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Kenyas Bold Newspaper
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
No. 29592
KSh60/00 TSh1,500/00 USh2,700/00
Blame game renewed; Battlelines redrawn
Online applications open for university admissions, P.8
12 police ofcers killed in Mandera, P.32
SEE STORIES ON PAGES 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7
Leading LSK to press for
removal of the AG and
prosecution by EACC for
allegedly outing the
Constitution by putting up
weak defence.
Accuses AG of not defending
country on grounds that
there was bribery.
He is putting up his biggest
ght to defend his position
after Uhuru warned he
must up our game. LSK
accuses him of bungling
Kenyas legal defence and
wants him prosecuted,
while CORD has also put
him on the spot.
The battle by Kenyan
lawyers to stop Treasury
from paying the two
companies has moved to
the Court of Appeal. LSK
argues a judgement that
forces the people of Kenya
to pay for corrupt deals is
contrary to public policy.
On the radar of inquiries
into how Kenyas defence
was sabotaged during
his tenure as Chief Legal
Advisor to President. He
complicated his situation
by declaring the contracts
legally binding.
He is the lead articulator of
Government policies and
programmes in National
Assembly and, having
whipped Jubilee MPs to
defend the decision to
pay Anglo Leasings Sh1.4
billion, his next duty to
President is to keep CORD in
check in House.
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Damned if he pays, damned
if he doesnt. Agony of
defending Sh1.4 billion
payments for contracts
he described as a scam in
2006 as Leader of Ofcial
Opposition. Sh174 billion
Sovereign Bond at stake if
Anglo Leasing ghosts are
not paid off.
TNA accuses him of signing
the deal involving First
Mercantile and Universal
Satspace in July 2002 when
he served as Transport
minister. But UDF leader
tells TNA off for ogging
a dead horse and peddling
bogus rumours.
His CORD team has
opposed the payments,
claiming ofcials have cut
CORD threatens to lead
mass action to block the
payments and condemn
general corruption
and tribalism in public
President Uhuru Kenyatta
Amos Wako
Aden Duale
Githu Muigai
Musalia Mudavadi
Willy Mutunga
Raila Odinga
Eric Mutua
The battle by Kenyan lawyers to
stop Treasury from paying two com-
panies involved in the Anglo Leasing
scandal has found its way to the Court
of Appeal.
The move comes days after Presi-
dent Uhuru Kenyatta directed Trea-
sury to pay the cash. The Law Society
of Kenya (LSK) wants the court to stop
Treasury from making any payments
because doing so would interfere with
the enjoyment of economic and social
freedom and rights of Kenyans.
LSK has faulted a judgement en-
tered against the Government of Ke-
nya by a London court last year.
A judgement that forces the peo-
ple of Kenya to pay for corrupt deals
is contrary to public policy, said LSK
lawyer James Mwamu.
LSK lodged an appeal against a
decision by the High Court declining
to temporarily halt payments until
their case is heard and determined.
LSK is contesting a decision by
Justice David Majanja declining to
stop Treasury from initiating a process
that will result in payment of Sh1.4
billion to First Mercantile Securities
Corporation and Universal
The society is opposed to the Gov-
ernment making any payments be-
cause the contracts were based on
questionable deals and were tainted
with corruption.
LSK says it has led the case in
pursuit of public interest to protect
the taxpayer from meeting expenses
for corrupt deals.
LSK argues that the proceedings in
the London Court were conducted in
a manner that suggests there was no
natural justice and the Kenyan Gov-
ernment was not given a chance to
argue its case.
The society rst moved to court on
May 5 seeking interim orders against
Finance Cabinet Secretary Henry Rot-
ich and the Attorney General. Justice
Majanja declined to issue conserva-
tory orders stopping the payments,
saying the payments were not likely to
be made soon.
Following the decision, LSK made
a second urgent application last
Thursday, seeking orders to halt any
payments. It also sought to be al-
lowed by the High Court to move to
the Court of Appeal.
LSK wants to appeal against a de-
cision by judge Majanja declining to
issue temporary orders stopping the
The Law Society of Kenya (LSK)
has now taken its ght with Attorney
General Githu Muigai to Parliament
over the multi-billion shilling Anglo
Leasing scandal.
The lawyers body has petitioned
the National Assembly to start the
process of removing the AG from of-
ce over alleged violation of his con-
stitutional mandate in regard to the
handling of cases against the Kenyan
Government in the United Kingdom.
In the petition signed by the chair-
man Eric Mutua (pictured) and secre-
tary Apollo Mboya, the LSK asked the
National Assembly to advise President
Uhuru Kenyatta to initiate the process
of removing the Prof Muigai.
The AG is on the spot over the han-
dling of a case between the Govern-
ment and the Universal Satspace
(North America) LLC led in London
and another with First Mercantile
Securities Corporation in Switzer-
The process of removing an AG
may, however, raise a legal debate due
to a gap in the law. Article 132 (2) pro-
vides that the President may dismiss
the AG in accordance with Article 156.
However, Article 156 does not men-
tion anything about the removal of
the AG. It establishes the ofce, spells
out the qualications and the man-
Lawyers body wants
National Assembly to
advise the President
to re the AG over
handling of cases
LSK petitions Parliament to remove
Page 2 / NATIONAL NEWS Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
The Law Society of Kenya
wants the National Assembly
to institute proceeding towards
the removal of Attorney General
Githu Muigai from ofce
The process of removing an AG
may, however, raise a legal de-
bate due to a gap in the law be-
cause articles 132 (2)and 156 are
not in harmony
Lawyers move to court of Appeal after
judge throws petition on payments out
plication partly read.
The lawyers body pointed out that
the AG failed to instruct a competent
advocate with expertise in complex
commercial litigation matters to rep-
resent Kenya in the London court.
LSK also criticised the AG for in-
structing the Solicitor General Njee
Muturi to represent Kenya in the case,
knowing that he did not have a license
to practice law in England and
Effectively the Government did
not have legal representation and the
proceedings in the court are a nullity,
the application read in part.
The LSK claims prof Muigai failed
to advance the defence of corruption
and bribery in the case, saying he in-
stead recorded consent to take the
matter for mediation and subse-
quently entered into a consent to pay
$7.6 million (about Sh666.9 million as
per current exchange rates).
This was despite the fact that re-
ports by the Ethics and Anti-Corrup-
tion Commission, the Public Accounts
Committee, PricewaterhouseCoopers
and the Auditor General indicated the
contracts were procured through cor-
The AG failed to appeal against the
court decision of December 20 last
year even with an avenue to do so, the
society argued in the petition sent to
the Clerk of the National Assembly.
LSK claims the AG gave the Gov-
ernment unconstitutional, illegal,
fraudulent and unprofessional legal
opinion that the government had no
other option than to pay the company.
The LSK said though President Uhuru
Kenyatta had reprimanded the Ofce
of the AG over the manner in which
the cases were handled, no disciplin-
ary action was taken.
Forex Ksh Line Ministry Treasury
1 Forensic Sciences Laboratory for CID 16 Aug. 2001 $54.6 4,095 L-Mrs Ludmilla Katuschenko Z. K. A. Cheruiyot PSI M. Mwacho
Export Supplier Internal Security PS/Treasury
2 Security Vehicles for Kenya Police 16 Aug 2001 $90.0 6,750 David Dunkley for Lessor and Z. K. A. Cheruiyot PS M. Mwacho
(Silverson Established) InderSingh Brar for Export / Internal Security PS/Treasury
3 Kenya Police. Law & Order (E-Cops) 19 Nov 2003 58,7 5,224 Bradley Birkenfeld, Director, Dave Mwangi Joseph Magari
/lnfotalent Infotalent Ltd PSI Internal Security PS/Treasury .
4 Immigration Security & Document 4 Dec 2003 31.9 2,839 Colin Flynn on behalf of Anglo Slyvester Mwaliko Joseph Magari
Control System (ISDC) Leasing & Finance Ltd -PS/ Vice-President's PS/Treasury
& Ministry of Home Affairs . Ofce
Sub-total 18,908
5 Kenya Prisons Security & 30 Oct 1997 $24.6 1,845 Andrew Macgill on behalf Mosses Abudo; Simeon Lesrima
Telecommunication - Project Phase I of LBA Systems Ltd PSI Home Affairs and PS /Treasury 6
National Heritage
6 Kenya Police Airwing Support 8 June 1998. $36.0 2,700 Brian Mills for Sound Day Z. K: A. Cheruiyot M. Chemengich
Project I Corp. and J. Manshing for PS/Internal Security PS /Treasury
Apex Finance Corporation
7 Kenya Police: Supply of 9 April 2002 $30.0 2,250 Brian Mills for Sound Day Z. K. A. Cheruiyot S. K. Bundotich
Security Equipment Addendum 2 Corporation PS/ Internal Security Financial Secretary
Sub-total 6,795
8 Kenya Police: Supply of Security. 14 June 2002 31.8 2,385 Brian Mills on behalf of Sound Z. K. A. Cheruiyot S. K. Bundotich
Equipment Addendum 3 Day Corporation PS Internal Security Financial Secretary
9 Kenya Police Aiming Support 12 July 2002 $12.8 960 J. Manshing for Apex. Z. K. A. Cheruiyot S. K. Bundotich
Project Finance Corporation PS Internal Security Financial Secretary
10 National Early Warning
Security System (NEWSS) for 12 July 2002 $35.0 2,625 Andy Macgill on behalf of LBA Sammy Kyungu S. K. Bundotich
Meteorological Department PS, Transport Financial Secretary
and Communications
11 Kenya Prisons Security 19 Nov 2002 29.7 2,643 Andrew Macgill on behalf Ali. Koran & PSI S. K. Bundotich
and telecommunication of. LBA Home Affairs and Financial Secretary
Project Phase 2 . National Heritage
12 Multi-Channel Security 29 May 2003 49.7 4,423 Dave Doyle for Globotel Dave Mwangi- Joseph Magari
Telecommunication System and David Dunkley- for PS Internal Security PS/Treasury
for Administration Police Midland Finance Ltd.
13 Modernization of Police Equipment 17 Dec 2003 40.0 3,569 Brian Mills on behalf of Dave Mwangi Joseph Magari
and Accessories both Sound Day and PSI Internal Security PS/Treasury
Apex Corporation
Sub-total 16,605
14 Broadband Network PCK. VSAT 11 Jul 2002 $11.8 885 Michael Allan on behalf of Sammy Kyungu S K. Bundotich
Equipment / Fir-StMercantile Spacenet Inc, the supplier PSI Transport and Financial Secretary
Securities Corporation (FMSC) and A Gusman for First Communication
Mercantile Securities Corp
15 Bandwidth Spectrum and 11 July, 2002 $28.1 2,108 AvramZivTal, on behalf Sammy Kyungu S. K. Bundotich
Network Operation/ of UniVerSal Satspace PS/Transport and Financial Secretary
Universal Satspace (USS) Communication
16 Project Nexus (Defence 19 Nov, 2002 36.9 3,284 Anurath Gunarwadena on Sammy Kyungu S. K. Bundotich
Command Centre behalf of Nedermar Technology PS, Transport and Financial Secretary
witnessed by Micheal Allan Communication
17 Naval Ship (Oceanographic 15 July, 2003 51.9 4,619 J. K Marrio for Euromarrine; Sammy Kyungu
Survey Vessel) Christopher Kompasa PS/ Defence Joseph Magari
for Navigia Capital; Hairis PS/Treasury
for Empressa Financas
18 Project Fragstaff (National
Counter Terrorism Control Centre) 20 Jan, 2004 $40.7 2,053 Harry Smith Flenkirsen on Brig(Rtd) Wilson Boinett Joseph Magari
behalf of Clara Systems Ltd Director-General, NSIS PS/Treasury
Sub-total 13,949
Grand Total. 56,257
dates of the ofce holder.
The President may, however, un-
der the law remove the AG only for
serious violation of the Constitution,
gross misconduct, incompetence,
mental or physical incapacity or
In their petition, the LSK claims
Prof Muigai failed to respond to ve
letters by the foreign advocate in Eng-
land, who had been hired by the State
to defend the suit.
He failed to give instructions to
the said Kenyan foreign advocate to
le a reply to the application by the
claimant, which sought to strike out
the defence and counterclaim by the
Kenyan Government. The application
for striking out was therefore not con-
tested in terms of the facts, the ap-
Captains see the ship through the crews eyes
Forex Ksh Line Ministry Treasury
1 Forensic Sciences Laboratory for CID 16 Aug. 2001 $54.6 4,095 L-Mrs Ludmilla Katuschenko Z. K. A. Cheruiyot PSI M. Mwacho
Export Supplier Internal Security PS/Treasury
2 Security Vehicles for Kenya Police 16 Aug 2001 $90.0 6,750 David Dunkley for Lessor and Z. K. A. Cheruiyot PS M. Mwacho
(Silverson Established) InderSingh Brar for Export / Internal Security PS/Treasury
3 Kenya Police. Law & Order (E-Cops) 19 Nov 2003 58,7 5,224 Bradley Birkenfeld, Director, Dave Mwangi Joseph Magari
/lnfotalent Infotalent Ltd PSI Internal Security PS/Treasury .
4 Immigration Security & Document 4 Dec 2003 31.9 2,839 Colin Flynn on behalf of Anglo Slyvester Mwaliko Joseph Magari
Control System (ISDC) Leasing & Finance Ltd -PS/ Vice-President's PS/Treasury
& Ministry of Home Affairs . Ofce
Sub-total 18,908
5 Kenya Prisons Security & 30 Oct 1997 $24.6 1,845 Andrew Macgill on behalf Mosses Abudo; Simeon Lesrima
Telecommunication - Project Phase I of LBA Systems Ltd PSI Home Affairs and PS /Treasury 6
National Heritage
6 Kenya Police Airwing Support 8 June 1998. $36.0 2,700 Brian Mills for Sound Day Z. K: A. Cheruiyot M. Chemengich
Project I Corp. and J. Manshing for PS/Internal Security PS /Treasury
Apex Finance Corporation
7 Kenya Police: Supply of 9 April 2002 $30.0 2,250 Brian Mills for Sound Day Z. K. A. Cheruiyot S. K. Bundotich
Security Equipment Addendum 2 Corporation PS/ Internal Security Financial Secretary
Sub-total 6,795
8 Kenya Police: Supply of Security. 14 June 2002 31.8 2,385 Brian Mills on behalf of Sound Z. K. A. Cheruiyot S. K. Bundotich
Equipment Addendum 3 Day Corporation PS Internal Security Financial Secretary
9 Kenya Police Aiming Support 12 July 2002 $12.8 960 J. Manshing for Apex. Z. K. A. Cheruiyot S. K. Bundotich
Project Finance Corporation PS Internal Security Financial Secretary
10 National Early Warning
Security System (NEWSS) for 12 July 2002 $35.0 2,625 Andy Macgill on behalf of LBA Sammy Kyungu S. K. Bundotich
Meteorological Department PS, Transport Financial Secretary
and Communications
11 Kenya Prisons Security 19 Nov 2002 29.7 2,643 Andrew Macgill on behalf Ali. Koran & PSI S. K. Bundotich
and telecommunication of. LBA Home Affairs and Financial Secretary
Project Phase 2 . National Heritage
12 Multi-Channel Security 29 May 2003 49.7 4,423 Dave Doyle for Globotel Dave Mwangi- Joseph Magari
Telecommunication System and David Dunkley- for PS Internal Security PS/Treasury
for Administration Police Midland Finance Ltd.
13 Modernization of Police Equipment 17 Dec 2003 40.0 3,569 Brian Mills on behalf of Dave Mwangi Joseph Magari
and Accessories both Sound Day and PSI Internal Security PS/Treasury
Apex Corporation
Sub-total 16,605
14 Broadband Network PCK. VSAT 11 Jul 2002 $11.8 885 Michael Allan on behalf of Sammy Kyungu S K. Bundotich
Equipment / Fir-StMercantile Spacenet Inc, the supplier PSI Transport and Financial Secretary
Securities Corporation (FMSC) and A Gusman for First Communication
Mercantile Securities Corp
15 Bandwidth Spectrum and 11 July, 2002 $28.1 2,108 AvramZivTal, on behalf Sammy Kyungu S. K. Bundotich
Network Operation/ of UniVerSal Satspace PS/Transport and Financial Secretary
Universal Satspace (USS) Communication
16 Project Nexus (Defence 19 Nov, 2002 36.9 3,284 Anurath Gunarwadena on Sammy Kyungu S. K. Bundotich
Command Centre behalf of Nedermar Technology PS, Transport and Financial Secretary
witnessed by Micheal Allan Communication
17 Naval Ship (Oceanographic 15 July, 2003 51.9 4,619 J. K Marrio for Euromarrine; Sammy Kyungu
Survey Vessel) Christopher Kompasa PS/ Defence Joseph Magari
for Navigia Capital; Hairis PS/Treasury
for Empressa Financas
18 Project Fragstaff (National
Counter Terrorism Control Centre) 20 Jan, 2004 $40.7 2,053 Harry Smith Flenkirsen on Brig(Rtd) Wilson Boinett Joseph Magari
behalf of Clara Systems Ltd Director-General, NSIS PS/Treasury
Sub-total 13,949
Grand Total. 56,257
CONTRACT NAME Date Signed Project Value Fair RESOLUTION
Settlement STRATEGY
Forex Ksh m Kshm
1 Forensic Sciences 16 Aug 2001 $54.6 4,095 - Funds returned and
Laboratory for CID contract cancelled
2 Security Vehicles for 16 Aug 2001 $90.0 6,750 - Funds returned and
Kenya Police contract cancelled
(Silverson Establishment)
3 Kenya Police Law 19 Nov 2003 58.7 5,229 Funds returned and
& Order (E-Cops) contract cancelled
4 Immigration Security 4 Dec 2003 31.9 2,839 - Funds returned and
& Document Control contract cancelled
System (ISDC)
5 Kenya Prisons Security 30 Oct 1997 $24.6 1,845 (3,375) Recovery not
& Telecommunication feasible. Close le
Project Phase I
6 Kenya Police Airwing 8 June 1998 $36.0 2,700 (3,472) Recovery not
Support Project 1 feasible. Close le
7 Kenya Police: Supply 9 April 2002 $30.0 2,250 (1,388) Recovery not
of Security Equipment feasible. Close le
Addendum 2
Sub total 6,795 (8,235)
Kamani Family
8. Kenya Police: Supply 14 June 2002 $31.8 2,385 (1057) Cancel contract and
of Security Equipment recover funds
Addendum 3
9. Kenya Police Airwing 12 July 2002 $12.8 960 (126) Cancel contract and
Support Project 2 recover funds
10 National Early 12 July 2002 $35.0 2,625 (1050) Cancel contract and
Warning Security recover funds
System (NEWSS) for
Meteorological Deptment
11 Kenya Prisons Security 19 Nov 2002 29.7 2,643 (522) Cancel contract and
and telecommunication recover funds
Project Phase 2
12Multi-channel Security 29 May 2003 49.7 4,423 (1,071) Cancel contract and
Telecommunication recover funds
System for
Administration Police
13 Modernization of Police 17 Dec 2003 $40.1 3,569 (1.84) Cancel contract and
Equipment and recover funds
Sub total 16,605 (4,010)
Anura Perera
14 Broadband Network 11 July, 2002 $11.8 885 421 Judgment 10.1m
PCK VSAT Equipment/ (Ksh 868m)
First Mercantile Negotiation
Securities Corporation recommended
15 Bandwidth Spectrum 11 July, 2002 $28.11 2,108 (1,272) Mediation 7.6m
and Network Operation (Ksh 653m)
/Universal Satspace Negotiation to
(USS) proceed
16 Project Nexus (Defence 19 Nov, 2002 36.9 3,284 2,310 Successfully
Command Centre) negotiated
paid 14m (Ksh1.54 bn)
17 Naval Ship 15 July, 2003 51.9 4,619 4,180 Successfully
(Oceanographic Survey negotiated 34m
Vessel) (Ksh 3.74bn ) paid
18 Project Flagstaff 20 Jan, 2004 40.7 3,053 N/A Not Valued.
(National Counter Negotiation
Terrorism Control Centre in progress
Sub total 13,949 - -
NOTE: 1) The fair settlement value is based on fair value of deliveries less the GoK pay-
ments adjusted by interest due to either party. The amounts were computed in 2007
but were updated during negotiations of contracts Nos 14-17
2) Exchange rate $1= Ksh 75 1 =Ksh 89. The exchange in the early reports is applied
so that the shilling value of contracts does not keep changing
Forex Ksh Line Ministry Treasury
1 Forensic Sciences Laboratory for CID 16 Aug. 2001 $54.6 4,095 L-Mrs Ludmilla Katuschenko Z. K. A. Cheruiyot PSI M. Mwacho
Export Supplier Internal Security PS/Treasury
2 Security Vehicles for Kenya Police 16 Aug 2001 $90.0 6,750 David Dunkley for Lessor and Z. K. A. Cheruiyot PS M. Mwacho
(Silverson Established) InderSingh Brar for Export / Internal Security PS/Treasury
3 Kenya Police. Law & Order (E-Cops) 19 Nov 2003 58,7 5,224 Bradley Birkenfeld, Director, Dave Mwangi Joseph Magari
/lnfotalent Infotalent Ltd PSI Internal Security PS/Treasury .
4 Immigration Security & Document 4 Dec 2003 31.9 2,839 Colin Flynn on behalf of Anglo Slyvester Mwaliko Joseph Magari
Control System (ISDC) Leasing & Finance Ltd -PS/ Vice-President's PS/Treasury
& Ministry of Home Affairs . Ofce
Sub-total 18,908
5 Kenya Prisons Security & 30 Oct 1997 $24.6 1,845 Andrew Macgill on behalf Mosses Abudo; Simeon Lesrima
Telecommunication - Project Phase I of LBA Systems Ltd PSI Home Affairs and PS /Treasury 6
National Heritage
6 Kenya Police Airwing Support 8 June 1998. $36.0 2,700 Brian Mills for Sound Day Z. K: A. Cheruiyot M. Chemengich
Project I Corp. and J. Manshing for PS/Internal Security PS /Treasury
Apex Finance Corporation
7 Kenya Police: Supply of 9 April 2002 $30.0 2,250 Brian Mills for Sound Day Z. K. A. Cheruiyot S. K. Bundotich
Security Equipment Addendum 2 Corporation PS/ Internal Security Financial Secretary
Sub-total 6,795
8 Kenya Police: Supply of Security. 14 June 2002 31.8 2,385 Brian Mills on behalf of Sound Z. K. A. Cheruiyot S. K. Bundotich
Equipment Addendum 3 Day Corporation PS Internal Security Financial Secretary
9 Kenya Police Aiming Support 12 July 2002 $12.8 960 J. Manshing for Apex. Z. K. A. Cheruiyot S. K. Bundotich
Project Finance Corporation PS Internal Security Financial Secretary
10 National Early Warning
Security System (NEWSS) for 12 July 2002 $35.0 2,625 Andy Macgill on behalf of LBA Sammy Kyungu S. K. Bundotich
Meteorological Department PS, Transport Financial Secretary
and Communications
11 Kenya Prisons Security 19 Nov 2002 29.7 2,643 Andrew Macgill on behalf Ali. Koran & PSI S. K. Bundotich
and telecommunication of. LBA Home Affairs and Financial Secretary
Project Phase 2 . National Heritage
12 Multi-Channel Security 29 May 2003 49.7 4,423 Dave Doyle for Globotel Dave Mwangi- Joseph Magari
Telecommunication System and David Dunkley- for PS Internal Security PS/Treasury
for Administration Police Midland Finance Ltd.
13 Modernization of Police Equipment 17 Dec 2003 40.0 3,569 Brian Mills on behalf of Dave Mwangi Joseph Magari
and Accessories both Sound Day and PSI Internal Security PS/Treasury
Apex Corporation
Sub-total 16,605
14 Broadband Network PCK. VSAT 11 Jul 2002 $11.8 885 Michael Allan on behalf of Sammy Kyungu S K. Bundotich
Equipment / Fir-StMercantile Spacenet Inc, the supplier PSI Transport and Financial Secretary
Securities Corporation (FMSC) and A Gusman for First Communication
Mercantile Securities Corp
15 Bandwidth Spectrum and 11 July, 2002 $28.1 2,108 AvramZivTal, on behalf Sammy Kyungu S. K. Bundotich
Network Operation/ of UniVerSal Satspace PS/Transport and Financial Secretary
Universal Satspace (USS) Communication
16 Project Nexus (Defence 19 Nov, 2002 36.9 3,284 Anurath Gunarwadena on Sammy Kyungu S. K. Bundotich
Command Centre behalf of Nedermar Technology PS, Transport and Financial Secretary
witnessed by Micheal Allan Communication
17 Naval Ship (Oceanographic 15 July, 2003 51.9 4,619 J. K Marrio for Euromarrine; Sammy Kyungu
Survey Vessel) Christopher Kompasa PS/ Defence Joseph Magari
for Navigia Capital; Hairis PS/Treasury
for Empressa Financas
18 Project Fragstaff (National
Counter Terrorism Control Centre) 20 Jan, 2004 $40.7 2,053 Harry Smith Flenkirsen on Brig(Rtd) Wilson Boinett Joseph Magari
behalf of Clara Systems Ltd Director-General, NSIS PS/Treasury
Sub-total 13,949
Grand Total. 56,257
CONTRACT NAME Date Signed Project Value Fair RESOLUTION
Settlement STRATEGY
Forex Ksh m Kshm
1 Forensic Sciences 16 Aug 2001 $54.6 4,095 - Funds returned and
Laboratory for CID contract cancelled
2 Security Vehicles for 16 Aug 2001 $90.0 6,750 - Funds returned and
Kenya Police contract cancelled
(Silverson Establishment)
3 Kenya Police Law 19 Nov 2003 58.7 5,229 Funds returned and
& Order (E-Cops) contract cancelled
4 Immigration Security 4 Dec 2003 31.9 2,839 - Funds returned and
& Document Control contract cancelled
System (ISDC)
5 Kenya Prisons Security 30 Oct 1997 $24.6 1,845 (3,375) Recovery not
& Telecommunication feasible. Close le
Project Phase I
6 Kenya Police Airwing 8 June 1998 $36.0 2,700 (3,472) Recovery not
Support Project 1 feasible. Close le
7 Kenya Police: Supply 9 April 2002 $30.0 2,250 (1,388) Recovery not
of Security Equipment feasible. Close le
Addendum 2
Sub total 6,795 (8,235)
Kamani Family
8. Kenya Police: Supply 14 June 2002 $31.8 2,385 (1057) Cancel contract and
of Security Equipment recover funds
Addendum 3
9. Kenya Police Airwing 12 July 2002 $12.8 960 (126) Cancel contract and
Support Project 2 recover funds
10 National Early 12 July 2002 $35.0 2,625 (1050) Cancel contract and
Warning Security recover funds
System (NEWSS) for
Meteorological Deptment
11 Kenya Prisons Security 19 Nov 2002 29.7 2,643 (522) Cancel contract and
and telecommunication recover funds
Project Phase 2
12Multi-channel Security 29 May 2003 49.7 4,423 (1,071) Cancel contract and
Telecommunication recover funds
System for
Administration Police
13 Modernization of Police 17 Dec 2003 $40.1 3,569 (1.84) Cancel contract and
Equipment and recover funds
Sub total 16,605 (4,010)
Anura Perera
14 Broadband Network 11 July, 2002 $11.8 885 421 Judgment 10.1m
PCK VSAT Equipment/ (Ksh 868m)
First Mercantile Negotiation
Securities Corporation recommended
15 Bandwidth Spectrum 11 July, 2002 $28.11 2,108 (1,272) Mediation 7.6m
and Network Operation (Ksh 653m)
/Universal Satspace Negotiation to
(USS) proceed
16 Project Nexus (Defence 19 Nov, 2002 36.9 3,284 2,310 Successfully
Command Centre) negotiated
paid 14m (Ksh1.54 bn)
17 Naval Ship 15 July, 2003 51.9 4,619 4,180 Successfully
(Oceanographic Survey negotiated 34m
Vessel) (Ksh 3.74bn ) paid
18 Project Flagstaff 20 Jan, 2004 40.7 3,053 N/A Not Valued.
(National Counter Negotiation
Terrorism Control Centre in progress
Sub total 13,949 - -
NOTE: 1) The fair settlement value is based on fair value of deliveries less the GoK pay-
ments adjusted by interest due to either party. The amounts were computed in 2007
but were updated during negotiations of contracts Nos 14-17
2) Exchange rate $1= Ksh 75 1 =Ksh 89. The exchange in the early reports is applied
so that the shilling value of contracts does not keep changing
CONTRACT NAME Date Signed Project Value Fair RESOLUTION
Settlement STRATEGY
Forex Ksh m Kshm
1 Forensic Sciences 16 Aug 2001 $54.6 4,095 - Funds returned and
Laboratory for CID contract cancelled
2 Security Vehicles for 16 Aug 2001 $90.0 6,750 - Funds returned and
Kenya Police contract cancelled
(Silverson Establishment)
3 Kenya Police Law 19 Nov 2003 58.7 5,229 Funds returned and
& Order (E-Cops) contract cancelled
4 Immigration Security 4 Dec 2003 31.9 2,839 - Funds returned and
& Document Control contract cancelled
System (ISDC)
5 Kenya Prisons Security 30 Oct 1997 $24.6 1,845 (3,375) Recovery not
& Telecommunication feasible. Close le
Project Phase I
6 Kenya Police Airwing 8 June 1998 $36.0 2,700 (3,472) Recovery not
Support Project 1 feasible. Close le
7 Kenya Police: Supply 9 April 2002 $30.0 2,250 (1,388) Recovery not
of Security Equipment feasible. Close le
Addendum 2
Sub total 6,795 (8,235)
Kamani Family
8. Kenya Police: Supply 14 June 2002 $31.8 2,385 (1057) Cancel contract and
of Security Equipment recover funds
Addendum 3
9. Kenya Police Airwing 12 July 2002 $12.8 960 (126) Cancel contract and
Support Project 2 recover funds
10 National Early 12 July 2002 $35.0 2,625 (1050) Cancel contract and
Warning Security recover funds
System (NEWSS) for
Meteorological Deptment
11 Kenya Prisons Security 19 Nov 2002 29.7 2,643 (522) Cancel contract and
and telecommunication recover funds
Project Phase 2
12Multi-channel Security 29 May 2003 49.7 4,423 (1,071) Cancel contract and
Telecommunication recover funds
System for
Administration Police
13 Modernization of Police 17 Dec 2003 $40.1 3,569 (1.84) Cancel contract and
Equipment and recover funds
Sub total 16,605 (4,010)
Anura Perera
14 Broadband Network 11 July, 2002 $11.8 885 421 Judgment 10.1m
PCK VSAT Equipment/ (Ksh 868m)
First Mercantile Negotiation
Securities Corporation recommended
15 Bandwidth Spectrum 11 July, 2002 $28.11 2,108 (1,272) Mediation 7.6m
and Network Operation (Ksh 653m)
/Universal Satspace Negotiation to
(USS) proceed
16 Project Nexus (Defence 19 Nov, 2002 36.9 3,284 2,310 Successfully
Command Centre) negotiated
paid 14m (Ksh1.54 bn)
17 Naval Ship 15 July, 2003 51.9 4,619 4,180 Successfully
(Oceanographic Survey negotiated 34m
Vessel) (Ksh 3.74bn ) paid
18 Project Flagstaff 20 Jan, 2004 40.7 3,053 N/A Not Valued.
(National Counter Negotiation
Terrorism Control Centre in progress
Sub total 13,949 - -
NOTE: 1) The fair settlement value is based on fair value of deliveries less the GoK pay-
ments adjusted by interest due to either party. The amounts were computed in 2007
but were updated during negotiations of contracts Nos 14-17
2) Exchange rate $1= Ksh 75 1 =Ksh 89. The exchange in the early reports is applied
so that the shilling value of contracts does not keep changing
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard NATIONAL NEWS / Page 3
Deputy Solicitor General Muthoni Kimani and Attorney General Githu Muigai
at a Press conference in Nairobi yesterday. [PHOTO: JOHN MATUA]
AG defends his ofce
on Anglo Leasing, says
payment legally done
Besieged Attorney General Githu
Muigai yesterday came out to defend
himself and the State Law Ofce over
the controversial payment of Sh1.4
billion to Anglo Leasing contracts.
Prof Githu convened a press con-
ference and gave a chronology of
events leading to the payments, as he
sought to distance himself from
blame, adding that the State sought
legal opinion from experts.
He dismissed the argument that
his ofce compromised the case
thereby exposing the country to mas-
sive losses in dubious payments. He
also challenged the notion that the
Government failed to defend the
cases both in Switzerland and the
A visibly agitated Githu said the
Government sought opinion from one
of the most prestigious law rms in
London and globally on the cases.
Although he did not directly men-
tion names, the AG pointed an accus-
ing nger at his predecessor and
current Busia Senator Amos Wako,
and former ministers Musalia Muda-
vadi and Chris Obure (Transport and
Finance ministers in 2002) and former
Postmaster General Francis Chaho-
nyo who were in ofce when the mega
deals were signed.
The man you see before you is a
mortician. The patient died on the
operating table long time ago. Githu
Muigai is the mortician. If you think
the patient should have lived, ask the
surgeons, Githu said.
The AG, who is constitutionally the
chief legal advisor to the Government,
further sought to distance the State
Law Ofce from any blame saying
their role was only restricted to advi-
Its not for the AGs ofce to say
what has been supplied or not but the
relevant ministry, and PWC have con-
stantly admitted that broadband was
supplied. The AG makes legal opin-
ions and as to what the persons ad-
vised has to do, its upon them, Prof
Githu said.
He added: It has been said that
the Government paid ghost compa-
nies, I have particulars of the people
paid and the les are completely up
to date. It has been said these are con-
tracts where air was supplied. It is not
for the AG to say what has been sup-
plied or not. The Ministry of Commu-
nication and PWC have consistently
admitted that Kenya received broad-
band capacity from this company.
Speaking moments after the Law
Society of Kenya (LSK) moved to court
and petitioned Parliament to eject
him, Githu told journalists that he had
called them to respond to unwar-
ranted attacks in the media, public
places and funerals by people target-
ing his ofcers, his ofce and him-
About LSKs move to strike him off
the roll of practicing lawyers in the
country, Githu added; The treatment
they have meted out on me in the past
72 hours is totally unjustied, regret-
table and motivated by other consid-
eration. I regret that LSK has moved
that way and I have been in the public
long enough to know when articles
appear constantly in the media by the
same people, then those people have
a strategy.
He argued that the decision on
Anglo Leasing was made before he
assumed ofce on August 29, 2011
The Government sought opin-
ion from one of the most pres-
tigious law rms in London and
globally on the cases
Its not for the AGs ofce to
say what has been supplied or
not but the relevant ministry,
and PWC have constantly admit-
ted that broadband was sup-
plied. The AG makes legal opin-
ions and as to what the persons
advised has to do, its upon them
My ofce acted within law and
did not use any dodgy proce-
dures in the handling of the An-
glo Leasing contracts, as it has
been widely alleged
explaining that at no time was Kenya
unwilling to pursue the matter save
for the fact that all attempts for appeal
were blocked.
Githu said contrary to accusations
of laxity, his ofce had put up a spir-
ited ght to defend the public by
sending the Solicitor General, Njee
Muturi, to a London court to seek an
adjournment and leave to appeal,
which all went against Kenya.
At the court, Githu said Mr Njee
was asked to either accept a $7 million
arbitration ward or the original award
of $28 million where he made a tele-
phone call home to seek fresh instruc-
tion on way forward.
Its then that the AG invited Trea-
sury boss Henry Rotich and his PS
Kamau Thuge and Deputy Solicitor
General Muthoni Kimani and had a
telephone conversation that resolved
to enter consent of settling the arbi-
tration award.
Its a judgmental call that every
lawyer has to make. We told the So-
licitor General to accede to the pay-
ment of the $7 million, Githu told
Accompanied by Ms Kimani, the
AG displayed documents to the me-
dia, which he said were available for
scrutiny, insisting that Kenya acted
procedurally and transparently as it
made informed decisions after wide
consultations with legal experts be-
fore taking any action in handling the
He explained that his ofce acted
within law and did not use any dodgy
procedures in the handling of the
Anglo Leasing contracts, as it has
been widely alleged.
Any allegation therefore, that
these cases were being mediated or
handled in England under the table,
under wraps in a quick fashion to
achieve ulteriornothing could be
further from the truth, nothing could
be more libelous of my ofcers, of my
ofce and of myself, Githu retorted.
The AG revealed that a Kenyan
lawyer John Wambugu has also taken
the Government to court claiming
Sh100 million as legal fee after he was
appointed by the then AG Wako on the
request of former Information Minis-
ter Mutahi Kagwe.
Githu, as it appeals against court ruling
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Anti-graft agency starts probe into
18 contracts following directive
The Ethics and Anti-Corruption
Commission (EACC) has re-started
investigations into the 18 Anglo Leas-
ing contracts following a presidential
directive issued last week.
The anti-graft agency will work
with the Director of Public Prosecu-
tions to nd and charge Government
ofcials involved in the scandal that
was rst exposed 10 years ago.
We have now partnered with the
DPP in the fresh investigations with a
focus on the legality of all the con-
tracts, EACC spokesman Yassin
Amaro told The Standard.
It is the rst time the DPP will be
directly involved in the decade-long
probe that has largely been futile.
The move comes days after Presi-
dent Uhuru Kenyatta ordered fresh
investigations into the scandal, with
a view to recovering funds that have
been lost in the shoddy contracts.
Uhuru directed EACC to do ev-
erything they can to ensure that this
portion of money is recovered and
Kenya gets restitution. Amaro says
the new probe will seek to expose the
architects of the scheme, who would
then be prosecuted by ofcers from
the DPP. The anti-graft agency does
Commission is set to
work with the DPP
to nd and charge
Government ofcials
implicated in scandal
addressed to the anti-corruption
The said evidence Mutua is refer-
ring to is an earlier correspondence
dated December 2013 and the actual
proceeding of the claim by Universal
Satspace. LSK had earlier threatened
to sue the AG, Solicitor General Njee
Muturi and Senior Deputy Solicitor
General Muthoni Kimani over their
position in the payment of the con-
troversial claims worth Sh1.4 billion.
The three advised the State that
there was no chance for Kenya to
contest the controversial court rul-
ings, and settlement on the claims
would be in the best interest of the
Githu has defended himself severally, including at a press confer-
ence he called yesterday, where he claimed there was nothing he
could have done to save Kenya in the litigation that has staggered in
the courts for 10 years
The AG claims that the patient was already dead by the time he
was appointed AG, alluding to the proposition that Kenya had already
lost all chances to win in suits led by First Mercantile Securities Cor-
poration in Geneva, and Universal Satspace in London
President Uhuru Kenyatta has
said he feels terrible that his
Government is about to pay Sh1.4
billion to Anglo Leasing rms but
that he had no choice because it is
in public interest.
Uhuru spoke about his agony
during a press conference at State
House on Friday when he said his
view about the scandalous con-
tracts, which he described as a
scam in 2006 when he was Ofcial
Leader of the Opposition, hasnt
The President explained the
controversial payments stand in
the way of Kenyas planned Euro
bond that is expected to raise
Sh132 billion to plug a shortfall in
the national budget.
There was no way we could go
for this particular bond without
rst having cleared our interna-
tional obligations. So I gave that
directive, said President Kenyat-
Attorney General Githu Muigai
has said that Kenya should just
pay up, because it has exhausted
the avenues for appeal for the
suits it lost in Geneva and London.
Uhuru, who had investigated the
scandal back in 2006 when he was
the opposition leader, found it to
be a costly scam.
Eight years ago, President Ke-
nyatta then Gatundu South MP,
asked Parliament to stop archi-
tects of the Anglo Leasing scandal
because they would continue to
haunt even future governments
and even terming the scheme as a
Uhuru pained
by Sh1.4b
not have prosecutorial powers, but
would typically nish its investiga-
tions before the ndings are handed
over to the police as evidence.
EACC and its predecessor agen-
cies have been unable to crack and
expose the scandal that is feared to
cost the county tens of billions.
Already, President Kenyatta had
directed the national Treasury to pay
Sh1.4 billion to two of the rms
against disapproval by Parliament
while blasting the State Law Ofce for
failing to defend Kenya properly in
foreign courts.
It is for the legal council that rep-
resents our republic to up their game
and to ensure that we dont lose any
more cases going forward because as
we lose them they cost us on issues
that we do not believe are correct.
After the Presidents criticism on
Friday, the Law Society of Kenya yes-
terday accused Attorney General
Githu Muigai of procuring an unfa-
vourable judgement in the British
court in an Anglo Leasing case where
the State lost.
LSK Chairman Eric Mutua said
Githu had conspired to ensure Kenya
lost in the case, before the State was
ordered to pay Sh667 million to Uni-
versal Satspace in December last year.
Mutua, who says there is evidence to
back his claim, now wants EACC to
investigate the AGs conduct in han-
dling of the case.
The following documentary evi-
dence points to a possible offence of
conspiracy to defraud public nances
through procurement of an irregular
judgment, Mutua said in a letter
Namibian Citizen or eligible to work in Namibia;
National Degree/Diploma in Radiography: Ultrasound;
Possession of necessary CPD points;
Must have at least 2 years working experience in Sonography and
should be able to perform the following examinations:
1. Obstetrics including frst trimester and fetal anomaly scans
2. Gynaecology
3. Abdominal scans
4. Small parts
5. Vascular
Musculoskeletal experience would be an advantage as well as FMF
(fetal medicine foundation) accreditation.
A disposition towards quality and excellent patient care;
Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills;
Ability to work independently, organise effectively and compile reports;
Ability to perform effectively under pressure.
Interested Persons may submit their applications, CVs and copies
of supporting documents in condence to: The Chief Radiographer,
Welwitschia Hospital, PO Box 1760, Walvis Bay or per E-mail to
qualitycare@erongomedical.com or
Short-listed candidates will be contacted within one week of closing date
(31 May 2014) and must be willing to submit themselves to interview and
selection procedures.
Walvis Bay Medipark (Pty) Ltd t/a Welwitschia Hospital, an Equal Opportunity
Employer in Namibia, seeks to employ the following as a member of our dynamic
health care team in Walvis Bay.
Page 5 Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard Page 5 Tuesday, May 20, 2013 / The Standard
P.M. Ngugi
E.N. Ngugi
E.M. Kimemia
Director/ Principal Ofcer
Head Ofce: Chester House, 1
Floor, Koinange Street, P.O. Box 30170-00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 2216792, 2241620-6, 2216450, Cell Phone: 0722-205286, 0733-600462, Email:kai@kenyanalliance.com
The above statements of Comprehensive Income and Financial position are extracts from the Financial statements of the company for the year ended 31 December 2013 which were
audited by Ernst and Young and received an unqualied opinion. The nancial statements were approved by the Board of Directors on 29/04/2014 and signed on its behalf by:
P.M. Ngugi E.B.M Chele E.M. Kimemia
Chairman Director Managing Director/ Principal Ofcer
2013 2012
As at 1 January 475,319,021 359,092,833
Pension Fund Deposits Received 106,209,752 77,548,201
Surrenders and Annuities Paid (39,679,046) (21,407,696)
Interest Payable to Policy Holders 67,500,174 83,717,484
Administrative Expenses (4,638,249) (2,894,487)
Increase in Un-Appropriated surplus (37,283,306) (20,737,314)
As at 31
December 567,428,346 475,319,021
As at 1 January 10,934,001 8,076,047
Pure Investment Funds Received 5,334,760 3,896,433
Surrenders and Annuities Paid (1,664,175) (1,929,319)
Interest Payable to Policy Holders 1,787,069 2,382,252
Administrative Expenses (2,594,177) (1,440,004)
Increase/(decrease) in Un-Appropriated surplus 30,459,882 (51,408)
As at 31
December 44,257,360 10,934,001
KEY RATIOS Long term business General business 2013 2012
Capital Adequacy Ratio 100% 100% 100% 100%
Solvency Ratio 1033% 526% 584% 638%
Claims Ratio 70% 45% 37% 41%
Expense Ratio 16% 43% 37% 44%
Long term business General business Total 2013 Total 2012
Shs Shs Shs Shs
Gross Written Premiums 199,232,497 1,199,048,043 1,398,280,540 1,033,147,455
Less: Outward Re-Insurance Premiums 152,475,115 110,607,628 263,082,743 182,746,683
Net Written Premiums 46,757,382 1,088,440,415 1,135,197,797 850,400,772
Gross earned premiums 199,232,497 1,078,060,167 1,277,292,664 938,980,256
Less: reinsurance premium ceded 152,475,115 104,565,516 257,040,631 174,628,507
Net earned premiums 46,757,382 973,494,651 1,020,252,033 764,351,749
Investment income 71,217,327 122,276,271 193,493,598 208,095,843
Commissions earned 37,845,289 24,978,850 62,824,139 41,257,765
Other income 163,461 756,401,733 756,565,194 30,027,691
Net income 155,983,459 1,877,151,505 2,033,134,964 1,043,733,048
Claims and policy holder benets payable 217,370,042 536,194,047 753,564,089 462,180,498
Less: Reinsurers share of incurred claims 122,161,220 116,316,885 238,478,105 93,345,568
Net claims payable 95,208,822 419,877,162 515,085,984 368,834,930
Operating and other expenses 33,776,123 399,145,889 432,922,012 381,392,805
Commissions payable 16,481,706 112,207,691 128,689,397 108,440,558
Statutory levies 238,944 14,587,134 14,826,078 11,593,766
50,496,773 525,940,714 576,437,487 501,427,129
Prot/ (loss) before tax 10,277,864 931,333,629 941,611,493 173,470,989
Income tax expense - (35,491,967) (35,491,967) (59,236,302)
Prot for the year 10,277,864 895,841,662 906,119,526 114,234,687
Earnings Per Share (Basic & Diluted) 39.82 3.91
Prot for the year 10,277,864 895,841,662 906,119,526 114,234,687
Other Comprehensive Income, net of tax
Gain/(Loss) on revaluation of land and buildings 56,854,000 56,854,000
Gain/(Loss) on available for sale assets (805,790) (805,790) 39,272,310
Total Comprehensive Income, net of tax 10,277,864 951,889,872 962,167,736 153,506,997
Long term business General business Total 2013 Total 2012
Share capital 150,000,000 300,000,000 450,000,000 450,000,000
General reserve 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000
Revaluation Reserve 76,194,000 76,194,000 19,340,000
Available-for-sale reserve 129,265 129,265 935,055
Statutory reserve 45,335,380 45,335,380 35,057,516
Retained earnings 955,595,725 955,595,725 765,753,661
SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS 201,335,380 1,331,918,990 1,533,254,370 1,277,086,232
Property and equipment - 132,947,290 132,947,290 78,556,295
Intangible Assets 79,271 1,502,081 1,581,352 4,464,451
Prepaid operating lease rentals - 582,000,000 582,000,000 203,577,205
Investment property - 672,848,551 672,848,551 986,737,809
Investment in the Kenya Motor Insurance Pool - 43,351,334 43,351,334 31,589,701
Deferred tax - 6,535,846 6,535,846
Receivables arising out of reinsurance arrangements 3,371,576 119,783,807 123,155,383 65,107,138
Receivables arising out of direct insurance arrangements 36,953,932 324,837,570 361,791,502 235,529,024
Deferred acquisition costs - 60,810,612 60,810,612 40,390,430
Reinsurers share of insurance liabilities 46,695,653 256,602,180 303,297,833 256,329,733
Other receivables 31,036,842 58,753,146 89,789,988 108,249,964
Held to maturity investments 88,100,000 150,000,000 238,100,000 223,861,708
Available for sale nancial Instruments 23,040,405 23,040,405 94,440,555
Deposits with nancial institutions 681,951,081 624,083,082 1,306,034,163 1,145,456,934
Tax recoverable - - 10,303,811
Cash and bank balances 7,005,790 14,835,860 21,841,650 34,022,359
TOTAL ASSETS 895,194,145 3,071,931,764 3,967,125,909 3,518,617,117
Insurance contract liabilities 75,974,211 1,047,910,254 1,123,884,465 1,152,728,925
Payable under deposit administration contracts 567,428,346 - 567,428,346 475,319,021
Payable under investment contracts 44,257,360 - 44,257,360 10,934,001
Provision for unearned premium - 555,111,054 555,111,054 434,123,178
Deferred income tax - - - 25,550,082
Income Tax Payable 5,400,999 5,400,999 -
Creditors arising from reinsurance arrangements - 35,109,584 35,109,584 41,531,220
Cash and bank balances - Over Draft - - 29,671,592
Other payables 6,198,848 96,480,883 102,679,731 71,672,866
TOTAL LIABILITIES 693,858,765 1,740,012,774 2,433,871,539 2,241,530,885
NET ASSETS 201,335,380 1,331,918,990 1,533,254,370 1,277,086,232
CORD leaders have argued
there is no justication for
payment of Sh1.4 billion to
Anglo-Leasing companies.
They said the contracts
were illegally procured and
that Kenya should not commit
to fraudulent dealings.
The Opposition also threat-
ened to impeach President
Uhuru Kenyatta over his direc-
tive to the Treasury to pay the
debt. Kakamega Senator Bonny
Khalwale asked why the Jubilee
government is not implement-
ing what was in the report
when Uhuru chaired the Par-
liamentary Accounts Commit-
tee (PAC).
In 2006, Uhuru, then the
Opposition leader, chaired the
PAC, which authored the re-
port that described the more
than Sh50 billion contracts as
a system hatched by a few in-
dividuals to continually eece
Khalwale claimed Anglo
Leasing companies were
owned by two Indians and two
Kenyans, whose names are in
the report which Uhuru sub-
mitted when he was the PAC
We are the representatives
of the people, and if he goes on
doing this he will be the rst
President in Kenya to be im-
peached, warned Khalwale.
In particular, the Opposi-
tion coalition dared the Na-
tional Treasury Cabinet Secre-
tary Henry Rotich to authorise
the payments and face censure
Motion in Parliament and Sen-
Deputy Minority Leader
Jakoyo Midiwo castigated the
move to pay the two compa-
nies, terming Uhurus authori-
sation to pay as unconstitu-
This is will be the nal
onslaught to bad governance.
Our people cannot keep on
suffering because of a few in-
dividuals at Harambee House.
If Rotich pays this Anglo-Leas-
ing money then, we will jail
you, humiliate you and recom-
mend that you are hanged at
Uhuru park in public, because
this is peoples money and you
are the accounting ofcer,
said Jakoyo.
He went on; The President
has money; if he wants to pay
with his own money then he
can go ahead and pay, but not
the public money.
In a parked political rally at
the famous Kamkunji grounds
in Kibera, Jakoyo tore into
Uhurus declaration that Kenya
has no option but to pay, say-
ing the President does not have
any mandate in law to autho-
rise the release of money with-
out passing through the Parlia-
Awendo MP Jared KOpiyo
asked how Kenyans can be
sure that the money Uhuru is
directing to be paid would not
benet some few people in the
Government if the faces be-
hind the Anglo Leasing are not
made public.
KOpiyo argued that the
Jubilee government had failed
to be transparent and is not
keen on ghting the ghost of
corruption and impunity.
His counterpart Suna East
MP Junet Mohamed claimed
that the Government was re-
warding those who politically
helped Jubilee fund its cam-
paigns ahead of last years
General Election.
Mohamed accused the Ju-
bilee administration of launch-
ing aggressive attacks on re-
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Jakoyo: This will be the nal
onslaught to bad governance.
Kenyans must stop suffering.
Khalwale: We are the
representatives of the people
and we have to stop this.
The National Alliance (TNA) re-
sponded to weekends call for mass
demonstrations over the controversial
Anglo Leasing payments by rival
party CORD and promised to shoot
down impeachment Motion against
President Uhuru Kenyatta.
TNA also blamed former Attorney
General Amos Wako and former min-
isters Musalia Mudavadi and Chris
Obure for the dubious Anglo Leasing
The deals involving First Mercan-
tile and Universal Satspace were
signed in July 2002 by Transport and
Finance ministries. Mudavadi was
Transport minister, Obure was Fi-
nance minister and Amos Wako was
the Attorney General. Any attempt to
take over the Government other than
through lawful means amounts to
treason. We are not paying because
we like it, but we would like to save
Kenyans the pain of paying an extra
Sh25 billion as accrued interest, TNA
Chairman Onyango Oloo told a press
conference yesterday.
MPs and political leaders allied to
the party called separate press confer-
ences during which they poured cold
water on CORD leaders who last Sun-
day threatened to call people out into
the streets to protest the payments,
which have the backing of President
During the Sunday rally, CORD
TNA tells rivals off over mass action
Party claims some
members of CORD
were in ofce when
deals were initiated,
promise to shoot down
impeachment Motion
Director of Liaison at State House Patrick Ngatia, TNA Secretary General Onyango Oloo and party Executive Director
Joseph Mathai address the Press at the TNA headquarters in Nairobi, yesterday. [PHOTO: PIUS CHERUIYOT/STANDARD]
threatened to impeach the President,
stating that his decision to make the
payments was against the wishes of
The leaders promised to start a
series of countrywide rallies after their
leader Raila Odinga, currently in the
US, returns to the country.
CORDs sentiments, however, ap-
pear to have rubbed TNA the wrong
way with the Senate Majority Leader
Kithure Kindiki and House Majority
Whip Katoo ole Metito leading 14 MPs
and senators in denouncing the calls
by the Opposition.
The MPs, who included Kimani
Ichungwa (Kikuyu), Mithika Linturi
(Igembe South), Mary Wambui (Otha-
CORD threatens to impeach Uhuru as payment row rages
Chris Obure
Amos Wako
Musalia Mudavadi
UDF leader Musalia Mudavadi
has told off TNA for attempt-
ing to blame him for the Anglo
Leasing scandal. Inquiries were
made on the matter at which
point Mudavadis position was
known innocent, Mudavadi
said in a press statement issued
yesterday by his private secre-
tary Kibisu Kabatesi.
ya), Jude Njomo (Kiambu Town) and
senators Charles Keter(Kericho) and
Naisula Lesuda (nominated) dared
the Opposition to table the impeach-
ment Motion.
We are ready to debate the Mo-
tion if it comes. However, they should
know that in the law it is impossible
to impeach the President. This is be-
cause they have no grounds to do so
and also because the President is not
just the chairman of some football
club which they can just remove. He
has members in both houses, said
What we saw in Kibera was a
comedy show. What we are telling
them now is that we are ready for the
Motion and they can bring it on,
Ichungwa said.
The sentiments were made at the
same time that Oloo was addressing
another press conference at the TNA
headquarters, accompanied by a State
House ofcial Patrick Ngatia. Ngatia
is the Director of Liaison at State
House. Also present was the partys
executive director, Joseph Mathai.
They turned the heat on CORD
saying the people close to the Opposi-
tion were in Government when the
payments were signed. It also claimed
that utterances made by the CORD
leaders that they plan to take over the
government bordered on treason.
Amid the back and forth between
CORD and TNA, leaders allied to the
URP, which is an afliate of the Jubilee
coalition, have kept a studious slice
over the matter.
The controversial proposed Sh1.4
billion payout to Anglo Leasing com-
panies is already the subject of a
probe by two committees of Parlia-
MPs are focusing on unmasking
the shadowy gures associated with
the two companies that sued Kenya
for non-payment. The Senate Com-
mittee on Finance, Commerce and
Budget and the National Assemblys
Public Accounts Committee (PAC) are
investigating the saga.
Parliament waded into the contro-
versy after Treasury moved to the Na-
tional Assembly to seek concurrence
on Attorney General Githu Muigais
advice that Kenya settles the debt.
Meanwhile, the joint committees
of Budget and Finance in the Nation-
al Assembly, after meeting with of-
cials from both Treasury and the AGs
ofce, gave the green light for the pay-
ments to be honoured.
The report was due to be tabled in
Parliament on the same day that Trea-
sury ofcials met Jubilee MPs to lobby
House teams probe Anglo Leasing pay
They want to know
individuals linked to
the two companies
that sued Kenya for
them to support the report.
But it was quietly removed from
the order paper after the legislators
walked out on the Treasury ofcials,
chanting Cant pay, wont pay.
In a report tabled in the National
Assembly before it went on recess and
which was presented by Budget Com-
mittee chairman Mutava Musyimi,
the joint teams recommended to the
House to allow the Government to
pay so that in return Kenya would be
eligible to oat its euro bond.
But PAC and the Senate commit-
tees have insisted that the payments
should not be made until all conten-
tious issues are addressed by their re-
spective probes.
Both Muigai and Treasury Cabinet
Secretary Henry Rotich are expected
to appear before the Senate commit-
tee chaired by Mandera Senator Bil-
low Kerrow this week to give details of
the proposed payments.
The committee also indicated it
would be probing the court processes
that led to the awards against Kenya,
looking at the defence the AGs ofce
made before the judges in both cases
in the United Kingdom and Switzer-
When they come, they must be
prepared to tell us who the directors
of these companies are. They should
not come telling us that they would
need to go back and conduct a search,
said Kakamega Senator Boni Khal-
wale, a committee member. The Parliamentary Accounts Committee meets at Parliament buildings. [PHO-
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Three Jubilee MPs have asked
President Uhuru Kenyatta to unmask
the faces behind the Anglo Leasing
scam before Sh1.4 billion is paid out
to two rms.
Njogu Barua (Gichugu), Julius
Ndegwa (Lamu West) and James Bett
(Kesses) said they supported the Sh1.4
billion payout but demanded that the
Head of State rst reveals those in-
Speaking at Kiamugunda Catholic
Church in Gichugu constituency on
Sunday, the legislators said it was im-
perative for the country to know who
was being paid the money.
The Government should go ahead
and reveal those behind Anglo Leas-
ing, and we will marshal support in
Parliament to ensure the President
has our support, Barua said.
They noted that most of the con-
tracts worth Sh5.6 billion had already
been paid by the previous regime.
It is hypocritical for CORD lead-
ers to keep on criticising everything
the President does in relation to the
scandal yet they were part of the Gov-
ernment that paid billions, Ndegwa
said. Bett said the opposition was de-
liberately trying to embarrass the
Unmask those
behind scandal,
MPs tell Uhuru
The body charged with university
admissions has asked students who
have qualied to study degree and
diploma courses to review their ap-
plications online.
Kenya University and Colleges
Central Placement Services (KUCCPS)
Chief Executive John Muraguri said
58,000 students would be admitted
study degree courses. An additional
39,000 would be enrolled for diploma
Yesterday, KUCCPS launched its
online application system, which will
close at midnight on May 31. Through
the online platform, candidates can
review their choice of courses and
validate their applications.
The body has set the cut-off point
for admission to bachelors degree
programmes at B (60 points) for male
candidates and B- (58 points) for fe-
male candidates.
This is based on the total declared
capacity for programmes under Gov-
ernment sponsorship, and the perfor-
mance analysis of the 2013 Kenya
Certicate of Secondary Education
Examination results released this
Muraguri said that candidates
must apply online to be admitted and
those who had applied, should check,
and if need be, revise their cluster
All applicants including those
who may have submitted their appli-
cations earlier, either directly to uni-
versities and colleges or through their
respective schools, and would wish to
revise their choices can do so, said
Placements body gives
candidates up to May
31 to apply, review
choices and validate
their applications
Prospective varsity, college students
told to review applications online
Former Chief Registrar of the Judi-
ciary (CRJ) Gladys Boss Shollei yester-
day told the High Court in Nairobi
that she no longer needed her job
Through her lawyer Donald Kipko-
rir, Mrs Shollei said she has no inten-
tions of becoming the CRJ even after
the Industrial Court earlier quashed
her dismissal terming it unconstitu-
You will recall that she wanted to
come back but allow me to make it
clear that she (Shollei) has no inten-
tions of becoming the Chief Registrar
of the Judiciary, Kipkorir told the
Mrs Shollei had through her law-
yer in March written to Chief Justice
William Mutunga asking him to ad-
vice on when she can resume ofce.
Kipkorir had argued that the im-
plication of the judgment was that
Sholleis dismissal from ofce was a
nullity and her constitutional rights
were violated.
But Kipkorir, who made submis-
sions during a hearing of an appeal by
the Judicial Service Commission (JSC)
challenging the Industrial Court rul-
ing, was categorical that Shollei was
no longer interested in her previous
He further submitted that the pur-
pose of the petition at the Industrial
Court challenging the ousting of her
client was purely based on the process
followed by JSC in dismissing her.
JSC lawyers Paul Muite and Issa
Mansur argued that the Industrial
Court was not a High Court and there-
fore could not interpret the Constitu-
tion. But Kipkorir responded by say-
ing that such an argument was absurd
since JSC had not raised the issue at
the Industrial Court or before Justice
Mumbi Ngugi who transferred the
matter to the Industrial Court.
Furthermore the Constitution
sets article 162 establishing the Su-
preme Court, Court of Appeal and
High Court. The High Court includes
Labour Relations and Environment
Court which are high courts, not
lesser courts. All High Courts can de-
termine questions of the Constitu-
tion, Kipkorir argued.
Mrs Shollei tells court she isnt keen on reinstatement
Gladys Boss Shollei
Candidates wait to be taken through the process of applying for selection to
universities and colleges at University of Nairobi Ngong Road campus yester-
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Muraguri. Speaking to The Standard
yesterday at the Placement Head-
quarters at the Kenya Science College,
Muraguri said that all candidates with
a minimum overall grade of C- and
above are eligible to apply for diploma
programmes in various government
Such candidates can apply to Ke-
nya Medical Training College (KMTC),
Teachers Training Colleges (TTCs)
and Technical, Industrial and Voca-
tional Training Colleges (TIVET).
Muraguri said that candidates who
meet the cut-off point set by the
Placement Service for admission to
bachelors degree programmes may in
addition apply for diploma pro-
grammes of their choice.
Those below the bachelors degree
cut-off point but with a minimum of
overall grade of C- can only apply for
diploma programmes.
According to the rules and guide-
lines, the minimum placement re-
quirement for bachelors degree for
candidates who schooled for both
their primary and secondary educa-
tion in counties classied as margina-
lised areas by CRA 2012 policy is B- (55
Those with an overall grade of
grade B (60 points) for male candi-
dates and grade B- (58 points) for
Female candidates will be allowed to
make a total of eight choices of both
degree and diploma programmes.
Candidates with an overall grade
of C- and above but below grade B (60
points) for male and grade B- (58
points) for female students will be al-
lowed to make a maximum of six di-
ploma programme choices.
Candidates choices 1(a), 1(b) and
1(c) clusters must be similar pro-
grammes while choices 2, 3 and, 4 can
be any other programmes for both
degree and diploma programmes.
If a candidate qualies to apply for
a bachelors degree, they may choose
diploma choices as choice 5 and 6.
According to Muraguri, candidates
with disabilities will download and ll
the Disability Application Form and
return the dully lled form to the
Placement Service.
But to apply, all applicants will
have their KCSE index number, birth
certicate number and a valid email
account. Candidates wishing to revise
their applicationsthose who had
applied in schoolwill be charged
Sh1,000 while those who had not ap-
plied in school will pay Sh1,500.
Applicants who will have problems
with their application have been ad-
vised to seek assistance from any of
the listed universities and colleges
close to them.
The body has set the cut-off
point for admission to bach-
elors degree programmes at B
(60 points) for male candidates
and B- (58 points) for female
Candidates with a minimum
overall grade of C- and above
are eligible to apply for di-
ploma programmes in various
government institutions
All common cadre staff serving in
various government ministries will,
starting July 1, 2014, report directly to
their respective Cabinet Secretaries.
This follows the recently launched
policy on Decentralisation of Human
Resource Management that will see
an overhaul in the functioning of hu-
man resource departments in various
Public Service Commission (PSC)
Chairperson Margaret Kobia said lack
of control by cabinet secretaries over
staff, increased inefciency and dual
reporting relationship in support
functions prompted the overhaul in
the human resource department.
We have had cases where a mem-
ber of staff working under a certain
ministry is required to report to a dif-
ferent cabinet secretary depending on
their job description. The new policy
will ensure that we have staff directly
answerable to their ministry CS, Ko-
bia said.
Kobia explained that the new pol-
icy will ensure that employees are
more focused in their respective des-
ignations thus boosting perfor-
The PSC chair said the new or-
ganisational structure for ministries
will be based on strategic plans man-
date of the respective ministries add-
ing that it will reduce workload for the
CSs and other senior ministry staff.
Cabinet secretaries at times leave
a gap especially when they have to
travel outside the country for work-
related issues. However, if they can
surround themselves with people who
say belong to this ministry and I re-
port to this CS then their job will be
almost purely delegating duties, Ko-
bia explained.
With the new structure, Kobia said,
there might be reshufing of employ-
ees in various ministries to ensure
they are well-placed in line with their
strengths and ability to deliver.
New civil
service policy
Captains look for results not salutes
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
By Irvin Jalango
Education Cabinet Secre-
tary Jacob Kaimenyi has dis-
missed claims that he ordered
fees increment in all public
In a meeting with student
leaders from across the coun-
try in his Jogoo House ofce,
Prof Kaimenyi said he never is-
sued such a directive.
Government directives are
communicated ofcially
through memos and circulars.
No statement or directive, or
any documentation has been
written to that effect. We are all
surprised by the strike notice,
he said.
While referring to a speech
he delivered at Bomas on April
23, Prof Kaimenyi said the
Government was only consid-
ering a differentiated unit cost,
where different courses would
cost differently.
We cannot increase Uni-
versity fees without consulting
stakeholders, of which stu-
dents are the major players.
That responsibility is with the
universities councils, he
Leaders from the National
University Students Organisa-
tion led by George Bush of Moi
University distanced them-
selves from the strike notice
and told Prof Kaimenyi they
had called for calm.
Notably missing was the
Babu Owino-led Kenya Uni-
versity Students Organisation
which the Principal Secretary
Belio Kipsang said he had met.
Kaimenyi said the matter may
have been politicised. He
urged the student leaders to
give dialogue a chance.
Babus group had called for
a strike today.
I didnt order fees increment, Kaimenyi tells students
Avoid city,
Sonu says on
strike plans
University of Nairobi stu-
dent leaders have warned mo-
torists to keep off major roads
leading to the city centre due to
todays nationwide students
Students Organisation of
Nairobi University (Sonu)
chairman Babu Owino urged
motorists to keep off Universi-
ty way, Nairobi CBD, Moi Ave-
nue, Parklands, Kikuyu Road
and Thika Superhighway.
If you are working within
Nairobi and you own a vehicle,
please leave it at home. We are
further warning motorists to
stay away from major roads
leading to town since they will
be ocked by demonstrators
he said.
Education Cabinet Secre-
tary Jacob Kaimenyi has re-
mained silent over this matter
and we strongly feel that the
only way we can get his atten-
tion is through paralysing
learning in our institutions.,
he said.
We have also received in-
formation that one of our stu-
Student leaders
want vehicle
owners to keep off
University Way,
Thika Road and
Kikuyu Road
Students Organisation of Nairobi University (Sonu) chairman
Babu Owino at a past Press conference. Public university stu-
dents are planning to stage demonstrations along certain roads
dent leaders received a bribe to
snub the demonstration. This
will not work as all the stu-
dents in public universities are
behind us, he added.
The Sonu chairman said
the nationwide demonstra-
tions by students from the sev-
en public universities will con-
tinue until the Government
addresses their grievances.
Sonu secretary general Jim
Akach said it was unfair for the
Government to increase uni-
versity fee and lower the maxi-
mum loan awarded to students
by the Higher Education Loans
The student leaders ques-
tioned the Governments mo-
tive to raise university fee at a
time when it was being haunt-
ed by the Anglo Leasing scan-
We wont allow the Gov-
ernment to raise our fee so as
to use part of the money to
fund Anglo Leasing, said
Among the grievances they
want addressed are reduction
of current fee by half, increase
of HELB loans and provision of
grants to students.
The student leaders had
earlier given Prof Kaimenyi 14
days to establish a task force to
review university fees, insisting
they had not been consulted.
According to the student
leaders, the Government is
planning to double the fee for
regular students, which cur-
rently stands at Sh28,000 per
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Public university unions have ad-
vised their members to commence in-
dustrial action from May 30 over
Sh3.76 billion allegedly misappropri-
ated by vice chancellors.
The national ofcials of the Uni-
versities Academic Staff Union (Uasu)
and the Kenya Universities Staff Union
(Kusu) told their more than 25,000
members to proceed with the strike
without further reference to the Gov-
ernment in case it fails to honour a re-
turn-to-work formula.
Speaking in Eldoret, Kusu Secre-
tary General Charles Mukwaya vowed
to stage a massive and protracted
withdrawal of services.
What is coming out clearly are in-
nuendos to the effect that the chan-
cellors are now speaking with impu-
nity that they will not pay for lack of
funds, he said.
He insisted that the argument was
inexcusable given they had granted
the vice chancellors adequate time to
Varsity staff to strike in 10 days time
Uasu and Kusu tell
their members to
down tools from May
30 should State fail to
honour agreement
make up for the members salary
raise, house allowances and arrears
they had duly negotiated for.
We are telling our members to go
out and seek their money to the last
penny without further reference to
the Government or universities if they
would not have been fully paid by
30th of this month, he advised.
Article 5 of the agreement between
Kusu, Uasu, Kenya Union of Domes-
tic, Hotels, Educational Institutions,
Hospitals and Allied Workers and the
University Academic Staff Union Secretary General Musalia Edebe (left), Kenya University Staff Union Secretary General
Charles Mukwaya and National Chairman Anthony Nyakoni address the Press in Eldoret, yesterday. [PHOTO: MICHAEL WESON-
President Uhuru Kenyatta has re-
quested best-performing secondary
schools to engage in academic ex-
change programmes in order to help
improve education standards.
The Head of State said national
schools like Alliance High, which per-
form excellently, should share the se-
crets behind their success with other
Dont keep what you hold dearly.
Let other people learn from what you
have, Uhuru said during a thanks
giving ceremony at Alliance.
The President was supporting the
request by Kiambu Senator Kimani
Wamatangi and Governor William
Kabogo to Alliance School manage-
ment to start such programmes as a
way of improving education stan-
dards in the county.
They raised concerns that despite
the county hosting the best perform-
ing school, majority of other schools
in the area have been performing
poorly. Wamatangi had asked the
school management to start an ex-
change programme where the stu-
dents from the school can visit others
schools in the county.
Kiambu Womens MP Anna Nyok-
abi said MPs from the area have
formed a caucus to address education
issues in the county.
President calls
for schools
exchange plan
Inter Public Universities Councils
Consultative Forum demands the
payment be effected not later than
May 30 this year. Payment to eligible
members of staff in JG 1-15 shall be
effected in full on a date not later than
May 30 2014, states the agreement.
Article 6 of the agreement signed
on March 12 stipulates that there shall
be no victimisation of either party and
no employee shall suffer loss of earn-
ings over the period of work stoppage.
Mukwaya accused the university vice
chancellors of holding irregular meet-
ings with the universities Senate
teams which he said have no mandate
in administrative, human resource
and nancial management.
Uasu National Secretary General
Musalia Edebe said they were at pains
explaining to members the delay in
payment offered by the Government.
We gave the VCs the benet of
doubt but now we are waiting for
them to act in the spirit and commit-
ment of this document, he said.
Page 11 Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Page 11 Tuesday, May 20, 2013 / The Standard
1he lsiolo County 6overnment invites bids from interested and qualifed bidders for the under listed works.
1NbR No. Ro1L1 bSLRl1loN Sl1 VlSl1
lC6/039/20I3/20I4/026 uldonyiro - Narapu - Ndugu 2angu Poad, Length = I5.0km PLAuvLP1lSLu 26/05/20I4
lC6/039/20I3/20I4/029 Proposed Construction of Serena 8eam 8ridge 26/05/20I4
Complete 1ender documents may be viewed and obtained from the website www.isieIe.e.ke for lPLL. Any queries contact
the SuIy Lhaiu Mauaemeut Services beartmeut emces on or before 4.00 P.H on normal working days.
lnterested bidders should meet the following minimum mandatory requirement;
I. Proof of similar of works
2. 8id 8ond I% of 1ender Sum in form of 8ank 6uarantee from a reputable bank or approved insurance company
3. Proof of adequate equipment and key personnel for specifed type of works.
4. Sound linancial Standing
5. Confdential 8usiness uestionnaire
6. 1ax Compliance, vA1/ PlN, Certifcate of Pegistration/lncorporation, Hinistry of water Pegistration and NCA
Pegistration Certifcate
7. Current valid Single 8usiness Permit
1ender in plain sealed envelopes, clearly marked at the right hand side corner indicating the 1euder Number ouIy with no
indication of the tenderer and addressed to:
.o. 8oX 2-u2uu
Should be deposited at the tender boxes placed outside the County omces, or sent by registered mail so as to reach the County
not later than Meuday 2
1uue, 2uI4 at Iu.uu a.m. 1enders will be opened immediately thereafter in the County Chamber.
1enderers or their representatives may attend and witness the tender opening. Late bids will be returned unopened.
1he security must be from established bank or approved insurance company and shall be valid for one hundred lifty (I50)
days from the opening date.
Prices quoted shall remain valid for une hundred 1wenty (I20) days from the opening date. Prequalifed Contractors are
highly advised to bid.
1he lsieIe Leuuty 6everumeut reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in whole or in part, and is not bound to give
any reason thereof.
foR: LouN1Y SLR1ARY.
Providing globally competitive professionals
KASNEB Towers, Hospital Road, Upper Hill, P. O. Box 41362 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya,
Telephone: 254(020) 2712640/2712828 Cellphone: 0722 201214/0734 600624, Fax: 254(020) 2712915,
Email: info@kasneb.or.ke, Website: www.kasneb.or.ke
KASNEB wishes to inform the candidates sitting for May 2014 examinations that their AUTHORITY
TO SIT EXAMINATION (TIMETABLES) have been dispatched through the Post Ofce. Candidates
may also download the same from KASNEB website (www.kasneb.or.ke).
Candidates are required to access their account on the student portal in order to download the
timetable as follows:
1. On the website click on the student login link then choose the student icon or proceed to click
the student icon if you use the direct link (online.kasneb.or.ke) to the student portal.
2. If you had created an account earlier, proceed to step 3. Otherwise click on create account and
click the yes button to indicate you have a Student Registration Number. Proceed to provide
names, preferred email address and a strong password (which will be used for future access
to self information) and click save.
3. Provide the email address and password used when creating the account and click unlock to
4. Select the Registration Details menu.
5. Access the Course Choice tab.
6. Select the examination from the dropdown box, click on the Yes checkbox and provide the
registration number without the prex (e.g. if your registration number is NAC/68148, provide
68148 as the registration number) and click save.
7. Select the Examination Timetable menu to view your timetable and instructions to
8. Click on print to print the pdf version or Send to email to send to your email address.
The timetable must be presented to the invigilators at each session of the examination. Please pay
attention and adhere to the INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES relating to the conduct of the
candidates during the examinations.
Tuesday, 20 May 2014
The KenGen Foundation was established in 2012 to drive and upscale the corporate social
investment programmes of the KenGen Company.
The KenGen Foundation seeks to identify, develop and package an eco lodge and a conference
facility within the lands owned by the sponsor Company. The rst of this development is proposed
to be situated at the 7-forks around Kamburu dam as its strategic focus.

