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Akash Patel
Dr. Peter Blair
English 1101, 016
8 May 2014
Final Reflection Essay
From four months ago to now, I have improved as a student and as a writer.
English 1101 with Dr. Blair has been a wonderful experience. I have learned many
helpful lessons that would help me become a better writer than I am. I have learned how
to properly brainstorm, draft and finalize essays/papers.
In high school, I struggled with my writing assignments. Most of the papers we
wrote were research papers. Most of the time, I would believe that the assignment was
pointless and boring I would think that my papers had to be constantly changed, making
it harder on me to complete a final draft. In English 1101, the inquiry projects have
helped me brainstorm the way I need to write my drafts. I have realized that
brainstorming helps make it easier to write the paper. Each assignment I had to do was
different from each other. I wrote four different types of essays. Most of the essays were
personal accounts while the last essay was based off on the evidence in the short story.
Out of all of the essays I have written in English 1101 my favorite essay would
have to be the favorite teacher topic. I have learned a lot from that essay. In the beginning
of the semester, I had asset a personal goal to improve my writing habits. The way we
wrote our essays has helped me improve on my writing. The inquiry projects have
helped me tremendously. Usually when I am writing an essay, I do not sit down and think
about what I am going to write about. I usually just go right into the paper. I noticed that
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when I brainstormed the essay/paper I would finish it in half the time than when I would
not brainstorm.
I was not very fond of peer revisions. The revisions gave our peers point of view
but not professors on our essays. Even though I do not like this process, it has helped me
correct some mistakes I have made in the paper. For an example, during my third essay I
made significant mistakes on grammars that I would have not noticed if the essay was not
reviewed by someone else other than me. When I got my final drafts back, they had very
helpful comments that would help me improve the essay. We were given the chance to
revise them for a regrade, which was a good opportunity.
As stated earlier, I believe I have become a better writer when it comes to
brainstorming ideas for content of the essay. Before this course, I had never planned an
essay out to write. I have learned the proper way to brainstorm to write the essays. The
inquiry project is a great example of a way to brainstorm. I am not considering myself as
a good writer yet. I rather consider myself as a writer in training. I have mainly improved
from my previous writing experiences. I am still going to continue to improve to be a
better writer.