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Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014/15 England

Please read the Guidance Notes carefully before completing this form. Handwritten applications will not be accepted. Applications forms must be complete.

The Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme is to support people who have, or who are going to set up, an organisation for social benefit. We know you may not have everything in place yet. Please try to answer all the questions as fully as possible. If you dont know something enter Not Applicable. Feel free to contact us to ask questions at applications@sse.org.uk or 0207 089 9120.


Please complete fully. We require your date of birth for identity purposes only.

First Name(s):




Your preferred name (if different from above): Your project name or brief description: Home Address: Postcode: Phone (daytime): Email:

Liverpool Literary Society 33 Whitley Crescent WN1 2PP Phone (evening): 07532032690 07532032690
Date of Birth:



Please complete and confirm the following with a YES or NO



If successful in this application, I am committed to developing my project and attending the full SSE Learning Programme, which is a commitment of 14 days. (At least 80% attendance will be required in order for full funding to be released). I understand that any funding I receive will be spent within England and solely for the purposes of supporting the development of my project.



iii) I confirm that this project is:In the planning stages, but ready to start OR Is less than two years old, with income of less that 25,000 per year. iv) I am aged 16 years old or above. v) I am a resident and eligible to work in the UK.


vi) My project has a social or environmental purpose. vii) My project will reinvest the majority of any surplus into the project or for a social or environmental purpose. viii) If my project winds up or closes, any remaining money or assets will be redistributed for social or environmental purposes not to individuals. ix) If my project is working with children or vulnerable adults, I understand that I will need to provide an up to date Criminal records disclosure before a grant is released



You must be able to answer NO to the following questions i) ii) Are you currently declared bankrupt, or under a Debt Relief Order? Are you barred from acting as a company director or charity trustee?

iii) Do you have an unspent conviction for fraud?


3. Have you previously applied to the SSE?


If YES, please give us some details. (Maximum 150 words)

Not applicable.

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My project, Liverpool Literary Society, would exist to organise and promote literary events in and around Liverpool. This will include a whole spectrum of formats, to a whole range of purposes. Events will range from live readings, talks and discussions of poetry and prose, to outreach and educational events, promoting literature, classical and contemporary from local, national and international backgrounds. The society would be for everyone, ranging from experts and students of English, to keen enthusiasts and even school children. A particular aim of the society would be to make literature more accessible and it is a particular ambition of mine to improve local literacy rates. The society would aim to reach out to the local community (particularly in deprived areas) breaking down social stigmas associated with illiteracy, teaching basic reading and writing skills with an aim to improve quality of life through literacy.

5. IS YOUR PROJECT HOSTED BY A LARGER ORGANISATION? If so, please give details. (Maximum 150 words)

Not applicable.

6. HAVE YOU ALREADY SET UP AS AN ORGANISATION? (This refers to your YES specific project, not a larger organisation that might be hosting your project.) If NO you are still eligible to apply just go to question 6 If YES please answer the following questions. i) What is its current legal structure? (For example, Charity, Community Interest Company, Company limited by shares, unincorporated association, etc.)

NO /

Not applicable
ii) What date was it registered or established?

Not applicable

iii) Please upload or email us your governing document. (For example, your constitution or articles) when you submit your application.

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7. WHO WILL BE THE MAIN USERS, BENEFICIARIES OR CUSTOMERS? WILL THEY COME FROM A PARTICULAR AREA OR DISADVANTAGED GROUP? (For example, will your beneficiaries be children with disabilities, older people, people living on a particular estate etc.) (Maximum 100 words)

The aim of the project/ society is to bring literature to all. Primarily the events I would organise and promote will appeal to enthusiasts, however further down the line I would look to take literary events to everyone, including primary and secondary schools but also into the slightly more deprived local areas. It is a particular ambition to ultimately support, interact with and educate adults that are unable or struggle to read and write, this may be with an aim to improve quality of life rather than from a literary point of view.

8. HOW WILL IT ADDRESS THEIR NEEDS? - What products or services will it provide? (Maximum 200 words)

Many of the events that I will run will serve to promote literature within the community. This will be in two main ways; firstly to promote and facilitate the celebration and discussion of literature and secondly to introduce a range of writings to new audiences, inspiring new generations of readers and even creatives. Promoting and organising such events will introduce and connect people of similar interests, hopefully founding the basis of a group who can meet to share and discuss new ideas. The other aspect of the project will be to reach out to people who may not otherwise usually interact with reading on a regular basis. This will include promoting literature to younger people (perhaps through primary and secondary schools) but also to adults, especially with a view to education. The society would aim to teach basic literacy skills to adults who have difficulty reading and writing. This could dramatically improve quality of life for many, without having any literary connotations.


