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1 Understand and apply

the key principles
described in codes of
ethics and conduct for the
teaching profession.
As a professional educator I will endeavour to meet professional ethics and
responsibilities within my own professional development. I will use a combination
of employer codes/policies, other professional codes and the Code of Ethics to
guide my professional conduct and behaviour(QCT, Code of Ethics, 2008).
Throughout my last practical experience I ensured my professional conduct and
behaviour was aligned with and committed to the Code of Ethics as well as the
school policies that were in place for my teaching professional practice. As a
teacher I am committed to the following values which underpin the profession:
Integrity, Dignity, Responsibility, Respect, Justice and Care (QCT, Code of Ethics,
2008). This not only a commitment to the profession values through the Code of
Ethics but also encompassing being punctual, code of dress as well as the presence
I have created within the school setting and relationships I have founded with
children, staff and parents/carers.
7.2 Understand the
relevant legislative,
administrative and
organisational policies
and processes required
for teachers according to
school stage.
I have understood the relevant legislative, administrative and organisational
requirements for teachers according to the school stage. This is an area where I
showed growth in my practical experience and professional development. As my
last prac was my first school based prac experience I have strived to gain as much
experience as possible with relevant, administrative and organisational policies
and process used within the school. I taught lessons based on friendly schools that
were planned and unplanned, demonstrating my flexibility and commitment to
learning and teaching. Refer to Standard 5 for the Final Report where this was
7.3 Understand strategies
for working effectively,
sensitively and
confidentially with
During my last practical experience I was able to implement my own professional
practices to engage parents/carers within the educational environment.

These included but were not limited to:
Weekly Newsletters within the classroom.
Building relationships with parents/cares through assisting with parent-
teacher conferences.
Incidental conversations and interactions with parents coming into the
classroom as well as within the school stage.

7.4 Understand the role of
external professionals and
representatives in
broadening teachers
professional knowledge
and practice.
Engaging with professional teaching networks and broader communities is
essential as a professional educator; I have used different strategies to create
strong positive and supportive partnerships with Colleagues and the broader
community. This is clear in the Referee statement provided as evidence of this

These include but were not limited to:
Attending and actively participating in staff meetings, professional
development day - CTJ, as well as assisting with playground duties.
Community involvement with working with the local parish through
liturgies and year level mass.
I continue to be a part of the wider community by volunteering at the
local Parish teaching Sunday school.