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Aaron Lamb Humanities 9:00a.m.

4/25/14 Current Event

I chose to write my current event on the recent unrest in Ukraine. To the normal person it appears that Russia has gone into Ukraine and shut down government buildings, setting up blockades, and taking their military possessions. They have also annexed Crimea, and are adopting it into Russia. I know that there is almost an infinite amount of news coverage, all of which have totally different ideas and viewpoints. With that said I know that I will only really skim the surface of the true problem. I see the Ukrainian struggles as a very hostile and important problem facing the world right now. Arguments over whether or not Russia has a right to annex parts of Ukraine rage, as well as Fears on whether this will lead to the U.S. and Russia getting into another Cold War type situation.

Fox news has done many stories on the Ukrainian crisis, when searching Ukraine on their site you actually get 3,961 stories. Fox has had a pretty solidified view of the crisis in that President Obama has allowed Putin to seize Crimea and ultimately allowing for Putin to do whatever he wants regardless of the United States views. The crisis proves Obama's guilty of misunderstanding the Russians and not being interested in American national security affairs, according to John Bolton. Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld told Fox viewers Obama left a vacuum that Putin is filling, and Steve Doocy complained the president hasn't done much to solve the situation. These viewpoints have ultimately found themselves echoed by many conservatives. This viewpoint of such a weak or innept president is a very distrurbing idea. There seems to be a very pessimistic view, as well as a war is the only option idea that is starting to concern many people in the U.S. NPR, a notably unbiased news source, seems to point out that President Obama doesnt have an easy way to handle any of this. Starting a war with Russia will cost millions of dollars, cost thousands of lives and lead to greater world instability, however doing nothing allows Russia an almost free run of the place. They are also showing that his administration are

taking steps to try and stop it from happening. The Obama administration has been warning that Russia will pay a price for sending troops into Ukraine. And late today, part of that price again to emerge. The Pentagon is calling off joint military exercises and conferences with their Russian counterparts. By doing so the Russians lose an aspect of acceptance by the U.S. NPR also shows that its not only up to The U.S, but to the G8. All the countries in the G8, with the exception of Russia, have announced their suspending preparations for a summit meeting in Sochi this summer. By doing this the G8 is ultimately telling Russia that they are losing their seat as at the table of world powers. The Guardian, a noticeably liberal leaning news source from the United Kingdom, has its own view on the situation. The Guardian warns that this is an important situation, but that it is not the Cold War part two. any western leader, not just President Obama, needs to step back from the immediate instability in eastern Ukraine. This means thinking and reasoning about Ukraine's implications, including those within Russia itself, and devising appropriate long-term narratives and responses that make such conflict both less likely in itself and less likely to have undesirable results. Above all, it means trying to understand Vladimir Putin's Russia. They are

saying that we cannot handle this alone or try to handle this exactly like we did the Cold War, but that we must truly try to reason and understand Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, and ourselves before we act. I see this tying closely to our identity chapter, instead of a singular identity i think that every person and country individually and collectively needs to find itself. Every group involved in this struggle from the U.S. and Russia, to Ukraine, Crimea and the rest of the world, are trying to understand who they are and what their roles are in the world. Is Russias role to be that of a country who annexes any country with a Russian majority? Is it Americas job to intervene on behalf of Ukraine? These questions have no definite answer, and I believe anyone who gives them a simple answer have over simplified the problem. These questions can only be answered by the people of the world as a whole. We will all have to adapt with changes and hold strong to who and what we think we are. I personally believe that the United States has a responsibility to help protect those in need around the world. We have assumed a role of defender and protector, whether that is more fictional than factual is still to see. The United States needs to learn to help without sending troops armed with weapons of destruction. We need to learn that not all situations can or

should be solved with a bullet. As a country that has seen a great deal of hardship as well as glory we need to help those around us to become better. As President Abraham Lincoln asked, Are we not destroying our enemies by making friends of them?