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To Whom It May Concern:

My interest in anesthesia dates back to the summer following my freshman year of high
school when I participated in the North Louisiana A!"C of a #ummer program$ A!"C of a
#ummer introduced me to the health care industry% allowed me to participate in &'' hours of
community ser(ice% and permitted (arious e)periences with Certified *egistered Nurse
Anesthetists +C*NAs,$ -ecause of my in(ol(ement in this program% at a young age% I
immediately recogni.ed the importance of selecting a fulfilling career that allowed continuous
learning and fre/uent challenges% while e)ploiting my intellect$
As a high school student% I enrolled and achie(ed perfect grades in upper le(el math and
chemistry courses$ #ubse/uently% I began my undergraduate degree in Nursing at the 0ni(ersity
of Louisiana at Monroe$ As a nursing student at the 0ni(ersity of Louisiana at Monroe% my
fer(ent dri(e to succeed continued$ I enrolled in an optional Adult Intensi(e Care 0nit +IC0,
course to ad(ance my knowledge base and spent many (oluntary hours in the operating room
shadowing C*NAs$ While in college% I also grasped e(ery opportunity to educate myself on all
nursing careers% only to find each e)perience led me back to my initial aspiration of becoming a
C*NA$ After four challenging and educational years in nursing school% I earned the rank of
1aledictorian$ In addition% the nursing professors at the 0ni(ersity of Louisiana at Monroe
honorably selected me as the 23utstanding #tudent4 in my class$
After becoming a baccalaureate prepared nurse% I sought out a position in an adult IC0$ I
identified the IC0 as the most challenging setting% as it allowed countless opportunities to learn$
5ostgraduation% I practiced as a *egistered Nurse in a #urgical IC0 in Louisiana$ I faced many
challenges and gained much knowledge6 howe(er% I always found myself aspiring to accomplish
more$ At that point in my career% I mo(ed to the 7ansas City area where I obtained employment
in the Neurosurgical +N#, Le(el 3ne Trauma IC0 at #aint Luke8s Medical Center$ This position
continues to challenge me on a daily basis$ Working with an array of neurological% surgical% and
trauma patients has permitted me to utili.e and ad(ance my critical thinking skills to proacti(ely
define ob(ious and subtle changes in each patient% which enhances my nursing 9udgment and my
patient8s care$
I am e)ceedingly aware of the superb reputation achie(ed by 7ansas 0ni(ersity and its
Masters of #cience in Nurse Anesthesia program$ While discussing 7ansas 0ni(ersity8s C*NA
program with current students% my interest in attending your uni(ersity to achie(e my lifelong
dream of becoming a C*NA% deepens$ I possess countless characteristics that promote success6 I
am highly moti(ated% diligent% thorough% and% most importantly% possess a remarkable work ethic$
I am acutely cogni.ant that this degree% like all of my pre(ious mentioned accomplishments% will
be a challenge$ Nonetheless% if gi(en the honor of acceptance into your degree program% I am
prepared to wholly dedicate my time and effort to achie(ing my goal of becoming a C*NA$
"mily Anne Co(ington