The Foundation invites interested qualied candidate who can provide consultancy services as
The scope of service will consist but not limited to;
The development of a detailed feasibility study that looks at key market consideration for an
ecotourism lodge/conferencing facility project around Kamburu Dam area with a bed capacity of
between 50-100 people and conferencing facilities of up to 300.
i) Provide strategic guidance in respect to location and nature of development within the
Dam area.
ii) Carry out Demand analysis while bench making with similar projects elsewhere.
iii) Develop a concept plan paper with cost.
iv) Advice on best nancial sources to implement project
The EOI responses shall include details on the following as part of the statements of
a) Understanding the assignment
b) Experience in similar assignments
c) Financial capabilities and commitment
d) Proposals on delivery methodology
Interested bidders must satisfy the following requirements (attach evidence to support the
1. Bidders must provide their company prole , Certicate of Registration /Incorporation
and a valid tax compliance certicate
2. Eligible rms will be expected to provide proof of their capability and experience in doing
similar work in large organizations - provide three (3) references of similar work done in
the past ve years.
3. Be composed of a minimum of three consultants with a mix of appropriate expertise.
The team members should have -advanced degree from a recognized university in
Finance, Environment, economics, Land Economics, architecture or related eld.
Candidates who combine academic qualication and experience in more than one of
these disciplines will have an added advantage;-at least seven years of experience on
the relevant issues
4. Attach audited accounts for the last two years
5. This consultancy requires the services of competent individuals with analytical
competence and knowledgeable about development of lodges and conference facilities
in Kenya, and experience in developing strategy documents with nancial estimation at
acceptable standards with sustainable components.
6. Demonstrate experience in developing strategy/project documents of
international standard;--familiarity with the eco-tourism facilities and structural
development sector programmes; strong written and verbal communication skills;
organized and able to present ideas in a concise and logical format including proven
ability to summarize lengthy and complex information into short and simple language;
and uency in English.
Submission of proposal
Only Prequalied consultant(s)/rm will be required to develop a detailed proposal based on the
requirements and objectives dened in the Terms of Reference, including methodology timeframe
and budget (technical and nancial proposal in one enverlope). The bidder will be expected to start
immediately after the tender award and the Foundation will Prefer that the project must be
completed within a period of eight weeks (2) months from the commencement date.
A suitable consulting rm will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the
Standard Request for Proposal (RFP) 2007 edition for selection of consultants issued by the Public
Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA) of the Government of Kenya (www.ppoa.go.ke)
4. EoI Submission
EOI in plain sealed envelope clear marked EOI for development of an ecotourism and
conferencing facility shall be submitted in one original and two copies to the address below, not
later than 1400 Hrs on May 30
, 2014.
Managing Trustee,
KenGen Foundation,
Floor, Stima Sacco building,
Kolobot Road, Parklands,
P. O. Box 47936, 00100
Nairobi, KENYA.
The documents will be opened on the same day in public at 1430 hrs at Stima plaza phase III
Executive Room 7
KenGen Foundation reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications without the
obligation to assign any reason for the decision.
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
MPs yesterday asked security
chiefs to reveal the details of the
Sh12.3 billion deal that was awarded
to Safaricom for surveillance and
communication equipment.
The lawmakers sought assurances
from Interior co-ordination Cabinet
Secretary Joseph ole Lenku, his Prin-
cipal Secretary Mutea Iringo and the
Inspector General of Police David Ki-
maiyo that the deal between the Gov-
ernment and Kenyas largest mobile
service provider, Safaricom, was
The Parliamentary Committee on
Administration and National Security
said the questions about the procure-
Security bosses told to explain Sh12.3b Safaricom deal
ment of the multibillion project have
to be addressed before it is imple-
The committee told Lenku, Iringo
and Kimaiyo, plus other senior of-
cers in the Interior docket that they
want all queries answered, so that the
matter does not get stuck in court the
same way the previous exercise was
stuck in court in a tussle between two
Chinese companies Huawei and
Are you sure we are on the safe
side? If it is an issue of single sourcing,
people are going to raise issues. Or
else we are going to be embroiled in
the same issues that have been in
court for the last two years. We need
these surveillance equipment like
yesterday, said the committee chair-
man Asman Kamama.
Video surveillance (CCTV), digital
radios, video conferencing system,
central command for the communi-
Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph
Ole Lenku, his Principal Secretary
Mutea Iringo and the Inspector Gen-
eral of Police David Kimaiyo yester-
day came face to face with the ugly
side of their ofcers, when an MP
gave them details of an attempted ex-
tortion and corruption.
Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno narrat-
ed how police ofcers arrested three
young men at the Kencom Bus Station
over the weekend, took them to Cen-
tral Police Station in Nairobi, and ex-
torted money, in exchange for their
They were put in a police vehicle
together with suspected criminals.
When they reached the police station,
the ofcers reversed the vehicle. They
let the criminals go, but detained
these young men. They said they
wanted to book them for idling, said
the Rongo MP.
They told the young men that
they would be released if they paid
Sh2,000 each. Between them, the men
had Sh1,000. The police ofcer escort-
ed one of them to an automated teller
machine, where they withdrew
Sh5,000 to buy their freedom, Otieno
The arrested youths called the MP
and narrated their ordeal. The MP
told the security chiefs that he got in-
to his car and drove all the way to the
Central Police Station.
He called the young men back to
the station and they identied the of-
cers who had taken the money.
Otieno said he pleaded with the
Ofcer Commanding Station to disci-
pline his ofcers to make sure that the
vice was stopped.
However, when the MP called the
OCS to nd out if he had acted on the
errant ofcers, the OCS told him he
was in court.
I told him I will report him to the
minister, said Otieno as he looked at
Ole Lenku, Mr Iringo and Mr Kimaiyo,
at a meeting of the House Committee
on Administration and National Se-
These ofcers must be disci-
plined. I dont want them sacked, but
they must know that what they did is
worse than corruption. It is extor-
tion, the Rongo MP said.
This is very sad. It is a case where
I am innocent, yet the police arrest
me. I am driven with other criminals
to a police station where I should feel
safe, but then, I am extorted, Otieno
When Lenku heard the ministers
story, anger was written all over his
face. They must be sacked! he
snarled. Otieno said sacking wont
help, because, it seemed corruption
was well entrenched in the police ser-
MP tells Kimaiyo,
Lenku, Iringo how
ofcers extorted
three men
per litre of fuel, this amount can only
provide seven litres per day for use by
the deputy county commissioners
and assistant county commissioners,
the trio told the parliamentary com-
They added that the allocation of
Sh143 million to the divisional head-
quarters means that the 1,200 vehi-
cles in the police posts, stations and
divisions will have to make do with
just two litres of fuel a day.
This is grossly inadequate, the
security bosses noted in their brief
that is poised for the Budget and Ap-
propriations Committee, which will
have the nal say on the budget.
Kimaiyo was angry that the Na-
tional Treasury had reduced money
that had been agreed in the Cabinet
retreat in Nanyuki.
The National Authority for the
Campaign against Drug Abuse the
body mandated to ght illicit alcohol
is also in the red.
Waikenda said she needed Sh700
million for tamper-proof passports,
but her request was denied. She said
she wanted to hire 600 new employ-
ees, but the National Treasury gave
Sh50 million for 100 new staff.
She also said she wanted Sh150
million for a system to track foreign-
ers, but the Treasury mandarins re-
jected the whole idea.
The MPs were livid. They in turn
harassed the ofcial of the National
Treasury, senior assistant Director of
Budget Kasembeli Nasiuma, and told
him to explain why money was not
available when the country is under
Nasiuma told the MPs that the
budget resources were nite. We
must live within our means as a coun-
try. We cannot just print money. If in
the wisdom of Parliament, our distri-
bution of resources is not good
enough, well be guided with the po-
sition that you (MPs) take, just as we
have done before, said Nasiuma.
He reminded MPs that the budget-
Treasury blamed for cutting security
budget despite rising terror attacks
Security chiefs say
they had submitted
a budget of Sh146.8
billion which was cut
to Sh83.2 billion
Top security chiefs yesterday
turned the heat on the National Trea-
sury over Sh63.6 billion shortfall in
their budget.
This comes at a time when securi-
ty threats in the country are at an all-
time high. The security chiefs said
they had submitted a budget of
Sh146.8 billion, but the National Trea-
sury had cut it to Sh83.2 billion.
Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph
Ole Lenku, Principal Secretary Mutea
Iringo and Inspector General of Police
David Kimaiyo trooped to Continen-
tal House and told MPs that efforts in
ghting crime had oundered and the
situation was likely to get worse be-
cause of budget cuts.
The trio at the helm of the coun-
trys security machinery said they put
in requests for more money, but every
time their budgets are submitted, the
National Treasury reduces the alloca-
They said about 400 vehicles in the
ministry are grounded.
Lenku, Kimaiyo, plus Director of
Immigration Jane Waikenda, together
with the directors in charge of regis-
tration and disaster management, all
complained that they are under-
staffed, underfunded and unlikely to
deliver what they are expected to do.
We badly need your intervention
to see how we can ll this gap of gross
underfunding, said Lenku.
Lenku and Kimaiyo joined the
Chief Finance Ofcer at the State De-
partment of Interior in telling the
House committee on Administration
and National Security how the Na-
tional Treasury had cut the money for
fuel from Sh2.2 billion to Sh586 mil-
The 290 sub-counties (constituen-
cies) have an allocation of Sh97.6 mil-
lion for fuel. This translates to
Sh921.20 per sub-county per day. At
the prevailing average rate of Sh120
Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno
Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole
making process was now in the do-
main of the Legislature, and that the
National Treasurys job was to bake
the cake, and share it with the 47
county governments, the indepen-
dent commissions, the Legislature,
the Judiciary and the Executive.
Well be guided by members of
the August House on how to rework
the gures. Whatever you say will be
nal, Nasiuma told the MPs, as Len-
ku, Iringo and Kimaiyo looked on,
shaking their heads.
Dalmas Otieno (Rongo) was rat-
tled. Parliament does not set the ceil-
ings. You people at the National Trea-
sury do. The security sector has been
underfunded to a point where we now
have a disaster.
cation system and mapping system,
are part of the infrastructure that will
be provided to help keep Kenyans
safe. It will rst be implemented in
Nairobi and Mombasa.
Lenku told the MPs that the sur-
veillance and communication equip-
ment will also be installed in remote
areas to help curb cattle-rustling.
The Cabinet Secretary said Safari-
com had agreed to install 15 commu-
nication towers in Turkana, eight in
West Pokot and a yet to be determined
number in Samburu to help in com-
munication and surveillance of cattle
He also told MPs that the Kenya
Police Reservists will also be equipped
to help deal with the menace.
Dalmas Otieno: Parliament does not set the ceilings. You people at
the National Treasury do. The security sector has been underfunded
regularly to a point where we now have a disaster. You people are not
even awake to the changing needs (in the face of terror)
Joseph Ndiege: Tourists are being evacuated from hotels at the
coast. The hotels are left deserted. If you dont do anything else, please
make sure you give money to the Department of Interior
Asman Kamama: National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich
has to appear before the committee to make sure he gives a nal an-
swer on why there was little money allocated to security services
Kamama: In a weeks time, if the National Treasury does not give us a
response, then we are going to tell the country that you are conspirators
in the spiralling insecurity,
The Treasurys meagre allocation to the Interior Ministry was making
other Government departments pay more money, just to shore up secu-
rity services
Committee to make sure the security ministry secures more money for
its different departments
We cant keep fghting
cattle rustlers using the
same methods that we have
been using for the last 50
years. It cannot be business
as usual. Committee Chairman
Asman Kamama
Page 13 Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Page 13 Tuesday, May 20, 2013 / The Standard
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Make both Kenyans
and foreigners safe
The Standard is printed and published by the proprietors,
Newsdesk: 3222111
Fax: 2213108
Email: oped@standardmedia.co.ke
Group Managing Editor (Print): Kipkoech Tanui
Registered at the GPO as a newspaper.
It is time for building bridges, not erecting walls
he travel advisories issued against Kenya
illustrate the seriousness with which Western
powers treat security threats to their coun-
tries. The number of tourists who left the coastal town
of Mombasa within a single day amplifies the concern
felt by many people including Kenyan citizens.
At the same time, the President has castigated the
West for pressing the panic button yet terrorism is not
something unique to Kenya. He believes this is a
deliberate attempt by the West to sabotage the coun-
trys economy. On the other hand, the British govern-
ment has insisted this was because the security of their
citizens was more crucial than the economic loss their
exit occasioned. Neither of them is wrong.
Tourism is a leading foreign exchange earner for the
country, and dwindling revenues from the sector have
huge knock-on effects on the economy. Apart from
being an alternative revenue stream for the country
and creating employment, the sector helps keep the
shilling stable as it provides a steady flow of forex that
also checks inflation. So the presidents anger is
Besides the advisories, the American Consulate in
Nairobi (one of the biggest in the region) has reduced
its staff to a skeleton. The UN offices at Gigiri also have
minimal staff. Both now have reinforced security.
The answer to this is not to chest-thump as the
President has done. True, we can look elsewhere for the
tourist numbers, but at what cost?
Making the country safe should not be done to
attract more tourists and make foreigners safe, but
rather the core duty of any government. After all,
majority of those who have died in the attacks that
precipitated the travel advisories are Kenyan citizens.
Simply put, Government must show that it values life
and property, whether Kenyan or foreign.
To the Western nations, terrorism, as rightly put by
the President, is not a Kenyan phenomenon. Issuing
travel advisories is akin to admitting that the schemers
of the attacks are winning and that is not true.

