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Artist Statement

1. Why do you create are and what does it mean to you?

Art applies what seems to be random objects and sticks them together in a random hodge
podge into something beautiful.
2. How does the creation of art make you feel? What emotions do you wish to convey?
Creating art makes me feel like Im making a stamp on history. I hope to show all emotions I
hope to convey through my pictures.
3. What inspires you? How are your inspirations expressed in your work?
There are many things that inspire me, it just depends on the day or what scenery Im around.
Usually, whatever is around me becomes the subject of my photographs.
4. What message are you trying to convey to the viewer?
Im trying to show that whoever is looking at my photos, that I can convey whatever I want to if
I put my mind to it.
5. How much time is spent creating your pieces?
The time spent on making my pieces look the way I want them to depends on the project Im
working on.
6. How is your work a reflection of you?
My work takes my personality and puts it into pictures.
7. What artists (living or dead) have influenced you?
Both Peter Jackson and Van Gogh have influence me in different ways.

8. What is your vision for your artwork?
The way my artwork is perceived is the way it looks in the photograph. It doesnt have to mean
anything, besides it looking nice.
9. What are your goals for the future?
My future goals all depend on how I do during college.
10. What are you techniques and style and how do these relate to the medium?
I usually like to use the rule of thirds and a shallow depth of field for my photos.
11. How do your techniques and style relate to your vision?
The style in which I take my pictures are appealing to the eye and therefore appreciable.
12. Other important things about yourself:
Im a very dedicated person and to my work. Whatever I shoot for, I wont give up until that
goal is achieved.

Depending on whats available for me to take pictures of, my photos vary from day to day. But
the main reason I take these pictures is for simple enjoyment. I dont do it because I have to, nor for the
monetary gain. The goals I have for my pictures are for one day to be published in a magazine or be
known for their style.
For my pictures, I tend to use my surroundings to influence what the subject of my photos will
be. I like to take pictures of books and different types of textures in a close-up photo with a shallow
depth of field, so the main focus of the picture is obvious. It catches the eye and draws it towards the
subject of the photo.
My current work is much like my previous work except for the fact that it is much more
improved. Ive worked hard to improve my picture taking skills and to make sure the technique Ive
used works with the photo Ive taken. Im attempting to make my photos work with the instructions
Ive been given and opportunities that I have seen from my perspective.