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Khachoyan 1

Harout Khachoyan
Professor Vana DerOhanessian
English 144B
2 May 2014
My Reflection on English 114B
My transition from English 114A to 114B felt very natural and smooth. Since I had
the same professor from in me pervious English class, I felt that I have already established
a relationship and that just made things easier for me. In my English 114B class I continued
to develop my writing skills and feel that I am a better writer now. As a class we learned
how to become active readers, making sure we understand the text completely and use our
reading as sources when writing academic essays for class assignments. We have also
learned to use MLA format in our writing, using all the MLA guidelines; citing our work
within our writing and constructing a works cited page, using double-spaced spacing
throughout our work, and using proper grammar and spelling. Personally, I have learned
many things in my English 114B class that will help me in my future classes while attending
college and throughout my life.
From the first essay I had turned in for my English 114B class to my last essays you
can tell there is a difference in my writing structure. I have learned to develop a proper
thesis and grab my readers attention. It is very important to make sure that the thesis you
are presenting is clear and arguable. I have also learned to keep a good flow throughout my
essay and making sure I dont jump off topic without warning my reading first. The
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transition from paragraph to paragraph should be smooth; you dont want to throw off
your reader and lose their attention.
The things I have learned in my English 114B class will help me throughout my
college life. I can use what I have learned in many, if not all the classes I will be taking in the
near future. We have learned basic and advanced skills in writing and have a good
understanding of how to construct academic work. Writing is something that is
incorporated in practically anything, whether it be in the work field, school, or streets
having a good sense of writing skills will definitely give you an advantage. Using what I
have learned in my English 114B class, I plan to produce creditable work for all my future
writing assignments.
Though I have learned many things in my English 114B class, I still feel that there is
still some room for me to improve my writing skills. I feel that sometimes I run on with my
writing and it makes things seem like they are going on forever. I need to focus on the
main points of my writing and make sure I dont bore my readers with run-on paragraphs
and sentences. Another thing I feel I need to work on is that I may use first-person
perspective a bit too much sometimes in my writing. I need to look at things from different
prospective so that the reader can get a good understand of what is going on within the
essay from different viewpoints.
All in all, from my English 114A to my 114B class, I have come pretty far in my
writing skills. Through different reading, visual representations, and critical thinking, I
have learned many things that have made me a better writer. You can tell that there is a
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difference in my writing skills throughout the year. I plan to use this knowledge while I
continue college and throughout my life. Though I have learned many things there is
always room to improve. With the years to come, my writing skills will improve and with
what I have learned in my English 114B class, I know where to start.