Kenyu's BoId Newspuper 1hursday, becember 20, 2012

No. 29227
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PufIIes Ihe nume oI IIs pfesIdenIIuI cundIduIe
IoIIowIng Ihe Iupse oI InIIIuI 14-duy pefIod
counIIng IfomDecembef 4.
ThIs meuns DepuIy PfIme MInIsIefs
Uhufu KenyuIIu und MusuIIu MuduvudI huve
mofe IIme Io compfomIse on wheIhef one
oI IhemwIII be pIcked ug-beufef by wuy oI
consensus of deIeguIe sysIem.
II wus dIsugfeemenI beIween Ihe Iwo ovef
Ihe Iwo sysIems IhuI Ihfew Ihe uIIIunce InIo
conIusIon und deIuyed numIng oI u ug-
beufef IhIs week.
BuI even us Ihe pefIod Iof negoIIuIIons
wIdened, MuduvudI`s cIosesI uIIIes
muInIuInedIhuI whuIevef Ihe ouIcome, IheIf
cundIduIe wouId funInIhe Mufch4 eIecIIon.
MuduvudI`s nuIIonuI cumpuIgn coofdInuIof
Df MukhIsu KIIuyI feveuIed Ihe pufIy wus
expIofIng uII uvenues Io uddfess Ihe Impusse.
We huve Ihe exII wIndowund IIme Is noI on
8 fIfk 0l0
PfesIdenI KIbukI cIosed hIs
b0-yeuf coIoufIuI hIsIofy In Puf-
IIumenI wIIh un exhofIuIIon Io
MPs Io use Ihe House`s poIenIIuI
Io fudIcuIIy IfunsIofm peopIe`s
The PfesIdenI, who wus show-
efed wIIh pfuIse by uII MPs
some oI whom huve been hIs
bIIIef cfIIIcs , couId noI hoId
buck hIs |oy us he gfuceIuIIy ex-
IIed Ihe IegIsIuIIve house.
The PfesIdenI femInIscedovef
Ihe gfeuI uchIevemenIs oI Ihe
10Ih PufIIumenI, und sIngIed ouI
Ihe enucImenI oI Ihe new Con-
sIIIuIIon uIIef un eIusIve 20-yeuf
seufch us sIundIng ouI.
GIvIng hIs hnuI uddfess Io Ihe
House, Ihe Heud oI SIuIe who
Is Ihe IongesI sefvIng Membef
oI PufIIumenI uppeufed Io
seI Ihe Iempo Iof Ihe comIng
eIecIIons when he suId Ihe
counIfy`s IuII poIenIIuI cun onIy
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Parting shot
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MichaeI Lewa Ahmed Shaf NeIseu 1ee
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oI seven IuxI dfIvefs In Kuwungwufe, NuIfobI, In 2010. SEE FULL STORY 17
1oB tW1R
Your daily page on
employment news
and views, PAGE 12
he acrimony raised by President
Uhuru Kenyattas Executive Order
to the National Treasury Cabinet
Secretary to pay for Anglo Leasing-related
contracts amounting to Sh1.4 billion has
placed the country at a crossroads,
unnecessarily heightening political
Granted, the President is the only
citizen allowed to invoke Executive
authority, but only when it is deemed
extremely necessary. The manner in which
he did this, leaves a lot to be desired. He
claimed he acted in public interest. Many
At a public rally held in Kibera on
Sunday, the Opposition Cord coalition
sought to put the President on notice over
what it termed illegal payments. While
issues raised by the Opposition are valid,
the manner of raising them was uncon-
ventional and their actions amounted to
an attempt to incite the public to violence
against the authorities.
In truth, corruption has hurt the
nation. One doesnt need to look far to feel
the debilitating effects of corruption.
Despite inhibiting the potential of the
country, efforts to slay the corruption
dragon have been feeble and unconvinc-
And as the Anglo Leasing saga illus-
trates, the web of deceit and corruption in
Government corridors is intricate. Which
therefore calls for a deeper sense of
purpose and sobriety.
The reasons the President and his
Treasury Secretary gave for authorising the
payment have been discounted as having
no basis in law. Especially the reason that
the Government risked having its property
abroad being attached.
That is not true. Article 33 of the Vienna
Convention on Consular Relations states
that the host nation must protect the
premises from intrusion or damage.
Yet that is not the issue. The issue is
that since Uhuru Kenyatta feels that he is
the duly elected Head of State, he has the
carte blanche to do as he wishes even
when reaching out would have been a
better option.
He has overtly indicated that he is not
open to discussion on the matter, some-
thing that puts him on a collision path
with not only the Opposition, but also
legislators from his own ruling coalition.
That need not be the case.
The performance of the Jubilee govern-
ment one year after it took over office has
been average and a president keen on
shoring up support for his agenda would
be building bridges, not erecting walls.
And there are many examples of what
many might view as lone-ranger attitude
to running government.
The Presidents decision to get national
representation at the county level needs to
be reviewed.
At all times, the Chief Executive of the
County should remain the governor. That
why we have two levels of government,
national and the one.
Already, governors are threatening to go
to court to challenge the President on his
That doesnt help matters. It only
reinforces the perception of a highly
litigious society and slows down govern-
Yet despite the obvious faults of the
Government, the Opposition is not
conducting itself as an alternative govern-
The shrill statements by members of
Cord leave a lot to be desired. Whipping
public emotion will not help matters
much. Offering alternatives will.
Ukraine needs Russia and the West
Violence in Ukraine is spreading. The
Ukrainian military and police are splitting
apart, a reection of the ssures in that deeply
divided country. Pro-Russian separatists are
taking over government buildings and police
stations in eastern Ukraine. Pro-government
mobs have burned protesters alive. The
referenda on self-rule cobbled together by
pro-Russian movements in the Donetsk and
Luhansk regions deepens the divisions. Zealots
on both sides could drive the country into a
bloody and destructive civil war. The United
States has no direct national security interests
at stake in Ukraine, but we do have an interest
in a united and functional Ukraine that has
stable relations with its EU neighbors to the
west and with Russia to the east.
Is it time to boycott Gary Barlow?
In 1969 John Lennon returned his MBE in
protest against Britains involvement in the
Nigeria-Biafra thing, against our support of
America in Vietnam, and against Cold Turkey
slipping down the charts. If tax-avoiding Gary
Barlow answered calls to return his honour (an
OBE), he would become the second most famous
musician to do so, and it would be less a case of
cold turkey than humble pie. Barlow has quite a
reputation to defend. As one-fth of Take That,
he was part of a music phenomenon that were
in some ways the Beatles of the early 1990s. In
1969 John Lennon returned his MBE in protest
against Britains involvement in the Nigeria-
Biafra thing, against our support of America
in Vietnam, and against Cold Turkey slipping
down the charts.
Ideas for building a better Chicago
For months, weve heard from legions of
readers about their brightest ideas to solve the
problems that confront Chicago. Mid-Monday,
we put faces to some of those voices. We invited
10 readers to join us for lunch at the Tribune
Editorial Board. A second group of guests came
to the Tribune for dinner. These two were among
hundreds of Monday mealtime conversations
involving thousands of Chicagoans, under the
auspices of The Chicago Community Trusts On
The Table event.The trust spearheaded these
breakfasts, lunches and dinners with a single
goal: ... to inspire a movement to strengthen and
sustain the Chicago region long after (Monday).
We want residents to come together and do
more: More charity, more volunteerism, more

Corruption and general
system clog-
down in the
South African
ment have
so incensed
ery cleric
Desmond Tutu
that he uttered what could be
construed as being sadistic.
I am glad that Mandela is
dead, he said. Celebrating
the death? Absolutely not!
Things are so bad he is glad
Mandela is not around to see
what he fought for so hard
being dismantled so casually!
Good governance is a beast.
Some pastors never cease to
amaze. And even more amazing
is how women allow themselves
to be abused by people mas-
querading as servants of God.
One was seen fondling a certain
ladys private parts in the name
of prayer. These wachungaji are
getting ingenious by the day.
Another pastor was caught spy-
ing on ladies in their washroom.
You may ask how. Yes, he had
installed cameras disguised as
air fresheners. Where are we
headed to?
Are these the signs of
things to come following the
signing of bilateral trade
agreement with China? In
some towns, notably Nakuru,
Kisumu and Kakamega, you
will encounter hawkers of
Chinese origin selling some
cheap imitation Samsung
phones. The other day, there
was this one supervising
the opening of drainage in
Nairobis Kangemi. Will we
now see them selling toma-
toes and sukuma wiki by the
This insecurity issue must be
serious, very serious indeed.
We have had advisories issued
against our country before,
but never have we witnessed
an exodus so big and hurried.
More than twenty hotels have
practically shut down their
operations. United Nations of-
ces in Gigiri are out of bounds
to everybody else except staff.
Panicked Uncle Sams head boy
has asked for more Marines for
protection, enough cause for
worry. Why cant the vermin
leave us alone? We need peace!
And nally...
Dr Bonny
Khalwale is a
real peoples
man. Where
the toes of
the common
man are being
stepped on,
trust him to
be there in full combat gear!
There is a question though.
To which party does he owe
allegiance? UDF, AMANI, JU-
asking, Mheshimiwa.
oped@standardmedia co.ke
OPINIONS / Page 15 Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
To the police, youre guilty till proven not
social scene, it was not uncom-
mon to have police patrolling the
streets after dark.
Surprisingly, it was not to haul
off the revelers into the (in)fa-
mous Maria as happened (maybe
it still does) in Nairobi.
They routinely handed off
bottles of drinking water to revel-
ers to stave off dehydration and
to help them pace their drinks.
They also broke up any squab-
bles outside the club before they
turned into full-edged brawls,
and not, again, by hauling the ag-
itators off to jail but peacefully
with a few rm warning words.
Shocking, right? And yet, we
shouldnt be so awed that this is
the hallmark of public service in
developed countries, we should
expect this as the minimum.
Even in Uganda, right across
the border, the policemen are
more professional and courteous
than their Kenyan counterparts
As Transparency International
continues to rank this institution
as one of the most corruptly per-
ceived in the region, where are
the reforms that the sector is so
urgently in need of?
And by reforms we do not
mean the knee-jerk trial and error
moves that reek of desperation.
Something needs to be done to
rein in corruption, citizen harass-
ment and inefciency. And it
needs to be done now.
Ms Ngima is a strategy, nance and
governance expert
few years ago, when the
Nairobi City Council of-
cers had bestowed all
manner of power on themselves,
a friend of mine had an interest-
ing encounter. Being a Saturday
morning, trafc was unpredict-
able and my friend was getting
late for work.
Out of nowhere, a kanjo lady
appeared and accused her of
breaking some obscure little
known law, proceeded to deposit
herself in the passengers seat.
Genuinely surprised, my
friends What did I do questions
fell on deaf ears and the city coun-
cil attendant accused her of play-
ing dumb. By this time, trafc had
My friend, weighing the con-
sequences of crossing the lines of
an irate boss versus her new-
found friend who wanted to play
guessing games, decided not to
risk her bread and butter.
She pressed the accelerator
and hurtled down the road into
Industrial Area when the atten-
dant realised that things were not
going her way.
On protesting, my friend told
her Mimi naenda kazini Inda, si-
jui wewe unaenda wapi. I am sure
that attendant did not harass any-
one else that day.
Everyone I know has suffered
some similar fate at the hands of
the law enforcers. Whether it is
the kanjo or the police, driving in
Nairobi is not for the uninitiated.
Some policeman will arbitrarily
accuse you of breaking one law or
the other and proceed to do un-
savoury things like forcefully re-
moving your car keys from the ig-
nition, snatching your driving
license or hurling insults at you.
The worst is when they uncer-
emoniously place themselves in
your passenger seat and order
you to drive.
Woe unto you if you were
headed to work or to an impor-
tant meeting. I have had the un-
fortunate experience of going
through this at 9pm, with two
male ofcers.
At the time, I did not know that
a male ofcer shouldnt get into a
womans car in the absence of a
female ofcer after 6pm (yes, that
is the law). I got off unscathed,
but I have memorised the by-laws
just in case I nd myself in a sim-
ilar situation in future.
And while I am all for law en-
forcement and the meting out of
consequences of misdemeanours,
punishment MUST be adminis-
tered in a humane and respectful
Which is why it was gratifying
to read about a Nairobi police-
man who was reprimanded in
court for insulting a motorist.
Dear policeman, when we ask
why youre arresting us, were not
being stubborn or facetious, most
times we really do not know what
youre accusing us of.
But I never see you arresting
your compatriots for trafc of-
fences. Vehicles bearing GK plates
are some of the biggest offenders
from overlapping to stopping at
unauthorised drop-off points.
But I suppose the concept of
public service, that is, you serv-
ing the people is a foreign one,
isnt it? We are all guilty until prov-
en innocent.
On the contrary though, I have
to commend you for the stellar
initiative that you display. Wheth-
er it is cracking down on suspect-
ed terrorists and extorting money
from the hapless victims or quick-
ly enforcing the order to harass
private motorists over their tinted
cars, the speed with which you re-
spond is laudable.
Now, if only you were to use
your powers for good instead of
evil, we would be in a much bet-
ter place.
In the United Kingdom, I lived
in one of the bigger student vil-
lages, a few meters from campus.
None of my encounters with the
local policemen was anything I
expected. The rst was a home
Mentally going through all the
reasons I could expect to be ar-
rested (thank my Kenyan origins)
my documents and visa were all
in order, I had paid my rent up-
front, I didnt have any council
taxes or illegally parked cars I
opened the door hesitantly.
To my amazement, after very
cordial greetings, all they wanted
was for us to keep our downstairs
windows shut to avoid becoming
victims of petty theft.
The second was even more
awe-inspiring. Given that our
neighbourhood had a very active
astern Africans aspire to
see South Sudan and Su-
dan at peace so that
both countries can focus on im-
proving the lives of their people.
This dream is within our reach.
But as has been demonstrated in
the aftermath of the separation of
Sudan and South Sudan, compro-
mises are needed so as to give all
parties a stake in a peaceful fu-
ture, a prerequisite for develop-
Pressure is building for East-
ern Africans, preferably under the
umbrella of Intergovernmental
Authority on Development, to
bring opposing sides in the con-
ict in South Sudan to the table to
negotiate, avoid further loss of
life, and lay the groundwork for
To help South Sudan, we must
correctly understand and empha-
size the root causes of the con-
The removal from ofce of Dr
Riek Machar in 2013 amid accu-
sations of plotting to destabilise
the government may have trig-
gered the ongoing conict but the
true causes run much deeper. It
is these deeper issues that we
MWANGI WACHIRA} The myriad challenges facing South Sudan
They get
in the way
of gover-
nance be-
cause those
who feel
they bore the
brunt of the
struggle de-
mand great-
er access to
resources in
proportion to
their sacri-
must confront.
Discussions with cross sec-
tions of South Sudanese reveal
one deep-seated issue: the rela-
tive contribution of different
groups to the struggle for self-de-
termination for South Sudan.
Some South Sudanese accuse
their compatriots of fence-sitting,
refusal to take up arms, or out-
right collaboration with the op-
pressors of South Sudan in the
years of the struggle.
These are strongly-felt senti-
ments and cannot be dismissed
easily. They get in the way of gov-
ernance because those who feel
they bore the brunt of the strug-
gle demand greater access to re-
sources in proportion to their
On the other hand, those who
may not have thrown their full ef-
fort behind the struggle to free
South Sudan argue that the new
dispensation should be based on
equal access without regard to
contribution in the struggle. Our
challenge is to encourage each
side to accept some compromise
for the sake of the future.
There is no doubt that the
South Sudanese bore the brunt of
the struggle for their country.
Eastern Africans and other coun-
tries helped but it was South Su-
danese blood that was shed. It
now appears that some countries
outside the region helped with
the expectation that in return,
they would have a major role in
the development of the main re-
source of South Sudan: oil.
Were these expectations ever
stated explicitly or were they tac-
it? In all likelihood, they were im-
plicit, details to be negotiated
once the struggle was over. Now
that South Sudan has emerged,
decisions must be made as to
which of the countries that helped
in the struggle will participate in
the oil sector and if so, to what ex-
tent, relative to others that did
not help in the struggle.
There are countries that col-
laborated with Khartoum even af-
ter it became patently clear that
the only morally defensible
course of action was to stand by
South Sudanese in their bid to rid
themselves of oppression. Should
such last-minute converts be in-
vited to participate in the devel-
opment of South Sudans major
For the policy makers in Juba,
decision-making is all the more
difcult because of the sense of
urgency, the need for accelerated
improvement of the quality of life
for all South Sudanese.
The leaders must make deci-
sions which, collectively, chart
the least-cost path to develop-
ment. This does not necessarily
lead to collaboration with the
same countries that contributed
most actively in the struggle for
South Sudan.
Indeed, the logic of least-cost
path to development may well ar-
gue for South Sudan to invite
countries that may have been by-
standers during the struggle to
develop the oil sector, much to
the chagrin of those who helped
South Sudan at her neediest
Tragically, this mix of coun-
tries, those who helped in the
emergence of South Sudan and
those that did not can now ally
themselves with either President
Silva Kiirs government or the op-
ponents under Mr Machar, a pre-
scription for prolonged strife.
These are the elements of the
tragedy of South Sudan.
Dr Mwangi Wachira is an economist
who retired from the World Bank
I did not
know that a
male ofcer
shouldnt get
into a wom-
ans car in
the absence
of a female
ofcer after
www. facebook.com/
Follow us!
Police told to implement directive
on vehicles with tinted windows
I wish to support the directive by
National Police Service boss David Mwole
Kimaiyo on vehicles with tinted windows
to be impounded. A section of leaders
opposed to the directive have not clearly
read the Constitution on trafc acts,
and are not helping security agents in
any way eliminate insecurity. We should
forget our political and ethnic differences
and confront the challenge of terrorism
collectively for the sake of peace and
stability in our nation. - John Kipkemboi
Governors not constitutionally
informed on devolution
The recent remarks by Mombasa
Governor Ali Hassan Joho that Mombasa
Port belongs to Coast people leaves
a lot to be desired and cannot go
unchallenged. Our leaders must not
misinterpret the Constitution to serve
their own political interests at the
expense of our hard-earned unity as
Kenyans. Kenyans did not vote in a
Constitution with devolution structures in
order for each tribe or ethnic community
to be afliated when it comes to resource
sharing. In my understanding, it is the
devolution process that should unify
Kenyans, not divide them. - Barack Oduor
LSKs demands for Prof Muigai to
resign long overdue
The decision of LSK chairman Eric Mutua
to demand the immediate resignation of
AG Githu Muigai and the entire State Law
ofce is timely and in fact, long overdue
as the shoddy and unprofessional
manner in which they have handled
the never-ending Anglo Leasing saga is
not only an insult to Kenyans but also
a national disaster and monumental
shame. Even more strange is that up to
now, the Kenyan taxpayer doesnt know
who we are paying! - Enock Onsando
Nothing malicious about advisories
President Uhuru Kenyatta has famously
declared terrorism an act of cowardice.
Even as that is true, the irony is that
these cowards continue to successfully
launch attacks as we, the brave, only
succeed in losing innocent lives,
property, investors and now, foreign
tourists. This is due to the fact that our
bravery is largely manifested in the
way the Government talks tough! It is
instructive to note that terrorism, just
like any other vice, cannot be eliminated
by mere tough and empty talk. Action
and decisive action at that must
be injected. As they say, actions speak
louder than words. - Kevin Otieno
There is need for better
Government co-ordination
Since President Uhuru Kenyatta
addressed county commissioners a
few days ago, a lot has been said
about the so-called new powers be-
stowed on the commissioners.
The President, as the leader of
the country, must lead from the
front. He must be directly involved
in development. This calls for clear
lines of authority. The ofcers con-
cerned must be given a clear way of
doing things and must understand
their responsibilities and limits.
There are several functions,
which directly fall under the na-
tional government. These func-
tions, among others, include pro-
viding security, education and
construction of major roads.
The gounty governments, on
the other hand, have their own
roles and functions. The governors
do not report directly to the Presi-
dent and secondly, they are from
different political parties. So this
new arrangement begs the ques-
tion: Can the governors work in the
best interests of an incumbent
President from another party? Or
will self interest and the ambitions
of the governors take precedence?
Is there room for sabotage?
Leadership is the privilege to
better the lives of others. Unfortu-
nately, this has rarely been the case
in Kenya.
As a leader, if this is the scenar-
io, what is the President expected to
do? The key is to strengthen co-or-
dination by examining the weak
links and rectifying them.
I believe this is what informed
President Kenyatta when he gave
the county commissioners author-
ity to manage their units.
But this is also power to be re-
sponsible and accountable for the
happenings in the devolved units,
and by extension, the functions of
the county governments.
The county commissioners will
now be held responsible and ac-
countable directly. There will no
longer be a blame game on perfor-
mance. They will be required to
gather information and monitor
the activities of each county.
As the President has ably dem-
onstrated, the county commission-
ers must be ready to be ridiculed
and to be misunderstood.
It should be not an opportunity
to satisfy personal greed. In order
for them to work well, the county
commissioners must be well in-
formed, fully independent and
work both together horizontally
and vertically.
By doing this, the President has
taken the problems affecting Ke-
nyans head-on, which takes great
psychological strength. However,
the county commissioners also
need to be monitored, and con-
stant feedback given.
Poor performers must be set
free to pursue their true calling. As
Kenyans, we must build a society
that encourages us to believe that
we are responsible for the choices
we make and accountable for our
We must not accept average
{Muigai Thumbi, Kiambu}
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
State not doing enough about terror
The recent explosions at the
populous Gikomba Market that left
scores of Kenyans dead and a good
number maimed should have been
a wake-up call for the authorities to
change tack in this war.
The tough talk by the President
and the usual predictable rejoinder
by Inspector General of Police Da-
vid Kimaiyo have not been effective
in dealing with terrorism.
It might be important for boost-
ing the morale of the police and the
public, but it has failed to reduce or
even deter the ever-increasing ter-
rorist activities in the country. The
merchants of death have recently
changed tack in their targets and
Kenyans are no longer safe in mar-
ket places, pubs, buses, hotels or
even in their own homes.
We should weed out all the ele-
ments of this trade without causing
unnecessary harm to the citizens,
or any particular group, even if it
means ushing them out of where
they hide as they plan their activi-
Lip service by the authorities on
this war cannot be tolerated when
Kenyans are being butchered every
other day. Kenyans are fast losing
condence in the ability of the po-
lice to deal with this menace and
worse, they are losing patience be-
cause we all know that these radi-
cals profess a particular faith even
though the majority from this faith
do not agree with them.
The Government must swallow
its pride and allow for help in deal-
ing with this crisis because our ma-
jor problem seems to be lack of or
inadequate intelligence. The public
pronouncements by the President
are not the way to seek partner-
ships in the war against terrorism
but rather direct and open negotia-
tions on the same.
We clearly need help and to get
it, the Government must stop the
cold war with the Western powers.
{Titus Pala, Kisumu, Kisumu}
How to write us: Letters should be addressed to: The Editor, Letters, P O Box 30080, Nairobi, Kenya or e-mail letters@standardmedia.co.ke
The views expressed on this page are not those of The Standard. The Editor reserves the right to edit the letters. Correspondents should give their names and
address as a sign of good faith, though not necessarily for publication.
Travel advisories on
Kenya uncalled for
The move by Britain, US, France
and Australia to issue a new
travel advisory against Kenya
over alleged terrorist-related
activities is uncalled for.
Kenyas security agents, led
by Inspector General David
Kimaiyo, are doing their best
to contain the situation and
it is wrong of the US, Britain,
Australia and France to create
unnecessary fear among citizens
of other countries who wish to
come to the country.
Kenyan security has
demonstrated its commitment
to ensuring that the country is
safe from terrorism, and it is
upon Kenyans and the foreign
nations to work together to
solve this problem.
Some countries are not happy
with the fact that Kenya
signed agreements, running
into billions of shillings aimed
at improving the countrys
economy and strengthening
economic ties between Kenya
and China, and ignoring the
The fact remains that when
citizens of the mentioned
countries do not travel to Kenya,
others have the opportunity to
tour this wonderful nation.
It is hypocrisy for a country to
continue having an embassy
in Nairobi while it sending
warnings to its citizens not
to visit the country due to
insecurity. They should close
their embassies in Nairobi
until it is safe, then reopen
them and ask their citizens
to tour the country instead of
behaving this way.
Terrorism is an international
phenomenon. It could be Kenya
today and others tomorrow.
{Ezron Wanyama,
Kenya faced
by myriad
It is an undeniable fact that there
are many problems facing this coun-
Just as Kenyans were coming to
terms with the recent deaths of scores
of people who drank contaminated al-
coh, terrorists attacked Gikomba Mar-
ket, killing 10 people and injuring
more than 70 others.
And now some Western countries
have issued travel advisories to tour-
ists visiting Kenya.
Such advisories and the reduction
of US embassy staff will cause great
damage to our economy. On the other
hand, investors have previously cited
corruption, a dilapidated infrastruc-
ture, high taxation, high energy costs
and insecurity as some of the reasons
why they have moved elsewhere.
On a different note, a shallow mass
grave is discovered in Kitengela by
herders. The resurgence of the out-
lawed Mungiki killings sends a chill
down the spines of many Kenyans. Un-
employment statistics in this country
hardly make for scintillating reading,
especially among the youth.
And the impeachment of governors
has caused quite a stir in some coun-
As all this unfolds, there is wasteful
spending of taxpayers money by State
ofcials. The Presidents pronounce-
ment that the National Treasury is
ready to pay Sh1.4 to Anglo Leasing
has stirred a real hornets nest, while
the recent restructuring of the county
administration has been received with
mixed reactions. The list of Kenyas
problems is endless.
{Joseph Muthama, Nairobi}
Mass graves
discovery shocking
The discovery of mass graves by a
herder, Simon Soiyale, at Empakasi off
the Namanga-Nairobi road has put in
the spotlight our security apparatus.
The revelation comes at the height of
several cases of missing persons and
gruesome murders across the country,
more especially in Nakuru, Narok, Ka-
jiado and Nairobi counties.
The unearthing of the mysterious
graves pinpoint a great likelihood of
the presence of organised criminal
gangs operating with impunity.
This is supported by the series of
systematic attacks and counter-at-
tacks made by large groups of maraud-
ing gangs, especially in Kitengela
The May 4 assault on Good Hope
Church members in Kitengela that left
two people dead is a clear sign that
even worshippers are not spared by
The fact that opposing sides make
daring confrontations against each
other even in broad daylight and in
large groups shows that there is more
to the conict than meets the eye.
{Alfred Mosoti, Baraton University}
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
State told to partner with church in ght against illicit brews
The African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) Archbishop Amos Kabuthu has called for
partnership between the Church and the State in the ght against illicit brews and insecurity in the country.
Kabuthu said the country cannot afford to continue losing innocent lives to illicit brews. He called on the
Government to step up its ght against the liquors. He said the war on illicit brews cannot be won by the State
alone. Speaking at Gatuya-ini AIPCA church in Othaya, Nyeri County on Sunday, the archbishop said many lives
have been lost and it is time for the Government to deal with the menace ruthlessly.
Man denies being in possession of live bullets
A man allegedly arrested in possession of live bullets and toy guns was charged at the Makadara Law
Courts in Nairobi yesterday. The court was told that Richard Mwangi, 38, was arrested with ten live bullets,
7.62mm special, on May 17 in Kariobangi without ammunition certicate. The accused was also charged with
preparing to commit a felony, as he was also found with a toy gun after police ofcers searched him. According
to the police, Mwangi had been hiding the bullets in his kiosk, which also acts as scrap metal collection point.
Members of the public are said to have become suspicious when they realised he rarely allowed anyone to
stand next to his shop, after which they alerted the police.
Moi tells civil society
to respect Government
Retired President
says Uhuru was
elected by Kenyans
and should therefore
be respected by all
Former President Daniel Moi
has told the civil society to stop
fanning instability in the coun-
At the same time, the retired
President has called on Kenyans
to rally behind President Uhuru
Kenyattas government.
Mr Moi said the civil society is
only keen at antagonising the
Government of the day without
seeing the bigger picture.
He said Kenyans elected Presi-
dent Kenyatta and gave him the
mandate to lead them and should
be accorded the respect he de-
The civil society is hell-bent
on causing instability. They should
know that the President was elect-
ed by Kenyans, he said.
Moi wondered where the civil
society groups got their mandate
to oppose everything the Presi-
dent does for the good of Ke-
The President gets his man-
date from the people. Where does
the civil society get theirs from
that they question each and every
move the President makes? asked
Moi adding: On whose behalf are
they speaking? Kenyans elected
their leaders and the civil society
should tell the people who they
are and working for.
Speaking to The Standard, Moi
urged Kenyans of goodwill to rally
behind President Kenyatta in the
wake of challenges like terrorism,
which call for the concerted effort
of all Kenyans.
He said Kenyans need to sup-
port the efforts of their leaders in
order to get solutions to the prob-
lems the country is facing.
Moi urged the civil society
groups to be patriotic and part of
the solution to challenges facing
the country and not a hindrance.
Some people cannot be criti-
cising the Government year in
year out. They should be part of
the solution to the challenges we
all face as Kenyans, he said.
At the same time, Moi said the
country should change tack in its
handling of insecurity, particular-
ly, terrorism.
Retired President Daniel Arap Moi has warned against undermining the Presidency and urged
all Kenyans to unite against insecurity. [PHOTO: FILE]
cannot be
criticising the
year in year out.
They should
be part of the
solution to
the challenges
we all face as
KenGen has a strong determination to reduce poverty and enhance livelihoods through corporate
investment programs among communities. The Company established a Foundation in 2012 to advance
this cause by up-scaling its corporate social investment agenda and making such social investment
programs more impactful to the communities. The Company has over the years invested substantially
in improving communities livelihoods under key pillars of Education, Environment, water and sanitation
as well as secondary pillars which include health, culture, Sports and, humanitarian interventions. The
Foundation is charged with the responsibility of up-scaling this effort.
KenGen Foundation wishes to engage a consultant to develop a comprehensive strategy document with
feasible key interventions, detailed cost estimation and implementation plan to identify and accelerate the
provision strategic sustainable CSI Initiatives through the Foundation.
This consultancy requires the services of competent individuals with analytical competence and knowledge
about philanthropy in Kenya and internationally, and experience in developing strategy documents with
nancial estimation at acceptable standards with sustainable components.
The scope of service will consist but not limited to;
a) The consultancy will devise a 3 years strategic and business plan for the Foundation Tasks/
responsibilities including establishment of sustainable projects in its core and secondary pillars:
b) Conduct a thorough needs assessment of each pillar and impact on the community Strategic
planning activities: Situation analysis i.e. industry assessment, outlining long-term perspective and
strategic priorities. Dening product & service, organizational and nancial plans Prepare the draft
strategy plan including the above activities mentioned and ensuring mission, formulating objectives
and strategies, action plan, procedure for monitoring evaluation and control, include the nancial
component and a fundraising and investment plan to complement sponsor company nancing.
. Share the draft business plan with key Foundation staff and get feedback Finalization and
presentation of plan.
c) Develop training for the Board of Trustees on Corporate Governance and philanthropic best practices.
coordinate a familiarization tours to existing Foundations with similar scope of works in the Industry
with similar scope.
Evaluation Requirements
The eligible bidder must fulll the following requirements (Attach evidence to support)
1. Firms are expected to provide their company prole together with copies of Certicate of registration
2. Eligible rms will be expected to provide proof of their capability and experience in similar work in
large organizations preferably other Foundations/NGOS /national/international agencies.
3. Be composed of a minimum of three consultants with a mix of appropriate expertise. The team
members should have -advanced degree from a recognized university in Finance, economics, Social
sciences or related elds. Candidates who combine academic qualication and experience in more
than one of these disciplines will have an added advantage;-
4. At least ve years of experience on issues of Strategy with familiarity to Corporate Governance in
Boards governing Foundations.
5. Deep understanding of best practices in addressing strategic Management, -specic expertise in
costing of strategies to address all Foundation pillars that include; Education ,Environment ,Water
and sanitation ,Humanitarian ,Health and their barriers;
6. Demonstrated experience in developing strategy/project documents of international standard;--
familiarity with the Public benets act 2013 policies and sector programmes; strong written and verbal
communication skills; organized and able to present ideas in a concise and logical format including
proven ability to summarize lengthy and complex information into short and simple language; and
Fluency in English
7. State the KEY Team members and attach their CVs
8. Suitable rms will be shortlisted on the basis of the written EOI submitted to KenGen Foundation and
must fulll all the minimum mandatory requirements
5. Submission of proposal
Only Prequalied consultant(s)/rm selected for the assignment will be required to develop a detailed
proposal based on the requirements and objectives dened in the Terms of Reference, including
methodology, timeframe and budget (technical and nancial proposal).
A suitable consulting rm will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the Standard
Request for Proposal (RFP) 2007 edition for selection of consultants issued by the Public
Procurement Oversight Authority (ppoa) of the Government of Kenya (www.ppoa.go.ke)
Additional information and clarications may be obtained from:
Managing Trustee,
Telephone + 254 20 3666703
E-mail: mnjeru@kengen.co.ke
Cc: tenders@kengen.co.ke
7. EoI Submission
EOI in plain sealed envelope clear marked EOI for 3 year strategy paper and a training program for
the Foundations Board of Trustees shall be submitted in one original and two copies to the address
below, not later than 1200 Hrs on May 30
, 2014.
Managing Trustee,
KenGen Foundation,
5th Floor Stima Sacco Building
P. O. Box 47936, 00100
Nairobi, KENYA.
Tel +254 20 3666703 Fax + 254 20 248848.
The documents will be opened on the same day in public at 1230 hrs at Stima plaza phase III Executive
Room 7
KenGen Foundation reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications without the obligation to
assign any reason for the decision.
Page 18 / NATIONAL NEWS Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Kenya woos Chinese tourists
amid travel advisories
Against the backdrop of travel ad-
visories slapped on Kenya by a num-
ber of Western countries, the Govern-
ment is now courting new markets.
Yesterday, Tourism Cabinet Secre-
tary Phyllis Kandie held talks with the
Vice Chairman of the China National
Tourism Administration Wang Zhifa.
Kandie said the visit by Zhifa and
his delegation was a follow up from
the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keq-
iangs recent visit.
The CS said among the things dis-
cussed was a Memorandum of Under-
standing (MoU) signed between the
Kenyan and Chinese governments on
creating and maintaining a tourism
The Chinese government is inter-
ested in Kenyan tourism and we will
concentrate on tourism promotion
and development, said Kandie.
She said she would be travelling to
China later this month for talks with
her Chinese counterpart as a step in
implementing the 2004 MoU.
Zhifa said China was committed to
having more tourists from his country
visiting Kenya.
The Chinese tourists who have
been to Kenya like the tourism prod-
ucts Kenya has to offer, he said.
On the travel advisories Kandie
said: Theres a plan to diversify our
source markets but we continue to
maintain our traditional markets. Ad-
visories happen from time to time and
the only thing that we should worry
about is if they extend to the high sea-
Tourism Cabinet Secretary Phyllis Kandie with Vice Chairman of the China Na-
tional Tourism Administration Wang Zhifa at her ofce in Nairobi, yesterday.
Seven suspected thugs have
been shot dead in three separate
incidents and stolen property re-
covered in Nairobi.
Three were killed in a botched
robbery incident along Brooke-
side Drive, Westlands, in Nairobi.
Gigiri OCPD Vitalis Otieno said
they recovered a homemade gun,
a police communication gadget
and handcuff from them.
The gang was headed for a
robbery mission when police in-
tercepted them near Safaricom
House, said Otieno.
The shooting happened at
about midday.
Two other suspects were shot
dead in Githurai 44 where they
had reportedly been mugging res-
idents, police said, adding they re-
covered some of the stolen goods
which included mobile phones.
Nairobi deputy police boss
Moses Ombati said the other three
accomplices escaped on foot.
They had attacked a woman
and grabbed her bag before she
screamed alerting police. The
same gang had been attacking
and robbing pedestrians in the ar-
ea at about 6am, he said.
Two others were shot dead in
Embakasi in similar circumstanc-
es. They had tried to raid a taxi
carrying armed police ofcers.
And police are looking for a
gang that raided private residenc-
es along Rhapta Road in West-
lands, Nairobi.
More than 165 senior ofcers
vetted in March will know their
fate on Friday when their employ-
er releases the results.
The National Police Service
Commission secretariat and vet-
ting panels are to meet today at
the Police Pavilion to start compil-
ing the results.
On Friday, the ofcers of the
ranks of Assistant Commissioner
of Police and Senior Assistant
Commissioner of Police will be
briefed on their performance.
There will be a press confer-
ence on Saturday on the ofcers
performance. The law requires us
to inform them rst before we in-
form you, said a senior ofcer
aware of the programme who
asked not to be named.
Commission chairman John-
ston Kavuludi conrmed to The
Standard they expect to release
the results by the end of the week
without elaborating.
Other sources said the com-
mission is likely to ask almost 20
ofcers, who have attained the age
of 55 and above, to take early re-
Vetting results to
be out on Friday
Police kill
seven in city
Seven unidentied bodies have
been exhumed from two graves dis-
covered on Saturday at the border of
Machakos and Kajiado counties near
Athi River.
Chief Government Pathologist Jo-
hansen Oduor led a team of ofcers
from the forensic department and the
Kenya Red Cross Society to exhume
the decomposed bodies.
In the rst scene, six bodies at the
same level of decomposition were re-
trieved at a quarry while a seventh
one was retrieved just two kilometres
from the scene.
According to Dr Oduor, the six
bodies were piled on top of each oth-
er and are estimated to have been
dumped not more than a month ago.
We have exhumed seven bodies
in two separate scenes. Our prelimi-
nary investigations show the bodies
could have been dumped between
two to four weeks ago. The other body
might have been dumped three days
ago, said Oduor.
He said all the exhumed bodies
seem to be male and added more
would be known after post mortems
are carried out, further alluding that
there is a possibility of DNA tests to
determine the identity of the de-
ceased persons.
The pathologist appealed to the
public who have missing relatives to
turn up at the city mortuary where the
bodies were moved.
Kajiado County leaders led by Sen-
ator Peter Mositet, who visited the
scene, termed the incident unfortu-
Pathologist says all
bodies seem to be
male and DNA tests
may be conducted to
determine identities
nate and called for thorough investi-
gations to avoid such incidents.
The Ministry of Internal Security
should act immediately to bring to
book whoever is behind these crimi-
nal activities. This is a bizarre incident
that should be thoroughly investigat-
ed, said Mositet.
Meanwhile, police in Athi River
and Kitengela in Machakos and Kaji-
ado counties have said they will form
a joint team to investigate a spate of
killings that have rocked the regions.
Security agents from the two areas
have differed over the motive of the
Kajiado County Police Command-
er Titus Kilonzi said they met on Sun-
day at Athi River to resolve the differ-
ences. He said the team would help
bring a truce over the differences.
Kajiado County Commissioner Al-
A team of forensic ofcers exhume
bodies found in two graves in
Kitengela, yesterday. [PHOTOS: PETER-
bert Kobia Wakamau has maintained
the killings have been as a result of
land tussles on the side of Athi River.
However, the Athi River leaders
and senior Government ofcials
blame the killings on the proscribed
Mungiki sect, whom they said carry
out their activities in Kitengela.
On Sunday Maina Njenga, the for-
mer Mungiki leader, distanced him-
self from the matter saying it was a
land issue involving some six rich
business moguls in Kitengela and Athi
River towns.
Forensic experts exhume seven bodies
from secret graves in Kitengela
NOTICE / Page 19 Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
NOTICE / Page 19 Tuesday, May 20, 2013 / The Standard
Page 20 / NOTICES
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Page 20 / NOTICES
Tuesday, May 20, 2013 / The Standard
Notice is hereby given that the 16
REINSURANCE CORPORATION LIMITED will be held at the Kasarani Stadium
Gymnasium, off Thika Super Highway, Nairobi, on Friday, 13
June 2014 at 11.00
a.m. when the following business will be transacted, namely:
1. Constitution of the Meeting - To read the notice convening the Meeting and determine
if a quorum is present.
2. To receive, consider and, if approved, adopt the Corporations audited Financial
Statements for the year ended 31
December 2013 together with the Chairmans,
Directors and Auditors Reports thereon.
3. To approve payment of a frst and fnal dividend of KShs0.60 per share, subject to
withholding tax where applicable, for the fnancial year ended 31
December 2013 to
the shareholders registered in our books as at 13
June 2014 on or about 18
2014, as recommended by the Board, and approve the closure of the Register of
Members on 16
June 2013.
4. Election of Directors:
a) In accordance with Article 110 of the Corporations Articles of Association,
Mr. Henry Rotich, Cabinet Secretary, National Treasury retires by rotation
as a Director and, being eligible, offers himself for re-election.
b) In accordance with Article 110 of the Corporations Articles of Association,
Mr. Jacob Haji retires by rotation as a Director and, being eligible, offers
himself for re-election.
c) In accordance with Articles 110 of the Corporations Articles of Association,
Mr. ruki Kailemia retires by rotation as a Director and, being eligible, offers
himself for re-election.
5. To note the Directors remuneration for the period ended 31st December 2013.
6. Auditors
To note that the audit of the Corporations books of accounts will continue to be
undertaken by the Controller and Auditor-General or an audit frm appointed by him
in accordance with Section 14 of the State Corporations Act and Sections 14 and 39
(i) of the Public Audit Act 2003.
7. To authorise the Directors to fx the remuneration of the Auditors.
8. To transact any other business in respect of which due notice has been received.

