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By: Sarah Severin

Who We Are Exhibition X- It Out

Mrs. Zamarripa-Hicks
April 17, 2014
It is essential that people know about health to use for everyday life. Cancer is a topic
which is needed to be known of to see the perspective of the people with cancer. I selected this
subject since, many people in my family have or had this. Cancer is a rigid obstacle that we need
to get over. Everyone must have compassion and become knowledgeable about treatment,
prevention, and studies about cancer.
There are many different types of therapies for cancer. Alternative and surgery help
cancer be demolished. Alternative therapies were discovered to help stress and the side effects of
cancer. (Cancer, Benowitz pg. 76-77)Questions asked are type, where, how much, did it spread,
and can it spread? (cancercenter.com)Surgery is when you cut out the cancer cells. (Cancer,
Benowitz pg. 64)Immunotherapy is a treatment that builds up to take down cancer.
Immunotherapy makes the immune system stronger which gets the cells moving to attack cancer.
(Cancer, Benowitz pg. 74) Chemotherapy is very powerful. Chemo is giving weeks separate so
cells can recover. (brainpop.com)Chemo kills cancer cells with drugs. (Cancer, Benowitz
pg.67)Radiation therapy and scans are a great way to destroy cancer. Radiation therapy destroys
the cancerous cells with x-ray beams. (Whats up with Tiffanys Dad? pg.22)Intraoperative
Radiation is where you use radiation to make the cancer smaller then, cut it out. (Cancer,
Benowitz pg.73) Doctors need to know where cancer is. You should regularly have a screening
test. (Cancer, Benowitz Profile)We can prevent cancer with MRI, CT, and PET scan.
(brainpop.com)Scans to help to see the cancer places. (Cancer, Benowitz 71)These therapies
assist cancer getting cleared.
Preventing cancer and knowing what causes cancer will limit the chances of having the
problem gone. You should to certain things so you do not get cancer. Inspect yourself if anything
looks strange on your body. (Cancer, Benowitz pg.96) Eat appropriate food to keep a cancer-
causing-free diet. Do eat low fat food, fruit, and vegetables. (Cancer, Benowitz pg.89) To
prevent cancer you should find it early. (medcinenet.com)You should be caution about what you
eat. Try not to eat caramel coloring in brown soft-drinks that may be a carcinogen.
(newyork.cbslocal.com) Do not eat processed meat, soda, microwave popcorn, diet foods, un-
natural sweeteners, farmed fish, and refined flour. (naturalnews.com)Research conflicts that
artificial sweeteners do not cause cancer. (cancer.gov)Many elements cause cancer. You can
prevent cancer by tanning beds and sun lamps. (cancer.org)Cell phones may cause neck and head
tumors from low radiation. (everydayhealth.com)Research conflicts that cell phones dont cause
cancer. (cancer.gov)Cancer is caused by many elements. The main causes of cancer are being
exposed to asbestos and to radon. (cancercenter.com) Carcinogens cause cancer like tobacco,
radioactive waste, and dangerous chemicals. (brainpop.com)Being overweight is a cause of
cancer more than people who dont. (cancer.org)Being knowledge about what causes it will help
you be more caution about, things in your everyday life. You can reduce your risk of cancer by
avoiding sunburns. (nia.nih.gov)Benzene, toxins, genetic complications, and viruses cause
cancer. (PublledHealthnih.gov) Around 5% of all brain tumors are linked to genetic factors
(cancer.net) You should be caution about these bad items.

Studies are important to know the developing information to see what chemicals they use.
We need to know the chemicals they use. Folic acid prevents cancer which in turn strengthens
the immune system. (Cancer, Benowitz)There is a link between cigarette smoking and lung
cancer. (cancer.org)A regular study will take 14 years and 70,000,000 dollars. (Cancer,
Benowitz)You need to know more about what medicine they are doing.Interleukin-2 was thought
to cure cancer but, was found dangerous. (Cancer, Benowitz)Sendai is a study of live intranasal
virus for children. (st.jude.org)Taxol is a new medicine to treat breast cancer. (Cancer, Benowitz)
Cancer is a topic where new studies can save someones life.

Everyone must have sympathy and become well informed about a cure, stoppage, and
scholarships of cancer. People should show support, because cancer could attack anyone and you
would want someone to do the same. Cancer affects a lot of people in the USA. There was
559,650 cancer deaths per day in 2007 in the USA. (brainpop.com)This issue affects a massive
number of people in Houston since, our community is located near the medical center. We can X
it out.