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Jul 2009 Notices

05- Maint. Checks/General

05-51-04-210-801 Overspeed inspection

TASK 05-51-16-210-801 Tyre burst insp.
TASK 05-51-18-210-801 Birdstrike / Hailstrike check airframe
TASK 05-51-54-210-801 Flat Spotted Tire Conditional Inspection
TASK 71-00-00-800-802-F00 PB601 Birdstrike check engine

09- Towing&Taxiing
TASK 09-11-00-580-801 Towing of A/C

12- Servicing

12-11-01-650-808 Pressure refueling with INOP refuel valves Manually ops refuel vlvs on rear wing spar
12-11-02-680-801 Fuel Tank Sump Drain Valve - Water Removal/Sampling
FMSM 12-11-06 PB300 Fuel Qty measuring stick procedure FUEL QTY 2/2 maintenance page on EICAS- A/C Position
12-12-01-610-802 Hydr. Reservoir service
12-12-02-610-801-001 Fill the PDOS Pump with Oil
12-13-01-130-801-001 Engine Oil replenishing
12-13-03-600-801 IDG Servicing (Oil Fill)
12-13-04 PB301 APU oil level inspection
12-13-07-600-801 Backup Generator Oil Fill
12-15-04-610-801 Check of the Brake Accumulator Precharge Pressure
12-15-04-610-802 Hydr. brake accu servicing
12-15-08 PB 301 Crew oxygen bottle replacement
12-21-12-640-802 Nose Landing Gear Upper End Components Servicing (LUB)
12-21-12-640-801 Nose Landing Gear Lower End Components Servicing (LUB)
12-22-07-200-801 IDG Oil level check (via MFD or sightglass)

20- Standard Practices (Airframe)

20-11-00-910-801 Standard torque values

21- Aircondition
21-00-00-800-805 Airco supply with ground air source

23- Communications
TASK 23-61-00-000-801 Static discharger removal
TASK 23-61-00-400-801 Static Discharger Installation

24- Electric
24-11-02-000-801 IDG Oil Filter Removal
24-11-02-200-801 IDG Oil Filter Inspection/Check
24-11-02-400-801 IDG Oil Filter Installation
24-25-02-000-801 Backup Generator Oil Filter Removal
24-25-02-200-801 Backup Generator Oil Filter Inspection Check
24-25-01-400-804-001 Backup Generator Installation

25- Equipment/Furnishing
Leg support procedure

26- Fire Protection

27- Flight controls

27-81-00-040-801 Leading Edge Slat Deactivation

29- Hydraulic
TASK 29-11-00-200-804 Main Hydraulic Systems External Leakage Check (LEAK LIMITS)

31- Indicating/Recording Syst.

ADAS disk

32- Landing Gear

32-45-01 PB401 M/W removal/installation 500-550 ftlbs & 200 ftlbs & C/B Tyre press. ind.
32-45-02 PB401 N/W removal/installation 500-550 ftlbs & 200 ftlbs
32-45-03-700-801 Wheels Fast Check (Wheel Installed on the Airplane)
32-45-04-700-801 Tires Inspection
32-45-07 PB401 Brake removal/installation
32-45-07-700-801 Examine the Brakes for Wear
32-45-07-700-802 MLG Brake Fast Check (Wheel Installed on the Airplane) leak>1 drp/min

33- Lights
33-21-03-960-801 Sidewall Light - Lamp Replacement
33-23-00-960-801 Reading Light - Lamp Replacement
33-41-00-960-801 Wing illumination light- lamp replacement P/N: HLX64621
33-42-01-960-801 NLG Ldg light- lamp replacement P/N: Q4559X
33-42-02-960-801 Wing Ldg light- lamp replacement P/N: Q4559X
33-42-03-960-801 Taxi light- lamp replacement P/N: Q4554
33-42-04-960-801 Runway Turnoff Light - Lamp Replacement P/N: 4551
33-43-01-960-801 Forward Position Light - Lamp Replacement P/N: HLX64621
33-43-02-960-801 Rear Position Light - Lamp Replacement P/N: HLX64621
33-43-04-960-801 Tailcone Position Light - Lamp Replacement P/N: HLX64621
33-44-01-960-801 Upper Body Anti-Collision Light (Beacon) - Lamp Replacement
33-44-02-960-801 Lower Body Anti-Collision Light (Beacon)- Lamp Replacement
33-44-03-960-801 Wing Anti-Collision Light (Strobe)- Lamp Replacement
33-44-04-960-801 Tailcone Anti-Collision Light (Strobe) - Lamp Replacement
33-45-00-960-801 Logo Light - Lamp Replacement

34- Navigation
34-21-00-820-801 ADIRU Alignment Push INIT REF;<INDEX;<POS;CLR key;Enter LAT/LONG
35- Oxygen
35-31-00-960-801 portable Oxygen cylinder removal/installation

36- Pneumatic
36-00-00-040-809 (DDG) Preparation - Air Supply and Cabin Pressure Controllers (ASCPC) Inoperative EICAS Status Messages: ASCP PRIMARY CTRL L / R
36-00-00-040-801 (DDG) Preparation - Press. Regulating and Shutoff Systems (PRSOV,PRSOVC) Inop EICAS Status Messages: BLEED PRSOV L / R
36-00-00-040-802 (DDG) Preparation - High Pressure Shutoff Valves (HPSOV) Inoperative EICAS Status Messages: BLEED HPSOV L / R
36-00-00-040-803 (DDG) Preparation - Intermediate Pressure Check Valves (IPCV) Inoperative Procedure to Lock Closed the PRSOV and HPSOV
36-00-00-040-810 (DDG) Preparation - Precoolers Inoperative Associated Eng Bleed Sys is INOP or must be repaired
36-00-00-040-804 (DDG) Preparation - Fan Air Modulation Valves (FAMV) Inoperative EICAS Status Messages: BLEED FAMV L / R
36-00-00-040-805 (DDG) Preparation - L&R Isolation Systems (Vlv and/or Indication) Inop. EICAS Status Messages: BLEED ISLN VALVE L/R
36-00-00-040-808 (DDG) Preparation - Manifold Temp sensing Sys Inop (Eng. Bleed air sys) EICAS Status Messages: BLEED TEMP SENSOR L/R

52- Doors
52-34-00-860-805 Cargo door manual ops Tool: 3/8" ■ ; below 500rpm& 110 inlb; Wind limit: 40 kts

70- Standard Practices (Engine)

70-51-00-910-801-G00 Standard torque values

71- Power Plant General

71-00-00-800-804-G00 Engine operation limits "GE-90"
71-00-00-800-809-G00 Engine start - manual override of starter air vlv
71-71-00-700-802-G00 Fuel or Hydr. LEAK LIMITS drain-ports
71-00-00-200-810-G00 Engine FOD Inspection

72- Engine
72-21-00-200-802-G00 Inspect Fan rotor blades for nicks, dents scratches -(FOD)

78- Reverser
78-31-00-040-804-G00 Thrustreverser deactivation for Maint. C/B P23 & N12 (L&R Pwr Mngmt Pnl)+Hydr. Lockout pin
78-31-00-710-806-G00 Thrustreverser OPS Test (Eng. not operating)

79- Oil
79-00-00-200-806-G00 Engine Oil System Inspection (DMS Sensor Debris)