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ASSURE Model Instructional Plan

Topic: Cyber Bullying

Grade: Cycle 2, Year 1 (3rd grade)
Teachers: Mirla Cortico, Keisha Lacroes, Ronda Thomas, and Felicia Euson
Subject: Socio-Emotional Development
Lesson Length: 20 mins
Analyze Learners
General Characteristics:
This class is composed of multi-ethnic and heterogeneous groups of 8 and 9 year old
students. Their diverse economic and social status ranges from high to low.

Entry Competencies:
Since cyber bullying is a sub topic, students should have a good understanding on what
is bullying.
Students should be able to use the computer and Internet.
Students should be able to work cooperatively.

Learning Style:
Students are best engaged in activities that are visually appealing. The students level
of interest and motivation increases when they use technology or hands-on materials.
Differences are seen in student learning styles with regard to working with each other.
In order to ensure that the students actually learn, each learning style must be
* Visual / Interactive / & Co-operative Learning
State Objectives
Students will learn what is Cyberbullying.
Students will recognise that cyberbullying is an inappropriate online behaviour.
Students will the cause and effects of cyberbullying.
Students will be provided with strategies to deal with cyberbullying that they
can use as required.
Students will learn descriptive vocabulary related to cyberbullying.

Domain 1: Social Skills
1. The student is equipped and empowered to work in groups
Domain 2: Self-Regulation
2. The student knows how to maintain him or herself mentally, emotionally and
Domain 3: Work Attitude
3. The student knows and applies the prerequisites to approach work
Domain 4: Critical Thinking and Forming Opinions
4. The student understands and applies the basic principles of logical thinking and

1. The student is equipped and empowered to work in group.

2.1(4) Accepts that his or her deeds have consequences that influences the
environment either positively or negatively.
2.1(5) Accepts responsibility for his or her actions

3.1(3) Understands the importance of being reliable and ethical in the classroom.
3.1(4) Demonstrate a sense of responsibility when assigned tasks and manges time

4.1(2) Demonstrate an understanding of cause and effect and can apply it in the
problem solving process
4.1(4) Exercise logical thinking and reasoning while completing task.

Select Media, Materials, and Strategies
A number of different teaching strategies will be used in this lesson. Interactive
learning is an environment that allows students to talk and listen, reflect on content,
solve problems, encourages informal small group simulations, role playing and other

do now activities that requires students to apply what they are learning. Another
strategy will be cooperative learning where students work together to achieve a
common goal of the stages of emotional development and emotional needs.
Last but not least the Integrating Technology strategy will also be used. Today,
educators realize that computer literacy is an important part of a student's education.
Integrating technology into a course curriculum when appropriate is proving to be
valuable for enhancing and extending the learning experience for students.
* Interactive learning : Collaborate to come up with the words to describe the
characters feeling.
Co-operative learning: On google docs / story board each group will share their
descriptive words that the group came up with.

Technology and Media:
Google Doc

Materials selected are:
Worksheets, pencils, laptops, video & projector
Video - You are not alone

Utilize Media, Materials, and Methods
Preview the technology, media and materials
The cyber bullying video is age appropriate for the students. Prepare the technology,
media and materials. To ensure that the laptop and projector are functioning teacher
will set everything up from before. Teacher will test to see if the classroom laptops
computers are functioning and are turned on and ready for the students to use.

Prepare the learning environment
The learning environment consists of a few elements. Students will be seated in a
movie type setting in the center of the classroom to view the video
Students will form small group for their collaboration and interactive learning.

Independent learning for completion of their worksheet.

Prepare the learners
At the beginning of the lesson students will be asked probing questions like who is
familiar with the animated videos called Hectors World.
Teacher will explain for anyone who is not familiar with the resource,that Hector and
his friends live under the sea in Sillicon Deep. They have lots of technology, like
computers and mobile phones, because a cargo ship that was carrying these items sank.
Now they are all learning about how to use these sunken treasures safely.
Students will be told that This episode is about cyberbullying.
Students will be ask if anyone knows what is cyberbullying.
In a short discussion teacher will acquaint student with the term cyberbullying. Points
to cover
- cyberbullying uses technology such as mobile phones and the Internet
- like other forms of bullying, it hurts the feelings of others.
Teacher will explain that in this episode, one of the friends is cyberbullied, and that
they need help to sort out the problem.

Provide the learning experience
The learning experience will occur throughout many different parts of the lesson.
Learning will occur at the beginning of the lesson with a brief discussion on cyber
bullying. The students will then venture in the movie setting to watch the video.
During the video, the teacher will pause the video when the pause button shows on the
screen and ask the students the required questions.

Require Learner Participation
Student practice activities:
Pause point 1: Ask students - How would Ming feel about the altered photo that
made fun of her?
- How would Ming feel about that photo being sent to many other people?
- What could Hector and the friends do to help Ming?
- Why do you think Brook and Bella sent the messages in the first place?

- is it a good joke to play? Why not?
Pause point 2
Ask students what would they suggest Ming do?
Teacher will direct the discussion towards advising a victim of cyberbullying to seek
assistance. Ideally, Ming, being a child should seek help from a parent, or other trusted
Students will collaborate to list at list two words from the video to describe how the
different characters feel onto their scene cards. On Google Docs students will write the
names of their group members, and they will list and share their groups words with
their classmates and teacher.
These words will be used to complete the blanks on the worksheets. The words will
also be used for next weeks spelling test.
I ndependent learning
Students will complete assignment on worksheet using the words shared on Google
Students will create a Wordle with listed words to help them study for next weeks
spelling test.
Evaluate & Revise
Assessment of learner achievement
How students were able to identify cause and effect of the behavior or actions of the
How students approached cooperative learning task.
How characters accepted responsibility for their action.
How students exercised logical thinking and reasoning in discussion.

How students understand the importance of bing reliable and ethical in the classroom
and on the internet.
How the words were chosen to express the charters feeling.
How students followed instructions on sharing their words on Google Docs.

Evaluation of strategies, technology and media
Students will be assessed on participation in discussion
Students will be assessed on time management and completeness of assignment.
Students will be assess on the completeness, and correct spelling of the spelling words
listed on Google Docs.
On organization of introduction of group and appropriate descriptive words and
Students will be assessed on correct word choice for worksheet.
Students will be evaluated on creativity of Worlde.
Teacher will review the cause and effect of cyberbullying
Have students state the strategies learnt to deal with cyberbullying.

Lesson Plan step by step procedure
Within the procedure the red italic text represent where
instruction technology is being used.

1. Teacher will begin the discussion about asking the students if they are familiar
with Hectors World. Students will reply and state what they know (if students do
not know, teacher will give a brief explanation). This will be done in theatre style

2. The teacher will prompt students on what they think is cyber bullying. Teacher
will explain to students that during the video, they will have to pay attention
because the teacher will pause the video 3 times to ask questions. Teacher will then
present the lesson.

3. Teacher will begin by showing the video to students. Direct teaching will take
place here during the various pauses throughout the video. The video will be
projected on a screen.

4. Once the students are finished viewing the video, the teacher will ask students to
form groups of two and write two words that describe the characters feeling on the
screen card.
5. Students will sign on to Google Docs and write the names of group member, the
name of the character on the scene card, and the two words listed which they will
share with their classmates and teach. Students will also write the words listed by
their classmates on their screen cards.
6. Students will then return to their individual sits where they will complete
independent work of filling in the correct word on the blank space of the
7. As a whole group students teacher will recap cause and effects of cyberbullying,
and the strategies learnt to deal with cyberbullying.