= immediatel a!ter re.eiving 1ASA3 1ama2i is also the author o! The Spiritual Heart3 6t e7plains the path o! Sel!"in8uir meditation !or the Western seeker and goes into depth about the 6"thought% the Heart on the right% 'undalini and other important !a.tors that 1amana Maharshi talked about but rarel get dis.ussed in the modern non"dualit s.ene3 His one o! a kind meditation guide .alled 1o !ind 1o 0roble& reveals an e!!ortless new wa o! dealing with the mind that embra.es the moment while allowing our natural happiness to emerge in an en2o able !un wa 3 People tired o! repetitive methods will en2o his approa.h3 6t en.ourages the re2uvenating 2o s o! .uriosit % .reativit and inspired Idoing nothing3I 3a*ing =p %s %)areness b 1ama2i emphasi9es the IgapI at the moment o! waking !rom sleep where the Sel! or lu.id aware presen.e is naked3 This opportunit was emphasi9ed b 1amana3 6t is a ke part o! his tea.hings3 #uring the seven ears that 1ama2i studied Eipassana meditation% one o! his $uddhist meditation tea.hers taught him a radi.al sel!"healing s stem developed long ago b a great $uddhist master3 This little"known method applies the power o! the mind dire.tl to a ph si.al% emotional or mental problem !or surprisingl !ast eas power!ul results3 1ama2i delivers a !ull training .ourse in the te.hni8ue in his book Heal 9our @od'. #ree 9our !ind3 1ama2i also o!!ers !ree high energ spiritual musi. at 1ama2iUnit 3.om3 Attuned to non"dual !re8uen.ies% this uni8ue upli!ting musi. is designed to !a.ilitate our enlightenment3 The eight songs are !ree to listen to online3 Man $lessings in the @ne Supreme Sel!% 1AMAG6

1ama2i3org Meetup3.omL1ama2i"Satsang"CroupL <San #iego area meetings= YouTube -hannel4 1ama2i Satsang Email4 advaita!oridiots5gmail3.om 4o nload the Spi!itual Maps of A akening You .an download the spiritual Maps o! Awakening !ound in this book !or !ree online in pd! or 2peg !ormat3 Gust go to 1ama2i3orgLrama2i"booksL3 Su"sc!i"e to the 6!ee LOC Insider 2e slette! Would ou like to get the latest updates in 1ama2i?s ,@- resear.h without waiting !or the ne7t edition o! 1000> The LOC Insider4 /nlighten&ent @' the 1u&bers newsletter o!!ers new ,@- studies o! established and up.oming tea.hers plus insights into non"dual news% media and personalities3 1ama2i replies to reader?s 8uestions and o!!ers !resh insights into spiritual stages3 Cet earl noti.e about events with 1ama2i and the latest developments with the 1ASA Cra.e transmission in support o! non"dual awakening3 To start re.eiving our !ree email newsletter% 2ust send an email with the sub2e.t line I,@6NS6#E1I <in -APS= to advaita!oridiots5gmail3.om3

T)9 C(2492S94 MA1 (6 A&A@92#2>0 6R(M L(C -00 T( L(C 2ote0 <ou can also do nload the Complete Map of A akening fo! f!ee also? GGGAvaila"le fo! 6!ee 4o nload as 146 o! F19> #mageGGG http0HH ?!amaji?o!gH!amaji3"ooksH

The "ook 1000 $I-0 pages% is no availa"le on Ama5on?com in p!int and @indle fo!mats?