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Brynna VanDeberg
Mr. Price
Character Analysis
The most important character trait of Elizabeth Bennett was being judgmental. In chapter
16 Elizabeth is listening to Mr. Wickham tell a story about how Mr. Darcy cheated him out of an
inheritance. Elizabeth chooses to believe the good looking Wickham without asking for proof
and starts to insult Mr. Darcy repeatedly based on the accusation. This trait of Elizabeth causes
her to misunderstand certain events with Mr. Darcy and instead of seeing his good deeds she is
blinded by her own prejudice of him and sees him as a horrible man. Viewing Mr. Darcy with
her harsh judgment she refuses his proposal to marriage. It was easy for Elizabeth Bennett to
judge others before getting to know them because she didnt even realize she was doing it. She
never considered that her view on someones character could be wrong until she was proved
mistaken. She was very displeased with herself when she realized what she had done and ended
up maturing and changing her judgmental ways.