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1 Demonstrate an
understanding of the role of
the Australian Professional
Standards for Teachers in
identifying professional
learning needs.
I will identify my own professional learning needs and seek out ongoing
professional development in areas that allow me to grow and develop in
my own personal professional practices continually. There is evidence of
achieving this standard through the Professional Development Plan
provided separately.
- Emerging: Refer to Professional Development Plan
6.2 Understand the
relevant and appropriate
sources of professional
learning for teachers.
I am committed to being a life long learner from this my professional
development stems. I will continually engage in professional learning and
improve my practice as a teacher. I will do this by reflecting on my practice
through personal and external agents allowing me to gather constructive
feedback to ensure I can strive for improvement and excellence in my
teaching profession. Through out my practical experience I have always
asked questions to clarify knowledge and understanding of topics, this is
something that is so important as a teacher.
6.3 Seek and apply
constructive feedback from
supervisors and teachers to
improve teaching practices.
Engaging with colleagues allowed me to improve my teaching practices
through guided constructive feedback. I believe "keeping a personal
professional journal can be a very rewarding experience in terms of gaining
new insights into your own professional practice" (Tinning, R., McCuaig, L.
& Hunter, L. (2006). p.256). I will continue to keep a personal professional
journal even after I become a qualified teacher as it has allowed me to
reflect accurately and evaluate my performance enabling me to improve
my teaching practice.
6.4 Demonstrate an
understanding of the
rationale for continued
professional learning and
the implications for
improved student learning.
As a professional educator it is paramount that I continue to develop my
teaching practices through professional learning. Throughout my
professional practicum experience I have reflected on each individual
learning experience, daily and weekly to ensure my professional renewal
and ongoing practice was continually being improved and
challenged. Reflection and evaluations from my supervising teachers have
provided me with a professional outside view on my teaching techniques
and strategies. This has allowed me to see the implications of my teaching
and provided me with the opportunity to develop strategies that I can