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Psalm 119

Part 2

•Psalm of the Saints

•Life’s master lessons
•God’s prime principles for life

Principle #6: Verses 41 – 48

God’s Word is the truth that leads to salvation.

Principle #7: Verses 49 – 56

God’s Word brings comfort and hope when people attack us.

Principle #8: Verses 57 – 64

God’s Word exhorts us to thank Him and trust Him as our portion in life.

Principle #9: Verses 65 – 72

God’s Word assures us that God only has good purposes to accomplish in our lives
through affliction [see Dt. 8:1-5 and Heb. 12:7-11].

Principle #10: Verses 76 – 80

God’s Word equips us to help others who fear the Lord – we can influence each
other for God.

Principle #11: Verses 81 – 88

God’s Word encourages us to be patient and persevere when we are persecuted.

Don’t give up on God – He never gives up on us!