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History Propaganda Poster

Total: 140 marks


Level 1 (50-59%
Knowledge/U nderstand i ng
. Makes use of historically
accurate facts and terms

5 marks
Thinking - chooses an - chooses a - chooses an - choosesf highly
. Uses critical thinking to inappropriate or somewhat
choose an appropriate issue irrelevant issue appropriate issue - gener
. Uses processing skills to - generates - generates mages - generates highly
generate effective ineffective somewhat ,ns effective images
propaganda images and images and effective images and slogans
slogans and slogans -aJ
catchy slogans (design would
be clearly elfective at

blry":-*S 4efr
'10 marks
Communication - communicates - communicates - communicates - communicates for
Communicates for an for an for an for an an app6priate
appropriate audience and inappropriate appropriate appropriate audi/nce and the
cleariy depicts the intended audience and/or audience but the audience and the irltdnded message
message the intended intended intended is very clear and
Makes creative use of the message is not message is not message is clear would be an
conventions of a poster (not cl'early depicted clearly depicted - good use effective p/Wl era
simply cutting and pasting - poster is 'some use of posrer propaglda poster
images and words)
Edited for correct spelling and
rushed and
the conventions
of a poster
- makes a few
- exca*fent use of
pq;{er conventions d&rtt
grammar conventions - makes many : makes some spelling and - makes norl {*,\gtu
spelling and spelling and grammar errors spetting g{
grammar errors grammar errors grar,mF errors
thaNi'{erfere with
15 marks the message
Application - applies the - applies the - applies the
. Applies the proper techniques techniques of techniques of techniques of
of propaganda propaganda with propaganda with propaganda with
r Applies appropriate symbols limited some considerable degree of
(e.9. British flag, not the effectiveness effectiveness effectiveness effectiveness
Canadian flag) - applies some - applies - applies
inappropriate appropriate appropriate approprig{e .

symbols or symbols with symbols with symboJ/with a

applies symbols
with limited
hi$ldegree of
effectiveness M

Qy*A--=l / MU rr{W
u-R 4 y--,{e'*,