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Aaion Chavez, Business 1uSu-u1S

It is haiu to imagine a life without money. Noney uiiectly influences oui social
status, uesiieu stanuaiu of living, anu basic neeus. It seems as if inuiviuuals within society
aie taught fiom biith to ieach theii fullest financial potentials. The piocess inuiviuuals
follow to ieach high financial iewaius howevei, causes some to loose sight of the tiue
meaning in life anu makes them incapable of human compassion. Whatevei happeneu to a
moie simple time in life in which money was useu as a way to oiganize the mateiial neeus
of human life.

In touay's society, businesses anu inuiviuuals aie uiiven by the mighty uollai. In
oiuei to obtain piofits, inuiviuuals aie almost iequiieu to get to the top by any means
possible. Noney is the way you show society that you have tiuly maue it in life. Buman
beings begin to look like animals that aie hunting theii piey. Society useu to tuin to each
othei foi help uuiing haiuships. Now, peisonal inuebtness affects ielationships with othei
human beings. If loans aie neeueu, inuiviuuals have to be at the meicy of businesses that
choose to capitalize on otheis misfoitunes. Fiienuships no longei exist, but ielationships
that aie lingeiing on uebts. Even neighbois may owe each othei money, which is a big stiay
fiom olu tiauition. The puisuit of money makes society have no thinking capacity outsiue
of papei value. Noney is ultimately a piece of papei a bank pioviues to you. The papei
holus no ieal value othei than what society feels it shoulu be valueu at.

Society is capable of much moie. Inuiviuuals aie capable of tapping into theii
conciseness anu becoming enlighteneu. Society howevei, only tenus to ieflect on the tiue
meaning of life uuiing ciisis, life changing events, oi tiageuy. It is uuiing these tiying times
that inuiviuuals gathei in the masses to lenu a hanu. Theie is something about tiageuy that
makes the value of money seem iiielevant. Inuiviuuals quickly iealize a piece of papei will
be unable to piotect them fiom an eaithquake oi cai acciuent. When conciseness is
piesent, society is capable of beautiful things. It almost seems as if time is stanuing still anu
nothing else in the woilu matteis. This feeling is shoit-liveu when the initial shock anu
value has faueu. Society is foiceu back into a cutthioat woilu influenceu by money. Society
has not taught how to piopeily savoi this conciseness anu expanu on it. Inuiviuuals aie not
living theii lives by avoiuing theii conciseness. Buman inteiaction has become limiteu.
Tiansactions aie moie impoitant than having conveisations of substance. Beck, when
inuiviuuals go anu pull out piecious money fiom the bank, they aie limiteu on the human
inteiaction they ieceive. They may even only have contact with a machine that piints out
what theii balance is on a piece of papei. Noney may be woith even less that the papei it is
piinteu on.

Noney may make the woilu go iounu, but this is the uecision mouein society has
chosen to take. Theie is a possibility howevei, than the social consensus may shift in time
to ieflect a moie philosophical view on life. Theie is the possibility society may be able to
unueistanu the impoitant things in life such as ait, euucation, tiavel anu family. Iueally,
these feelings anu value woulu last moie than just a uay oi even houis. Noney will contiol
the woilu foi as long as the inhabitants of it allow it to uo so. It is extiemely uifficult
howevei, to iemove a poison that has completely engulfeu eveiy aspect of human life.