By Order of the Board
Charles N. Kariuki
Corporation Secretary,
Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Limited
Reinsurance Plaza, 15
Floor, Taifa Road
P.O. Box 3027100100
April 2014
1. A member entitled to attend and vote at the meeting and who is unable to attend is
entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote on his or her behalf. A proxy need not
be a member of the Company. To be valid, the form of proxy attached to this Annual
Report or downloaded from the Corporations website (www.kenyare.co.ke), must
be duly completed and signed by the member and lodged at the registered offces
of the Corporations Share Registrars, M/s. Image Registrars Limited, Barclays
Plaza, 5
Floor, Loita Street, and of P.O. Box 9287 00100 GPO, Nairobi or to
be posted to the mail address, so as to reach M/s. Image Registrars Limited, not
later than 11
June 2014 at 11.00 a.m.
2. Any member may by notice duly signed by him or her and delivered to the Corporation
Secretary on the above address, not less than seven (7) days and not more than
twenty one (21) days before the date appointed for the Annual General Meeting
give notice of his intention to propose any other person for election to the Board,
such notice to be accompanied by a notice signed by the person proposed of his or
her willingness to be elected. The proposed person need not be a member of the
3. Copies of the Corporations complete Memorandum and Articles of Association
are available for inspection on the Corporations website (www.kenyare.co.ke)
and also at the Company's Registered Offces 15
Floor, Reinsurance
Plaza, Taifa Road, Nairobi.
2013 2012
KShs000 KShs000 KShs000 KShs000
Share Capital 150,000 300,000 450,000 450,000
Retained Earnings 139,610 139,610 135,041
Revalution reserves-Available for -sale 8,276 (148) 8,128 (13,595)
Proposed dividends 7,500 7,500 15,000 60,000
TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS 165,776 446,962 612,738 631,446
Property and Equipment 4,240 19,927 24,167 15,303
Investment Property 72,000 - 72,000 258,500
Mortgage loans - 135
Loans to policyholders 5,911 5,911 6,064
Receivables arising out of re-insurance arrangements 3,123 3,123 6,365
Receivables arising out of direct insurance arrangements 57,345 57,345 29,280
Reinsurers share of insurance contract liabilities 400,142 400,142 114,702
Other receivables and prepayments 15,902 20,149 36,051 22,635
Current income tax -
Government Securities -Available for sale 67,092 75,046 142,138 331,948
Government Securities -Held to Maturity 138,732 155,592 294,324
Commercial papers 104,180 102,476 206,656 216,388
Equity investments at fair value through proft and loss 34,609 34,609 9,155
Equity investments -Available for sale 12,712 - 12,712 7,627
Deposit with fnancial institutions 497,754 219,885 717,639 583,976
Deferred tax 4,687 4,687 6,355
Cash and Bank Balances 8,016 26,181 34,197 22,230
Tax recoverable 20,466 20,466 9,606
TOTAL ASSETS 929,662 1,136,505 2,066,167 1,640,269
Insurance contract Liabilities 168,995 474,915 643,910 325,457
Payable Under deposit administration contracts 586,924 586,924 487,395
Unearned Premium 195,035 195,035 122,889
Deferred income tax -
Creditors arising from reinsurance arrangements 4,707 4,707 29,628
Other payables 4,243 14,886 19,129 36,054
Current income tax 3,724 3,724 7,400
TOTAL LIABILITIES 763,886 689,543 1,453,429 1,008,823
NET ASSETS 165,776 446,962 612,738 631,446
The above Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Comprehensive Income are extracts from the Companys Financial Statements
which were audited by PKF Kenya and received unqualifed opinion.

The Financial Statements were approved by the board of directors on 4
April 2014 and signed on its behalf by

Chairman : Director: PrincipaI Ofcer:
Dr Samson R Ndegwa Mr Dhruv Pandit Mr Supriyo Sen
Head Ofce: Nairobi, Ecobank Towers, Muindi Mbingu Street, Tel: 2243681/2, 0718979236, 0731515 515 Fax: 2215528
Branch Ofces:
Mombasa,Zulfat Plaza,Dedan Kimanthi Street,Tel:041-2229214,2226331, Fax:041-2223918
Nakuru: Westside Mall, 2nd Floor, Tel:051-2215546, Cell: 0722659431, Fax:051-2215423
Thika: Kigio Plaza 2nd foor,Kwame Nkrumah Street,Tel:067-21999, Fax:067-22086
Kisumu: Swan Centre, Offce no. G33, Oginga Odinga Street, Tel: 020 2647983 Cell: 0722609251
KShs000 KShs000 KShs000 KShs000
Gross earned Premium 42,777 774,185 816,962 634,009
Less: reinsurance Premium ceded (5,987) (491,667) (497,654) (385,689)
Net earned Premium 36,790 282,518 319,308 248,320
Investment Income and other income 89,289 56,036 145,325 190,382
Commissions Earned 789 64,127 64,916 50,627
TOTAL INCOME 126,868 402,681 529,549 489,329
Claims and Policy holder benefts payable 69,487 525,845 595,332 190,223
Less: amounts recoverable from reinsurers (3,501) (352,968) (356,469) (33,497)
Operating and other expenses 37,087 158,094 195,181 168,744
Commissions payable 11,402 62,728 74,130 52,079
Total Outgo 114,475 393,699 508,174 377,549
Prot/(Loss) before tax 12,393 8,982 21,375 111,780
Income Tax Expense (4,651) 2,846 1,805 (20,115)
Proft for the year after Tax 7,742 11,828 19,570 91,665
Other Comprehensive Income (net of tax) 11,190 10,532 21,722 13,274
Total comprehensive income for the year 18,932 22,360 41,292 104,939
Proposed fnal dividend for the year 15,000 60,000
Earnings per share 0.87 4.07
2013 2012
Payable under deposit administration contracts
At start of year 487,395 360,896
Pension fund deposit received 110,747 101,612
Pension Withdrawals and annuities paid (54,207) (27,504)
Interest payable to policyholders 42,989 52,391
At 31 December 586,924 487,395
Capital adequacy ratio 100% 100%
Solvency ratio 692% 973%
Claims ratio 73% 30%
Expense ratio 33% 35%
NOTICES / Page 21 Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
NOTICE / Page 21 Tuesday, May 20, 2013 / The Standard
2013 2013 2013 2012
SHS 000 SHS 000 SHS 000 SHS 000
INCOME Restated
Gross Written Premium 8,555,292 1,089,859 9,645,151 7,944,183
Change in unearned premiums (620,442) - (620,442) (505,533)
Outward Reinsurance Premium (348,579) (94,300) (442,879) (384,335)
Net Written Premium 7,586,271 995,559 8,581,830 7,054,315
Investment Income 1,757,038 520,711 2,277,749 2,651,422
Commissions Earned 309 26,657 26,966 70,194
Fair value gains on revaluation of investment properties 355,346 86,242 441,588 523,008
Other Income 76,472 - 76,472 94,254
Share of proft of associate 257,000 - 257,000 205,934
Total Income 10,032,436 1,629,169 11,661,605 10,599,127
Claims & Policyholder benefts (4,804,959) (441,044) (5,246,003) (4,221,576)
Less: Reinsurers share of claims 498,482 24,351 522,833 159,999
Net claims and policyholders benefts (4,306,477) (416,693) (4,723,170) (4,061,577)
Commission Payable (2,202,696) (291,264) (2,493,960) (2,041,855)
Operating & other expenses (813,949) (200,819) (1,014,768) (1,084,141)
Provision for doubtful debts (160,904) - (160,904) (466,919)
Total outgo (7,484,026) (908,776) (8,392,802) (7,654,492)
Proft before tax 2,548,410 720,393 3,268,803 2,944,635
Income tax expense (241,197) (27,175) (268,372) (142,743)
Proft for the year after Tax 2,307,213 693,218 3,000,431 2,801,892
tems that will not be reclassifed subsequently to proft or loss:
Share of gain on property revaluation of associate 10 - 10 2,180
Defned beneft obligation remeasurement (6,148) - (6,148) 44,262
tems that may be reclassifed subsequently to proft or loss:
Fair value gain on available for sale fnancial assets, net of tax 732,270 - 732,270 779,704
Reclassifcation adjustments relating to available-for-sale
fnancial assets disposed in the year
(307,681) - (307,681) (314,209)
Share of movement in associate reserves - -
Currency translation 52,978 - 52,978 15,757
Fair value reserve 44,886 - 44,886 13,812
Adjustment to deferred tax on revaluation surplus due to
Change in tax rate from 20% to 30% - - - (2,466)
Total other comprehensive income for the period 516,315 - 516,315 539,040
TotaI Prot & other comprehensive income 2,823,528 693,218 3,516,746 3,340,932
Earnings per Share - basic and diluted 4.29 4.00
Share Revaluation Fair value Translation Statutory Retained
capital reserve reserve reserve reserve earnings Total
Sh 000 Sh 000 Sh 000 Sh 000 Sh 000 Sh 000 Sh 000
At 1 January 2012 1,500,000 13,439 817,768 129,548 1,457,106 7,608,624 11,526,485
Prior year adjustment - - - - - 28,199 28,199
As restated 1,500,000 13,439 817,768 129,548 1,457,106 7,636,823 11,554,684
Issue of shares 249,873 - - - - (249,873) -
Proft for the year - - - - 945,524 1,856,368 2,801,892
Other comprehensive
(loss)/ income
- (2,466) 481,487 15,757 - - 494,778
Prior year adjustment - - - - - 44,262 44,262
Total comprehensive
- (2,466) 481,487 15,757 945,524 1,900,630 3,340,932
Dividends declared 2011 - - - - - (210,000) (210,000)
Transfer of excess
- 7,173 - - - (7,173) -
Deferred taxation thereon - (2,152) - - - 2,152 -
At 31 December
1,749,873 15,994 1,299,255 145,305 2,402,630 9,072,559 14,685,616
At 1 January 2013
-As previously stated 1,749,873 15,994 1,299,255 145,305 2,402,630 9,000,098 14,613,155
Prior year adjustment - - - - - 72,461 72,461
As restated 1,749,873 15,994 1,299,255 145,305 2,402,630 9,072,559 14,685,616
Proft for the year - - - - 693,218 2,307,213 3,000,431
Other comprehensive
- - 469,485 52,978 - (6,148) 516,315
Total comprehensive
- - 469,485 52,978 693,218 2,301,065 3,516,746
Dividends declared 2012 - - - - - (279,980) (279,980)
Transfer of excess
- (7,173) - - - 7,173 -
Deferred taxation thereon - 2,152 - - - (2,152) -
At 31 December 2013 1,749,873 10,973 1,768,740 198,283 3,095,848 11,098,665 17,922,382
2013 2012
Sh 000 Sh 000
Cash (used in)/generated from operations (92,375) 556,429
Interest received on corporate bond 18,425 11,567
Interest received on government securities 843,826 520,185
Tax paid in the year (371,468) (248,911)
Net cash generated from operating activities 398,408 839,270
Cash ows from investing activities
Purchase of investment property (82,412) (46,992)
Purchase of property and equipment (55,382) (12,216)
Purchase of intangibles (65,387) -
Dividend received from associate company 41,982 31,080
Net cash used in investing activities (161,199) (28,128)
Cash ows from nancing activities
Dividends paid (279,980) (210,000)
Net (decrease)/increase in cash and cash equivalents (42,771) 601,142
Cash and cash equivalents at 1 January 4,458,604 3,857,462
Cash and cash equivalents at 31 December 4,415,833 4,458,604
2013 2013 2013 2012 2011
SHS 000 SHS 000 SHS 000 SHS 000 SHS 000
Share Capital 1,749,873 - 1,749,873 1,749,873 1,500,000
Revaluation Reserve 10,973 - 10,973 15,994 13,439
Fair Value Reserve 1,768,740 - 1,768,740 1,299,255 817,768
Other Reserves (Translation reserve) 198,283 - 198,283 145,305 129,548
Statutory Reserve - 3,095,848 3,095,848 2,402,630 1,457,106
Retained Earnings 11,098,665 - 11,098,665 9,072,559 7,636,823
TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS 14,826,534 3,095,848 17,922,382 14,685,616 11,554,684
Investment properties 5,314,000 1,145,000 6,459,000 5,935,000 5,365,000
Property & Equipment 112,874 - 112,874 80,511 87,196
Intangible assets 64,584 - 64,584 2,604 10,472
Investment in associate 1,652,940 - 1,652,940 1,340,048 1,133,445
Deferred taxation asset 594,276 - 594,276 614,709 330,551
Deferred acquisition costs 960,819 - 960,819 761,158 626,597
Unquoted equity instruments 59,965 - 59,965 89,971 89,971
Inventories 28,794 - 28,794 28,794 28,794
Non current assets held for sale 28,098 - 28,098 40,032 186,858
Mortgage loans 734,456 - 734,456 521,539 320,074
Defned beneft asset 9,044 - 9,044 - -
Tax recoverable - - - - 15,795
Receivables arising out of reinsurance
1,876,203 126,753 2,002,956 1,518,502 1,248,975
Premium and loss reserves 194,055 - 194,055 290,178 337,672
Other receivables 109,603 - 109,603 56,470 42,781
Corporate bonds 141,846 - 141,846 153,970 48,393
Quoted equity instruments 2,959,490 - 2,959,490 2,436,749 2,008,823
Government Securities 6,726,374 967,580 7,693,954 5,459,118 3,357,582
Deposits in fnancial institutions 1,162,521 3,054,481 4,217,002 4,217,389 3,687,082
Cash & Bank Balances 180,721 18,110 198,831 241,215 170,380
TOTAL ASSETS 22,910,663 5,311,924 28,222,587 23,787,957 19,096,441
Long term reinsurance Contract Liabilities - 2,094,357 2,094,357 2,073,032 2,285,709
Short term reinsurance Contract
3,702,715 - 3,702,715 3,049,991 2,373,622
Unearned Premiums 3,282,685 - 3,282,685 2,662,244 2,156,709
Payables arising out of reinsurance
580,193 121,719 701,912 709,445 394,555
Defned beneft liability - - - 23,729 90,361
Other payables 477,404 - 477,404 419,239 240,801
Tax payable 41,132 - 41,132 164,661 -
TOTAL LIABILITIES 8,084,129 2,216,076 10,300,205 9,102,341 7,541,757
NET ASSETS 14,826,534 3,095,848 17,922,382 14,685,616 11,554,684
The above summary of fnancial statements are extracts from the full set of fnancial statements that have been audited by auditor General and received an unqualifed opinion in his report dated 28
April 2014.
The fnancial statements were approved by the Board of Directors on 28
April 2014 and were signed on its behalf by;

PrincipaI Ofcer Chairman Director
Jadiah Mwarania NeIius Kariuki Everest Lenjo
Provincial Administration was impor-
tant to ensure execution of national
Government functions. Nyachae said
those criticising the move were hypo-
I am saddened that some of the
countrys respected legal minds who
were even involved in the crafting of
the different functions assigned to
each level of government have come
out to make statements that appear to
injure the spirit of the implementa-
tion of the Constitution, Nyachae
said singling out Siaya Senator James
Orengo, who has termed unconstitu-
tional the move to rebrand the Provin-
cial Administration.
Nyachae said President Kenyatta
was within the law to appoint ofcers
to help him implement national func-
tions as provided for by the Constitu-
I have seen people post on social
media asking why I have not criticised
the appointments, but really there is
nothing to dismiss them for, they are
within the law, he added.
Information Cabinet Secretary
Fred Matiangi supported Nyachaes
stand calling on the political class to
tone down on rhetoric that created an
impression that there were rifts be-
tween county and national govern-
ments. The President has not vio-
lated any law. He was merely
strengthening national co-ordination
at county level. I am concerned that
we spend a lot of time on arguments
some of them hollow. Let us give de-
velopment a chance, he said.
Borabu MP Ben Momanyi urged
his colleagues to respect each other,
adding that it was important to accord
the institution of the presidency the
respect it deserves.
Other leaders who supported the
appointments included Nyaribari
Chache MP Richard Tongi and former
Kitutu Masaba MP Walter Nyambati
Kisii County Deputy Governor
Joash Maangi steered clear of the de-
bate, urging leaders to respect each
other for the sake of development.
The leaders spoke during the 23rd
graduation ceremony at Nyanchwa
Adventist College in Kisii County.
Separately, Kitutu Chache South
MP Richard Onyonka also denounced
CORD for attacking the President. Mr
Onyonka said the coalition was not
genuine in its quest to remove the
President from ofce.
CORD should make legitimate
criticism against the Jubilee Govern-
ment without trivialising the matter.
The coalition should come up with
more concrete decisions to solve the
challenges the country is facing with-
out creating any tension, said On-
He he would not support the mo-
tion if taken to the National Assembly.
The coalition is just trying to make
itself relevant by taking advantage of
the current situation. Its leadership
seems to be extremely frustrated fol-
lowing the recent claims of underper-
formance, the MP said.
CIC chairman
says President was
within the law to
restructure provincial
Nyachae backs Uhuru appointments
National Youth Council (NYC)
wants Devolution Cabinet Secretary
(CS) Anne Waiguru to order a forensic
audit of the Youth Enterprise Fund
and make public how the money has
been spent.
The council noted that fund was
created to help unemployed youths,
and any mismanagement in the board
should be dealt with by the appropri-
ate government institutions.
We want the CS to order for a fo-
rensic audit of the accounts of the
Youth Enterprise Development Fund.
We demand to know if the money
meant for the youths has actually
benetted them, said NYC chair per-
son Clement Ayungo.
The council said the Youth depart-
ment must be restructured if the
majority of young people are to ben-
et and create employment opportu-
The council continues to rally
their support in the CS decision to
restructure the youth industry and
promises to work hand in hand with
her. This is a department that must be
restructured to conform to aspira-
tions of the Jubilee Government of
empowering the youths and women
of this country, said Ayungo.
They urged the political class not
to ethnicise the youth sector but allow
for competent Kenyans, irrespective
of political and tribal afliations, to
head organisations. Clement Ayungo
led Council also has called on the
Government to conduct a balanced
and transparent exercise in the up-
coming recruitment of National Youth
Service for the benet of all Kenyans.
Ayungo accused the past leader-
ship of carrying out skewed recruit-
ment drives that largely secluded a
section of the country.
With the undertaking to revamp
and recruit a minimum of 20,000
youths every year, he lauded the move
saying it will help propel youths to the
centre of national prosperity.
High level corruption and cartels
have in the past denied youths from
poor families access to the service.
The Government should target youths
from every corner of the country while
considering gender balance in the
next recruitment exercise, he said.
The Ministry of Agriculture has
now banned importation of maize
seeds to deal with viral disease that
has wreaked havoc in parts of the
With fears that the countrys maize
production could be affected, the
State has adopted stringent measures
to address the problem.
Under the Kenya Plant Health In-
spectorate Service (KEPHIS), all maize
seed imports will now be tested before
entering the country.
According to KEPHIS MD James
Onsondo, all seed companies have
been directed to comply with the new
We have banned maize seed im-
ports in a bid to address the viral
diseases and any imports have to be
tested before they are allowed into the
country, he said.
Other measures include seed
dressing with insecticide for 28 days
to protect them from the virus.
He admitted that the disease was
very aggressive, adding that they had
introduced plant breeding as part of
mitigation measures.
We are seeking a tolerant maize
variety which might take time to pro-
duce as we address this viral disease,
Onsondo said.
He said that the disease which was
rst detected in Bomet had spread to
neighbouring countries of Rwanda,
Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda.
Onsondo revealed that the Gov-
ernment had placed quarantine in
areas of Bomet, Trans-Mara and
Borambu where the disease was rst
The Commission for the Imple-
mentation of the Constitution (CIC)
has backed the reorganisation and
restructuring of the Provincial Admin-
istration that handed county commis-
sioners delegated executive power.
President Uhuru Kenyatta last
week unveiled a new-look county
administration to be headed by the
county commissioners, replacing the
old system of provincial administra-
tion, a decision that has been opposed
strongly by the opposition.
The Coalition for Reforms and
Democracy (CORD), has dismissed
the appointments, claiming that they
were in direct competition with gov-
ernors, who are the chief executive
ofcers of devolved units
The coalition has said that its lead-
ers would not recognise the county
commissioners, saying the law was
violated regarding their empower-
But CIC chairman Charles Ny-
achae criticised the opposition and
accused it of being bent on frustrating
the implementation of the Constitu-
tion. Politicians, he said, were a threat
to full realisation of the Constitution
and could ultimately scuttle devolu-
I do not fear anyone that is why I
speak the truth. On this one the
President was within the law and did
not violate any provision, otherwise it
was long overdue, Nyachae said
He said the reorganisation of the
Council demands audit of youth fund
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
CORD MPs are unhappy with
the Presidents decision to pay
Sh1.4 billion to Anglo Leasing
They are also angry with his
decision to give more powers
to county commissioners
Siaya Senator James Orengo
rallied Opposition support-
ers to get ready to take to the
streets against the unpopular
Charles Nyachae: On this one the
President was within the law and did
not violate any provision
Fred Matiangi: The President was
merely strengthening national co-or-
dination at county level
Richard Onyonka: CORD is just trying
to make itself relevant by taking ad-
vantage of the current situation
Jubilee MPs yesterday reacted an-
grily to the oppositions threats to
hold mass protests against President
Uhuru Kenyatta.
The senators and Members of the
National Assembly led by Senate Ma-
jority Leader Kindiki Kithure dared
the Coalition for Reforms and Democ-
racy (CORD) to hold the protests.
They said that they were able and
ready, with their numbers in the two
assemblies and support of Kenyans,
to counter the plan.
The MPs said nothing negative
sponsored by CORD against the
President and Government institu-
tions will ever succeed.
Those who think they will cause
instability and hold protests in the
country, let them know that we are
strong and we will deal with them ac-
cordingly, said Mr Kithure.
He was anked by Kiambu Senator
Kimani Wamatangi, Kimani Ichungwa
(Kikuyu), Ann Nyokabi (Kiambu
County MP), Alice Nganga (Thika)
and Jude Njomo (Kiambu Town).
Mr Wamatangi, while vowing that
Jubilee MPs will defend the Govern-
ment to the hilt, said: Mwenye
ataleta nyoko nyoko tutaonana na
yeye. (We will deal with whoever will
try to cause trouble).
Ichungwa reminded outspoken
CORD leaders that Jubilee leaders too
have mouths to speak. The Kikuyu
MP also defended Mr Kenyattas move
to give more powers to county com-
missioners and other administrators,
and termed those against the decision
real enemies of devolution.
Jubilee MPs
censure CORD
over threat
We want the CS to
order a forensic audit of
the accounts of the Youth
Enterprise Development
Fund NYC chair person
Clement Ayungo
State bans maize seed imports
to curb spread of viral disease
Captains create a climate of trust
NOTICES / Page 23 Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
NOTICES / Page 23 Tuesday, May 20, 2013 / The Standard
Shs. 000 Shs. 000 Shs. 000
Unaudited Audited Unaudited
1 Cash ( both Local & Foreign) 341,807 819,806 525,229
2 Balances due from Central Bank of Kenya 670,063 1,016,629 575,159
3 Kenya Government and other securities held for dealing purposes - - -
4 Financial Assets at fair value through proft and loss - - -
5 Investment Securities: - - -
a) Held to Maturity: - - -
a. Kenya Government securities - - -
b. Other securities - - -
b) Available for sale: - - -
a. Kenya Government securities - - -
b. Other securities - - -
6 Deposits and balances due from local banking institutions 2,237,836 2,594,709 3,202,932
7 Deposits and balances due from banking institutions abroad 236,319 105,555 88,419
8 Tax recoverable - - -
9 Financing Arrangements to customers (net) 8,907,188 10,665,498 11,703,137
10 Balances due from banking institutions in the group - - -
11 Investments in associates - - -
12 Investments in subsidiary companies - - -
13 Investments in joint ventures - - -
14 Investment properties - - -
15 Property and equipment 270,271 325,572 331,042
16 Prepaid lease rentals - - -
17 Intangible assets 27,551 24,964 21,991
18 Deferred tax asset 94,230 95,642 95,642
19 Retirement beneft asset - - -
20 Other assets 267,409 405,596 414,913
21 TOTAL ASSETS 13,052,674 16,053,971 16,958,464
22 Balances due to Central Bank of Kenya - - -
23 Customer deposits 10,953,661 12,969,806 13,611,660
24 Deposits and balances due to local banking institutions 100,148 - 145,031
25 Deposits and balances due to foreign banking institutions - 52,404 16,477
26 Other money market deposits - - -
27 Borrowed funds - - -
28 Balances due to banking institutions in the group - - -
29 Tax payable 79,786 105,910 152,193
30 Dividends payable - - -
31 Deferred tax liability - - -
32 Retirement beneft liability - - -
33 Other liabilities 283,330 239,925 261,226
34 TOTAL LIABILITIES 11,416,925 13,368,045 14,186,587
35 Paid up /Assigned capital 250,000 358,400 358,400
36 Share premium/(discount) 1,500,000 2,230,651 2,230,651
37 Revaluation reserves - - -
38 Retained earnings/Accumulated losses (193,483) 78,917 164,793
39 Statutory Financing Arrangements loss reserves 79,232 17,958 18,033
40 Other Reserves - - -
41 Proposed dividends - - -
42 Capital grants - - -
43 TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS 1,635,749 2,685,926 2,771,877
44 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS 13,052,674 16,053,971 16,958,464


1.1 Financing Arrangements 351,148 1,351,107 354,027
1.2 Government securities - - -
1.3 Deposits and placements with banking institutions 32,655 197,564 77,641
1.4 Other Proft ncome - - -
1.5 TotaI prot income 383,803 1,548,671 431,668
2.1 Customer deposits 65,139 253,356 80,850
2.2 Deposits and placement from banking institutions 2,045 9,308 707
2.3 Other proft expenses - - -
2.4 TotaI prot expenses 67,184 262,664 81,557
3.0 Net prot income 316,619 1,286,007 350,111
4.1 Fees and commissions on fnancing arrangements - - -
4.2 Other fees and commissions 36,986 183,157 49,555
4.3 Foreign exchange trading income/(Loss) 28,090 121,461 36,704
4.4 Dividend Income - - -
4.5 Other income - 21,109 -
4.6 TotaI Non-prot income 65,076 325,727 86,259
5.0 TOTAL OPERATING INCOME 381,695 1,611,734 436,370
6.1 Financing arrangements loss provision 9,203 43,423 15,024
6.2 Staff costs 137,009 626,726 160,387
6.3 Directors emoluments 13,984 24,389 7,507
6.5 Depreciation charge on property and equipment 15,953 67,769 18,152
6.6 Amortisation charges 7,155 18,632 2,973
6.7 Other operating expenses 84,004 397,095 100,089
6.8 TotaI Other Operating Expenses 267,308 1,178,034 304,132
7.0 Prot/(Ioss) before tax and exceptionaI items 114,387 433,700 132,238
8.0 Exceptional items - - -
9.0 Prot/(Ioss) after exceptionaI items 114,387 433,700 132,238
10.0 Current tax 40,036 149,635 46,283
11.0 Deferred tax - (1,412) -
12.0 Prot/(Ioss) after tax and exceptionaI items 74,351 285,477 85,955
13.0 Other Comprehensive Income
13.1 Gains/(Losses) from translating the fnancial statements of foreign operations - - -
13.2 Fair value changes in available for sale fnancial assets - - -
13.3 Revaluation surplus on Property,plant and equipment - - -
13.4 Share of other comprehensive income of associates - - -
13.5 Income tax relating to components of other comprehensive income - - -
14.0 Other Comprehensive Income for the year net of tax - - -
15.0 TotaI comprehensive income for the year 74,351 285,477 85,955


