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Cooperative Learning Lesson Plan Author: Morgan Mannion

Date Created: 4-22-2014

Topic or Unit of Study (Title): Judaism

Grade Level: 9th

Materials: Power point

Summary (and Rationale): I am teaching Judaism in order to allow students an understanding of one of the dominate historical religions. This will grant students a better understanding of current religions.

I. Focus and Review (Establish Prior Knowledge): 20 minutes Ask students what they know about Judaism, establish terms to know, and how Judaism can be compared to other religions.

II. Statement of Instructional Objective(s) and Assessments:

Objectives (content- could include other areas such as technology) When given a lecture on Judaism, students will be able to identify what it is, who the religious leaders were, when it was prominent, where it originated, and why it was historically significant.

Assessments Students will assigned group and roles in that group. They will then pick a topic in Judaism and put together a brief presentation. In this presentation, students should describe why they chose the topic that they chose, why it is important

State the objective: 3 minutes Assessment: 15

III. Teacher Input (Present tasks, information and models): 40 minutes

I will begin by asking the students what they know about Judaism, and what they know about its traditions today. After this, I will proceed to provide students with a list of key terms, and a power point guided lecture on the foundation and history of Judaism, as well as the fundamental points of the religion. IV. Guided Practice (Elicit performance, the student works with guidance): 25 minutes Once the students have the information presented in the power point, I assign each student a group, and a specific position within that group. I will have the groups pick one aspect of Judaism to present on. In the presentation, students will have to explain what they chose, why they chose it, and why they felt it was significant enough to present on.

V. Closure (Plan for maintenance, summary): 5 minutes At the end of my lesson I will ask students why all of the topics that they chose were important to ensure that they have a good grasp on Judaism as a whole. VI. Independent Practice: none/group work

STANDARDS: http://www.corestandards.org/the-standards

Plans for Individual Differences: I would have to have more information about the individuals difference, but if they did not feel comfortable with group work, I could allow for a student to do the presentation on their own, or if they did not feel comfortable with presenting I could have them do a take home work.