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Brandon M.


C8ILC1IVL: 1o begln a challenglng career as a Clvll Lnglneer ln Lhe geoLechnlcal and/or consLrucLlon managemenL

LDUCA1ICN: 1he ennsy|van|a State Un|vers|ty, unlverslLy ark, A Lxpected Graduat|on: May 2014
Co||ege of Lng|neer|ng
AnLlclpaLed 8achelor of Sclence, Clvll and LnvlronmenLal Lnglneerlng
CumulaLlve CA: 3.32

LkLkILNCL: C|v|| Des|gn So|ut|on Inc., Coraopolls, A Summer 2013
"#$%&# '( )$'** +#,-#%%&
erformed seLLlemenL calculaLlons for landflll expanslon
8evlewed landflll permlL modlflcaLlon submlLLals Lo ennsylvanla ueparLmenL of
LnvlronmenLal roLecLlon (AuL) and Chlo LnvlronmenLal roLecLlon Agency (ChloLA)
AsslsLed CAu englneer wlLh landflll deslgn drawlngs

"#$%&# '( .-%/0 +#,-#%%& Summer 2012
erformed fleld lnspecLlon of geosynLheLlc llner componenLs ln landfllls
MonlLored soll placemenL and operaLed nuclear uenslLy Cauge
AsslsLed wlLh ConsLrucLlon CerLlflcaLlon 8eporLs for landflll consLrucLlon

kennywood ark, WesL Mlfflln, A !""#$!"%%
.110 '#0 2%3%&',% )45%&3-(1& 67898:7899;
! Supervlsed cash handllng lncludlng dally change funds and deposlLs
! repared employee schedules and asslgned dally poslLlons
Relevant Coursework
CE 332: Professionalism, Engineering Economics, and Construction Management
CE 335: Engineering Economics
CE 432: Construction Management
CE 435: Foundation Engineering
CE 439w: Geotechnical and Materials Engineering Capstone

Deans L|st Ia|| 2012-Spr|ng 2013

| kappa h| Iratern|ty, unlverslLy ark, A Ia|| 2012
<='5/'-#>+?%@4$-3% 21'&0
ALLended meeLlngs wlLh lnLerfraLernlLy Councll and alumnl presldenLs
ConducLed chapLer rlLuals and lnlLlaLlon process for new members

ABCD <='-& May 2011-May 2012
Led our organlzaLlon ln fundralslng as parL of Lhe largesL
sLudenL run phllanLhropy ln Lhe world
8alsed over $183,000 ln 2012
AuLoCAu Clvll 3u
MlcrosofL Cfflce