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Date: May 21, 2014 Subject: Dystopia Unit Grade Level: 7th Grade

Lesson 11: A Vision of Something Better Beyond

Students will be able to:
Envision their own favorite memories that they would start transmitting should they
be in The Givers position.
Draw these memories.
Share their memories with a partner.
Choose one memory to elaborate on, turning into play format.
Transmit the chosen memory to the rest of the class through a one minute skit
performed by you and your partner.
Reect upon the following questions through discussion:
What life might look like if your favorite memories were stripped away as soon as
you shared them.
What if you couldnt share your favorite memory with anyone else?
Summative- Students will turn in the script to their minute-skits. They will be
graded on completion and participation.
Formative- Students will be asked to participate in the class discussion. They will
be given a prompt, some time to reect individually, then some time to discuss
as a class.
Formative- At the end of the class period, students will record a one-word reaction
on the board to the discussion we had.
Paper for drawing.
Drawing utensils
Say, Close your eyes and envision one of your favorite memories. Maybe this
memory was something that made you very happy, like a birthday party, or
the birth of a younger sibling, or the time you rst learned to ride your bike.
Maybe this memory was something that happened to you that you had been
looking forward to for a very long time, like the time you got to go to an
amusement park, or the rst time you scored a goal, or a the time you
performed your favorite piece of music in band. Picture how this favorite
memory of your happened.
The Main Event:

To the best of your ability, try to draw the memory you had envisioned.

After drawing the memory, have students partner up and share with a buddy.
Once again, be sure that Aspergers student is paired with someone that will
help and encourage her socially. This should be someone she feels safe
sharing a happy but personal memory with.

After sharing the memories with the partner, have students choose one out of
the 2 that shared to turn into a minute-long skit.

Say Wouldnt it be nice if we could just touch someone and transmit a memory
to them like the Giver does? I suppose, though we dont have that special power,
the next closest thing is performing it in front of your classmates. Give
students time to perform their skits in front of class.

Use the following prompts to open up a discussion on the Vision Jonas has of
something beyond:
o What might life look like if your favorite memories were stripped
away as soon as you shared them?
o What if you couldnt share your favorite memory with anyone else?
o Do you think the Government in The Giver is right in limiting the
people from having too many happy memories of times past?
Have each students record a one-word reaction to the discussion on the
board. This will help me see who was engaged in the lesson, and who is
actually beginning to think more deeply about the novel.
Sponge Activity: If there is additional time at the end, allow time for
students to begin on their reading for next time.
Ch. 13-16 Due Friday