(a) Gross Non-performing Financing Arrangements 630,150 690,381 758,432
(b) Less: Proft in Suspense 30,386 68,831 82,905
(c)TotaI Non-Performing Financing Arrangements (a-b) 599,764 621,550 675,527
(d) Less: Financing Arrangements Loss Provision 101,879 123,785 136,465
(e) Net Non-Performing Financing Arrangements(c-d) 497,885 497,765 539,062
(f) Discounted Value of Securities 497,885 497,765 539,062
(g) Net NPFAs Exposure (e-f) - - -
(a) Directors, Shareholders and Associates 238,499 - -
(b) Employees 258,062 361,136 388,824
(c)TotaI Insider Financing Arrangements and other faciIities 496,561 361,136 388,824
(a)Letters of credit,guarantees, acceptances 557,399 1,145,881 1,223,911
(b) Forwards, swaps and options - - -
(c)Other contingent liabilities 173,632 249,351 314,060
(d)TotaI Contingent LiabiIities 731,031 1,395,232 1,537,971
(a)Core capital 1,519,341 2,667,968 2,710,867
(b) Minimum Statutory Capital 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000
(c)Excess/(Diciency)(a-b) 519,341 1,667,968 1,710,867
(d) Supplementary Capital 79,232 17,958 18,033
(e) TotaI CapitaI (a+d) 1,598,573 2,685,926 2,728,900
(f)Total risk weighted assets 9,875,328 14,804,171 16,415,329
(g) Core Capital/Total deposits Liabilities 13.9% 20.6% 19.7%
(h) Minimum statutory Ratio 8.0% 8.0% 8.0%
(I) Excess/(Deciency) (g-h) 5.9% 12.6% 11.7%
(j) Core Capital / total risk weighted assets 15.4% 18.0% 16.5%
(k) Minimum Statutory Ratio 8.0% 8.0% 8.0%
(I) Excess (Deciency) (j-k) 7.4% 10.0% 8.5%
(m) Total Capital/total risk weighted assets 16.2% 18.1% 16.6%
(n) Minimum statutory Ratio 12.0% 12.0% 12.0%
(o) Excess/(Deciency) (m-n) 4.2% 6.1% 4.6%
14.1 (a) Liquidity Ratio 30.7% 33.8% 31.0%
14.2 (b) Minimum Statutory Ratio 20.0% 20.0% 20.0%
14.3 (c) Excess (Deciency) (a-b) 10.7% 13.8% 11.0%
These fnancial statements are extracts of the books of the institution. The complete set of quarterly fnancial statements, statutory and other
qualitative disclosures can be accessed in the institutions website www.gulfafricanbank.com.
They may also be accessed at the institution's head offce at Geminia nsurance Plaza, Upperhill, Nairobi.
Jamal Al Hazeem Abdalla Abdulkhalik
Chairman Chief Executive Ofhcer
Gulf African Bank Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya.
Page 24 / NATIONAL NEWS Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
A task force headed by Nation-
al Land Commission (NLC) com-
missioner Samuel Tororei will to-
day commence public hearings
on land injustices across the
The task force will arbitrate on
ongoing cases of land grabbing
and then submit recommenda-
tions to NLC chairman Moham-
med Swazuri.
We have instituted a team
that will see cartels sitting on pub-
lic utilities brought to book. It is
time for the aggrieved public to
settle down on their pieces of land
in peace, Swazuri told The Stan-
Swazuri said the committee
will probe the Ndungu Report
afresh and provide new evidence
to the public. The task force comes
at a time most counties are strug-
gling to repossess public utilities
that were grabbed. The chairman
vowed to help Uasin Gishu Coun-
ty, which has been documented
among counties with many land
cases, to repossess lost land.
It is a pity that the county is
lacking room for expansion and to
develop recreational public utili-
ties due to unscrupulous individ-
uals who have violated the law to
their advantage, he said.
In reference to the surprising
revelation that the county head-
quarters premises in Eldoret land
has been grabbed, Swazuri vowed
to fast-track investigations to en-
sure the title deed is returned.
It is interesting to note that
even prominent Government
premises that hosts the governors
ofce was grabbed by an individ-
ual. This shows how serious land
grabbing is in Uasin Gishu, he
The NLC boss said they will
ght for reacquisition of all irreg-
ularly acquired land, adding that
they will play their oversight role
as spelt out in the Constitution
and the recent agreement with
the governors to ensure all land
acquisition will be done in accor-
dance with the National Land
Commission Act.
Services at the Ministry of Lands
resumed yesterday after a 10-day clo-
sure of the registry ofces to give way
for an audit.
The 10-day audit saw 1.3 million
les recovered after they had been lost
at the registry ofces for years, some
dating back to 2001.
Speaking at the Lands ofces yes-
Cabinet Secretary
Charity Ngilu says new
system limits access
to fles and there is
enhanced monitoring
terday, Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngi-
lu said the clean-up exercise had so
far been successful because the pub-
lic can now easily access services as
the processes have been made faster.
We have decentralised all the ser-
vices in one open ofce where one
can easily be attended to by all the of-
cers without having to go to several
ofces. This way we hope to reach out
to as many people as possible as there
has been a backlog of land issues due
to the disorganisation in previous l-
ing system, said Ngilu.
She said cases of les getting lost
will be history as the Ministry has al-
ready contracted two companies to
undertake digitisation of all les in
the registry.
We hope to have all our les digi-
tised by the start of next month and
we hope that in three years, you will
be able to see a difference, she said.
The recent audit at Ardhi House
was a tactical move to take over land
governance from the National Land
Commission (NLC) contrary to the
Constitution, civil society groups have
Kenya Land Alliance national co-
ordinator Odenda Lumumba said the
digitisation of more than three million
title deeds was an effort by the Execu-
tive to avoid implementing the na-
tional land policy.
The Executive through Lands
Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu plans
to ensure the National Land Commis-
sion does not get traction as a land
governance constitutional organ that
can deliver land reforms backed by le-
gal, policy and budget commitments,
said Lumumba.
He pointed out that the unrelent-
ing dispute between the Lands Minis-
try and the NLC was occasioned by
changes in the land sector after the
Constitution took away the power to
govern land from the Executive and
its principal agents but the latter is re-
luctant to let go.
Lumumba said issuance of titles
and setting up of the National Titling
Centre at the Kenya Institute of Sur-
vey and Mapping was suspect, adding
that the closure of the Nairobi and
Central Land Registry for auditing was
not genuine. He said the audit at Ar-
dhi House was an exact script shown
in 2012 by the then Permanent Secre-
tary in the Lands Ministry where miss-
ing les, hidden by land ofcers, was
He termed these as signs of the Ex-
ecutive attempting to exercise land
governance through the back door.
Kenyans through the new consti-
tutional dispensation removed these
powers from the presidency and its
principal agent the Commissioner of
Lands hence it is not clear where the
Cabinet Secretary draws the powers
currently being exercised, he said.
He said the audit ought to have re-
vealed the progress made by the min-
istry, adding that the country is still
being treated to the exposure of more
than 10,000 hidden land les found in
the ministry two years ago.
He pointed that the Executive and
county governments are under scru-
tiny in relation to land, given the glob-
al rise to the phenomenon of large-
scale land-based investments by
domestic and foreign investments as
witnessed in the one million acre
Galana-Kulalu irrigation project that
has led to the relocation of local com-
The issue of communities being
displaced from their land begs for
new strategies to be employed in land
reforms, he said.
Civil society alleges malice in ministry audit
Mutunga explains Kenyas
constitutional challenges
Chief Justice Willy Mutunga yes-
terday rooted for establishment of so-
cial jurisprudence that responds to
the needs of the public and ensures
justice is accessible to all.
Speaking at a seminar on the Ke-
nyan and Norwegian constitutions at
the University of Nairobi, Dr Mutunga
said the Judiciary should not be con-
strained by legal technicalities but
should use other means to oversee
implementation of the Constitution.
We do not want to go back to the
type of mechanical jurisprudence
that Kenya experienced in the case of
the Kapenguria six, said Mutunga.
Mutunga was making a presenta-
tion on the vision of the Kenyan Con-
stitution and possible partnership
with Norway to ensure implementa-
tion of the Charter. He said Kenya in-
herited a awed judicial system from
the colonial masters. The bill of rights
was a key concern in his presentation
and called for the civil society to help
put up mechanisms that will ensure
their grievances are addressed.
Speaking on behalf of Commission
for the Implementation of the Consti-
tution chairman Charles Nyachae,
Catherine Muma said the Kenyan
Constitution is obsessed with the
principles of human rights and that
sovereign power belonged to Kenyans.
Equity, rule of law, and engagement
of the public in formulating policies
have been on the forefront of CIC in a
bid to see the Constitution imple-
mented, she said.
Mutunga said 95 per cent of Ke-
nyans do not turn to courts for justice
but to traditional means.
Kenya Land Alliance national co-or-
dinator Odenda Lumumba
Kenya Judges and Magistrates Vetting Board chairman Sharad Rao (left) with
Chief Justice Willy Mutunga during the Kenyan and Norwegian constitution
seminar at the University of Nairobi yesterday. [PHOTO: JEFF OCHIENG/STAN-
NLC moves
to probe
Ngilu pointed out that the minis-
try now has a direct connection with
the Survey of Kenya ofces through a
central control room at both stations
through biometric migration and
CCTV surveillance.
Through this we have been able
to limit the number of people who can
access the registry, monitor those who
access it, and we are able to track any
le that goes out of the registry and
easily retrieve it, she said.
She said based on the security
checks that have been put in place,
brokers and middlemen who have
been duping the public have been
eliminated. The CS dismissed earlier
claims made by the National Lands
Commission that the ministry was
trying to dislodge the commission by
conducting an audit. She said the au-
dit was meant to ensure better service
Patrick Gatonye, who had been
trying to conduct a land search since
February, was able to get results of the
search within an hour.
I have been trying to get the land
search results for my piece of land for
three months now without much suc-
cess, said Gatonye.
On the issue of transfer of nearly
100 staff within the last 10 days of the
audit, Ngilu said this is meant to im-
prove efciency and productivity.
The transfers are normal. Some of
the staff had requested to be trans-
ferred, she said.
Lands registry
opens as man is
served in an hour
Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu shows the new ling system when she opened
Ardhi House after the 10-day closure. [PHOTO: GEORGE NJUNGE/STANDARD]
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Lack of institutional and family
support has been blamed for rising
cases of teenage pregnancy and child
Catholic Military Ordinariate Bish-
op Alfred Rotich says statistics show
that three out of 10 women in Kenya
become pregnant before the age of 18
Faced with the challenge of raising
children at the tender age, the young
mothers resort to abandoning the ba-
God has given us life, therefore,
we must protect it. Lack of institution-
al and family support makes the
young girls vulnerable and are forced
to neglect their children because they
cannot take care of them, said Bish-
op Rotich.
Speaking during the ofcial open-
ing of the House of Charity in Nairobi,
the prelate challenged parents and
guardians to offer guidance to the
teenage girls, and in the event they get
pregnant, they should be offered
counselling. The home is to cater for
abandoned children.
The retired Catholic Military prel-
ate said the Poverelle Sisters of Berga-
mo started the House of Charity ini-
Lack of support blamed for child neglect
Faced with challenge
of raising children
at tender age, young
mothers resort to
abandoning babies
tiative and asked Christians and
well-wishers to support their cause of
supporting abandoned children.
Already, the home has 13 babies
ranging from two-day-old babies to
those who are less than ve months
Rotich said most of the children at
the home who are taken care of by the
Catholic nuns are often picked along
the roadsides, church compounds,
hospitals and the bushes.
The home can accommodate be-
tween 25 and 30 children and can pro-
vide high-class care to the babies.
Rotich said the 13 children may
have lost their biological parents, but
they now have many through the sup-
port of nuns and other mothers who
have volunteered to assist them.
These children lost their biologi-
cal parents but in this House of Char-
ity, they have regained many, said
According to the Kenya Demo-
graphic Health Survey, 2008, 35 per
cent of Kenyan women give birth be-
fore marriage.
Sisters of the Poverelle have about
1,100 members dedicated to helping
the poorest of the poor, the sick,
handicapped, elderly, imprisoned and
young people on the edges of society.
Most work in Italy, but the institution
has missionaries in Malawi, Zaire, the
Ivory Coast and Brazil, where they
generally provide health care.
In Zaire, about 60 Poverelle Sisters
live within 125 miles of Kikwit. They
work with leprosy and tuberculosis
Bishop Alfred Rotich cuts the cake during the ofcial opening of House of Char-
ity in Nairobi on Sunday. [PHOTO: GOVEDI ASUTSA/STANDARD]
County governments should work
with all stakeholders in the ght
against HIV/Aids, an ofcial with Ke-
lin, a human rights NGO, has said.
Kelins Programme Ofcer Melba
Katindi yesterday said a multi-sec-
toral approach involving all stake-
holders in the ght against the disease
would help in scaling up service to
people living with the virus.
Ms Katindi cited lack of informa-
tion and understanding among key
stakeholders as the main challenge in
ght against the spread of the dis-
Despite spirited efforts by the Min-
istry of Health in creating HIV and
AIDS awareness, Katindi said PLHIV
continue to face stigma, discrimina-
tion and lack of access to HIV related
health services.
Good laws that are fully resourced
and rigorously enforced can widen
access to prevention and health care
services, improve quality of treatment
and enhance social support for those
living with the virus, she said.
Katindi was speaking in Nakuru at
a forum that brought together the po-
lice, prisons ofcers, Judiciary, health
ofcials and county leaders.
A national study conducted by Ke-
lin in 2012, revealed that people living
the virus face violations of their
Counties told
to lead in ght
against HIV/Aids
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
ADVERTISERS ANNOUNCEMENT / Page 27 Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Page 28 / NATIONAL NEWS Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Experts call for Kenya-Tanzania
co-operation to curb poaching
left poaching is thriving at the Kenya-
Tanzania border, particularly at Rom-
bo in the Kilimanjaro region.
The illicit trade, Dr Sitati says, has
been exacerbated by the fact that the
area does not have a network of game
scouts or security agents.
AWF has now established a base.
Wildlife experts are calling on the
East African Community (EAC) part-
ner states to move with speed in com-
ing up with a masterplan for manag-
ing cross-border natural resources in
the region.
They say four years after the EAC
trans-boundary Ecosystems Manage-
ment Bill was launched, nothing
seems to have moved forward as Ke-
nya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and
Tanzania have failed to adhere to it.
Programme Manager for Kiliman-
jaro Landscape in African Wildlife
Foundation (AWF) Noah Sitati (pic-
tured) says there has been little devel-
opment in acting on the issues raised
in the document due to lack of clarity
on who is supposed to implement it.
No one seems to know, yet it is an
issue we have raised in different fo-
rums, most recently in Tanzania, Dr
Sitati told The Standard.
At a time when poaching is a ma-
jor problem in the ve-member trad-
ing bloc, Dr Sitati says the Judiciary
must also come up with punitive mea-
sures to curb the nuisance.
Until hard-hitting strategies are
devised, poaching will remain a key
concern to our economy, he said.
The treaty for the establishment of
the EAC in Article 112 enjoined the
partner states to co-operate in all is-
sues related to environment and nat-
ural resources management.
The documents primary goal is to
provide a legal framework to effective-
ly streamline the management of
trans-boundary ecosystems.
Wildlife experts say it is the failure
to actualise this critical treaty that has
KWS rangers next to an elephant killed by poachers.[PHOTO: FILE/STANDARD]
They say lack of action
after passing of law
on menace has led
to increased cases of
trade in wildlife parts
in the EAC bloc
The World Bank has awarded
Sh19 million to ve Kenyan uni-
versities to conduct research and
train farmers to improve produc-
The study will also detail post-
harvest handling, value addition
and marketing of indigenous veg-
This is the second time the
project, being spearheaded by
Mount Kenya University (MKU),
is receiving grants from the World
The rst phase of the initiative
that commenced in 2012 and
which is about to end got Sh24
million and the recent grant
brings the total funding for the
three-year project to Sh43 mil-
The rst phase is being carried
out in seven counties, namely Ho-
ma Bay, Kakamega, Tharaka, Ny-
eri, Kili, Embu and Siaya coun-
The second phase will focus
on the larger Butere and Mumias
districts that comprise Butere,
Mumias, Matungo and Kwisero in
Kakamega County, Western Ke-
The universities involved are
MKU, Chuka University, Universi-
ty of Nairobi, Jaramogi Odinga
University of Science and Tech-
nology and Egerton University.
Others parties in the project
include the National Museums of
Kenya and East African Nutraceu-
ticals, among others.
Their target is cowpeas, spider
plant, African night shades, ama-
ranth, pumpkins, French beans
and mushrooms among small-
holder farmers in Kenya.
MKU Deputy Vice-Chancellor
in charge of Research John Huria
said the grant was channelled
through the project coordinator,
Kenya Agricultural Productivity
and Agri-Business Project.
World Bank
gives Sh19m
research grant
In Tanzanias Enduimet Wild-
life Management area, poach-
ing has been reduced to almost
zero in the last two years due
to the presence of game scouts.
In 2009, there were 17 poach-
ing cases. This went down to
two in 2010 and four in 2011.
In 2012 and 2013, no poaching
has been recorded.
We have also put in place a commit-
tee to look into the issue which has
seen the Amboseli region lose be-
tween eight and 11 elephants in a
year, he said.
The gure, Dr Sitati argues, is quite
high for the ecosystem as there is zero
poaching in other areas because of
the presence of game scouts.
The committees report is expected
to be tabled in June in Namanga for
further deliberations and action by
conservation partners.
In a recent joint study by the Kenya
Wildlife Service and Tanzania Wildlife
Research Institute supported by the
African Wildlife Foundation and Tan-
zania National Parks, it was proposed
that the Amboseli-West Kilimanjaro
and Magadi-Natron cross-border
landscape be considered as a unit of
wildlife population and distribution
The report further suggested that
due to the migratory nature of species
such as elephants, there was need for
harmonised wildlife management
policies between Kenya and Tanza-
Critics say it is Tanzanias luke-
warm battle against poaching that has
made it difcult to wipe out the crim-
inal activity.
Unlike Kenya, Tanzania until re-
cently had not agreed to burn its
stockpile of ivory, claiming that the
proceeds from the same could sup-
port conservation efforts.
Tanzania had asked the Conven-
tion on International Trade in Endan-
gered Species (CITES), an interna-
tional agreement between
governments aimed at ensuring that
global trade in specimens of wild ani-
mals and plants does not threaten
their survival, for an exception to the
ivory ban for such a sale, with pro-
ceeds used only for conservation ef-
However, they withdrew their re-
quest in early 2013.
Currently, Tanzania has a com-
bined stockpile of 118,000 tonnes of
ivory, made up of those from the
death of animals due to old age and
those conscated from poachers.
For subscriptions call:
Mary: 0727 718 286 | Geraldine: 0738 144 091
Email: pds@standardmedia.co.ke
For online subscription visit: www.standardmedia.co.ke/pds
Proposed Bill has tough
rules for liquor trade
Residents have said they
support the Alcoholic
Drinks Control Act
2014 because it will stop
brewing of illicit drinks
A law seeking to jail unethical
advertisers, manufacturers and
sellers of alcohol in Taita Taveta
County for 10 years has been
Those convicted of violating any
section of the proposed Taita Taveta
Alcoholic Drinks Control Act 2014
regarding manufacture, sale,
distribution and advertising will be
jailed for 10 years or remain free by
paying a ne of Sh10 million.
The Bill has been proposed by
Linet Mavu, county executive for
devolution and planning, and it is
currently awaiting debate at the
local county assembly after a
committee received public views on
the matter.
Public participation across the
county ended on May 8 and most
residents supported efforts to
control alcohol consumption in this
impoverished area where alcohol
abuse is blamed for most social evils.
While they supported the Bill,
residents said they want it amended
to outlaw cheap spirits brought from
outside the county. They also want
the county government to support
hygienic preparation and consump-
tion of traditional local brews.
According to the committees
ndings most residents said some of
the spirits from outside are adulter-
ated and cause more harm than
traditional brews.
Speaking during a public
participation forum for the proposed
Taita-Taveta Alcoholic Drinks
Control, Draft Bill 2014, the residents
especially women, claimed the
spirits have rendered most men
impotent and many have abdicated
their parental roles.
Fending for children has been
left to women as men spend most of
their time in drinking dens. Wide-
spread sale and consumption of
such cheap liquor has also adversely
affected agricultural activities,
education and development, said
Norah Mwaengo, a resident from
Residents who presented their
views on the Draft Bill during a
public consultative meeting chaired
by Wundanyi District Ofcer, David
Boen, said the spirits are plastic
bottled and can be easily tampered
with which makes them vulnerable
to adulteration.
Former Wundanyi Councilor,
Gintone Mzee, said traditional brews
should be manufactured, bottled in
stainless steel containers and
consumed in designated licensed
He said these brews should be
certied by the Kenya Bureau of
Standards (Kebs) and public health
ofcials before use.
There should be strict monitor-
ing and inspection of traditional
liquor to ensure that brewers
maintain high health standards. The
liquor should be inspected before
use, he said.
Mwacho said liquor selling
premises should be inspected before
licenses are issued by the County
At the same time residents said a
clause should be included in the Bill
to ensure that drunk and disorderly
men who abuse their families are
arrested and prosecuted.
There are many drunken men
who abuse their wives and children
at home. Such culprits should not be
left to go scot free, added Selina
Mwawasi, a resident.
The Bill proposes that an
authorised ofcer may enter any
premises or location where liquor is
being sold and carry out inspection
of any alcoholic product without
being obstructed by the owner or
occupant so long as he provides
proper identication documenta-
No person shall obstruct or
hinder, or knowingly make a false
statement to an authorised ofcer
who is carrying out duties under this
Act. During inspection under this
Act, an authorised ofcer may seize
any alcohol drink or things which
the ofcer believes contravenes this
Act, read the Bill.
The Bill further provides for the
licensing and regulation of the
production, sale, distribution,
consumption and outdoor advertis-
ing of alcoholic drinks in the region.
It calls for the establishment of
Sub-County Alcoholic Drinks
regulation Committee that will issue
This same committee will be
tasked with inspecting premises,
ensuring public participation and
collaboration with other stakehold-
Page 23
POACHING: Police to halt
smuggling of game trophies
The Government security agents
have been put on high alert to avert
cases of poaching and smuggling of
game trophies.
Speaking at the Manyani Law
Enforcement Academy during the
passing out of 39 Kenya Ports
Authority recruits over the weekend
Kenya Wildlife Service Deputy
Director in charge of Devolution
and Community Service Benjamin
Kavu said all security forces will
work together to ght poaching and
smuggling of trophies.
We are telling those behind the
smuggling of game trophies that they
can run but they cannot hide. Our
security forces cannot sit back and
watch as a few crooked traders mess
around with our wildlife heritage,
he said.
Kavu said measures to be taken
include heightened security at the
port and on all border posts where
trophies are likely to be sneaked out.
SABOTAGE: Mungatana tells
off the West over travel
Western countries have been
accused of economic sabotage
by issuing travel advisories to their
citizens visiting Kenya.
Chairman of Kenya Ports
Authority, Danson Mungatana, said
already 20 hotels at the Coast have
closed down rendering thousands of
workers jobless due to low tourist
arrivals occasioned by the travel
We are asking Western countries
to stop this double standards where
they claim our country is insecure yet
tourists keep ocking other African
countries that are far worse than
ours, Mungatana said.
He said such bias by Western
countries had made Kenya opt to seek
business partnership with East Asian
countries such as China.
Page 29
Monday, March 24, 2014
cil locks out public
sport from
city C
Residents received
the move varmly
as matatu operators
protested, but nov
council says all is vell
The Municipal Council of Kisumu
in conjunction with the trafc police
department has successfully locked
public transport out of the towns
Thanks to the combined forces,
no 14-seater matatu and boda boda
operates in the central business
district now.
And residents have praised the
effort, arguing sanity has been
restored in the CBD and trafc ow
was now smooth.
No matatus or boda bodas are
allowed to pick or drop passengers
at the CBD. The ban also applies to
tricycles and it has been in effect for
the past one week, though amid
Distances shortened
The authorities have also blocked
Oginga Odinga Avenue up to
Standard Chartered Bank junction to
ease trafc ow.
Passengers are now being
dropped at Jomo Kenyatta Highway
and trek to town.
The move follows successful
negotiations between the authority
and matatu operators whose
distances have now been cut short.
We are happy because the plans
have reduced our distance by
one-and-a-half kilometres, said a
matatu operator George Onyango.
According to the town authorities
the plan aims to decongest the city
and will remain in force until 2013.
Thereafter the council will
develop fresh plans to accommodate
the increased number of private cars
in town, a source from the council
Already, the number of private
cars streaming in the town has
peaked and the trafc department
anticipates the gure will rise.
The councils enforcement ofcer
in charge of the trafc order Adrian
Ouma said they would not back
down on the move.
WIN-win situation
Eng Ouma said matatu owners
appreciated the directive because
they still charge the same bus fare
despite the distance being short-
It is a win-win situation, the
matatu operators have all the
reasons to smile same as the
council, he said, as he asked them
to co-operate.
Kisumu Mayor Sam Okello
thanked the residents for allowing
them to bring sanity within the CBD.
There have been complaints of
matatu disorder within the CBD,
which have been disrupting smooth
operations of businesses.
With the new measures in force
people can now go about their
business easily without disruptions
by blaring sounds.
Nyanza PPO Njue Njagi promised
to support the council to restore
sanity and warned that those who
resist change would be arrested and
Eng Ouma said matatu owners
appreciated the directive because
they still charge the same bus fare
despite the distance being short-
It is a win-win situation, the
matatu operators have all the
reasons to smile same as the
Trafc Police ofcer redirects a matatu driver at Kisumu Bus Park entry, yes-
terday. Kisumu Municipal Council has re-routed trafc from the central busi-
ness district to de-congest the town. [PHOTO: TITUS MUNALA/STANDARD]
when the Council announced
the plan to reroute public
transport from the C8u, it was
received with mixed reactions
Pesidents welcomed it, say
ing it would help in planning
the town and reduce matatu
At frst, the public transport
operators complied for hours
before they regrouped to
protest the directive
however, yesterday the
council said operators and
Page 23
TANZANIA: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
CORNERED: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
The places
vhere babies
choose their
ovn names,
The County News is bigger, Bo|der,
Fresh and c|oser to your region
Coast Edition Western Edition and Nairobi Edition
g Tod
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Coast & Eastern News
Children from Sahajanand Special School in Mtwapa, Kili County, pose in their special wheelchairs donated by the
Kenya Ports Authority. KPA donated 25 wheelchairs to the school. [PHOTO: MAARUFU MOHAMED/STANDARD]
A reason to smile
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard Page 30 / COAST NEWS
Tourists leave Mombasa after a travel advisory forced them to cut short their
Kaloleni OCPD David Kerina displays the two tusks found
hidden under the chassis of a Mombasa-bound car at the
Mariakani weighbridge. [GIDEON MAUND/STANDARD]
Police in Kili County have
arrested four people in
connection with the discovery
of two fresh pieces of
elephant ivory weighing 25kg
hidden under the chassis of a
van in the wee hours of
yesterday morning.
Kaloleni OCPD David
Kerina yesterday said a fth
suspect, the owner of the
vehicle, has also been
arrested by police in Kan-
gundo, Machakos County.
Kerina said the occupants
had placed red ribbons on the
vehicle in an attempt to dupe
police that they were ferrying
a dead body.
However, highway police
acting on a tip off stopped the
vehicle at Mariakani Weigh-
bridge as it raced towards
Mombasa. After a search, they
found the tusks tied to the
vehicles chassis, the police
boss said.
He said several printed
funeral programmes were
Mtito Andei, on the border
of Coast and Eastern regions,
has been at the centre of a
boundaries row between
Kwale and Taita Taveta
counties for about half a
century, and by the look of
things, this might continue
for longer.
Residents who have
suffered due to the row are
now urging their local leaders
to sit down and agree how to
resolve the stalemate.
I am over 18 years old but
I do not have a national
identity card and the same
applies to my wife. Every time
I apply for an one, I am
referred to Kwale County
despite the fact that it is
much easier to get it from
Taita Taveta, said Rashid
Ngule, a Mackinnon Road
He said the regions
development will continue at
snails pace while residents
continue to be tossed back
and forth due to an issue that
can be easily resolved.
We are Kenyans and
above all Coast residents. I
see no reason why the fact
that we live on the boundary
of two counties should expose
us to such suffering and
denial of essential services,
Ngule said.
Tourism sector incurring losses
Kili police recover two
tusks weighing 25kg
Locals decry
boundary row
also found in the vehicle.
Kerina said once investiga-
tions were complete, the
suspects would be taken to
Kenya Wildlife Service
(KWS) Assistant Director
Coast Conservation Area,
Arthur Tuda, commended the
police for the arrests.
This is fresh ivory and we
suspect it is from Tsavo
elephants recently killed by
poachers, he said.
Tourism experts now warn that
simultaneous travel advisories by
Western countries could lead to loss
of over 31,000 jobs in Kwale County
alone, as well as prolong tourisms
low season beyond October.
In Mombasa, hotels reported that
they have been forced to reduce
rates to woo domestic tourists to
remain aoat.
Sai Rock General Manager,
Robert Kiri, told The Standard that
the impact of the advisories has
been mitigated at his hotel by an
increased booking of workshops and
seminars by locals.
The only event that has been
postponed is one sponsored by the
United States Agency for Interna-
tional Development (USaid)
scheduled for May 21. Others are
going on as scheduled, he said.
Kwale County Executive Commit-
tee Member in charge of Tourism,
Adam Sheikh, also warned that any
terrorist attack or insecurity incident
at the Coast in the immediate
aftermath of the Western advisories
will devastate all hopes of recovery
beyond November as it will trigger
more booking cancellations into
next year.
Sheikh said about 1,500 employ-
ees could be sacked while about
30,000, indirectly engaged, will suffer
tough economic times in due course.
In an interview with The
Standard at Amani Tiwi Beach
Resort, Sheikh said those indirectly
employed by the hotel such as boat
operators, safari sellers, curio shop
owners and others in sectors like
transport, banking, agriculture and
sheries, have already started to feel
the pinch.
Investors are also bound to lose
and those hotels that were already
witnessing a low season will suffer
more, which will lead to more
closures, he said.
Sheikh said the national govern-
ment, which usually gets about Sh96
billion annually from VAT, airport,
licences, employees, prot and
income taxes, will lose over 40 per
cent of this.
To mitigate losses by investors,
Sheikh said the county government
last month suspended bed levies on
hotels until further notice.
The levy, which is usually Sh50
per bed for one person on a single
night, was shelved to reduce the
burden on investors.
We urge the national govern-
ment to also suspend the 16 per cent
VAT slapped on the transport sector
under tourism and look into visa
and airport tax charges, he said.
A spot check by The Standard in
various hotels revealed empty
rooms, with various hotel manage-
ment teams grappling with the idea of
laying off employees.
At Diani Sea Resort, which has 400
employees, for example, Managing
Director Harald Kampa said some
employees would have to go on
compulsory paid leave of six to eight
He said if the situation does not
improve, measures that include job loss
would be effected.
Since Saturday, we have had only
one booking and we now have just 20
guests, mainly from Germany, he said.
Kampa said the hotel incurred huge
losses when about 125 guests were
evacuated, adding that most of those
who left did not know why they were
being made to leave.
Baobab Beach Resort has lost approxi-
mately Sh26 million in just three weeks
after 156 tourists were evacuated last
These advisories are uncalled for
because Diani is among the areas found
to be safe. This move, if unchecked, is
going to kill the industry, said General
Manager Sylvester Mbandi.
At Amani Tiwi, General Manager
Imtyaz Mirza said the hotel lost more
than Sh15 million when 60 tourists were
evacuated, adding that due to domestic
tourism, 56 are still around.
He said prior to the advisory, the
hotel, which usually functions with 300
staff members, had only 180, and this
number had reduced to 95 by yesterday.
Country: Kenya
Project Name: Water and Sanitation Service Improvement
Project Additional Financing
Credit No.: IDA5103KE
Contract Title: Construction of Mwea-Makima Water
Supply Phase I
Reference No.: 20 (As per Procurement Plan)
1. The Athi Water Services Board, a State Corporation under the Ministry of Environment,
Water & Natural Resources, on behalf of Tana Water Services Board invites sealed bids
from eligible bidders for the construction and completion of Mwea-Makima Water Supply
Phase I in Kirinyaga County.
2. The full text of this Invitation for Bids can be accessed from http://awsboard.go.ke/
media/tender/ at no cost.
3. Bids must be delivered to the address below on or before 12.00 East African Time on 20