At the core of each event organised by the society is a passion for literature and reading. Through promoting such events I hope to support other people with similar interests, providing a platform for discussion and sharing new ideas. The project will also go further into the community. Encouraging children to read from an early age is key in developing learning techniques and broadening the mind to further studies in any subject, the aim would be to provide a benefit to students and pupils of all ages. The other half of my project would be to provide a benefit in a more directly educational way. Through educational events I would take my project out into more deprived local areas, offering educational courses in areas of reading and writing. Reading and writing are fundamental to social and personal well-being as many studies have shown, men and women with poor literacy skills are least likely to be in full time employment at the age of thirty . The benefit of improving literacy rates, will not only impact the lives of those directly affected, but I believe the whole community.

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10. HOW DO YOU KNOW THERE IS A NEED FOR THIS PROJECT? How have you tested your project ideas out? You may have direct experience of this issue. Is so, tell us more here if you wish. (Maximum 200 words)

I have organised an event similar to one of the type which I would look to organise with the society. This was a live reading and discussion of T.S Eliots The Wasteland I advertised the event through social media and flyers distributed throughout Liverpool. I organised the poem to be performed by an amateur actor and the poem was introduced and discussed by a specialist in 20th century literature from the University of Liverpool. The event was well attended by around thirty people, encompassing a wide demographic from students to teachers of English and general literary enthusiasts, people proved quite responsive, getting involved in discussion which continued after the event had finished. I also obtained formal feedback from the audience by means of a questionnaire, the response was positive, and indicated a strong interest in similar events, people were even keen to suggest particular works which they would like to see discussed. From the evaluation of the event, I also learned that there are few such events taking place in the city, indicating that there may be a demand for more.


I have not formally started or established an organisation. I have organised a single event, from which I obtained positive feedback and an expression of interest in similar events. With funding I would look to make an official society and try to obtain registered charity status.

12. DO YOU HAVE STAFF OR VOLUNTEERS INVOLVED? If so, what roles do they play? (Maximum 100 words)

At the moment I have no formal staff, however the people who have helped me with my previous event have expressed interest in helping out in a similar way again. I have also been in touch with local universities, which may have staff who would be willing to help. Any help that I have recieved has been on a purely voluntary basis.

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I dont currently have a permanent venue for the project. My previous event was hosted by an organisation based in Liverpool, FACT (foundation for art and creative technology) On this occasion I did not have to pay for venue hire. I have also been in touch with local universities inquiring about possible venue hire.

14. IF YOU KNOW, WHAT IS/ARE THE POSTCODES FOR THE MAIN DELIVERY SITES FOR YOUR PROJECT ? (You may not have these yet and you do not need to provide these, but if you do, it will help us find out if you are delivering your services in a disadvantaged community.) To find a postcode this link might be useful: www.royalmail.com/postcode-finder 1.

Not applicable


Not applicable


Not applicable



Not applicable

16. WHAT COMMITTED INCOME, IF ANY, HAVE YOU HAD IN THE LAST TWO YEARS? (Including grants or other funding, trading, sponsorship, loans). If none, please state none. YEAR SOURCE OF INCOME

17. DO YOU HAVE ANY COMPANY OR ANNUAL ACCOUNTS FOR THE LAST YEAR? Not If YES, please upload them with your application. If you dont have these, you are still applicable. eligible to apply. 18. HAVE YOU APPLIED TO ANY OTHER FUNDERS FOR SUPPORT FOR YOUR PROJECT? If so, please provide details. YEAR SOURCE OF INCOME AMOUNT SUCCESSFUL?

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19. HOW DO YOU PLAN TO RAISE FUNDS IN THE FUTURE? (For example, sponsorship, fees, grants, trading etc.) Maximum 100 words

I would invest part of the start-up grant in buying and personalising various items, these may include Liverpool literary society t-shirts and pens, merchandise would also promote and advertise the society. I will continue to apply for grants (although that may not be a sustainable source of income) I will also offer membership at an annual cost (approximately 25 per year) this would entitle members to special privileges, e.g. priority booking and special newsletters about the society. I might consider charging for some events, although not in a way that exclude people (maybe only on a donation basis).

19. There is a Start Up grant of 4,000 as part of this learning programme. This will need to be spent between October 2014 and October 2015. HOW WOULD THIS FUNDING HELP YOU TO DEVELOP YOUR PROJECT? (Maximum 200 words)

There are many ways I would use the funding of the start-up programme, primarily the funding would help to support securing a venue to host the societys events. These events also incur many costs, these include supplying refreshments and paying the expenses of people who have volunteered to help with the events. Promoting events can also be a significant cost, printing flyers and posters as well as advertising, possibly local newspapers and radio. There will be a significant cost encountered in the start-up of the society, firstly a website and logo for the society would to be designed and created. These are important in making the society official and will be key in promoting events. The logo of the society is also very important, I would hope to incorporate the logo on merchandise (another start-up overhead although ultimately a source of income). Logo branded merchandise would also play a role in promoting the society. The grant would vastly extend both the variety of events that could be organised and the range of people that would be able to access the events.

