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You have found a Web site to consider using in developing a unit of study. How do you determine if it
fits your needs? (Remember to save it as a Bookmark or Favorite before you lose it!). Start by jotting down
some notes about your first impression.
Is it student-friendly? Appropriate reading and interest level?
Is it related to your unit of study and important to the body of knowledge students are researching?
Does the screen load in a reasonable amount of time?
If it is important to you, is the site free of advertisement banners and pop-ups?
Do most of the links you try work?
Do you feel comfortable and confident getting around the site?
If you've answered no - look elsewhere. The Internet is loaded with student-friendly, information-packed
sites. You may not want to deal with slow-loading sites. Other sites may be easier for students to navigate
because they include site maps on the home page. Banner advertisements may confuse and distract your
students. Continue your search to find a site that works for you and your students.
If you've answered yes, then the site has made a good first impression. Spend some time at the site to deter-
mine the following:
Site URL: _____________________________________________________________
Site Title: ______________________________________________________________
What did you find useful about this site? _____________________________________
Does the data appear to be up to date and correct? __Yes __No __Cant tell
Are there any links that may get students lost or confused? __Yes __No __Maybe
Must students log in or use a password? __Yes __No __Cant tell
Will they be asked any personal information? __Yes __No __Cant tell

It is not student-friendly. It has interesting topics but it is overwhelming. The design is very unappealing and dis-
organized. It loads well, but the information is overwhelming. It has too many unnecessary images. Not a good site!
Best Languages Websites
This site has many links to other sites, but it
doesn't have a cohesiveness or structure. I don't know where to begin.


Now you need to think about your essential question, and your curriculum standards, benchmarks, and ob-
jectives. How can this site enrich your students' learning experience? Being prepared for an Internet session
for students requires time. Spend at least two sessions exploring the site to understand its operation, and to
be assured of its reliability and validity. If you have planned an online activity, go through all the steps
yourself to mark the way for your students.
Unit of study to connect with: ___________________________________________________________
Subject/s to incorporate: ________________________________________________________________
Specific skills to tie in with this link: ______________________________________________________
Specific outcome of visiting this site:______________________________________________________
Curriculum Standard/Benchmarks//Objectives: _______________________________________________
How long must you take to introduce the site? ________________________________________________
How will students work? __Independently __Paired __Small group __Whole class
How many sessions or visits to the site do you anticipate scheduling? _____________________________
Will you need the lab or can the session be conducted in the classroom? ___________________________
What is the backup plan if the Internet connection fails? ________________________________________
What is the extension activity for advanced students? __________________________________________
I could connect it to the Spanish Language since it is a language site.
It has various languages, but the links are not all relevant
Appreciation of different cultures
I would like for the students to look up the connections and differences
in languages, but this site will mislead them and confuse them.
My objective is for my students to become tolerant
and accepting of other languages, cultures and customs.
It would take much too long to understand this site.

I would not have any sessions.
I would need a lab (at home or lib)
I would rather use my back up plan than this site. I
would bring different tangibles of various cultures and ask my students if they know the use of these tangibles.
Advanced students would try to find a link that takes
them to an actual good site and present their findings. Perhaps they will tell me why this site is not a good site.
Not every outcome of a lesson can be anticipated. Was there a missing element to your planning that you
should note? Did things turn out better than expected? Note any observations and be willing to share any
positive or negative feedback with your colleagues.
2002 Kathleen Schrock (kathy@kathyschrock.net). All rights reserved.
Originally created by Catherine Jolicoeur
Adapted with permission from:
I would not want to use this site in any circumstance because it is a horrible site. Even though it claims to have the
best language websites, it is very misleading. Some of the links do not make sense and do not take you to the
authentic and academic sites. It looks like it is a joke website to frustrate the navigator. If I presented this site to my
students, it would be a complete nightmare.
The site is not user friendly and the template is unprofessional. It does not have current authentic information. Even
though there are no pop-ups the whole site seems like a pop up itself. The images are very juvenile even though
it tries to make it a cultural melting pot. The position of of the headings and the esthetics are very bad.
The titles are placed in odd spaces and the some images are too big or too small. It seems like a word jungle.
There are way too many colors that distract the eye. It is hard to process the information the way that it is presented
Students would feel frustrated and overwhelmed by this site. No way would I use this site. It is very bad.