June 2014 Late bids will be rejected. Bids will be publicly opened in the presence of the
bidders designated representatives and anyone who choose to attend at the address below
June 2014 at 12.05 East African Time.
4. Attention: The Chief Executive Ofcer, Athi Water Services Board
Street Address: Africa-Re Centre, Hospital Road Upper Hill
Floor/Room number: 3
Floor, Reception Desk
City: Nairobi
Country: Kenya
Telephone: +254 20 2724292/3
Facsimile number: +254 20 2724295
Electronic mail address: info@awsboard.go.ke
Web site: www.awsboard.go.ke
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard COAST NEWS / Page 31
Mruttu told
to account
for spending
Two Members of Parliament have
told the Taita-Taveta County
administration to rst account for
money allocated by the national
government for this nancial years
budget before seeking approval for
the 2014/2015 budget.
Taita Taveta County MP Joyce
Wanjala Lay and Taveta legislator
Naomi Shaban told governor John
Mruttu that residents need to know
how Sh2.8 billion allocated to the
county for the 2013/2014 scal year
has been spent.
We need to rst be told how the
money allocated to this county has
been spent and more specically,
how many development projects
have been implemented in this
nancial year which ends in June
30, said Shaban who is also the
Government Deputy Majority leader
in the National Assembly.
Speaking at a meeting in Mwatate
town yesterday, that was attended
by Mruttu and MPs Thomas
Mwadeghu, Jones Mlolwa and
Andrew Mwadime, the MPs said the
county government cannot embark
on public participation without
giving an account to residents.
Apart from development
projects implemented, we also need
to be told which ones are currently
ongoing, Lay told the governor who
sat pensively at the meeting.
The legislators said they will only
lobby for more funding from the
national government once they are
satised with the way funds have
been utilised.
Mruttu however declined to
comment over the issues raised by
the two MPs but instead chose to say
that his administration had set aside
Sh50 million to help bright needy
children and give loans to students
pursuing higher learning.
The legislation to pave way for
the bursary and loans project is
ready and funds will be given to the
beneciaries next week, the
governor conrmed.
Mruttu at the same time
disclosed that his administration will
recruit eight inspectors for primary
and secondary schools as a measure
to improve educational standards.
Although education has not
been devolved, we have decided to
employ inspectors and equip them
with motorbikes for ease of move-
ment within the county, he said.
The governor also said that his
administration has also set aside
Sh153 million for recruitment of
Early Childhood Development
(ECD) teachers to be stationed at
various pre-primary schools in the
Governor challenged to tell locals how the
Sh2.8 billion allocated to the county for
the 2013/2014 fscal year has been used
We also
need to know
how many
have been
in this
fnancial year
Naomi Shaban
Taveta MP
Page 32 / COAST NEWS Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Four to hang
for ethnic
A court in Garsen, Tana Delta
district has sentenced four men,
including a former GSU ofcer, to
The four are accused of allegedly
participating in a violent robbery
that led to the murder of 38 people,
including nine police ofcers, at
Kilelengwani at the height of deadly
tribal clashes between ethnic Orma
and Pokomo in late 2012.
Police and the prosecution
accuse Mohamed Yusa and eight
others of participating in the killing
of his comrades during a communal
war in which more than 200 people
were killed.
Apart from the robbery with
violence charge, the convicts were
also accused of participating in
violence leading to massacre.
Garsen principal magistrate
Justus Kituku sentenced them to
death after they were positively
identied by witnesses while two
others were acquitted for lack of
The court also issued a warrant of
arrest for three suspects who had
escaped from police cells at Gamba
police station early last year.
The nine who faced nine counts
of robbery with violence include: Ali
Daku, Abdalla Balozi, Ade Ali, Ali
Amuma, Ali Hussein alias Fundi,
Salim Ismae, former GSU ofcer
Mohammed Yusa alias Saa Robo,
Feiswal Swaleh and Ali Barisa.
Those convicted were
Daku,Hussein, Ismae and Yusa while
Balozi and Swaleh were acquitted.
Ade, Ali Omar and Ali Shore escaped
from police custody during trial and
have not been rearrested.
The incident at Kilelengwani was
one of the most audacious mass
murders of policemen in Kenyas
recent history and also one of the
most gruesome events of tribal
A judicial inquest into the murder
of the policemen, who had gradu-
ated from the police academy less
than a week earlier, was not
conclusive and the culprits were not
The inquest found that security
agents from the two tribes partici-
pated in the violence.
Last week the government
withdrew close to 200 General
Service Unit (GSU) ofcers deployed
together with the deceased without
explanation, sparking fear of an
Sentencing of the four men
coincided with renewed tensions
between the two tribes.
The convicts faced charges of robbery with
violence and participating in violence that
led to massacre on September 10, 2012
to death
after being
identifed by
while two
others were
for lack of
The Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board (KNEB) is a State Corporation formed under State Corporations Act (CAP 446) by the
Government in 2012 with the mandate to fast track the implementation of the Nuclear Power Program for Kenya to generate
affordable and reliable electricity.
1. Purpose and Background:
The interface between Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) and the electric grid system have a major impact on safety and efcient
operation as well as startups and shutdowns of NPPs. Tripping of a nuclear reactor can cause major disturbances in grid pa-
rameters in terms of frequency and voltage uctuations. Installation of NPPs therefore require a detailed technical evaluation
of the existing grid and therefore reinforcement, modication and strengthening of the grid system if found necessary.
Kenyas installed electricity generation is 1767 MW with a maximum demand of 1457 MW. This is generated from Hydro
(47%), Geothermal (14%), Thermal (35%), Co-generation (1.5%) and others (1%). The annual growth in demand has
reached 7% in the past and this will be progressively increased to 15% as the Vision 2030 projects are implemented. Demand
is expected to reach 15,000 MW by 2030.
The existing transmission network consists of 220 and 132 kV lines, with a new 400kV link under construction as well as other
transmission lines with a total length of about 2000 km. A 220 kV link between Kenya and Uganda is also under construction.
A 2000 MW 500 kV DC link with Ethiopia will be established by 2017 as well as a 400 kV AC link with Tanzania by 2015
2. General Scope of Works:
The proposed grid system study, referred to as, the Technical Evaluation (TA) will build on the studies already carried but with
a specic emphasis on the Nuclear Power Plants and is expected to take 12 months. The following areas are expected to be
covered during the TE;
i) Analysis of the electric grid requirements to support the proposed NPPs
ii) Analysis of the normal steady state operations as well as operation under disturbances in the grid, such as transmission
line faults, loss of generation, natural disasters and blackouts
iii) Perform/Analyze/Simulate system characteristics such as grid stiffness and inertia constants
iv) Develop plans to get reserve capacity enough to support use of NPPs
v) Develop plans and procedures to communicate and co-operate between NPP/Grid and between Grid Control Centres
vi) Develop plan for off-site power supply
The consultant shall carry out the above in accordance with the tasks and deliverables assigned to each of the above.
3. Call for EOI and Eligibility Criteria:
KNEB now invites eligible consultants to indicate their interest in providing consultancy services for the Technical Evaluation
of the Kenyas Grid System. The EOI will lead to short listing of eligible consulting rms who will be invited to submit the
proposals. Interested consulting rms must provide information indicating that they are qualied to perform the work (Bro-
chures, Track Record, Relevant Experience, Skilled Workforce etc.).
The minimum qualications for a rm to be shortlisted are:-
i) A strong International Track Record in Nuclear Power Systems (power generation, transmission and distribution plan-
ning) development including grid assessment, feasibility studies and project implementation for Nuclear Power Plants
ii) Availability of a team composed of both foreign and local experts to undertake this study where extensive data collection
and gathering is required
iii) Availability of a multi-disciplinary team of experts with experience to undertake various assignments in the six broad
areas indicated in part 3 above.
iv) All the professional staff MUST be uent in both written and spoken English.
4. Clarications:
The interested parties may request for clarications on the Expression of Interest up to seven days before the EOI submission
date during ofce hours i.e. 0800 to 1700 hours. Any request for clarication must be sent on electronic mail to:
The Director, Technical Affairs
Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board
6th Floor Reinsurance Plaza, Taifa Road
P.O. Box 26374 00100
Tel. +254 20 2195381
Email: cjuma@nuclear.co.ke.
The EOI in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked EOI FOR PROVISION OF TECHNICAL EVALUATION OF KENYAS GRID
SYSTEM FOR NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS should be addressed to and delivered to the address below so as to be received
not later than 10.00 am on 9th June 2014.
The Executive Chairman & CEO
Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board
6th Floor Reinsurance Plaza, Taifa Road
P.O. Box 26374 00100
Tel. +254 20 2195381
Email: executivechair@nuclear.co.ke
NOTICES / Page 33 Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard NOTICES / Page 33 Tuesday, May 20, 2013 / The Standard
I. 8ackreuud
Ken,a Llectricit, 6enerating Compan, Limited (Ken6en) is a limited liabilit, compan,, 10% owned b,
the 6overnment of the lepublic of Ken,a. lt is the leading electric power generation compan, in Ken,a,
producing about 80% of the electricit, used in the Countr,. lt has a total installed capacit, of ,200Hw and
power plants located at diherent parts of the countr,.
Consistent with its corporate environmental polic, and vision to be the market leader in the provision of
reliable, safe, qualit, and competitivel, priced electric energ, in the Lastern Africa region, the Compan,
intends to prequalif, consultanc, rms for carr,ing out Lnvironmental and Social lmpact Assessment
(LSlA) studies, lesettlement Action llans (lAl) and lnitial Lnvironment audits for its projects, in
accordance with the Lnvironment Hanagement and Coordination Act (999) and world 8ank, JlCA, Afu and
other development linancial lnstitutions 6uidelines and lnternational 8est lractices.
2. objectives
1he purpose of this notice is to seek for expression of interest from suitable rms with proven track records
of preparing LSlA stud, reports, lesettlement Action llans (lAl) and initial environmental audit reports
to facilitate short listing for the consultanc, services. Such short listed rms will be invited to submit both
1echnical and linancial lroposals as when need arises. lt is intended that the invitation for the bids will be
made thereafter.
2. Scee ef service wiII ceusist but uet Iimited te
. 1he work of the consultanc, rm will be to prepare LSlA stud, and initial environmental audit
reports for Ken6ens' power plants in accordance with the administrative guidelines p r o v i d e d
under the Lnvironmental (lmpact Assessment and Audit) legulations, 2003.
2. 1he LSlA team will also assess the impacts of the proposed development as provided for b, the
second schedule to the Lnvironmental (lmpact Assessment and Audit) legulations, 2003:
3. where involuntar, resettlement cannot be avoided, the consultant will be required to prepare lAl
as a mitigation measure for the potential negative impacts. 1his shall be carried out in line with the
world 8ank lnvoluntar, lesettlement lolic, (ul 4.2).
4. 1he initial environmental audit report will capture the all relevant aspects as provided for b,
Lnvironmental (lmpact Assessment and Audit) legulations, 2003;
4. IiibiIity
1he expression of interest must be accompanied b, the consultant's qualications, professional capabilities
and details of past experience in preparing LSlA stud, reports, lAl and environmental audits. Such
information ma, include brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions,
and availabilit, of appropriate skills among stah with their most recent proles showing their experience,
qualications, capabilities, referees and details of past experience especiall, in their areas of expertise, etc.
1he consultant shall bid for the assignment individuall, or in association with other rms.
1he interested rms shall provide the following specic information as well as an, other relevant
Name of rm who will participate in undertaking the consulting services and their role in all
aspects of the consultanc, service. 1o be submitted also are name(s) and position(s) of authorized
lirms that bid jointl, should submit consortium agreements between the parties, with the roles of
each part, clearl, dened.
1he consulting rm must have at least 0 ,ears relevant experience
Attach at least three recommendations from ,our major clients
uescription of management/ organization structure, list of ke, stah relevant to the assignment and
their Curriculum vitae inclusive of stah who will monitor and give backup services. Attach Cv for at
least three ke, stahs
Lvidence of lncorporation in the countr, of domicile and other statutor, registrations e.g valid tax
compliance for local bidders,
Certicate of registration as a rm of LlA/Audit Lxperts
valid practicing license for the rm of LSlA/LA experts
Annual Accounts and leports of Audited b, a reputable rm for the last two ,ears.
lnformation regarding an, current litigation involving the consulting rm certied b, a reputable
law rm.
1he consultants' team should include personnel with expertise in electric power plants development and
operations. 1he team leader should be registered b, NLHA as an LlA/LA lead expert, hold postgraduate
qualication in environment or natural resource management related eld with over 8 ,ears experience in
preparing LlA stud, reports, lAl stud, and environmental audit reports preferabl, in the energ, sector.
lroof of previous experience in carr,ing out LSlA/LA and lAl consultancies is a mandator, requirement.
S. LIaricatieus
1he interested parties ma, request for clarications on this prequalication for up to ve (5) da,s before
the submission date. An, request for clarication must be sent in writing b, paper mail, facsimile, or
electronic mail to:
uvireumeut aud LbM Mauaer
keuya Iectricity 6eueratiu Lemauy Limited,
Stima Iaza, keIebet ead,
.o.8oX 4792, uuIuu 6o Nairebi,keuya
1eI 2S4 u2 2 429, fax 2S4 2 248848
Lc: teuders@keueu.ce.ke
. ol Submissieu
1he submission of the prequalication documents made in Lnglish must be received in a sealed envelope
and delivered or registered to:
1he Lemauy Secretary/LeaI & Lererate Ahairs birecter
keuya Iectricity 6eueratiu Lemauy Limited
Stima Iaza, keIebet ead,
.o.8ex 4792, uuIuu 6o Nairebi,keuya
Not later than b, 400 hours (Ken,a 1ime) b, 2u
1uue 2uI4 and clearl, marked AIicatieu fer
xressieu ef luterest fer uvireumeutaI aud SeciaI lmact Assessmeut Studies, esettIemeut
Actieu Iau aud luitiaI uvireumeutaI Audit LeusuItaucy Services fer keu6eu ewer Iauts aud
rejects uuder imIemeutatieu". 1he Lul will be opened at 430hrs 20
June 204 in presence of bidder
representatives who choose to attend.
unl, rms which fulls the requirements as stated will be prequalied under this procedure will be
invited to submit their technical and nancial proposals in accordance with the procedures set out in the
Staudard equest fer reesaI (f) 2uu7 editieu fer seIectieu ef ceusuItauts issued by the ubIic
recuremeut oversiht Autherity (oA) ef the 6everumeut ef keuya (www,ea.e.ke)
AL1loN LAN S1ublS ANb NVloNMN1AL Aubl1S fo kN6N
o1L1S ANb oA1lN6 ow LAN1S (f: k6N-6-u2-2uI4)
The County Government of Nandi wishes to invite bids from eligible construction companies for building works
as described below:
NDCG/08/2013-2014 Proposed Construction of Nandi
County Entrance, Parking, Shops
and Ablution Block at Mlango
NCA 7 and above 2% of Tender
NDCG/09/2013-2014 Proposed Fencing of Kamatargui
Conservancy Swamp
NCA 7 and above 2% of Tender
NDCG/10/2013-2014 Proposed fencing gates, Ablution
Block and leveling of Nandi Hills
NCA 7 and above 2% of Tender
NDCG/11/2013-2014 Proposed Construction of Bus
Parking at Ollessos Market
NCA 7 and above 2% of Tender
NDCG/12/2013-2014 Proposed completion to Block A
(6 No. units type E at Kapsabet
County Referral Hospital)
NCA 7 and above 2% of Tender
NDCG/13/2013-2014 Proposed completion to Block
B (6 No. units type E ats)
at Kapsabet County Referral
NCA 7 and above 2% of Tender
NDCG/14/2013-2014 Proposed completion to Block
C (6 No. units type E at
Kapsabet County Referral
NCA 7 and above 2% of Tender
Complete set of detailed tender documents may be obtained by interested bidders from the head of
Supply Chain management Ofce room No. 112 upon payment of a Non refundable fee Ksh. 1000 (ONE
THOUSAND SHILLINGS only) per document, payable by BANKERS CHEQUE to County Government of
Nandi and presented to the Cash Ofce room 123 upon which, ofcial receipt will be issued for presentation
to the Supply Chain Management Services Ofce for issuance of the tender document. A copy of the
receipt should be attached to the tender document upon submission.
The bidders are expected to include the following in their bids:
A copy of registration/Incorporation Certicate a)
A copy of a valid compliance Tax Certicate b)
A copy of registration with the National Construction Authority (NCA) in the stated categories c)
Bid security in form of a bank guarantee from a reputable bank and approved insurance rms, d)
equivalent to 2% of the tender sum and in the form specied in the tender document.
The criteria of evaluation of bids, the description and scope of works shall be as described in the tender
Youth, Women and persons with disability and upcoming contractors are encouraged to apply.
Prices quoted should include all taxes and must be expressed in Kenya Shillings and shall remain valid for
a period of 150 days from the date of tender opening.
Completed tender documents, enclosed in plain sealed envelopes and clearly marked with respective
Tender Numbers and Tender Name should be addressed to:
P.O BOX 802-30300
and be deposited in the tender box situated on the 1
Floor of the Ofce of the Governer, Nandi
County so as to reach us on or before Tuesday 3
June 2014 at 10:30 am. Tenders will be opened
immediately thereafter.
Submitted bids will be opened publicly in the presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to
attend at the Nandi County Government Conference room.
The county Government of Nandi reserves the right to reject any tender without giving reasons and does
not bind itself to the lowest bidder or any tender.
Monday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard Page 34 / COAST & EASTERN NEWS
Fish sold in a market in Voi. The Government injected over Sh50 million for
sh farming in Wundanyi and Taveta to encourage local farmers to diversify
their economic activities and earn more income. [PHOTO: PASCAL MWANDAMBO/
Inspector General of Police David
With a glow on his face, Mwavala
Mlati smiles cynically and says:
When my neighbours saw me
uprooting my vegetables, they did not
know what exactly I was up to. Some
thought I was digging a pit latrine
while others thought I was putting up
a new house. Some thought I was
spending time on a fruitless venture
when they realised that I was digging
sh ponds.
Fish in this dry area. Thats im-
possible, they muttered when I was
within earshot. But that never both-
ered me. I pushed on regardless, says
Mlati had a clear plan in his mind.
He had learnt about the Economic
Stimulus Package (ESP) by the Gov-
ernment and was eager to implement
it to supplement his income from
Under the ESP sh farming com-
ponent, the Government had already
given out over Sh50 million for the
project in Wundanyi and Taveta to
encourage local farmers to embrace
the idea.
Jobless youths were the rst to
benet since they were given con-
tracts to dig over 600 ponds in the two
Today, the farmer says he has no
remorse over the decision as the proj-
ect has proved viable and has boosted
his family income.
Mlati, a retired Kenya Breweries
employee, says after digging the sh
ponds, the Government took him and
other farmers to Voi to learn about
sh farming.
He bought 900 ngerlings of Tila-
pia and provided them with sh
Although he is yet to harvest his
rst batch of tilapia, he foresees a
bright future in this kind of farming
because he has lived in different parts
of the country and understands how
popular sh is and the price it fetch-
Fish is preferred to red meat and
health experts say it is good for healthy
He left crop farming for fsh
rearing but has no regrets
living, he says.
On the market potential of sh, he
says in Nairobi, for example, a kilo-
gramme of sh goes for about
from nursery until they are ready for
harvesting, sh farming is not de-
This is far much better than veg-
etable farming because once you ob-
serve all the requirements, the only
work is feeding and harvesting the
sh when they mature, he adds.
As a sh farmer, he says he has
never known hunger even as starva-
tion bites hard in some parts of Taita
Taveta County due to crop failure.
I hear people complaining about
food shortage but that has never hap-
pened to me since sh serves as a
substitute for cereals grown in the
area which form most local meals,
Mlati says.
He plans to start selling his rst
catch of sh to hotels and the local
markets and is optimistic that he will
break even.
Mlati, a pioneer farmer who has
embraced sh farming, has earned
admiration from locals.
An ofcial from the Provincial Ad-
ministration said the project should
be replicated in other parts of Taita.
I feel very proud to buy sh reared
locally unlike many other instances
where the sh has to come all the way
from Mombasa or Kisumu, the of-
cial said.
Suppose I sell the stock from my
two ponds at this price. I might make
a cool half a million, he says.
Unlike in vegetable farming, where
a farmer has to care for the vegetables
Two cyclists were killed in road ac-
cidents in Taita-Taveta County on
Police said one of the accidents
occurred along the Nairobi-Mombasa
highway, while the other on the Voi-
Mwatate road.
County Police Commander Rich-
ard Bitonga said one of the victims
died after he hit the rear of a trailer at
Caltex Service Station near Voi town.
The lorry was heading to Nairobi.
The victim was rushed to Voi
District hospital where he died while
undergoing treatment, said the po-
lice ofcer.
Bitonga said the second incident
which occurred at the Show ground
along the Voi-Mwatate road, involved
a cyclist and a parastatal vehicle.
He said the man was riding the
bicycle on the wrong side of the
The police ofcer attributed the
rise in accidents to ignorance among
motorists of trafc laws.
The two died as a result of lack of
knowledge on trafc rules. Motorists
found outing trafc rules will be ar-
rested and prosecuted, he warned.
Bitonga challenged boda boda
operators to put on reector jackets
to reduce the number of accidents in
the area.
Taita-Taveta County Senator Dan-
son Mwazo once in a while comes up
with amazing pronouncements. Last
year, he asked members of his com-
munity to get many children to ensure
that he gets to State House.
This tyranny of numbers talk
earned him barbs and acclamations
alike. Now the CORD senator is back
with the same, but this time to protect
and reclaim land from grabbers.
Our county is so sparsely popu-
lated such that anyone ying in a low
aircraft will wonder what happened to
the people down here. Have they
stopped reproducing? Mwazo re-
marked, while addressing local lead-
ers and wananchi at Macknnon Road
at the weekend.
The Bible says be fruitful and
multiply, ll the earth and subdue it.
So I urge you, achilieni breki(release
the brakes) and giver birth to more
children so that you can protect your
land from thirsty land grabbers,
Mwazo went on.
The declaration, despite ying in
the face of policy on family planning,
earned him loud applause from the
crowd, especially the women.
Two cyclists
killed in
Reproduce to ward
off land grabbers,
says senator
Kenya Correspondents Associa-
tion has expressed concerns and
dismay over threats to a Kitui based
journalist by police, administration
ofcers and an MP over expos of a
building in Mwingi town believed to
be a terrorists haven.
The KCA called on the Inspector
General of Police, David Kimaiyo
and Internal Security Minister, Jo-
seph ole Lenku to afrm their com-
mitment and protect journalists in
the face of threats to The Stars cor-
respondent, Ms Lydia Ngoolo.
Associations chairman, Oloo
Janak, said Ngoolo has gone into
hiding after local security and ad-
ministration ofcers intimidated
and threatened her over the story,
which called for investigations of a
deserted house in Mwingi town.
Janak said the story expressed
fears by the residents that the aban-
doned house could be used to tem-
porarily host illegal immigrants and
terror suspects from North Eastern
Kenya enroute to Nairobi and other
The house stands on a four-acre
land surrounded by a 10-feet perim-
eter wall and is guarded by private
security. Locals have called for a
probe into the activities in the build-
ing fearing the building could be
housing suspicious people on tran-
sit, from Northern Kenya and Soma-
lia, Janak said.
Ngoolo said local police had in-
timidated her over the story pub-
lished by The Star on April 28. She
has also received phone calls and
messages threatening her.
In one case, a caller, who mistook
a colleague of Ngoolo for her, deliv-
ered this warning via the other jour-
nalists cell phone: We know you
and that you are the person working
with The Star Newspaper in
The caller added in Kiswahili:
wacha kucheza na maisha yako
msichana. Kwa nini ulituandika kwa
paper? (Stop playing with your life
lady. Why did you write about us in
the newspaper?)
We are surprised the police have
turned against the journalist instead
of investigating the claims, said the
An MCA from Tana River County
has appealed to education stake-
holders to build a primary school in
Salah Ward Representative Sadiq
Karani Duke said it was unfortunate
that the children have to walk for
four kilometres to Atata Primary
School or even further to Mororo
Primary School in Madogo.
Karani said due to lack of schools
the pupils have to cross crocodile
and hippo infested River Tana to
Maramtu Primary School, over 11km
He said such walking distances
are not good for the small children in
lower primary. The residents, ac-
cording to Karani, cannot even afford
a square meal for their children let
alone motorised transport for them
to school.
Ramadan Malio, 45, village elder
of the 600 residents of Ziwani village
reveals that their only learning insti-
tution is Ziwani Nursery School.
Besides lacking a primary school,
Ramadhan says living in a ood re-
ceding zone makes the residents
vulnerable to not only oods but
malaria as well.
Traditionally, we would relocate
to higher grounds, but a ve-star
hotel has been built there, said
Ramadhan. He said lack of a school
nearby has made many boys and
girls drop out of school.
Journalists dismayed by threats to writer over Kitui house
Ziwani residents appeal for primary school
NOTICE / Page 35 Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard NOTICE / Page 35 Tuesday, May 20, 2013 / The Standard





The central governm
cannot keep controlling
ining resources.
Such pov
ers m
ust be
devolved to counties
Coast leaders have vowed to push
for the amendment of the proposed
Mining Bill saying it gives the Mining
Cabinet Secretary excessive powers.
The legislators, who include
Coast parliamentary Group Chair-
man Gideon Mungaro, MPs Joyce
Wanjala Lay, Thomas Mwadeghu,
Jones Mlolwa, Andrew Mwadime
and Taita-Taveta County Governor
John Mruttu, said the draft Bill has
grey areas that need to be amended.
The Bill has given the Mining
Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala
powers to control the mining sector.
This is wrong as the minister might
abuse the powers if the Bill is not
amended, Lay said.
Speaking during a one-day
Gemstone Expo in Voi Town
yesterday, the Women Representa-
tive said the mining sector should be
devolved to counties to ensure that
residents in areas endowed with
enormous resources bene t from
the same.
The gemstone expo was spon-
sored by the county government in
conjunction with Tsavo Mineral
It brought together local and
international licensed miners and
dealers who showcased their
We will not allow the central
government to continue controlling
the mining resources. We want such
powers devolved to counties, Lay
Mlolwa, Mwadime and Mwade-
ghu said the minerals found in the
county have never bene ted locals,
adding that the mining industry
should be controlled by counties.
They noted that the Bill, as it
stands, gives the Cabinet Secretary
powers over resource allocation and
We will lobby MPs, whose areas
are rich in mineral deposits, to
support our course in ensuring that
a large amount of proceeds are
ploughed back into communities for
rural development, Mlolwa said.
Mungaro disclosed that MPs in
the region would meet next week to
chart the way forward.
As legislators from this region,
we will meet soon to come up with a
common stand over this matter. We
will also bring on board the Mining
Cabinet Secretary to engage him and
discuss the Mining Bill together to
see how best the local community
will bene t from the mineral
resources in the region, he said.
The local community has been
impoverished for many years and we
will not stomach this anymore. We
have to ensure that residents bene t
from the available natural resources
like wildlife, minerals and water
bodies, Mungaro added.
He said they will fully engage Mr
Balala to ensure that the local
community is not exploited by
outsiders who control the mining
Mruttu announced that his
administration would soon hold a
consultative stakeholders meeting to
chart the way forward on the Bill.
The county government will
contract mining experts to take the
local community through the grey
areas of the Bill and recommend
possible amendments, he said.
We want the Bill to give a stable,
transparent legal framework on the
operations and issuance of mining
licences for the bene t of all
Kenyans, Mruttu said.
At the same time, the leaders said
though 70 per cent of gemstone
mining is carried out in the region,
residents remain poor while the
mines bene t outsiders.
Most mining licences were
issued without the knowledge of the
local community. We want all of
them revoked and issued afresh to
ensure locals also bene t, Lay said.
An exhibitor shows his wares at the one-day Gemstone Expo held in Voi Town
at the weekend. Leaders who spoke during the event expressed their displea-
sure with the proposed Mining Bill currently before Parliament.
Legislators have expressed
dissatisfaction with the
proposed Hining 8ill currently
before Parliament
1hey say the 8ill gives too
much power to the Hining
Cabinet Secretary and none
to the counties that host the
1hey called for
deliberations to come up with
recommendations for possible
amendments to the 8ill
Page 23
committee to defuse tension
A ten-man committee of elders
drawn from two pastoral communities
has been formed to defuse con ict
between Orma and Somali herdsmen
in Tana River County.
This follows last Wednesdays
clash between herdsmen from the
two tribes at Komorajila manyatta in
Galole division of Tana River County in
which four herders were hurt.
The committee will visit clash-torn
areas and hold meetings with rival
herdsmen to encourage coexistence.
The two groups fought after
quarreling at a water well and set
upon each other with spears, bows
and arrows.
A group that crossed from Ijara in
Garissa County a week earlier with
about 10,000 head of cattle had
caused tension in the area before the
actual outbreak of violence.
The violence spread fear among
ethnic Somali businessmen who,
fearing reprisals, closed their shops
in Hola.
aside for rugby tournament
Kitui County Government will
spend Sh15 million to organise the
Kitui Sevens Rugby tournament
that kicks off on May 30 to June 1 at
Ithookwe show grounds.
County Chief Of cer for Youth
and Sports, Titus Kithome, said
the government will renovate
structures at the abandoned grounds,
rehabilitate the murram road and
install proper lighting at the eld.
He was speaking during a tree
planting event at the grounds in
readiness for the annual contest.
Tournament of cial Mumo Mwendwa
said 64 teams, including the
defending champions in the country
Harlequins and Mwamba RFCs, had
con rmed their participation.
He said 16 teams from local
universities are also lined up to take
part in the event where an estimated
8,000 to 10,000 fans are expected to
Page 23
Monday, March 24, 2014
il lo
s o
t p

rt fro
Residents received
the move varmly
as matatu operators
protested, but nov
council says all is vell
Distances shortened
WIN-win situation Trafc Police ofcer redirects a matatu driver at Kisumu Bus Park entry, yes-
terday. Kisumu Municipal Council has re-routed trafc from the central busi-
ness district to de-congest the town.
when the Council announced
the plan to reroute public
transport from the C8u, it was
received with mixed reactions
Pesidents welcomed it, say
ing it would help in planning
the town and reduce matatu
At frst, the public transport
operators complied for hours
before they regrouped to
protest the directive
however, yesterday the
council said operators and
Page 23
TANZANIA: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
CORNERED: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
The places
vhere babies
choose their
ovn names,
The County News is bigger, Bo|der,
Fresh and c|oser to your region
Coast Edition Western Edition and Nairobi Edition
Monday, April 28, 2014
Borabu sub-county in Nyamira, says
the disease has reduced maize
production by over 90 per cent. His
10-acre maize plantation remains
deserted after the maize turned
yellow (chlorosis) and later dried up
after two months of germination.
I used to harvest over ten sacks
per acre, but last season I ended up
with less than one bag. The disease
is demoralising and we are seeking
alternative farming activities, said
He said that the Government has
been slow in coming up with a
Rose Ongaki, a farmer in
Nyaturago area in Masaba South
sub-county, Kisii, says the disease
has led to a reduction of maize
production in her four-acre farm to
three bags. She has been forced to
buy maize from the nearby Keroka
A single parent, Ms Ongaki says
she has been forced to transfer her
children to local schools due to lack
of schools fees.
We entirely depend on the
money we get from maize produce.
We have spent thousands in land
preparation and purchase of
seedlings and fertiliser, but the
return is almost zero, said Ms
Kisii County Director of
Agriculture, Nathan Soire urges
maize farmers to close the season
and do other crops as experts from
the Government conclude their
research. Soire says over the last two
years the three counties have lost an
estimated 30,000 hectares of maize,
translating to over 800,000 bags
valued a Sh3 billion.
We have been sensitising
farmers and we urge them to uproot
and burn all the affected maize to
avoid spreading the disease to other
farmers, said Soire.
ear o
f fam
e as stran
isease w
es o
t m
\hen it vas h rst
reported three years
ago many sav it as
an isolated case that
vould be contained
A major threat on food security in
parts of Nyanza and Rift Valley
looms following the spread of a
disease affecting the maize crop in
the area.
Farmers in parts of Nyamira, Kisii
and Bomet counties are now
counting losses as they ponder on
how to survive as their crops
continue to get destroyed.
The maize disease, identi ed as
Maize Lethal Necrosis disease
(MLND) was rst reported in lower
Longisa in Bomet County in
September 2011, but has now spread
to the neighbouring counties of
Nyamira (Borabu) and Kisii (Nyarib-
ari Chache, Bobasi and Bomachoge),
reducing maize production to
almost zero.
In a survey carried out by the
Kisii Countys Ministry of Agricul-
ture, the disease has attacked 1,847
hectares of maize farms in the
county alone. The survey focused on
morphological symptoms and found
that the growth of the attacked crop
ranges from sixth leaf stage (knee
height) to tenth leaf stage (breast
When it was rst reported three
years ago and a diagnosis made by
the Kenya Plant Health Inspection
Service (Kephis), many thought this
was an isolated case that would soon
be contained. But the rate at which
the monster disease is spreading
poses the greatest threat to maize
production in the country.
In the Kisii County survey,
varieties attacked most included
H629, H614 and SC TEMBO 73. A
number of farmers in Kisii and
Nyamira counties plant H614 variety
that has been doing well in the
Daniel Rogito, a farmer in
An affected maize crop in the farm. A number of farmers in Borabu in Nyamira
County have deserted their maize farms. [PHOTO: ERIC ABUGA / STANDARD]
uisease has affected over
I0,000 maize farmers.
0ver I800 ha already
affected in the large Kisii
larmers advised to try
different maize varieties
including; h62I0 and h62I8.
Crop rotation and
diversif cation into other
crops are solutions being
proposed to reduce the pain.
Page 23
JUSTICE: Women faulted for
not following through cases
Police in Vihiga County say they are
nding it dif cult presenting cases
to court where women and children
are the complainants. County Police
Commandant Sarah Duncan says most
cases involving women and children
are not heard to the end in the law
courts in the region.
In the middle of the case, the
complainants withdraw the cases
after arriving at a consensus. I dont
know why, said Ms Duncan.
She spoke on Saturday at Chambiti
village in the county during the
requiem mass for the four family
members (a mother and her
daughters) who were raped before
being killed in Bungoma recently.
Ms Duncan said it has almost become
impossible to take such cases to court
as the likelihood of being withdrawn
was high and predictable.
raising of the CDF kitty
An MP from Migori County has asked
the Government to consider raising
the Constituency Development
Funds (CDF) kitty for accelerated
development in the country. Suna
West MP Joseph Ndiege (pictured)
said allocation for the CDF should be
increased to help spur development
at the grassroots. Ndiege said the
kitty has helped in bringing people
close to leadership by being able to
have a say on what they need through
village committees.
The fund has been key in developing
the country and its allocation
should be increased to ensure
more development projects are
undertaken, he said.
Speaking yesterday during the launch
of a bridge within Migori town Ndiege
said the kitty is important for solving
similar problems.
Page 23
Monday, March 24, 2014
Council locks out public
transport from
city CBD
Residents received
the move varmly
as matatu operators
protested, but nov
council says all is vell
Distances shortened
WIN-win situation
Trafc Police ofcer redirects a matatu driver at Kisumu Bus Park entry, yes-
terday. Kisumu Municipal Council has re-routed trafc from the central busi-
ness district to de-congest the town.
when the Council announced
the plan to reroute public
transport from the C8u, it was
received with mixed reactions
Pesidents welcomed it, say
ing it would help in planning
the town and reduce matatu
At frst, the public transport
operators complied for hours
before they regrouped to
protest the directive
however, yesterday the
council said operators and
Page 23
TANZANIA: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
CORNERED: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
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Monday, April 28, 2014
Nyanza & Western News
Embattled Embu Governor Martin
Wambora is to appear before the
County Assembly today, to answer to
charges of impropriety in manage-
ment of County Government affairs
and gross violation of the Public Fi-
nance Management Act, 2012. Wambora will answer charges of
using public funds to purchase goods
and services without an appointed
County Tender Committee, to alleg-
edly bene t a corruption cartel that
operates from his of ce. Through a letter titled; Notice of
motion for removal of Governor from
of ce by impeachment dated April
23, and signed by clerk Jim Kauma,
Wambora was told to appear in per-
son, or through an advocate or both
at an Assembly plenary at 2:30pm,
where a motion to re-impeach him
will be debated.
In the letter, Wambora is informed
that he will be allocated one hour for
oral defence, which he could choose
to share with his advocates, in ful ll-
ment of the principles of natural jus-
tice and procedural fairness. The Governor is further noti ed he
could present written submissions, if
any to the Assembly a day earlier, on
Monday 28 at 9 am.
FIRST IMPEACHMENT The written summons that has
already been received by the Gover-
nors of ce are seen as an attempt by
the MCAs to ensure the re-impeach-
ment is within the law, unlike the rst
impeachment, which the High Court
in Kerugoya declared null and void.
The Assembly has this time round
vowed to follow the due process and
make sure the current motion was in
compliance to the law, said Speaker
Justus Mate.
The MCAs have accused Wambora
of gross violation of the Public Pro-
curement and Disposal Act 2005,
Public Finance Management Act,
2012 and the Constitution. The actual charges include autho-
rising procurement of maize seeds of
variety and quantity other than those
requisitioned by the Director of Agri-
culture and initiating face-lift works
of Embu Stadium, whose budget rose
from Sh8 million to Sh50 million.
Other charges are irregular pur-
chase and registration of a motor ve-
hicle, whose purchase price exceeded
the budgeted, amounting in violation
of Section 26 (2) (a) of the Public Pro-
curement regulations.
THE STALEMATE On Tuesday, Wambora visited Mate
in his of ce to initiate dialogue for
reconciliation with the MCAs and end
the stalemate, but a few minutes later
the MCAs tabled notice of a motion to
impeach him.
On Wednesday, he red County
Secretary Margaret Lorna Kariuki in
what is seen as an attempt to make
the MCAs soften their stand. His reluctance to re Ms Kariuki
on January as per the recommenda-
tions of the Assembly formed the
genesis of his rst impeachment. Various groups in the Embu com-
munity including women, youths,
elders and the clergy have called for
an end to the stalemate facing the
county, saying the citizens are suffer-
ing as a result.
The majority of the MCAs are in
Mombasa on a retreat to learn about
report writing, although their col-
leagues claim they are plotting the
So far, 11 out of the 33 MCAs have
distanced themselves from the fresh
impeachment motion led against
governor Martin Wambora.
Embu County Governor Martin Wambora in court recently. The Kerugoya High
Court reinstated him as governor. [PHOTO: KIBATA KIHU / STANDARD]

Page 23
GRAFT: MCA claims she was threatened over report
A County assembly members says she has been threatened after tabling a report to discuss the conduct of county executive Evans Ondieki in the House. Nairobi County Assembly Transport and Public Works committee chairperson Diana Kapeen told the Assembly last week that she has received numerous threats over the matter, that saw the executive member in charge of Roads and Transport tasked to explain bribery allegations and prove he was in control of his docket.
If anything happens to me Mr. Speaker, know that I have received threat calls and text messages since Tuesday regarding the Ondieki issue Kapeen stated.
On Tuesday the Kapeen-led committee summoned Ondieki over issues regarding his docket.
SPORTS: County to spend Sh15 million for sevens rugby Kitui County Government will spend Sh15 million to organise the Kitui Sevens Rugby tournament that kicks off on May 30 to June 1 at Ithookwe Show Ground.
The Chief Of cer for Youth and Sports Titus Kithome said the Government will renovate structures at the abandoned grounds, rehabilitate the murram road and install street lighting to the eld. The of cer was speaking during tree planting event at the grounds in readiness of the annual contest.
Mwendwa said 64 teams, including the defending champions in the country Harlequins and Mwamba RFCs had con rmed their participation.
Another 16 teams from local university institutions were also lined up to for the event, espected to attract between 8,000 to 10,000 fans.
Page 23
Monday, March 24, 2014
Distances shortened
WIN-win situation
Trafc Police ofcer redirects a matatu driver at Kisumu Bus Park entry, yes -
terday. Kisumu Municipal Council has re-routed traf c from the central busi -
ness district to de-congest the town.
Page 23
TANZANIA: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
CORNERED: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
Monday, April 28 2014
Nairobi & Central News

fr ff o
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every weekday
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
STATE JOBS: MP opposes
sacking of NYS boss
Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi has
accused the Jubilee administration
of nepotism in its appointment.
Sudi expressed reservations at
the unfair sacking of the former
National Youth Service (NYS) boss
Kiplimo Rugut.
The legislator complained
that it was improper for the
Jubilee administration to give
key appointments to a particular
Sudi, who was presiding over a
fundraiser at Africa Inland Church
(AIC) Kapleketet, said they will
sit back and watch as TNA short-
changes URP in appointments.
He made a personal contribution
of Sh300,000 and one million
shillings from Deputy President
William Ruto.
PROBE: Now assembly
summons Lands boss
Embattled Nakuru County
Executive member for Lands Rachel
Maina has been summoned by
Members of the County Assembly
after she was associated with a
grabbed land in Nyandarua.
This comes a week after it
emerged that ofcers from the
EACC were investigating her.
The Assemblys Justice and
Legal Committee Chairman Samuel
Waithuki said they would question
the lands boss once they resume
Waithuki expressed concern
over the allegations levelled
against the minister and called on
Nyandarua County to supply them
with more information.
We have read press reports
that our Lands minister is being
investigated over some shady land
deals in Nyandarua and we are
keenly following this, he said.
They said they would
recommend that she be sacked
should they nd that she has a
case to answer.
Elgeyo Marakwet MPs have criti-
cised Governor Alex Tolgos for alleged
skewed distribution of resources and
job opportunities in the county.
They accused the governor of
breaching the Constitution by leav-
ing out other areas in hiring of staff.
The MPs said the number of wards
in the county was equal to that of the
County Executive Committee (CEC)
members and chief ofcers posts
and each of them should been given
one slot.
The legislators, David Bowen
(Marakwet East), William Kisang
(Marakwet West), Jackson Kiptanui
(Keiyo South) and area Womens Rep-
resentative Susan Chebet said the
governor should explain why some
wards had up to nine people in his
adminstration while others had
It is regrettable that some areas
have been completely left out in
county jobs and distribution of re-
sources, said Bowen.
MPs accuse governor of
bias in appointments
ments in the county.
Dr Chebet and Kisang said they
were demanding for nothing less
than equittable distribution of jobs
and resources in the county.
Interestingly, the leaders who
Residents near swamp say KWS harassing them
Communities living around King-
wal Swamp in Nandi have accused
Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) of-
cials of harrassing them.
Led by Kingwal Community Con-
servancy Trust (KCCT), the commu-
nity claimed KWS ofcials in the area
had on coutless ocassions threat-
ened members of the community
living around the swamp with ar-
They further claimed that the
body had also threatened to disband
the conservancy trust, a forum cre-
ated by the community to oversee
conservation activities in the area.
Kingwal Swamp is home to the
rare semi-aquatic antelope, Sitat-
unga. The swamp has been termed
endangered following rampant en-
croachment by the community.
Emmanuel Kirwa, the Chairman
of the Kingwal Conservancy Trust,
said KWS has been mistreating them
under the pretext of conservation.
The ofce has threatened the
people with arrests over minor is-
sues. They also have been killing our
dogs, said Kirwa.
The community claimed it had
suffered huge losses as a result of
destruction of their crops by the si-
tatunga, which dates back to 1998.
Speaking to The Standard, Nandi
KWS Chief Warden Joel Kanda said
the law does not provide for com-
pensation for loss of farm produce.
He, however, added that KWS was
in consultation with the national and
county government and other rele-
vant stakeholders to nd a lasting
solution to the human-wildlife con-
ict in the area.
The Nandi KWS is planting bam-
boo trees along the wetland to act as
a buffer zone between human beings
and Sitatunga, said Kanda.
The community protested the
planned disbandment of the King-
wal Community Conservancy Trust,
which they said was formed to con-
serve the swamp as well as improve
the livelihoods of the communities
living around it. Without the trust,
the community would have no one
to speak for them, said Kirwa.
NAKURU COUNTY This young girl admires an Administration Police ofcers rie along Nakurus
Kenyatta Avenue on Friday. [PHOTO: JOSEPH NGUGI/STANDARD]
were speaking at Kimwogo Church in
Keiyo South during a fundraiser
faulted the plan by members of the
local county assembly to impeach
And in a statement sent to The
Standard by the governors Chief of
Staff Daniel Maina, Tolgos said all ap-
pointments in the county were above
He also said they were using the
County Integrated Development Pro-
gramme document that was devel-
oped and adopted in the presence of
all area leaders in rolling out devel-
opement programmes in the coun-
In Marakwet East constituency,
for instance, no female applied for
the post of chief ofcer, he said in
the statement.
County Public Service Board
Chairman Gideon Kipyakwai admit-
ted they were facing challenges bal-
ancing distribution of job opportuni-
ties in the county. What do you do
when you nd there is no applicant
from certain areas? he posed.
He added: In my constituency
(Marakwet East), all the county ap-
pointees are from one ward. This is
unacceptable, he said.
The legislators said seven wards
have been excluded from appoint-
Kenya National Examination
Council (Knec) should punish its
ofcers in charge of the security
of national examinations instead
of teachers and students when
cheating cases arise in national
Students are unfairly
punished by Knec yet they do not
break into the examination stores
to steal papers. Security ofcers
manning the stores are the ones
supposed to be held responsible
for the leaks, said Oliver Minishi,
principal Kakamega High School,
at the weekend.
Kenya National Union of
Teachers Kakamega Central Sub-
county Chairman Tom Ikongolo
called for an overhaul of the
exam body and at the same
Future cop?
Buy a current issue of any international
magazine and get a past issue enclosed.
NOTICES / Page 37 Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard NOTICES / Page 37 Tuesday, May 20, 2013 / The Standard
Career Opportunities
The Standard Group comprises, The Standard Newspapers, Game Yetu, The Counties, The Nairobian,
KTN, Radio Maisha, PDS, Standard Digital and Think Outdoor Services. The Group is looking for
highly motivated, qualied, experienced and reputable team players in house, to ll the following
Please note that ONLY shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
The Standard Group is an equal opportunity employer and as such, canvassing of any form
will lead to automatic disqualication.
The incumbent will co-ordinate news gathering operations, obtain well researched and most up to date
news on daily events both locally & internationally
Take charge of news desk operations, overall administration of the news desk and enriching the
daily news bulletins with relevant features;
Assign duties to reporters, brief reporters and advise on story angles and liaise with Bureau Chiefs
for stories from the regions. Ensure that the station is not scooped and maintain an up to date dairy
of news contacts;
Draw up news plans include story idea, synopsis and proposed mode of execution and determine
running order in consultation with other TV Editors;
Assess political, social and economic climate and anticipate likely developments for coverage
Convene and chair editorial meetings in order to share plans for the day;
Sub-edit scripts to ensure that they conform to journalistic ethics, editorial objectives and house
style and rehearse the bulletins with news anchors to ensure proper pronunciations of words and
names of people and places,
Basic University Degree
Diploma in Journalism / Mass Communication
5-7 years work experience
Ability to work long odd hours
Editing & people management skills.
Good command of the English language
The job holder will oversee the production of the Kiswahili news bulletin
Assign stories to reporters and advise on story angles;
Liaise with the news editor and regional editors;
Supervise and train reporters on reports, intros, graphics and captions in Kiswahili;
Sub-edit Kiswahili scripts to ensure that they conform to journalistic ethics, editorial objectives and
house style;
Rehearse the bulletins with anchors to ensure proper pronunciations of words and names of people
and places.
Basic University Degree
Diploma in Journalism/Mass Communication
3-5 years work experience
Reporting & presentation skills
Ability to lead a team of reporters & work long hours
Reporting to Radio Programs Controller, candidate will work with presenters, DJs, on line and IT staff to
ensure the production of a 4 hour program daily.
Managing presenters for both live on-air and pre-recorded output;
Generating and researching ideas for programs and pitching concepts for commissioning;
Arranging and overseeing guest visits and maintaining up-to-date contact lists;
Liaising with Marketing department about program trailers and competition prizes;
Updating the program or station website and ensuring that the on-air and online content are
well aligned;
Checking that copyrights are cleared and understanding media law;
Undertaking editing, interviewing and reporting duties as necessary;
Converting text, graphics, video and audio les into other formats.
University Degree;
Diploma in Radio Production;
Systematic planner, team player and good organizer;
3 years experience in a busy broadcasting station.
If you possess the above qualications and have the drive to meet the challenges, visit our website
www.standardmedia.co.ke/recruitment to browse through the current openings/vacancies and apply
not later than 28
May 2014.
P. O. Box 3325 40100, Lavictors House, off Ring Road Milimani, Kisumu
Tel. 057 2025128, fax. 057 2025127
The above tenders and pre qualications were advertised by the Lake Victoria South Water Services Board
(LVSWSB) in the The Standard Newspaper on Tuesday 6
May, 2014.
Lake Victoria South Water Services Board wishes to inform rms participating in the tender that clarications have
been deemed necessary, calling for issuance of addenda as follows;
1. Prequalification no. LVSWSB/PQ/10/2014-15: Provision of Medical Insurance Cover Services has been
withdrawn. Instead candidates are encouraged to participate in the tender for provision of Medical
Insurance Services.
2. It is hereby claried that tender No. LVSWSB/T/49/2014 for Provision of Medical Insurance Cover Services is
open to underwriters only.
3. The closing date for all categories of prequalication and tenders has been extended from the initial 20
2014 to Friday 23
May, 2014.
4. Prospective candidates are encouraged to download the prequalication and tender documents free of
charge from LVSWSBs website: www.lvswaterboard.go.ke. Upon downloading the documents bidders are
required to notify LVSWSB through the following addresses for updating of tender register.
1. procurement@lvswaterboard.go.ke
2. procurement2@lvswaterboard.go.ke
5. Candidates are requested to continuously visit our website and check their respective emails for any
clarications that may arise.
6. Candidates participating in categories of special group are advised to download the relevant prequalication
document meant for special group.
7. Two (2) more items have been added to the list of items under tender No. LVSWSB/51/2014-15: Disposal of
Assorted Equipment & Miscellaneous Items. The list may be accessed from our website as a addendum 2.
All other terms and conditions of the tender remain the same.
The County Government is on the process of preparing the County Performance
Management Framework Policy and the Kenyan constitution 2010 article 201, County
Government Act article 47 and 115 respectively provides for public participation.
It is on that premise that the County Government invites the public to give written
memoranda, views and opinions to a consultative stakeholders meetings planned at the
Sub -County levels as per the following schedule and venues:
NYAMIRA 8:00 A.M 4:30 P.M 28
MASABA NORTH 8:00 A.M 4:30 P.M 28
NYAMIRA NORTH 8:00 A.M 4:30 P.M 28
BORABU 8:00 A.M 4:30 P.M 28
MANGA 8:00 A.M 4:30 P.M 28

