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Ludermis Suardi Rasheedah Alexander ENG 112-72 March 04, 2014

Rhetorical Analysis David Steindl-Rast Want to be happy? Be grateful, a TED talks speaker first appeared in June, 2013. In the TED talk, David Steindl convinced the audience to give an inspiration for the reader to be grateful and happy. He used his power to inspire people in a sincere and honest way. He speaks to all the people about the connection between gratefulness and happiness. These TED Talks have the objective to create a gentle power of gratefulness in the audience by approaching his audience in a way that teaches them to be happy and grateful instead of sad. David Steindl starts to explain in his TED talk presentation that people cannot only experience gratefulness by something that is given to them by others freely. He explains that gratefulness is becoming aware that every moment in our life is a moment that is of great value. In addition to that, he talked about how there are people who do not have the opportunity to live life to the fullest or experience life at all, which is why it is a gift to have the opportunity to live the present and be grateful because no one knows if there is ever going to be another day, or moment to live.

As David Steindl said, Opportunity is the gift within every gift, which means that the opportunity can be seen only once, it is important to live and learn moment by moment because it is the key to happiness in life. As he explained, it does not mean that people need to be grateful for the problems in ours society, culture, and personal life. It is to be grateful in the moment for the opportunity to at least be able to take part in it. David Staindl used his experiences in life as a cofounder of gratefulness to catch the readers emotion and to try to make a change in the world by suggesting that to be happy it is important to be grateful about life itself and the opportunities that it always brings. By pointing this out, David Staindl explains that there are many things and moments in life where we can be grateful because in every moment, even in the difficult ones, we have the opportunity to do something about it, we have the opportunity to stand up to it because it is a challenge that will eventually give us the opportunity to learn something from it whether it is a valuable life lesson or a simple idea for the future. Although, he talked about his experiences in Africa. While in Africa, he did not have drinkable water, or light to allow him to do basic needs. By bringing on that point, David expressed how grateful he is for the things that are given to people, but that they take for granted and also that people need a Stop, Look, Go, in their life in order to not rush through life and miss the opportunities that living to the fullest may offer. As David continued, he began to convince the audience to open up their hearts for the opportunities that lie ahead of them and to appreciate what life has offered them in the present and just go with it. In addition to that, people have become aware that it is important to be grateful because it can change the world in immense ways. Gratefulness can change the world and the people in it, to be more grateful instead of violent. By

showing this, David explained to his audience that, to be grateful makes a person act differently to one another, which makes the change in the world. It is clear that people become aware that being grateful transforms the world to a happy and better place to live at. David explained this to convince his audience to contribute to make the world different. The credibility of the ted talks is well described by his honesty tone. Davids way of persuasion in his ted talks may not be one of the best one, but the truth behind his point grabbed the audiences attention correctly and strongly. He showed that life is one of the most valuable things that it was given to us with all the opportunities it may bring, even the difficult ones, for people to stand up and make something out of life. David Steindl convinced the audience that it is important to be grateful because it can change the world in immensely important ways. If you are grateful, you are not fearful, and if you are fearful, you are not violent. By pointing this out, David persuaded the audience that: to act grateful is to share and respect one another which makes the people in the world to be joyful. David just tried to show the audience that it is important to be grateful and make the difference for making the world a better place. By explaining this to the audience David really hoped to catch the attention of the audience and to convince them to contribute and make a change in the world by Stop, Look, and Go. This makes the audience feel involved in the importance that being grateful can have in caring about the world and the needed change that is necessary for people to be happy. In addition to his appeals of logics and emotions, Davids word choices help him convince his audience that it is important to be grateful to be happy. As he explained that how important it is to learn from ups and downs in our life because as we experience it we learn from it and become to be more grateful. Also, when he talked about to live gratefully, he is

talking about experience to become aware that opportunity it is a given moment because we have not earn it, or brought it, so it is important to live every moment with the opportunity it contains. Davids tone is sincere, and honest, just based on the reality of what grateful is and how it may us happy. These word are effective that Davids audience catch how important is to be grateful and how it can change the world. His point convinces the audience that gratefulness make us happy, not happiness makes us grateful. David the points out that people who are willing to make the different to share, respect, and be grateful would help to transform the world to not be a pyramid that would turn upside down. By making this point, David makes his purpose that become became aware that a grateful world is a happy world and by making a change it would transform the world in a better place. To close this, David Steindl has a persuasive ted talks based on the connection between happiness and gratefulness to show his audience the meaning of grateful, how does it work, and how we can live gratefully. David convinces the audience to how they can transform the world trough emotional and logical appeals. The importance to be grateful to be happy and transform the world in a better places to lives.

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