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It is my belief that every student possesses the same ability to learn.

However, my job as a teacher is to

facilitate that learning by guiding the students down a path of self-inquiry. Jean Paiget, a well know
psychologist specializing in child psychology, believes that a comfortable social environment and active
learning is the best way to maximize the potential of each student. So I make it my goal to build
relationships with students so that they are comfortable expressing their feelings and ideas. This is done
by creating an environment in the classroom where everyone and all ideas are respected, decorating the
classroom with relevant items that are relatable to youth, and providing activities that promote inquiry.
In addition to this, I provide hands on instruction that promotes educational discourse throughout the
Ensuring the academic success of students is only one part of being a teacher. We must also ensure that
each student is well equipped to thrive in the real world. This includes being able to present ideas with
clarity, problem solving, and working well with others. Furthermore, we as teachers must ensure that all
content is relevant to the real world, while simultaneously preparing the students to utilize the
aforementioned skills. Truly effective teachers not only attempt this, but succeed in bringing this into
the classroom every day, and for every student in the class.
Different students have different learning styles, as well as different viewpoints on certain issues. An
effective teacher must have a diverse arsenal of tactics and strategies to engage students, and facilitate
their learning. Truly effective teachers are not only knowledgeable about innovative strategies to reach
students of all levels and learning styles, but implement them with every lesson presented. It is my goal
to provide this type of quality instruction to every student, every single day.