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First of all I would like to thank the almighty Allah because of successful completion of this work. In the same time I would like to express my sincere gratitude and cordial thanks to my reverend teacher and Supervisor Mr. Kartik handra Mondal! Assistant "rofessor! Faculty of #usiness Administration! ASA $niversity #angladesh ! for his constant supervision! moral support! valuable instructions and helpful advice during the course of studies and research work. I would like to thank authority of %ational #ank &td. for giving me the opportunity to callect data from their employee and for their nice co'operation.

(e remember with gratitude my beloved parents and their blessings! which inspired us! grown us confidence and put us a deep concentration to carry on our course work and even reached us at the end with great excellence. I lastly would like to express my appreciation to the ASA University Bangladesh and I eventually grateful to the $niversity and its excellence that works for education encourages me and creates knowledge! as knowledge is power.