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Community Problem Report 1

Running head: Community Problem Report

Community Problem Report: Immigration
Ana Isabella Garcia
University of Texas at El Paso

Community Problem Report 2

Tough-But-Fair Rules for Tomorrow's Illegal Immigrants. (2005). Business Week, (3943), 96.
One important fact about immigration is that, not even the U.S citizen have impact in
their economy and society in the country, the immigrants do not have a good impact in
the society. The government has given the many opportunities, but the true is that to be
able to work they need a lot of requirements and if they do not have it they need to go to
Mexico. The green card can help the immigrants but they need the help to. Even more
than one of the immigrants are illegal in the country, there are many that have a permit to
be here and work, to those people are that the government need to help, because they can
see that they are there to work and that let them work can help the in their economy and
giving them the change to send money to give to their families in Mexico or even in the
United States.
Killing the American Dream: How Anti-Immigration Extremists Are Destroying the
Nation.(2012). Publishers Weekly, 259 (27), 56.
Marrero A. a journalist of the magazine la opinion have a serious way of thinking. In
the article says that like the immigrants have the opportunity to work in the United States
the American citizen too, the arrival of many immigrants in the country has race the
economy of the country by working hard, studying to be able to have another life style
and contribute with the growth of nation. Even people think that this people are here to
take their opportunities, they dont realize that they are providing something good to the
future of the United States.

Community Problem Report 3

Helyar, J. (2000). The new American dream?. Money, 29 (4), 128.
The impact that immigrants have in the U.S is amazing even many people risk many this
to come, mostly of the time the American Dream is a dream come true but in other
times is otherwise. Many young people see them selfs working, having a family, friends
and another life style. But coming to the country can have terrible moments to. Mark
Sang Yoon, Yuzef Liberzon and Jamishid Havash are people that die searching for their
American dream but unfortunately those dreams ended only by dreams. The impact that
immigrants have is that they come here with a goal and not always you keep in the same
direction, because? Because life changes and the decisions that other person make can
mess up with the plans of living a new life.
Hayward, S. F. (2013). The Shining City of Exceptional Immigrants. Forbes, 192 (8), 34.
The American citizen have a bad expectation of an immigrants working and coming to
the United States. But many people do not know that when the immigrants come they
have the same or even more expectations of grow, be independent, be free and find other
way of living different and much better than the one that they had in their native
countries. The government need to help this people and open their eyes to new things to
new opportunities, because they do not know when they will pass for the same thing that
the others are living on.
Marrow Helen B. (2013 Dec 6) New Destination Dreaming Retrieved from
Community Problem Report 4

The United States have a big impact in the growth of the rural places, like Chicago, Los
Angeles and New York. This cities shine because people know that there they can find
better opportunities, the influence that immigrants have is very good, because they work
hard, but one thing that affects is that many people do not want to go to the rural places
and stay like they are, the government what to help this people by giving them the chance
to go to this places and do not be excluded from the other people and be able to form a
big new community.
American Immigration council (2012 October), Who and Where The Dreamers
The Obama government had help a lot the immigrants, many immigrants in their arrival
to the country they bring their children or have their children in the U.S, but mostly of the
time this kids are not registered as a American citizen, the deferred action is an
organization that helps this people. Even you are not a citizen you can prove that you
have the priorities to be accepted here, by working many years, going to school and prove
that as an immigrant or a children of an immigrants they have rights.

Depillis Lydia (May 6 at 8:25 am) Immigration helps American workers: The definitive
As an American citizen people have a lot of rights like a free of speech, be able to have a
life insurance, a work that will provide the money that people need to survive and take to
Community Problem Report 5

their homes. Americans have given a lot of job opportunities, and by that they hire the
immigrants because they will work by paying them less money that a citizen will work
for. Thank to that the economy in the U.S has risen in a very good way, giving more job
opportunities to a citizen and a immigrant.