Your written proposal can reach us on or before 28
May 2014 through post or e-mail
as provided below. There will be a validation meeting on 30
May 2014 at 10.00 am to
4.00 pm at Guardian Hotel. You can access the draft policy document on our website
www. nyamira.go.ke
P.O BOX 434-40500
Email address; info@nyamira.go.ke
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard Page 38 / RIFT VALLEY NEWS
Used and live bullets recovered from a suspect in Mogotio, Baringo County,
yesterday. INSET: The suspect at Mogotio Police Station. [PHOTO: ROBERT
Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto
Police have launched investiga-
tions into the over 6,000 cartridges
and 181 live bullets impounded at
Mogotio in Baringo County.
Detectives are holding a man
found with the suspicious cargo which
were hidden inside sacks containing
Police said the 45-year-old man
arrested with the 6,300 bullet car-
tridges and 181 live bullets had
claimed he got them from Kenya De-
fence Forces training grounds in Lo-
ruk and was ferrying them to Nakuru
for smelting to make door locks.
We cannot believe what the ar-
rested man is saying. He says he got
the ammo from the KDF, but who
gave them to him? posed Mogotio
District Criminal Investigations Of-
cer (DCIO) Josphat Wahinya.
Wahinya said the live ammunition
could kill even without bullet heads
and they were treating the matter with
seriousness it deserves.
Up to now we are still grilling the
suspect and we are sure we will soon
get to the bottom of the matter, he
said, adding that the 7.62mm-catridg-
es haul could have been destined to a
town beyond Nakuru.
Wahinya told The Standard in his
ofce at Mogotio Police Station that
they suspected the two bags of char-
coal in which the bullets and car-
tridges were hidden originated in
Police intercepted the 6,340 used
bullets and 181 live after tip off by the
public who had boarded the matatu
in which the suspect was travelling
from Marigat to Nakuru and we ar-
rested him and is in our custody, said
The DCIO added that they were
investigating if there was a link be-
tween the cargo and the rampant
cattle rustling in Baringo County.
We are yet to really ascertain the
motive of transporting the bullets and
their destination, he said.
Wahinya said the suspect will soon
Police probe destination of
bullets seized in Baringo
be arraigned in court to answer to
charges of being in possession of am-
munition without a rearm certi-
Contacted for comment, Baringo
North OCPD Makau Kilonzo, whose
information that they give out bullet
cartridges. The man arrested should
explain where he got them from, he
told The Standard.
Wahinya thanked the public for
volunteering the information that
lead to the arrest of the man.
Baringo County is one of rustling
hotspots in the country, with residents
regularly losing their livestock to at-
tackers believed to be from the
nearby East Pokot sub-county.
KDF undertakes eld trainings in
Loruk area at the border of East Pokot
and Baringo North districts and have
previously been accused of leaving
behind unexploded bombs which
have gone off and killed or injured
Meanwhile, three Turkana herders
have been killed in a fresh attack in
Baragoi, Samburu County, as reserv-
ists recovered over 100 heads of live-
The rst victim was shot dead after
over 100 heavily armed raiders be-
lieved to be from Pokot community
attacked Nachola village in Baragoi on
Saturday morning and drove several
heads of cattle towards Baringo East.
Samburu County Commissioner Wil-
fred Nyagwanga yesterday said two
more people were killed on Sunday.
Additional report by Michael
area hosts the KDF training grounds,
said they are not aware of an arrange-
ment where bullet cartridges are given
to civilians.
Yes, the KDF training eld is in
my area but I have not received any
A man has been trampled to death
by an elephant and another seriously
injured in Siana Conservancy near
Masai Mara National Reserve.
The duo are said to have been
heading to meeting in the conser-
vancy on Sunday afternoon when the
elephant attacked them, instantly kill-
ing one of them.
Narok KWS Senior Warden Wil-
liam Sang, who regretted the incident,
called on the public to avoid using
paths passing through the conser-
The service regrets the incident
which it believes could have been
avoided had the two used other
routes. The conservancy is a wildlife
zone where dangerous animals move
unhindered, he said.
He said efforts to track down the
elephant, which disappeared after the
incident, were underway.
The rogue elephant poses a secu-
rity threat to locals and we are track-
ing it down to ensure it does not cause
more deaths and injuries, said Sang.
He said KWS would cater for the
funeral expenses of the deceased and
the hospital bill of the survivor. The
body was taken to Narok North Dis-
trict Hospital mortuary.
Baringo County Governor Benja-
min Cheboi has criticised the decision
by President Uhuru Kenyatta to give
county commissioners more powers.
Cheboi said Article 189 of the
Constitution clearly envisages gover-
nors and their deputies as the heads
of the counties.
He said the core mandate of coun-
ty commissioners is coordination of
security and relief matters.
In fact, even security is not the
responsibility of the county commis-
sioner as they only chair security
committees. The responsibility is
vested in the Inspector General of
Police who is a presidential appoin-
tee, he explained.
He added: Elected leaders are
more accountable to the electorate
since their power is derived from
them than appointed ones who have
delegated power, he added.
Recently, President Uhuru un-
veiled a new Government structure
with powerful county commissioners.
Uhuru said he decided to give the
county commissioners more powers
to make them effective in the imple-
mentation of the national Govern-
ments programmes.
Rogue elephant
tramples man to
death in Narok
Cheboi faults
Uhuru move on
county ofcers
More 400 squatters at the dis-
puted Chepchoina settlement
scheme along the West Pokot and
Trans-Nzoia border held a demon-
stration to protest alleged grabbing
of the 14,923-acre land.
The squatters claimed they were
allocated ve acres of land each at
the scheme by the Agricultural De-
velopment Co-operation (ADC) in
1994 and 1997, but they have since
been evicted from the scheme.
They said they had lost their
maize crop after the new allotees re-
plouged the land.
One of the squatters, Jafred Nd-
unde, said his ve-acre land under
maize had been destroyed under
police supervision.
He accused the county govern-
ment of Trans-Nzoia of working in
cahoots with grabbers, who he said
include inuential people in the
Government and previous ofcials of
the scheme.
It seems that police have been
compromised as they provided secu-
rity when our crops were being de-
stroyed, said the 62-year-old father
of seven.
Another squatter, Anna Edung,
accused the police of using excessive
force to evict them from the land.
I lost my mother last year when
our house was torched and now the
police who ought to protect us are
the ones harassing us. We now want
them out or we migrate to Uganda
forever, said Edung.
The 39-year-old complained of
spending nights in the cold with her
children after inuential ofcers in
the Government allegedly threat-
ened to take unspecied action
against them if they dont move.
The ADC gave out portions of
lands to its former long-serving
workers in the 90s, but the scheme
has been rocked by land feuds n the
recent past.
Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto,
who toured the scheme yesterday,
advised the squatters to take legal
action against those who harassed
them during the alleged eviction.
Moroto, who is also a member of
the Parliamentary Committee on
Security, said a Senate team will also
tour the scheme next month.
Minority members in the Narok
County Assembly have now resolved
to support Governor Samuel Kuntai
whom they have in the past criticised
over the manner in which he has
been running the county.
Led by Minority Leader Bob
Maren, the MCAs said they decided
to support the once embattled gov-
ernor for the sake of unity and devel-
opment in the expansive county.
The MCAs, mainly from the
populous Purko clan, had previously
teamed up with former Heritage
Minister William ole Ntimama and a
group of local politicians to protest
alleged exclusion from key appoint-
ments and decision making in the
Yesterday, they said they decided
to work with Kuntai after realising
that out of 14 senior positions at the
county, nine were being held by their
We have decided to work with
the governor and his team for sake of
development in the county, which
has stagnated for a long time, said
Kuntai Kool, the Olokurto MCA
said their decision to bury clan and
political differences was nal and
asked the governor to close ranks
with them to fast-track development
in the county.
Squatters protest eviction from 14,923-acre scheme
Now minority MCAs close ranks with governor
NOTICE / Page 39 Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard NOTICE / Page 39 Tuesday, May 20, 2013 / The Standard
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard Page 40 / RIFT VALLEY NEWS
Kuresoi South constituency residents demonstrate to protest disparaging
remarks by their MP Zakayo Cheruiyot against Deputy President William
A police ofcer displays fake notes.
The Jubilee administration
should facilitate county commis-
sioners to be effective in discharging
their duties, West Pokot County
Governor Simon Kachapin has said.
Kachapin observed that President
Uhuru Kenyattas directive which
gives county commissioners more
authority in carrying out their duties
should be accompanied with
allocation of enough resource.
The county chief observed that
giving the county ofcials more
powers without ensuring that they
have all they need to discharge their
mandate was a an exercise in futility.
What the ofcers need are
resources. In some areas such as the
rustling-prone parts of West Pokot,
there are police posts which dont
even have a vehicle and are under-
staffed, said Kachapin.
For those police posts with
vehicles, he added, there was only
provision for 15 litres of fuel per day
which is not sufcient to cater for
the security needs of such areas.
He also called on the national
Government to upgrade infrastruc-
ture in schools to boost education
standards across the country.
Kachapin said the education
docket should be devolved so that
county governments can be in
charge of schools under their
Offcers need
resources not
more powers,
Jubilee told
The former secondary school
principal was speaking at the
weekend during a fundraiser in aid
of Paro Secondary School in Sigor
constituency where he helped raise
Sh1.1 million.
Meanwhile, a workers organisa-
tion in Eldoret wants Members of
Uasin Gishu County Assembly to
amend the Trade Licensing Bill.
They argued that the Bill, in its
current form, does not take into
consideration the input of stake-
holders during issuance of trade
Central Organisation of Hawkers
Association Kenya (Coha) said the
Bill does not also recognise activities
of workers organisations.
Gerald Muthaka, the organisa-
tions secretary general, further said
the Bill is silent as to who will
responsible for enforcement of the
the Bill is not amended to acknowl-
edge their voice in licence proce-
Muthaka added that the county
government should consider the
memorandum signed between them
and the defunct local authorities
that dened the mandate to of each
Coha Kenya represents hawkers,
street vendors, barbers, Jua Kali
operators, car wash operators, boda
boda riders, shoe shiners, mechan-
ics, and curio shop operators.
proposed law.
He also argued that the Bill
contravenes guidelines on their
relationships with governance
institutions that have were in
existence before the inception of
county governments.
If the Bill is passed the way it is,
it will undermine Chapter 11 of the
Constitution and the Urban Areas
and Cities Act 2011 that promote the
participation of informal sector in
decision making, said Muthaka
He said workers stand to lose if
Jubilee supporters in Nakuru
town took to the streets to protest
disparaging remarks made by CORD
leaders against President Uhuru
Kenya during a public rally in Kibera
at the weekend.
Hundreds of party supporters
blocked the busy Nairobi-Nakuru
Highway waving placards and
chanting slogans denouncing the
CORD leaders.
The peaceful demonstration
organised by Bahati MP Kimani
Ngunjiri and Nakuru Town East MP
David Gikaria brought business in
the town to a standstill.
Speaking at an impromptu rally
in the town, the leaders called for
the arrest of CORD leaders who
spoke at the Kibera rally for
allegedly propagating hate speech.
Kimani said Inspector General of
Police David Kimaiyo should arrest
leaders who insulted President
Kenyatta during the weekend rally.
Why has Kimaiyo not taken
action against those who insulted
the President during the rally?
Freedom of speech does not mean
disrespecting the Head of State and
we are not going allow them to
continue using abusive language,
the Bahati MP said.
The MPs accused the opposition
of working in cahoots with Western
powers to destabilise the Jubilee
Gikaria challenged the opposi-
tion to make good its threat to
impeach President Kenyatta, saying
the Motion would op. We
defeated them at the ballot, we again
defeated them in the Supreme Court
and we will overwhelmingly shoot
down any attempt to impeach the
President, the MP added.
Jubilee members
protest CORD
leaders remarks
Police in Kabarnet
town, Baringo County,
have nabbed two men
with over Sh1million fake
According to investiga-
tors, the two suspects
identied as Onsongo
Momanyi and John Koech
were cornered by police at
a hotel in town while
waiting for clients, saying
the illegal business has
been on the rise in the
Baringo Central DCIO
Webii Wanjala told The
Standard they ambushed
the suspects after a tip off
from the public.
We believe they must
have been waiting for
somebody who probably
might have fallen for their
tricks and we recovered
Sh1.156 million paper
money, said Wanjala.
The DCIO decried high
rate of the wash wash
business in the town and
attributed its rise to
pursuit of overnight
He said many people
including some bank
workers have fallen victim
to the con artists in the
This fake money
business has been thriving
because most people lack
information and the con
artists take advantage of
that. Many people have
lost hundreds of thou-
sands in the cone
schemes, added Wanjala.
Wanjala also accused
residents of reporting such
incidences to authorities
for action.
The two suspects, he
said, will be arraigned in
court soon to answer to
charges of being in
possession of fake
currency. Recently, police
arrested four women and
seized Sh15,000 fake notes
at Kipsaraman in Baringo
Nakuru Senator James Mungai
has raised alarm over a shortfall of
over Sh800 million in revenue
collection in the county following
the transition to county govern-
The senator said the county
government should explain the
decit to residents.
According to the senator, while
four local authorities under the
defunct local authorities in the
county used to generate Sh1.3
billion, the county government
only managed to collect a paltry
Sh500 million last year.
The four former local authorities
in the county included the
Naivasha Municipal Council, Molo
Town Council, Municipal Council
of Nakuru and Nakuru County
The county chief ofcers
should come out and explain the
anomaly as the revenue is sup-
posed to have increased under the
new system, Mungai said
Mungai said the nance
executive and senior ofcers in the
docket should be liable for the
shortfall. He also cast doubt on
statements by county government
ofcials that they had constructed
1,000km of road at a cost of Sh1.7
Police seize Sh1m fake notes, arrest suspects
Senator raises red ag over revenue decit
Our Client in Kakamega is looking for a Guest House Manager. The
successful candidate will be the face of the Guest House and will be
responsible for the day to day operations as well as long term strategic
operations of the Guest House facility and its staff.
Reporting to the Director (Chairman) or his assignee, the successful
candidate will be the Standard bearer and quality assessor ensuring that
each criteria at the Guest House are up to standard thereby drive the
overall success of the Guest House.
The ideal candidate will possess:-
A Degree or Diploma in Hotel Management or equivalent
qualication from a recognized institution.
Have an excellent command of the English Language.
Reside in the Wine lands at the time of your application.
Have 7 years or more proven experience in the hospitality industry
with 2 to 3 years holding a managerial position.
Truly enjoy working with people.
Must be a self starter, self motivated with a can-do attitude.
Must be an excellent communicator who can take direction from
your Seniors (Directors) and at the same time motivate your staff to
deliver the directives.
If you meet the requirements above, are proactive and ready for the
new exciting challenge please submit your CV in Word format to
applications@hrscope.co.ke on or before 22
of May 2014 clearly
quoting the job reference number or position name.
The Resourcing Manager
P. O. Box 18337-00100, GPO Nairobi
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard RIFT VALLEY NEWS / Page 41
Locals want
Kericho County residents have
started collecting signatures to
petition the Senate to reinstate
impeached area governor Paul
Speaking to the Press at a Kericho
hotel, the residents led by Joel
Kimutai Soi said 15,000 residents
have since signed the petition forms
in the campaign dubbed Operation
Stop Governors Impeachment.
He added that they target to
marshal over 100,000 residents from
across the county to sign the petition
to be presented to the Senate
committee that would be consti-
tuted to investigate allegations
levelled against Chepkwony by the
local County Assembly.
As voters who elected Governor
Chepkwony in the last election, we
believe the governor was impeached
on imsy grounds and that is why as
residents we want the Senate to
reinstate him, said Soi.
He also commended 15 of the 47
Members of the Kericho county
Assembly (MCAs), who broke ranks
with their colleagues and absconded
the debate that saw Chepkwony
impeached on Wednesday.
The Motion was tabled by Albert
Kipkoech (nominated).
We commend the 15 MCAs for
heeding the advice of Kipsigis
council of elders and church leaders
to spare our governor the impeach-
ment, said Soi.
The group spoke as Bureti
Watchdog Forum Chairman Geoffrey
Rono supported Chepkwony
impeachment and urged the Senate
to send him packing should it prove
any of the accusations against him.
We elected the MCAs to
represent us at the assembly and to
play an oversight role over the
executive. Therefore, if the assembly
found reasonable grounds to
impeach governor Chepkwony, then
we urge the Senate to investigate the
allegations and if they are valid send
him packing, said Rono.
Meanwhile, an MP in the North
Rift has differed with the Jubilee
government following the redeploy-
ment of the Director of the National
Youth Service Kiplimo Rugut.
Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi, a close
ally of Deputy President William
Ruto, said the replacement of Rugut
with Nelson Githinji was a clear
demonstration by President Uhuru
Kenyatta that he was not keen on
promoting cohesion.
We were surprised to realise
that the new boss of NYS was sworn
into ofce without the knowledge of
the deputy president, claimed Sudi.
Residents say county chief was
impeached on fimsy grounds and have
launched a drive to overturn sacking
voters who
in the last
election, we
believe the
on fimsy
Joel Soi, Kericho
County resident
1.0 Company Prole
Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited (KenGen) is the leading power generating company in Kenya with an installed capacity of 1252MW
equivalent to about 72% of the national capacity. KenGen utilizes various primary sources of energy to generate electricity ranging from hydro,
geothermal, thermal and wind. Hydro is the leading source, with an installed capacity of 819.9MW (65%), Geothermal 170.3MW (13.6%), Thermal
256.2MW (20.5%) and Wind 5.1MW (0.4%). KenGen plans to increase its installed capacity to 3000MW by 2018. KenGen is the largest geothermal
power producer in Africa. Most of the capacity expansion will come from geothermal.
2.0 The Transaction Advisory Services (Lead and Financial)
This Expression of Interest (EOI) is being sent for the purpose of providing information to interested and qualied bidders to enable them to submit
EOI proposals for providing KenGen with Transaction Advisory Services (Lead and Financial) in respect of procurement of a Partner who will design,
nance, supply, construct, commission, operate and maintain a 140MW Olkaria VI Geothermal Power Plant through a Public Private Partnership
(PPP) arrangement. The Project will be implemented under the PPP Act, 2013 of the Laws of Kenya.
The qualied Transaction Advisors having work experience/doing transaction advisory services in similar infrastructure projects will be required to
structure the Project and advise KenGen on the identication, procurement and selection of a private investor for the Project including successful
commercial and nancial close.
The Transaction Advisor (Lead and Financial) will lead and supervise the team and will be supported by Technical and Legal Advisors. The Technical
and the Legal Advisors will be procured separately by the Client. The Transaction Advisor (Lead and Financial) will, supervise the work of the
Technical and the Legal consultants, and integrate their conclusions in the nal reports to KenGen.
If a rm considers that it does not have all the expertise for the assignment, it may obtain a full range of expertise by associating with individual
consultant(s) and/or other rms or entities in a joint venture or sub consultancy as appropriate.
3.0 Scope of Services
The Transaction Advisor with support from the Specialized Consultants(Legal and Technical) and KenGen, will provide all needed support, inputs,
documentation, services and content for the project to achieve successful commercial and nancial close, including the diferent key stages of the
project including but not limited to:
i) The Transaction Advisor (Lead and Financial) will, supervise the work of the Technical and the Legal consultants, and integrate their
conclusions in the nal reports to KenGen.
ii) Structure the project for appropriate PPP implementation model
iii) Preparation of bid documentation for procurement of the Joint Venture Partner. The bid documentation comprises of the Request for
Proposal (RfP) in respect to the procurement of the Joint Venture Partner and the relevant Project Agreements. The Technical Consultant
will be responsible for drafting of the RfP, whereas the Legal Consultant will be responsible for drafting the relevant Project Agreements.
The Transaction Advisor will be responsible for drafting the nancial and commercial aspects of the bid documentation, as well as directly
supporting the process of achieving both commercial and nancial close.
iv) Compile, with the input of the Legal, The Technical Advisors and KenGen the nal set of RfP and Project agreements documentation for issue
to pre-qualied JV bidders
v) Bid process implementation and support for bidder consultations, clarication requests, bid evaluation, negotiation of contract terms
through to both commercial and nancial close.
vi) Lead the process of raising funds, both debt and equity for the project
4.0 Evaluation Criteria
4.1 Qualication and Experience of the rm
i) The successful Transaction Advisor shall have extensive International and Emerging markets experience of atleast ten (10) years in structuring,
procurement and nancing of large infrastructure projects of atleast US$ 200M. Specic experience in Public Private Partnership projects
is required.
ii) Specic and relevant experience in Transaction Advisory Services/Works (Lead and Financial) in atleast one project in the Power/Energy
Sector in either Independent Power Producer (IPP) Projects and/or Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement over the last ten years.
iii) Relevant experience of atleast ten (10) years in Transaction Advisory Services(Lead and Financial) leading to a successful nancial closure in
Project Finance Type Transactions of large infrastructure project of atleast US$ 200M preferably in developing countries.
iv) Demonstrate experience in leading a multi disciplinary team of advisors in similar assignments.
4.2 Team skills and competencies
The proposed team is expected to hold at least relevant Bachelors degree or equivalent and professional qualications. At Least three (3) Key
members must possess the skills and experience required for the team over the last ten (10) years as summarized below:
i) The proposed Team Leader must have expertise in structuring and procurement of large infrastructure projects through PPP arrangement-
atleast one PPP project within the last 10 years
ii) Relevant Project Finance Expertise through to successful nancial close oftleast two large infrastructure projects of atleast US$ 200M each
within the last 10 years
iii) Financial and Economic analysis including expertise in tarif setting minimum of 5 years of experience
iv) Project nancial modeling preferably in PPP Projects minimum of 5 years of experience.
v) Negotiation skills in complex transactions minimum of 10 years of experience
vi) Project Management skills in large infrastructure minimum of 10 years of experience
5.0 The following Documents shall be submitted
a) Documents detailing that the party (ies) fulls the minimum requirements in 3 and 4 above;
b) Evidence of registration
c) Audited Financial Statements for the last 3 years for the rm or where a consortium each consortium member including Tax registration and
Tax compliance certicates or equivalent documents applicable in the bidders Country of origin
d) List of Transaction Advisory services in Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects of large infrastructure, including a brief description of the
e) List of Transaction Advisory services in PPP/IPP Projects in the Energy/Power Sector, including a brief description of the project
f) List of Project Finance type Transactions in infrastructure that have achieved successful nancial closure, including a brief description of
the project
g) Where the Applicant is a consortium, a list of the proposed members of the consortium and the proposed Leader of the consortium, including
a consortium agreement or a memorandum of understanding
h) Provide the proposed organogram for the project and CVs of the key technical staf.
i) List of relevant projects ongoing been undertaken by the Firm or the Consortium and for each Consortium member.
6.0 Clarications
The interested parties may request for clarications on this Expression of Interest upto seven (7) days before the EoI submission date. Any request
for clarication must be sent in writing by paper mail, facsimile, or electronic mail to:
Capital Planning & Strategy Manager
Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited,
Stima Plaza III, Kolobot Road, Parklands, P.O. Box 47936 00100,
Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: +254-20-3666427 Fax: +254-20-2248848
Email: enjenga@kengen.co.ke
CC; pkimemia@kengen.co.ke; imaina@kengen.co.ke; tenders@kengen.co.ke
7.0 EOI Submission
The EoI (1 Original and 3 copies) and a soft copy in read only CD copy should be submitted in a sealed envelope by 1000 hours (Kenya time), Friday,
20th June, 2014 to the following address:
Company Secretary/Legal & Corporate Afairs Director
Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited
7th Floor, Stima Plaza Phase III Kolobot Road, Parklands
P O Box 47936 - 00100 NAIROBI, KENYA
Information on the outer envelope should be marked: Condential, Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Provision of Transaction advisor
services (Lead and Financial) for the 140MW Public Private Partnership (PPP) Olkaria VI Geothermal Project
Tenders will be opened on 20
June 2014 at 10.30 a.m. in the presence of the candidates representatives who choose to attend at Stima Plaza III,
Executive Committee Room, 7
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Tuesday, May 20, 2013 / The Standard
1 Lilian Wanjiru Kimau 283163359 Monday 26
2 Karuai G Dennis 25116160 Monday 26
3 Philip Wanyeki Kingori 15514889 Monday 26
1 Michael Nyaga Muriithi 13847346 Monday 26
2 Mwaniki Lucy Waruguru 2347635 Monday 26
3 Mary Wanjiru Mucheru 25704001 Monday 26
1 Leah Muthoni Ireri Monday 26
2 Richard Gakunya 20663345 Monday 26
3 Solomon Mwai Munene 13873010 Monday 26
4 Evrest Gathiki 14504045 Monday 26
5 Wambui Gatithi 20336349 Monday 26
1 Monicah Nyawira
24142281 Monday 26
2 Gerison Muchira 13846853 Monday 26
3 Isaiah Wachira Gikonyo 24508262 Monday 26
1 James Muriithi 25180482 Monday 26
2 Mwangi Gatungu 2208784 Monday 26
3 John Maina Njenga Monday 26
4 Nduta Kaburi 24761320 Monday 26
5 Gerison Kinyua 25527293 Monday 26
1 Faith Njoki Kabate 21872226 Monday 26
2 Linet Loise Wairimu 24557811 Monday 26
3 Kelvin Kariuki Ndumano 24689608 Monday 26
4 Lydia Wambui Wakabu 27728531 Monday 26
1 Silvia Amoit Muyona 14494493 Tuesday 27
2 Elizabeth Wambui
23689202 Tuesday 27
3 Catherine Kinya Njue 24061331 Tuesday 27
4 Caroline Mukira Ondera 24580388 Tuesday 27
5 Tobia Okoth Opana 25932097 Tuesday 27
1 Joan Chepkimi Ruto 26733487 Tuesday 27
2 John Kangangi Muriithi 22614799 Tuesday 27
3 Martha Wangui Njiiri 24268966 Tuesday 27
4 Njenga Micugu 26733487 Tuesday 27
1 Francis Mugo Karani 13474665 Tuesday 27
2 Ibrahim Maalim Mehand 24760476 Tuesday 27
3 Francis Karanja Mutaha 21241421 Tuesday 27
1 Maringa Abuyu 0581110 Tuesday 27
Pursuant to the advertsement of the various positons, the following shortlisted candidates are invited for the interview on the specied dates and
2 Nicholas Kimui Murathi A 1777824 Tuesday 27
3 Ibrahim Maaliom Mehand 24760476 Tuesday 27
4 James Njenga Kangethe 22530103 Tuesday 27
1 Ephantus Kariuki 23086104 Tuesday 27
2 Peter Nyaga Njoroge 13773413 Tuesday 27
3 Jamlick Kogi Maranga 24936066 Tuesday 27
4 Dennis Ndegwa Munyi 23532237 Tuesday 27
1 Wilson Wachira Muriithi 14651245 Tuesday 27
2 John Mwangi Githaka 22839944 Tuesday 27
3 Cyrus Muthii 22178419 Tuesday 27
4 Michael Munene 14408378 Tuesday 27
5 Joan Wangui Githinji 25975843 Tuesday 27
6 Benard Mugweru 21765397 Tuesday 27
1 Michael Munene Njogu 14408378 Wednesday 28

May 2014
2 Chris Mburu Kinyanjui 25927072 Wednesday 28

May 2014
3 Kilorwe Tom Mwiso 28172299 Wednesday 28

May 2014
1 Agness Wangui Githinji 10649901 Wednesday 28

May 2014
2 Lucy Nyaguthii Mwangi 26622341 Wednesday 28

May 2014
3 Chirity N Ngatia 25235544 Wednesday 28

May 2014
4 Evalyne Wanjiku 25661923 Wednesday 28

May 2014
1 Jospsy Ruguru Weru 21847947 Wednesday 28

May 2014
2 Kago Samuel 0802453 Wednesday 28

May 2014
3 Lawrence Wakamori
7918326 Wednesday 28

May 2014
4 Eva Hellen Micere
1209164 Wednesday 28

May 2014
5 Eliud Munene Mugo 24574836 Wednesday 28

May 2014
6 Caroline Wangui 25121130 Wednesday 28

May 2014
7 Ruth Wacera Mureithi 28943119 Wednesday 28

May 2014
8 Lily Wanjiru Munene 27994744 Wednesday 28

May 2014
9 Damien Tubman Ochiel 23560510 Wednesday 28

May 2014
10 David Rodney Gate 27946636 Wednesday 28

May 2014
11 Maryjoy Waithera 25432301 Wednesday 28

May 2014
12 Rachael Njeri Kinyua 25354783 Wednesday 28

May 2014
13 James Njuki Kamotho 24078379 Wednesday 28

May 2014
1 Esther Mumbi Mugwe 13473605 Thursday 29
2 Caroline Wanjiku
27390866 Thursday 29
3 Eva Wawira Mugera 23126860 Thursday 29
4 Selina Wawira Njiru 13472779 Thursday 29
5 Wanjohi P Wangeci 20675484 Thursday 29
6 Nancy Wangui Gitonga 27902127 Thursday 29
7 Beth Wanjira Kariuki 22861523 Thursday 29
8 Gladys Anyango Eleza 22270659 Thursday 29
9 Susan Warwara Kamau 28183700 Thursday 29
10 Dorothy Wanjiku
Thursday 29
10 Jane Njeri Wanjiru 23972768 Thursday 29
11 Lydia Wanjira Munanu 10649790 Thursday 29
12 Julius Nyamu Kinyua Thursday 29
1 Caroline Wangui Kariuki 23723117 Thursday 29
2 James Gitari Gakono 27138293 Thursday 29
3 Caroline Wambui Maina 29431761 Thursday 29
4 Mary Nyawira Karani 20208522 Thursday 29
5 Margret Wanjiku Njega 22500500 Thursday 29
6 Hellen Wanjiku Nyaga 27361716 Thursday 29
7 Faith Wambui Njiraini 14714071 Thursday 29
8 Antony Mutugi Gikunju 23624178 Thursday 29
9 Esther Njoki Njeru 22567608 Thursday 29
Christine N Gichobi 1377642 Thursday 29
10 Loise Wangui Ngabi 2544649 Thursday 29
11 Hannah Wangui
11715303 Thursday 29
1 Asena Calvin 27186714 Friday 30
2 Ephantus Gachoki 7034664 Friday 30
3 Mutiga Alex Gitau 28127191 Friday 30
4 Geoffrey Muthii Weru 1347869 Friday 30
5 George Mwangi Mbogo 22500584 Friday 30
1 David Nyaga Kariuki 31276221 Friday 30
2 Stephen Githamu 03183121 Friday 30
3 Irene Wanjiku Rita 24100129 Friday 30
1 Joan Chepkirui Ruto 26733487 Friday 30
2 Penniah Wanjiku 24812191 Friday 30
3 Ruth Wangeci Kariamurio 24975206 Friday 30
4 Doris Wakio Mwangi 22002306 Friday 30
5 Dorcas K. Kinyua 25113970 Friday 30
1 Grace Wangeci Nguri 11064794 Friday 30
2 Peter Michuki Ngamau 22147396 Friday 30
3 Kellen W.Gaitungu 25317007 Friday 30
1 John Kanye Kiragu 12978675 Friday 30
2 Peter Kabui Mithamo Friday 30
3 Irene Wanjiku 24100129 Friday 30

NOTICES / Page 43 Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard NOTICES / Page 43 Tuesday, May 20, 2013 / The Standard
(a) Duties and Responsibilities
(i) Deputize the clerk.
(ii) Assist the clerk in administrative, budgeting and policy issues and provision of other services
to the assembly and the public.
(iii) Providing appropriate advice to the assembly members of staff.
(iv) Preparation and presentation of orientation programmes for newly elected members of County
Assembly and new members of staff;
(v) Any other duty assigned within the departments or committees.
(b) Requirements for Appointment
(i) A degree in a relevant eld from a university recognized in Kenya.
(ii) A masters degree or other professional courses will be an added advantage.
(iii) Must be conversant with parliamentary procedure and practice, and have wide experience on
the role, functions and operation of a legislature or local authority, through exhaustive service
in all spheres of a legislative body;
(iv) Attended a senior management course from a recognized institution; and
(v) Meets the requirements of leadership and integrity set out in Chapter Six of the Constitution
(a) Duties and Responsibilities
(i) Planning, research and carrying out the functions of either the Legislative / Procedural
services, or the Committee services.
(ii) Advising the Speaker, other Presiding Ofcers and Members of the County Assembly on
Legislative procedures and practices;
(iii) Managing County Assembly procedure, practice, conventions, tradition and etiquette
(iv) Offering administrative services to various types of County Assembly committees including
the County Assembly Service Board
(v) Coordinating and organizing activities pertaining to seminars and conferences for members of
the Assembly and staff
(vi) Coordinate operations of the Assembly Chambers.
(vii) Any other duty that may be assigned by County Clerk/ Deputy Clerk.
(viii) Meets the requirements of leadership and integrity set out in Chapter Six of the
(b) Requirements for Appointment
(i) A Bachelors Degree law or a relevant discipline from a recognized university.
(ii) Knowledge of Assembly procedures and practices and application of knowledge in execution of
assigned functions, activities, tasks, responsibilities within the County Assembly operations.
(iii) Must have served in a senior management position in the Public or Private Sector for at least
3 years.
(iv) Been exposed to the operations of a legislature through attachments, Seminars, Conference
and Workshops;
(v) Attended senior management courses offered by recognized institutions.
(vi) Meets the requirements of leadership and integrity set out in Chapter Six of the Constitution

(a) Duties and Responsibilities
The Legal Counsel shall be responsible to the Clerk for: -
(i) Drafting of Private Members Bills
(ii) Drafting of amendments to Bills to be proposed to the Assembly by any Member of Assembly
or any Committee of Assembly
(iii) Giving legal interpretation of Acts and Bills and generally giving legal advice on matters
relating to the County Assembly
(iv) Providing legal advice to the County Assembly, Assembly Committees, the Speaker, the
County Assembly Service Board, individual Members and the Clerk
(v) Ensuring that Bills passed by the County Assembly comply with the Constitution
(vi) Liaising with the Ofce of the County Attorney on litigation matters involving the County
(vii) Legal representation of the County Assembly and the County Assembly Service Board in court
(b) Requirements for Appointment
(i) Have a Bachelor of Laws degree;
(ii) Be admitted as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya
(iii) Be registered as a Commissioner of Oaths
(iv) Be in possession of a current practicing certicate; and
(v) Have prociency in the use of basic computer applications.
Persons interested in lling the above positions should submit their application letters, accompanied
by detailed Curriculum Vitae indicating their telephone, Copies relevant Academic and Professional
Certicates, National Identity Card or Passport, and other relevant supporting documents.
In addition, applicants should submit certicate of clearance from;
i) The Ethics & Anti corruption Commission,
ii) Higher Education Loans Board,
iii) Criminal Investigations Department and
iv) The Kenya Revenue Authority as part of compliance with Chapter Six of the Constitution of
Application should be delivered in sealed envelope and clearly indicate the position applied for and the
reference on the top left corner of the envelope and be addressed to;
The Secretary
Kirinyaga County Assembly Service Board
P O Box 55 -10300
Closing date: 28
May 2014
Any application received after this date shall not be considered.
Only Short listed Candidates will be contacted.

