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Artifact Reflection

University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Title of Experience/Artifact: Platteville Recreation-Introduction to Sports (ages 3-4)
Date Experience Completed: Spring Semester 2014
The artifact I have presented is a lesson plan that I use to teach Introduction to Sports for children ages
3-4 years old. I helped out once with my friends who work for Platteville Recreation that teach different
sports to keep the children active and having fun. My artifact is a lesson plan of us teaching the
children (clients) basketball. Each activity is a different drill for the kids to learn, but in fun games to
keep the children entertained since they are such a young age.
UW-Platteville Health Promotion Standard Alignment
I think that my artifact best aligns with standard 1, Advocacy. The health promoter understands,
responds to, and interacts with larger political, social, economic, legal, and cultural context that affects
health promotions. I think this fits with my artifact because Im using the knowledge I have of playing
and coaching basketball, and constructing a lesson plan for younger children so they are staying
physically active. I am effectively interacting with these young clients and educating them that being
active and doing activities like Introduction to Sports is important for keeping a healthy lifestyle (even at
a young age). It sets dynamics for the children for their future athleticism and overall health.
Health and Physical Educations Knowledge, Skill, Disposition Statement Alignment
KS3.c. ENGAGES CLIENTS IN LEARNING, The candidate has the ability to engage clients in the learning
process by linking appropriate content, based upon suitable instructional materials and resources, to
students knowledge and experience, being certain that all clients are cognitively engaged in the
activities/assignments and that the students actively contribute to the content design. Instruction is
highly coherent and appropriately paced for all clients and allows for reflection and closure as
What you learned about teaching/learning from this experience:
What I learned from teaching this experience, it is a lot different than training an older client. I still think
it is very important to have interaction and entertain such a young age because they are learning the
basics of not just basketball, but also basics of staying physically active. Instead of going home and
playing video games or watching TV, these children are getting physical activity into their everyday lives
by me teaching them how to play a new sport. It may be a little more difficult trying to teach a group of
toddlers, but just the fact that they are willing to play is what is important to me.
What you learned about yourself as a prospective educator as a result of this experience/artifact:
What I learned about myself as a prospective educator is that I can educate health and physical activity
to any age group. It is obviously going to be more challenging teaching a young group of clients rather
than training an older client. As long as I can keep any age active, healthy and willing to do something
that is important to me.