20. WHAT ITEMS DO YOU THINK YOU WOULD SPEND THIS MONEY ON? See Guidance Notes for details of what funding can be spent on. There may be an opportunity to change what you want to spend it on later if you need to, in agreement with the SSE. If you dont know yet, please give an indication of what you might want to spend, or state that you dont know yet. Item Amount () Promotion of Society and events. 500 1 Website design and production 500 2 Running of events 600 3 Merchandise start-up costs 250 4 Staffing costs (expenses and maybe salaries) 200 5 Design of the organisations logo 100 6 2050 total

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21. PLEASE TELL US WHY YOU WANT TO DEVELOP THIS PROJECT? What are your main reasons for setting up or being involved in this project? What motivates you? What led you to this point? (Maximum 200 words)

The driving force behind my motivation is my passion for literature and determination to make a positive impact on the community. The reason I am passionate about literature, is largely because of its versatility, enabling a basis of communication across the ages, facilitating education, art as well as being intrinsic to everyday life. My passion for reading, and listening to the spoken word, is a constant influence on me, indeed I believe that the same goes for each of us, not least in the most literal sense, (we are constantly reading in our every-day lives, from shopping, to working and recreation) but so is reading the way in which we can communicate great ideas, stories and emotions in the most global way. It is these benefits of reading that I want to support in existing literary enthusiasts but also instil in others young and old. Even covering the basics of reading will improve the standard of living for currently illiterate people, making them not only more employable, but more sociable and happier.

22. WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT TO TELL US THAT IS RELEVANT TO YOUR APPLICATION? This might include any activities that you are currently undertaking; previous experience or qualifications that you may have. (Maximum 200 words)

I am currently a first year pharmacy student at Liverpool John Moores University and as such I have had some experience (albeit of a clinical background) of working in deprived areas. I have been quite shocked to see just how many people struggle because of poor literacy skills. I am a motivated individual who wants to make an impact, and I believe that in this way, I can. A long lover of literature I am always looking for new ways to pursue my interest, and meet new people with similar interests, having recently moved to Liverpool as a student, I have not found many events that have given me the opportunity to do this. Of course this does not mean that there is no demand for this, and I believe that there is scope for an organisation that can address both of these issues within the community. My other experience before moving to Liverpool as a student has included voluntary work in my local hospice (Wigan and Leigh), working with patients and their families. I also volunteered with my local theatre group, Wigan Little Theatre.

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From the programme I hope to establish a solid organisation, which will ultimately leave a legacy that will make a difference to everyone across the community. I hope that the programme will provide me with the skill set required to manage and organise each aspect of my role as leader of my project. I understand that these skills will encompass a wide range of financial and managerial aspects, and I look forward to gaining an insight into these areas. I would also value the continuing one to one support offered by working with someone in the banking profession. This type of continued expert advice, I believe, would be beneficial in all aspects of the running of my project, but especially when it comes to managing finances, which is an area I would need particular guidance with. As well as the professional help that I will receive as part of the programme, I would also look forward to meeting other entrepreneurs such as myself. I have always found the sharing of ideas and problems with people in a similar situation to ones self extremely supportive and beneficial.

24. HOW WOULD SOMEONE ELSE DESCRIBE YOU? What three things would they say are your strengths? 1. 2. 3.

Commited Self-motivated Hard-working

1. 2. 3. 4. Have you answered all the questions on the form? If a question doesnt apply to you just write Not applicable. Have you checked that you meet all of the eligibility criteria? Have you remembered to upload or email us your governing document, if you have one? Have you remembered to upload or email us your accounts, if you have them?

Yes Yes n/a n/a

We will reject incomplete and ineligible applications, so please check your form thoroughly. To upload your completed application form, go to www.yourideastartshere.co.uk website and click on Our courses, then select Lloyds Bank Group Social Entrepreneurs Programme.The below list will appear:

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Start Up England Start Up Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Scale Up Choose one of these options, depending on your location. Then under Where do you want to do Your Training? (towards the bottom of the screen) select one of the course locations. Then, on the next page, click on the Start Your Application button, which unlocks the downloadable forms and these Guidance Notes, which you need in order to apply. Once you are ready to upload the completed forms go to the same pages and select the Upload Completed forms button. This takes you to a page for you to provide us your contact details, select your first and (optional) second choice school selection. Then upload the completed forms and submit any other relevant documents (if applicable), as outlined in the Guidance Notes. If your organisation is not yet set up, you do not need to upload anything except your application form. We are asking you to provide your Equal Opportunities details. You are not required to give these and you can select the Opt Out box. However, it is helpful for our future development and marketing that you provide this information, if you can. Once you click on the Submit Your Application button on the bottom of the page, your application will have been sent and an automated message will display on the website. Look out for an automatic email from SSE confirming that your application has been received by us. You may want to check your spam filter for this. Please ensure that you keep a copy of the completed document for your reference.

Thank you for your application -

The Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme is supported by Lloyds Banking Group, the Big Lottery and a number of other local funders. The School for Social Entrepreneurs is a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England & Wales No. 3900741. Charity No. 1085465 Registered Office 2nd Floor, 139 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2HZ

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