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Lucas Wade

PR Cases and Problems

Case 11-1
Louisiana State University and its emergency communications needs in the wake of
Hurricane Katrina.
Hurricane Katrina struck te Louisiana coast on !u"ust 29t 200# and Louisiana $tate
becomin" te %orst natural disaster te &nited $tates as e'er %itnessed( L$& )ound itsel)
*la+in" ost to $tate and ,ederal disaster res*onse teams( -e L$&P! .Louisiana $tate
&ni'ersit+ /))ice o) Public !))airs0 *rimaril+ )ocused on tree ob1ecti'es2 e))ecti'el+
communicatin" ke+ messa"es to internal and e3ternal audiences4 5mana"in" ne%s- un"r+
*ublic4 and mana"in" communit+ relations4 ser'ices4 and assistance(5 -ou"4 te o'erall "oal
%as to *ut te needs o) umans )irst and )oremost(
6 -e+ created a media command center to ouse and andle all o) te calls comin" in as
%ell as to de)lect )alse in)ormation also comin" in(
6 -e+ im*lemented a 24-our crisis line to el* all dis*laced )amilies4 student4 and
6 &tili7ed L$&8s %ebsite to *ro'ide u* to date in)ormation on resources4 issues4 and
"eneral in)ormation to residents(
6 -e relie) e))orts as a %ole )or te entire cam*ai"n ser'ed to *ro'ide more tan
ade9uate in)ormation4 sa)et+4 and te continuation o) education )or dis*laced students(
6 ,ailed to im*lement social media at all )or students in te surroundin" area a))ected b+
6 $tories citin" L$& e3*erts )ollo%in" te storm %ere onl+ *resented in ne%s*a*ers(
6 -e )acilities L$& o))ered %ere onl+ o))ered )or ei"t da+s4 %en te im*acted %ere in
need lon"er tan tat(
6 -ere %as no crisis PR *lan in te e'ent o) a crisis(
6 :m*lement social media in to te cam*ai"n as it %as becomin" 'er+ *o*ular in 200#(
6 !ir stories o) L$& e3*erts on tele'ision as %ell as ne%s*a*ers becuase tele'ision is te
lar"est medium(
6 ;3tend te number o) da+s tat L$& o))ered its cam*us because te im*acts o) Katrina
lasted muc lon"er(
6 Create a crisis PR *lan in te *ossibilit+ o) teir )acilities bein" dama"ed )rom te storm(