Peference is made to the advert which appeared in the dailies on 20
20I4. 1he 1aita 1aveta County Public Service 8oard has shortlisted the applicants
for uental umcer, Assistant uirector of Hedical Services and County uirector
Supply Chain Hanagement. 1he list of the shortlisted candidates will be found
in the 1aita 1aveta County 6overnment website and other County's omcial social
networks like the omcial 1aita 1aveta County face book Page and others.
Likewise the 1aita 1aveta County Public Service 8oard has placed an advert for
the following positions for interested qualifed Kenyan citizen
1. Secretariat Assistants
2. Lvent Coordinator
lnterested applicants are advised to visit the aforementioned links and the
brighter Honday for more information about the jobs.
LouN1Y u8LlL SVlL 8oAb
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or sell a house?
Advertise in the
Call: 3222508/12
Email: advertising@standardmedia.co.ke

E D H A 17
C G D A 16
B H E J 23
18 18 22 17
G B J F 19
Solution No. 1833
2 6 7 8 9 3 5 4 1
9 8 5 2 4 1 3 6 7
4 3 1 7 5 6 2 8 9
3 1 4 5 2 7 8 9 6
5 9 6 3 8 4 7 1 2
7 2 8 6 1 9 4 5 3
6 5 2 1 3 8 9 7 4
8 7 9 4 6 2 1 3 5
1 4 3 9 7 5 6 2 8
1834 EASY
1 5 7
9 6
8 9 3 6 7
5 8
8 1
2 4
1 9 5 7
8 5 4 6 3
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Using all the letters
of the alphabet,
ll in the grid. To
help you, there are
three cryptic cross-
word-style clues:
Top line: O, our
rude note somehow
in the fth book.
Middle line: Two
Europeans speak
nonsense.(6, 5)
Bottom line: Cross
areas for growing
rice. (5, 6)
To start you off,
here is one of the
By Rosy Russell
All rows, columns and 3 by 3 grids
(dened by bold lines ) have the
numbers 1 to 9 appearing only once.
Some of the numbers have been en-
tered. Complete the whole table by
inserting the correct numbers.
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 20)
Today is the day you could plan for a new
way of living. Go about your day with a
list in hand and have a purpose in mind so
that you do not sway from your goal. This
could mean a new job identity, a new diet,
an undertaking to stop smoking, etc.
Aquarius (Jan 21 - Feb 19)
Business and family matters can be easily
handled today. This would be an excellent
time to weigh the possibilities of advance-
ment or change in your career. You may
find that someone close to you under-
stands and is supportive of your ideas.
Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20)
Your communication skills are at a high
now. You will enjoy a debate today and
will not mind speaking your thoughts on a
particular matter. You could be most per-
suasive with others. The situation is a nat-
ural for your particular ideas and thoughts.
Aires (March 21 - April 20)
You may find yourself at odds with some-
one around you or with your life situation
regarding issues of great sensitivityvery
personal. Difficulties, blocks and all man-
ner of hot spots may be discovered and
worked through at this time.
Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
Your mind is quick and sharp and your
way with words is just what you and oth-
ers need today. Goodwill and compromise
should be present in any activity you do
that is a little out of the ordinary.
(June 22 - July 22)
There is some powerful energy available
for you; however, do not rush through proj-
ects. You could make mistakes that you
would regret later. Use your power wisely
and pace yourself.
Courtesy: dailyhoroscopes.com
Horoscopes Sudoku
Codeword Puzzle
(April 21 - May 20)
By knowing ahead that this
could be a stressful day in the
workplace, you may determine
your limitations. Take plenty of
breaks and get away from your
work during the noon hour.
The letters have a distinct
value between 1 to 9. The to-
tals vertically and horizontally
have been given. Solve all the
NO 5194
NO 5193
9 3 1 7 2 8 4 6 5
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)
Take a little trip, or get outside today. You may
want to change your routine a little and try
something new. Gathering information and
helping others to understand dif cult matters
create a great deal of satisfaction.
(Aug 23 - Sept 23)
You could be inclined to misapply your en-
ergy on projects or people today. There is a
tendency to drain your energy, making you
tired. You could fall under the heavy burden of
responsibility and may have to work hard to
acquit yourself well.
(Sept 24 - Oct 23)
This is a time when your spirituality is aroused,
making you compassionate about the less
fortunate. Ventures of groundbreaking insight
will be stimulating and successful. You could
spend a considerable d effort to nd ways in
which to improve your nances.
(Oct 24 - Nov 22)
Your business partners are trustworthy and
the business deals you create together will be
positive. Balance your energies today. Time
spent in psychological support of others can
make for a stressful day.
(Nov 23 - Dec 21)
It would be wise to listen to those around you
before making a dif cult decision today. An
old habit needs changing and your friends will
help you. Do not become preoccupied with
one concept and accept it as gospel.
Solution No. 1833
2 6 7 8 9 3 5 4 1
9 8 5 2 4 1 3 6 7
4 3 1 7 5 6 2 8 9
3 1 4 5 2 7 8 9 6
5 9 6 3 8 4 7 1 2
7 2 8 6 1 9 4 5 3
6 5 2 1 3 8 9 7 4
8 7 9 4 6 2 1 3 5
1 4 3 9 7 5 6 2 8
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
1 Traitor (5)
6 Make amends (5)
9 Dukes wife (7)
10 Sudden fright (5)
11 Trust (5)
12 Aircraft detection sys-
tem (5)
13 Flatfish (7)
15 In favour of (3)
17 Revise (4)
18 Move swiftlyalong (6)
19 Vends (5)
20 Swallows liquid (6)
22 Nagging pain (4)
24 Chronic drunkard (3)
25 Nonmetallic element
26 Rapidity (5)
27 Bend forwards (5)
28 Game between local
teams (5)
29 Finery (7)
30 One who perseveres
31 Search into closely (5)
2 Remove cargo from (6)
3 Skilful, dexterous (6)
4 Total (3)
5 Play dishonestly (5)
6 Up to (2,3,2)
7 Former Russian emper-
or (4)
8 Temperament (6)
12 Governs (5)
13 Takes notice of (5)
14 Restrict (5)
15 Fruit (5)
16 Command (5)
18 Nimbus, for example
19 Sea captain (7)
21 Rota (6)
22 Seem, look (6)
23 Uproar (6)
25 Chair on poles (5)
26 Painful (4)
28 Slope downwards (3)
ACROSS: 3, Wants 8, Recur 10, Ready 11, Tap 12, Demon 13, Arbiter 15, Joker 18, Tar 19, Harare
21, Denizen 22, Tier 23, Rent 24, Deadpan 26, Adonis 29, Fad 31, Satin 32, Notices 34, Enter 35,
Cub 36, Price 37, Fatal 38, Erode.
DOWN: 1, Metro 2, Jupiter 4, Aver 5, Trojan 6, Senor 7, Idler 9, Cab 12, Derides 14, Tan 16, Karen 17,
Rests 19, Head for 20, Atlas 21, Depot 23, Radical 24, Dinner 25, Pat 27, Dairy 28, Niece 30, Debar
32, Need 33, Cut.
Easy Puzzle
1 Livery colour British Rail have (5)
6 Is there cause to sprinkle it? (5)
9 Criticise as dilapidated (3,4)
10 Material with some lasting pos-
sibility (5)
11 Nail bent at a right angle, compre-
hensively (2,3)
12 Its instrumental in Mozartian
magic (5)
13 Its a disappointment when the
colours arent fast (7)
15 In college, little girl, theres more
than one (3)
17 Neat sort of room? (4)
18 Guess how many! (6)
19 I repeat, its a win (5)
20 Grow abundant in parts of the
Thames river (6)
22 She did nothing but found
Carthage and partner Aeneas (4)
24She shows zeal with no boy yet
with love in her heart (3)
25 Inspirited to get ahead when at-
tacked (5,2)
26 Turf out! (5)
27 Dashing young mans sort of
bank? (5)
28 Its played quietly (5)
29 Denied the need to hold a gun
30 Admitted having been bought,
perhaps (5)
31 East-Ender seen to crack under
strain (5)
2 Formerly acting president (6)
3 Wither contortedly! (6)
4 Nobodys said to double for her (3)
5 Nowadays a superior ofcer is
mature (5)
6 So loveless at heart, he was a
saint! (7)
7 She has a way with her (4)
8 One dropping in to see your hand?
12 Make a mess of something sweet
13 Musical letter to Disney (5)
14 Keep going southeast round the
hill (5)
15 With a bit of luck, free from being
sensational? (5)
16 Make progress at a noted college
18 Mend (or immobilise?) the thing
19 Steered clear of a useless fel-
low (7)
21 How resoundingly one can beat
the opposition (6)
22 Scorn letters with a repetitive-
ness about them (6)
23 Carrying out small deeds (6)
25 Venture for half days (5)
26 Finished being conned (4)
28 Even a little hope, traditionally,
can be dear (3)
ACROSS: 3, Co-u-ld 8, Strip 10, Ar-M-ed 11, Bus 12, Senna 13, Lam-prey 15, A-men-D 18, Lea 19, G-range 21,
Wax-work 22, T-O-ry 23, Peru 24, Pranged 26, Gas-hed 29, Due (dew) 31, Enter 32, Temp-ted 34, Auger 35,
Ion 36, Fours 37, Unwed 38, Tenth.
DOWN: 1, At bay 2, Dis-play 4, OBE-y 5, Lan-ark 6, Dram-a 7, Be-ing 9, Rum 12, Sea-ward 14, R-ex 16, Ended 17,
Deb-u-t 19, Grande-r 20, Stage 21, Wrist 23, Peeping 24, Peruse 25, Gum 27, Anton(y) 28, Hear-T 30, Renew
32, (Tele)Text 33, Tow.
Cryptic Puzzle
A leader is one who knows the
way, goes the way, and shows the
John C. Maxwell
He may no longer be wi th
us, but Mi chael Jackson i s
to headli ne at an awards
ceremony thi s weekend.
The late Ki ng of Pop wi ll
appear i n the form of a
hologram at the Bi llboard
Musi c Awards despi te
efforts by tech compani es
seeki ng to block the di gi tal
Judge Kent Dawson sai d
there was no evi dence to
show the planned 3-D
i mage would vi olate
patents held by Hologram
USA and Musi on Das.
The compani es own ri ghts
to technology known for
di gi tally resurrecti ng
deceased rapper, Tupac
Shakur at the 2012
Coachella musi c festi val.
The courts deci si on i s not
surpri si ng, sai d lawyer
Howard Wei tzman, who
represented Jacksons
Plans to use the hologram
duri ng the show emerged
wi th the lawsui t.
Mirror Online
Jackson to perform at awards -in hologram form
11.00am, 1.45pm, 6.55pm, 9.00pm,
3D (PG) At 11.00am, 1.45pm, 6.40pm,
9.15pm, THE OTHER WOMAN (U16) At
SCREEN I RIO 2 (GE) At 11.30am,
1.30pm. NON STOP (PG 13) At 3.30pm,
THE OTHER WOMAN (16) At 6.00pm,
MITTY (PG) At 3.00pm, 6.00pm,
9.00pm, 2 STATES At 9.15pm.
Cinema Guide
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
tv guide
Nairobi 102.7 I Nyeri 105.7
Meru 105.1 I Kericho 90.5
Kisumu 105.3 I Mombasa 105.1
Nakuru 104.5 I Eldoret 91.1 Kitui:
93.8 I Kisii: 91.3

07:00 Diamond Divers
07:50 Fast N Loud
08:40 Car Vs Wild
09:30 Storage Hunters
09:55 Auction Kings
10:25 Baggage Battles
10:50 How Do They Do It?
11:20 How Its Made
11:45 Gold Rush
12:40 Gold Fever
01:35 Ice Cold Gold
Thanks to the faster-than-light travel Mankind
has started to colonise new worlds. Things go
well for a while, but then a technologically ad-
vanced collective of alien races, the Covenant,
began to attack human settlements, declaring
humanity an affront to their gods. Mankind is
under threat of total annihilation.
tern 3
TV Quiz
02:30 Storage Hunters
03:00 Auction Kings
03:25 Baggage Battles
03:55 Diamond Divers
04:50 The Big Brain Theory
05:45 Fast N Loud
06:40 How Do They Do It?
07:05 How Its Made
07:35 Sons Of Guns
08:30 Baggage Battles
09:00 Auction Kings
09:30 Manhunt
DStv Highlights
Todays Schedule
5:00 Pambazuka
6:00 Power breakfast
9:00 Afrosinema
11:30 Naswa
12:00 Gabriela
14:00 Afrosinema
16:00 Citizen alasiri
16:10 Mseto East Africa
17:00 Pavitra Rishta
18:00 Un refugio
19:00 Citizen Nipashe
19;35 Tahidi high
20:05 Wild at Heart
21:00 The big question
22:00 The tempest season
23:00 Afrosinema
0:00 Citizen late night
1:00 Afrosinema
4:30 BBC
4:55 Morning Prayer
5:00 Aerobics
5:30 Damka
8:00 Good Morning Kenya
9:00 Parliament Live
11:00 Daytime Movie
11:00 KBCc Lunch Time
1:30 Moving The Masses
1:30 Grapevine
2:30 Parliament Live
4:30 Spider Riders
5:00 Club 1
6:00 Spiders
7:00 Darubini Live
7:30 Road To Success
8:05 The Platform Live
9:00 Channel 1 News
9:45 National Cohesion
10:30 Bold & Beautiful
11:30 You Are The One
12:00 Club 1
12:45 BBC
5:00 Password Rpt
6:00 AM Live
9:00 Irrational Heart
10.00 Maid In
11:15 The Young & The
12:00 Rhythm City
12:30 Scandal
1:00 NTV at 1
1:30 Backstage
2:00 Golden Heart
3.00 Password
4:00 NTV at 4
4:15 Password
5:00 The Beat
6:00 Dyesebel
7:00 NTV Jioni
7:30 La Patrona
8:30 Beba Beba
9:00 NTV Tonight
10:00 The Hostel
10:30 Movie
12:00 NTV Late Night
5.00 Command Your
6:00 Morning Express
9.00 Tendereza
10:00 My Eternal
11.00 National Geographic
12.00 Hapa Kule
12.30 Junior
1.00 Newsdesk
1.30 Road to Brasil
2:00 Afri-screen
4.00 Mbiu Ya KTN
4.10 Legion of Super Heroes
4.30 The Ultimate Spider
5.00 Baseline
6.00 Her Mothers Daughter
7:00 KTN LEO
7:30 Gavana
8.00 Los Rey
10.05 E-Curve
10.30 Monster-in-laws
11.00 The Diary
12.00 Road to Brasil
Pick Of The Day 6.00PM
5.00 Praiz
6.00 K24 alfairi
9.00 Baade achhe (it
seems so beautiful ) rpt
10.00 Naijasinema
12.00 Al jazeera news
13.00 K24 newscut
13.30 Mabeste rpt
16.00 Mchipuko wa alasiri
16.10 Team raha
18.00 The source
18.30 K24 Mashinani
19.00 K24 saa moja
19.30 Almasi
20.05 Corazon apasionado
21.00 K24 evening edition
21.50 Mishoni
22.30 Alfajiri social hour
23.30 Naijasinema rpt
1.30am Al jazeera

In this weeks episode: After Neon escapes from custody, he goes on a crime spree he stabs
Liam and leaves him ghting for his life. Neon goes ahead and kidnaps Teresa, Beatrice, Celyn
and Margaux. What is his next move? Who will stop Neon?
4:00AM Safari na Antony Ndiema
6:00AM Maisha Asubuhi na Alex and Jalas
10:00AM Staarabika na Ann Njogu
1:00PM Konnect na Mwende and Clemo
4:00PM Maisha Jioni na Tina and Zuleka
7:00PM Rhumba Attencion na Mwashumbe
10:00PM Maji Makuu na Ali Hassan and Babu
12:00AM Hakuna Kulala
Page 47
terrorism attacks in Nairobi and
Mombasa, with the focus shifting on
the former in the last three weeks.
At least 10 people were killed last
Thursday and dozens wounded in
multiple blasts in Nairobis Gikomba
open air market, a fortnight after im-
provised explosive devises went off
in two buses on Thika Road, killing
three people and wounding more
than 67. The terrorism incidents
have been exacerbated by travel ad-
visories that have been issued by
CBK reassures traders despite
jitters over weakening shilling
Government has refuted reports
that the recent spate of terrorism at-
tacks has dampened investor con-
dence in the capital markets and af-
fected the local currency.
The State insists that the Nairobi
bourse has remained resilient de-
spite the security situation. Central
Bank of Kenya (CBK) Governor Prof
Njuguna Ndungu said the shillings
losing ground against the dollar is at-
tributable to excess liquidity in the
market, rather than from terror at-
Right now, we are having a lot of
companies paying dividends and
this means there is a lot of liquidity
in the market, so we are not linking
the current performance of the shil-
ling to the terrorism attacks or
threats, he said.
The Kenyan shilling slipped to an
eight-month low yesterday on inves-
tor concerns over security, following
Fridays bombings in Nairobi and as
manufacturers bought dollars.
Yesterday, the shilling was trading
at 87.70/90 to the dollar, weaker than
Fridays 87.50/60 close and its lowest
since August 30 last year, when it
Regulator says dividend
payment and dollar buying
from manufacturers and
banks is temporal and local
currency will rebound
touched 87.70 to the dollar, a trend
that some analysts warned will con-
tinue into most of this week.
CBK is also sought to mop up Sh2
billion from the market yesterday,
saying there was excess liquidity.
What people are not considering is
where we are on the current nancial
calendar, so the challenges being ex-
perienced by the shilling are tempo-
rary and should ease up in due time,
said Prof Ndungu. In the last two
months, Kenya has had a spate of
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
CMA unveils governance
code for listed rms
The Capital Markets Authority
(CMA) has released a draft
code of Corporate Governance
Practices for public listed
companies in Kenya. The
draft code will be placed
on exposure to the public
for a period of 30 days
commencing today. The code
was necessitated by the need
to address developments
to strengthen the market
against risks that would
threaten the nancial system
and stie private sector
dynamism. Acting CMA Chief
Executive Paul Muthaura said
the new code is organised into
seven pillars namely; board
operations and control; rights
of shareholders; stakeholder
relations; ethics and social
responsibility; accountability,
risk management and internal
control; transparency and
disclosure and supervision
and enforcement.
Bloomberg appoints
new regional boss
Bloomberg Media Group Chief
Executive Justin Smith has
appointed Adam Freeman as
the rst Managing Director
of Bloomberg Media for
Europe, the Middle East
and Africa. Freeman will
be responsible for leading
Bloombergs multi-platform
media operation such as
web, mobile, television,
digital video, print magazines
and live events across the
regions. The new leadership
structure reects Bloomberg
Medias new strategy to
expand its global media
footprint beyond television
to multiple media platforms
across European, Middle
Eastern and African markets.
The new structure is part
of Bloombergs new global
media strategy, rst outlined
by Smith in March.
Airtel boosts business
schools conference
Airtel Kenya has sponsored
the Association of African
Business Schools (AABS)
Conference 2014 that will
take place starting today
at the Strathmore Business
School. The event will provide
a platform for networking,
exchange and reection to
about 80 delegates from
around 30 countries
The AABS Connect Annual
Conference 2014 will also
present exposes about
Africas competitiveness,
comparative advantage with
other models from other
countries, skills and human
capital needed to transform
Africa. Participants will also
learn lessons about nance
from global models and the
role of Business Schools as
research centres.
Blogs, archives, reader
forums and more:
What people are
not considering is where
we are on the current
fnancial calendar, so
the challenges being
experienced by the shilling
are temporary and should
ease up in due time,
Prof Njuguna Ndungu, CBK governor.
CBK Governor Njuguna Ndungu is optimistic about the economy, saying
the weakening of the shilling is short-term. [PHOTO: FILE/STANDARD]
western governments led by the
United States and Britain.
This has impacted negatively on
the countrys tourism industry.
These are isolated incidents which
do not have an impact on the shilling
which has proved resilient and more
robust in the face of several external
and internal shocks, noted CBK
boss. Samuel Gichuhi, a business de-
velopment manager at NIC bank
concurs that it would be too soon to
attribute the performance of the
bourse and the local currency in the
current security situation.
We are still doing a lot of foreign
activity on the stock market so the
external investors appetite is still ex-
ists, he states. Unless there is a feel-
ing that the interest rates will go up
which wont be the case now that the
President has committed to pay the
Anglo leasing debt.
The war over high interest rates
charged by commercial banks has
now spilled onto the oor of the Sen-
ate. Lawmakers now want an expla-
nation on the soaring cost of credit
in the country.
Muranga County Senator Kembi-
Gitura wants the chairperson of the
Standing Committee on Finance,
Commerce and Budget Billow Ker-
row to issue a statement on the high
cost of borrowing in the country
once the house reconvenes next
month. Mr Gitura, who is also the
deputy speaker of the Senate, said
the interest rates charged by com-
mercial banks have grown over time
making borrowing more expensive.
This, he said, has impacted nega-
tively on development and econom-
ic growth. In the mean time, the
banks continue to announce high af-
ter tax prots going into billions of
shillings, he said yesterday. In this
statement, the Chairperson of the
Standing Committee on Finance,
Commerce and Budget should ex-
plain the relationship between the
said high after tax prots being made
by the banks and the high interest
rates charged. He should also explain
how this is impacting on develop-
ment and economic growth particu-
larly in the counties.
Kenyan lenders raked in a com-
bined prot before tax of Sh124.57
billion last year (2013), representing
an increase of 16.89 per cent from
the previous years Sh107.68 billion
according to the CBKs Credit Survey
Report (2013). This comes after the
Government directed large business-
es and corporates to shun commer-
cial banks as a key source of funding
owing to the high interest rates they
charge on loans. Deputy President
William Ruto asked entrepreneurs
and companies to consider capital
markets as a cheaper source of capi-
tal for their expansion and growth.
Mr Ruto said commercial banks
needed to exercise integrity in the
way they conduct their businesses.
He said high interest rates, which
currently stand at around 17 per
cent, have made it difcult for the
Government to attain double-digit
economic growth.
Senators want banks probed over high cost of credit
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard Page 48 / TODAY IN BUSINESS
AfDB steps up infrastructure funding,
reaffrms its support for private sector
The African Development Bank
(AfDB) is stepping up plans to help
improve economic growth in the
Part of the repositioning includes
creation of the Africa50 Infrastruc-
ture Fund, which is set to increase
the level of investment funds chan-
nelled into sectors.
The Fund for example intends to
The bank intends to
mobilise over Sh8.5
trillion for infrastructure
development and targets
lending to private sector
Despite generating over Sh24 billion
($300m) in foreign exchange annually for Ke-
nya and employing about 4.5 million people,
the horticulture sub-sector continues to be
dogged by numerous challenges.
Chief among the problems besetting the
sub-sector (which is the third largest foreign
income earner for the country after tourism
and tea) is low availability of capital and limit-
ed access to affordable credit for horticultural
According to the Horticultural Crops Devel-
opment Authority (HCDA) Five-Year Strategic
Plan (2009-2013), the main cause of low pro-
ductivity in horticulture is inadequate credit to
nance purchase of inputs and capital invest-
ment. High interest rates make it impossible
for horticultural farmers to access credit.
Inadequate storage facilities constrain mar-
ketability of horticultural products.
Lack of processing facilities close to the
sources of produce has also limited the extent
of exploitation of the sub-sector potential, the
report notes.
According to the report, horticultural mar-
keting information and infrastructure is poor-
ly organised while domestic market lacks effec-
tive information system and infrastructure.
Dependence on external market outlets
makes horticulture very vulnerable to changes
in the demand of horticultural products and
unexpected non-trade barriers by foreign mar-
kets, the report further notes.
The high cost, adulteration and low appli-
cation of key inputs such as fertilisers and oth-
er agro-chemicals also besets the sub-sector.
Hot issues affecting horticulture spelt out
mobilise from the stock market over
Sh8.5 trillion ($100billion) for infra-
structure development and will tar-
get lending to the private sector to
enhance their participation in the
development of the economy.
This is a bold new proposal to
develop the continents infrastruc-
ture by lending to high-return infra-
structural development investments
to unlock the continents potential,
said Gabriel Negatu.
Negatu, the Regional Director,
Eastern Africa Regional Centre, Afri-
can Development Bank was in Nai-
robi during a breakfast meeting as
the bank celebrates 50 years since it
was formed.
Established in 1964, AfDB is cel-
ebrating its 50th anniversary to mark
half a century of development aid to
the continent.
The bank was started with a staff
This is not only
the time to pause but
also to look ahead
at the mountains
we need to climb to
get Africa ahead,
Gabriel Negatu, AfDBs Regional
Director in charge of the East
African Regional Centre
French telecoms giant Orange has
started a process to sell its operation
in Uganda to a Gambia headquar-
tered operator, Africell.
The move brings to a conclusion a
strategic review that Orange was un-
dertaking in its Ugandan operation.
The French operator has since the
rst quarter of this year been under-
taking a review of some of its busi-
nesses in Africa including Kenya
and the Democratic Republic of Con-
go (DRC).
There is, however, no word on
when it would conclude the review of
its Kenyan operation, Telkom Kenya,
despite reports it has notied the Na-
tional Treasury of its plan to sell its
shareholding in the operator.
South Africas MTN and Vietmans
Viettel are among the rms that have
expressed interest in buying Oranges
stake in Telkom Kenya.
Orange owns a 70 per cent stake in
Telkom Kenya while the Government
holds the remaining 30 per cent.
In a statement yesterday, Orange
said it had signed an agreement with
Africell for the sale of a majority stake
in orange Uganda. Africell has opera-
tions in the Gambia, Sierra Leone and
DR Congo.
In the framework of a regular re-
view of its portfolio of assets, today,
the Orange Group announced that it
has signed an agreement with Africell
Holding for the sale of its majority
stake in Orange Uganda, it said.
The transaction is subject to ap-
proval from the relevant authorities.
It will enable the company in Uganda
to continue its development.
This transaction marks a new
step in the Orange groups asset port-
folio optimisation strategy for which
Africa and the Middle-East remain a
strategic priority.
Orange Uganda has grown its sub-
scriber base to 620 000 customers as
at December 2013 since setting up
shop in 2008. The French operators
said in March that it was evaluating
its two units in Kenya and Uganda to
determine the way forward.
Orange set to sell
mobile division in
Uganda to Africell
towards the awakening of Africa,
Negatu stated. The improved invest-
ments, he noted, has contributed and
sustained Africas average 5 per cent
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) over
the past decade and improved liveli-
hoods of the people.
Once called the lost continent, Af-
rica is in the global map with six of
the fastest growing economies glob-
ally. With Africa being home to fragile
states, post-war countries, expecta-
tions and demands placed on the
bank, according to Negatu are ever
changing and complex.
AfDB has also participated both in
funding on offering consultancy ser-
vices to Kenya. Investment in the
Kenyan roads sector has raised the
visibility of the bank in the country,
he said.
Their investment in Thika Super-
highway has for example not only
helped decongest the city of Nairobi
but has also given Kenyans the con-
dence and faith of greater econom-
ic achievement.
We have been at the forefront in
supporting regional operations to
foster regional integration and pro-
mote regional trade and what makes
us stand out is the impact of the proj-
ects, he stated.
The bank has also nanced Lake
Turkana Wind project; which is one
of the countrys agship projects.
of 10 and a capital base of $250 mil-
lion. It has since grown to a staff of
2,000 across its areas of operation
and an authorised capital budget
base of over $103 billion.
This is not only the time to pause
but also to look ahead at the moun-
tains we need to climb to get Africa
ahead, Negatu said.
He explained that the bank places
a great deal of emphasis on Africas
strategic priority sectors such as in-
frastructural development, agricul-
tural rural development.
Others include supporting eco-
nomic and nancial reforms, climate
change, regional integration and gen-
der promotion.
These are our core investment
areas the bank seeks to enable low to
middle income countries contribute
P.O BOX 2966 (50100)
Sigalagala Technical Training Institute invites application from interested eligible bidders for the supply of under listed goods and
services for the period ending 30
June, 2015.
1 STTI/01/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Tea Leaves (Women Youth and PWD)
2 STTI/02/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of general stationary (Women Youth and PWD)
3 STTI/03/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of printed staff uniforms (Women Youth and PWD)
4 STTI/04/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Tomatoes & Onions (Women Youth and PWD)
5 STTI/05/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Meat/Chicken
6 STTI/06/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Dry Firewood/Charcoal (Women Youth and PWD)
7 STTI/07/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Fruits & Vegetables (Women Youth and PWD)
8 STTI/08/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of UHT Milk
9 STTI/09/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Petrol & Lubricants
10 STTI/10/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Newspapers, Journals & Magazines (Women Youth and PWD)
11 STTI/11/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of driving school vehicle
12 STTI/12/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of 62-seater Bus
13 STTI/13/2014-2015 Provision of Travel Agent Services
14 STTA/14/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of stand by generator
15 STTA/15/2014-2015 Sale of Bus (KAY 098C NISSAN UD 62 Seater)
16 STTI/16/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Dry Foodstuffs (Rice, Maize our, wheat our, salt) (Women Youth and PWD)
17 STTI/17/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Science laboratory Reagents and Equipment
18 STTI/18/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Human Medicine
19 STTI/19/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Furniture
20 STTI/20/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Computer and Accessories (Women Youth and PWD)
21 STTI/21/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Electrical & Electronics Equipment/Material
22 STTI/22/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Sports & Staff Uniforms
23 STTI/23/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Cleaning Material & Detergents
24 STTI/24/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Construction & Hardware Materials
25 STTI/25/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Fire Extinguishers & Appliances
26 STTI/26/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Library Text Books & Reference Materials
27 STTI/27/2014-2015 Supply and Delivery of Stationery (Women Youth and PWD)
28 STTI/28/2014-2015 Provision of Insurance Covers for students, staff, Institute vehicles, machinery & equipment
29 STTI/29/2014-2015 Provision of Repairs of Vehicles, Lawn Mower, Photocopiers, PABX Network Systems and Typewriters
30 STTI/30/2014-2015 Provision of Fumigation & Other Pest Control Services
31 STTI/31/2014-2015 Provision of Sanitary Services (Women Youth and PWD)
32 STTI/32/2014-2015 Consultancy Services in Performance Contracting ISO Management Information Systems &
Environmental Assessment and Audit, legal, Safety Audit, Strategic Plan
33 STTI/33/2014-2015 Provision of Repairs of Kitchen Jikos, deep Freezers and Fridges
34 STTI/34/2014-2015 Expression of interest in Financing and Construction of students Hostels
35 STTI/35/2014-2015 Provision of Advertising Services
36 STTI/36/2014-2015 Provision of internet Service and wireless LAN connectivity (Women Youth and PWD)
Interested parties may obtain further information and collect tender documents from the Procurement Ofce between 8.00 a.m.
5.00 p.m. during week days. On payment of non-refundable fees of Kshs. 1,000.00 in Bankers Cheque drawn in favour of Sigalagala
Technical Training Institute.
Complete Tender Documents in plain sealed envelops with clearly marked category no and item description shall be addressed to
Chief Principal
Sigalagala T T I
P O Box 2966, KAKAMEGA.
and be deposited in the TENDER BOX situated at the Administration Block so as to be received on or before 3
JUNE 2014 at 10.00
am. Opening of tenders will take place immediately thereafter at the Institute Staffroom in the presence of the tenderers or their
representative who choose to attend. This date applies to position of Internal Auditor, Finance Officer, Human Resource Officer,
and Assistant Procurement Officer as earlier advertised.
The Institute reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in whole or part and is not bound to give any reason for this decision.
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard TODAY IN BUSINESS / Page 49
He said customs business systems
are currently being interfaced, adding
that implementation of SCT on the
central corridor, which includes Tan-
zanian and Burundi is in progress.
Reported gures show that the
cost of transporting a 20-foot con-
tainer from Mombasa to Kigali is like-
ly to fall to $193(Sh16, 791) from
$383(Sh33, 321).
EAC States bank
on new system to
cut business costs
Joint efforts by East African Com-
munity (EAC) member States to re-
duce the cost of doing business in the
region have received a major boost
with the planned operationalisation
of the Single Customs Territory (SCT)
on July 1.
The move also forms a major
stride towards the attainment of a ful-
ly- edged customs union in the ve
member States of the regional organ-
isation. Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda
started rolling out the Single Customs
Territory in January under the Tripar-
tite Initiative for Fast Tracking the
East African Integration.
The initiative is part of efforts to
Operationalisation of the
single customs territory
system, to be effected in
phases, is set for July 1
We are
harmonising and
re-engineering our
businesses processes to
ft in this new model,
Swaleh Twahir Faraj,
Assistant Manager at KRA.
Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has
so far spent $27 million (Sh2.35b) to
install security system at the port of
KPA chairman, Mr Danson Mun-
gatana said recent changes in Inter-
national Maritime standards have
created the need to assess and im-
prove the status of security in the Ke-
nyan ports.
He said it is imperative that the
ports authority invests heavily in se-
curity and to ensure its human capi-
tal is empowered to provide ade-
quate security for port users.
This, he added, demands high
level of training for KPA ofcers en-
trusted with security responsibility
as part of the ports compliance with
the International Ship and Port Fa-
cility Security Code.
It is surely with this in mind that
KPA has invested heavily in ensuring
that its security personnel are well
trained as is evident with the gradu-
ates who are passing out today,
Mungatana said.
Mungatana made the remarks
while ofciating at a special passing
out parade and graduation of KPA
security personnel at the Kenya
Wildlife Service Law Enforcement
Academy at Manyani, Taita Taveta
County on Friday.
Sh2b boost to
security system at
Mombasa port
fast-track programmes for regional
integration. The three countries,
which form the Northern Corridor
have already installed the necessary
systems and deployed customs of-
cers to the port of Mombasa.
The SCT provides for, among oth-
ers, centralised clearance of goods,
removal of multiple roadblocks along
the transit corridor and simplication
of customs procedures.
We expect to go full blast, in a
phased approach, in the implemen-
tation of the SCT on July 1, said
Swaleh Twahir Faraj, an assistant
manager in-charge of the Customs
Department at the Kenya Revenue
Authority (KRA).
The ultimate goal is to reduce the
cost of doing business in the region,
said Mr Faraj during a sensitisation
workshop on the implementation of
the EAC Single Customs Territory in
Nairobi yesterday.
We are harmonising and re-engi-
neering our businesses processes to
t in this new model, he said.
Under a Single Customs Territory
importers will be able to clear their
goods at the point of entry while rev-
enues will be collected at a single
point and then remitted to the desti-
nation partner States.
Trucks will also be weighed only
after crossing the border.
Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda have
made tremendous progress in imple-
menting SCT. We have to engage in a
continuous sensitisation to realise a
Single Customs Territory, said Ste-
phen Analo from the EAC Secretariat
in Arusha, Tanzania.
He described the project as a huge
undertaking, which requires support
from all stakeholders.
A number of customs ofcers have
been deployed at the Mombasa port.
Kutana na watangazaji wa
Radio Maisha kila Jumatano
6pm hadi che!
Nairobi102.7 | Nakuru...104.5 | Mombasa105.1 | Eldoret...91.1 | Kisumu105.3
| Kitui93.8 | Kisii91.3 | Meru...105.1 | Kericho...90.5 | Nyeri105.7
Jalas na Alex
AB C 87.40 87.60 0.20 119.78 120.07 0.29
EQUITY 87.45 87.65 0.20 119.85 120.14 0.29
I & M 87.40 87.60 0.20 119.78 120.07 0.29
DIAMONDTRUST 87.45 87.65 0.20 119.85 120.14 0.29
NI C 87.50 87.70 0.20 119.92 120.21 0.29
ECOBANK 87.50 87.60 0.10 119.91 120.08 0.17
1ST COMMUNITY 87.50 87.70 0.20 119.92 120.21 0.29
PRIME 87.50 87.70 0.20 119.75 120.06 0.31
MIDDLEEAST 87.45 87.65 0.20 119.75 120.06 0.31
CFC STANBIC 87.45 87.65 0.20 119.75 120.06 0.31
CITIBANK 87.45 87.55 0.10 119.55 119.85 0.30
C B A 87.45 87.65 0.20 119.81 120.20 0.39
NB K 87.40 87.60 0.20 119.79 120.07 0.28
BARCLAYS 87.45 87.65 0.20 119.85 120.14 0.29
STANDARD 87.40 87.60 0.20 119.79 120.07 0.28
KC B 87.30 87.50 0.20 119.64 119.95 0.31
BOA 87.50 87.60 0.10 119.92 120.07 0.15
CO-OP 87.40 87.60 0.20 119.78 120.07 0.29
USDOLLAR 87.5333
STGPOUND 147.2617
EURO 119.9307
SARAND 8.4564
KES/ USHS 29.0633
KES/ TSHS 18.8729
KES/ RWF 7.7228
KES/ BIF 17.7067
AEDIRHAM 23.8312
CAN$ 80.5814
SFRANC 98.2933
JPY(100) 86.1204
SW KRONER 13.3822
NOR KRONER 14.7106
IND RUPEE 1.4965
Source: Central Bank
NSE All Share Index. Down 0.57 points to close at 150.58
NSE 20-share Index. Down 28.08 points to close at 4939.49
Amal Express Forex BureauLtd87.40 88.00 0.60 115.00 120.00 5.00
Amana Forex BureauLtd 86.80 88.00 1.20 119.00 120.80 1.80
Aristocrats Forex BureauLtd86.00 88.00 2.00 118.00 121.00 3.00
Bay Forex Bureau(NBI) Ltd. 87.40 88.00 0.60 119.10 121.50 2.40
Central Forex BureauLtd 87.40 88.50 1.10 118.80 120.30 1.50
City Centre Forex BureauLtd87.30 88.00 0.70 117.70 120.80 3.10
Commercial Forex BureauLtd87.10 87.80 0.70 119.00 122.00 3.00
Continental Forex BureauLtd87.40 87.80 0.40 119.40 120.00 0.60
Cosmos Forex BureauLtd 87.40 88.00 0.60 119.20 120.50 1.30
Crater Forex BureauLtd 86.50 88.50 2.00 118.80 121.80 3.00
Crown BureauDe Change Ltd86.00 87.50 1.50 118.00 121.00 3.00
Gateway Forex BureauLtd 87.40 87.90 0.50 119.00 121.00 2.00
GNK Forex BureauLtd 86.50 88.00 1.50 117.00 121.00 4.00
Hodan Global Forex Bureau 87.20 87.70 0.50 119.00 121.00 2.00
HurlinghamForex BureauLtd85.90 87.50 1.60 116.50 120.50 4.00
IslandForex BureauLtd 86.90 87.40 0.50 118.80 119.70 0.90
Junction Forex BureauLimited86.40 87.90 1.50 117.50 121.00 3.50
Kaah Forex BureauLtd 86.60 87.20 0.60 115.00 120.00 5.00
Kenza Exchange BureauLtd 86.50 89.50 3.00 119.00 121.00 2.00
LeoForex BureauLtd 86.80 87.95 1.15 118.65 120.30 1.65
Link Forex BureauLtd 87.30 88.00 0.70 119.00 121.50 2.50
Loki Forex BureauLtd 86.50 87.50 1.00 117.00 122.00 5.00
Maritime Forex BureauLtd 87.00 88.00 1.00 118.80 120.60 1.80
Metropolitan BureauDe Change 85.50 89.00 3.50 117.00 123.00 6.00
Middletown Forex BureauLtd87.30 88.00 0.70 119.00 121.50 2.50
Mona BureauDe Change Ltd86.50 88.00 1.50 118.00 122.00 4.00
Moneypoint Forex BureauLimited86.00 87.00 1.00 116.00 122.00 6.00
Morgan Forex BureauDe Change 87.30 87.80 0.50 119.50 120.50 1.00
Mustaqbal Forex BureauLtd 87.20 88.00 0.80 119.40 122.50 3.10
Nawal Forex BureauLtd 86.50 88.00 1.50 118.50 122.00 3.50
Net Forex BureauLtd 87.20 87.80 0.60 119.50 120.50 1.00
Offshore Forex BureauLimited87.30 87.80 0.50 119.00 121.00 2.00
Pacic Forex BureauLimited87.20 87.70 0.50 119.20 120.50 1.30
PeakTop Exchange BureauLtd87.40 87.90 0.50 119.40 121.50 2.10
Pearl Forex BureauLtd 86.90 87.50 0.60 118.10 119.20 1.10
Pel Forex BureauLtd 86.50 88.00 1.50 119.00 121.00 2.00
Princess Forex BureauLimited87.40 87.80 0.40 118.50 120.50 2.00
UNIT TRUSTS 16/05/14
Jambojet partners with Safaricom to manage call trafc
Low cost carrier Jambojet has partnered with Safaricom to
strengthen its customer service platform. This is as it continues
to register increased ticket sales. The pact will see Jambojet lease
Safaricoms call centre facilities to attend to customer queries.
Jambojet says the deal with Safaricom is expected to provide the
level of scalability required to cope with the fast growth in passenger
numbers it has continued to experience. Jambojet Chief Executive
Willem Hondius observed that with additional capacity from
Safaricom, the carrier can comfortably scale up its call centre in case
it overshoots its current capacity. Safaricom Director of Customer
Care, Pauline Warui, noted that Business Process Outsourcing centre
provides companies with the exibility to hand over work to experts
thus allowing them to focus on delivering on their key competencies.
31.00 21.00 Eaagads Ltd Ord 1.25 AIMS 29.50 -
132.00 80.00 Kakuzi Ltd Ord.5.00 132.00 -
167.00 110.00 Kapchorua Tea Co. Ltd Ord Ord 5.00 AIMS 144.00 -
670.00 450.00 The Limuru Tea Co. Ltd Ord 20.00 AIMS 670.00 -
30.00 19.40 Rea Vipingo Plantations Ltd Ord 5.00 27.50 -
19.95 11.25 Sasini Ltd Ord 1.00 17.00 17.00 99,100
350.00 210.00 Williamson Tea Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 AIMS 277.00 272.00 600
50.00 21.00 Car & General (K) Ltd Ord 5.00 33.50 33.50 400
- - CMC Holdings Ltd Ord 0.50 13.50 -
13.50 9.00 Marshalls (E.A.) Ltd Ord 5.00 9.40 9.30 400
9.40 4.50 Sameer Africa Ltd Ord 5.00 8.25 8.65 47,200
19.15 15.00 Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd Ord 0.50 17.00 17.00 644,600
155.00 54.00 CFC Stanbic of Kenya Holdings Ltd ord.5.00 140.00 139.00 21,500
248.00 141.00 Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Ltd Ord 4.00 235.00 237.00 22,100
42.25 29.50 Equity Bank Ltd Ord 0.50 37.75 39.00 1,474,900
42.50 22.00 Housing Finance Co.Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 38.75 39.25 103,900
145.00 85.00 I&M Holdings Ltd Ord 1.00 127.00 128.00 100
51.00 35.50 Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd Ord 1.00 46.75 46.75 511,400
39.25 18.50 National Bank of Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 32.75 33.50 74,000
68.00 48.50 NIC Bank Ltd Ord 5.00 58.00 59.50 50,800
340.00 271.00 Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 309.00 309.00 10,000
25.00 14.50 The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd Ord 1.00 22.25 22.50 633,900
5.10 3.40 Express Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 AIMS 4.80 5.00 5,700
- - Hutchings Biemer Ltd Ord 5.00 20.25 -
14.70 8.30 Kenya Airways Ltd Ord 5.00 12.40 12.80 249,900
16.50 5.00 Longhorn Kenya Ltd Ord 1.00 AIMS 12.95 13.00 25,300
400.00 271.00 Nation Media Group Ltd Ord. 2.50 310.00 322.00 15,300
247.00 44.00 Scangroup Ltd Ord 1.00 48.00 47.00 24,600
39.00 24.50 Standard Group Ltd Ord 5.00 34.00 35.00 1,500
56.50 40.00 TPS Eastern Africa Ltd Ord 1.00 41.00 41.50 4,400
24.00 13.05 Uchumi Supermarket Ltd Ord 5.00 13.30 13.35 29,300
98.50 60.00 ARM Cement Ltd Ord 1.00 82.50 83.50 159,300
225.00 170.00 Bamburi Cement Ltd Ord 5.00 174.00 175.00 10,500
97.00 75.00 Crown Paints Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 93.00 93.50 2,800
18.00 13.80 E.A.Cables Ltd Ord 0.50 14.65 14.55 53,100
110.00 56.50 E.A.Portland Cement Co. Ltd Ord 5.00 92.50 -
17.90 10.00 KenGen Co. Ltd Ord. 2.50 10.95 11.05 150,100
11.80 7.90 KenolKobil Ltd Ord 0.05 9.35 9.15 920,300
20.75 13.50 Kenya Power & Lighting Co Ltd Ord 2.50 14.90 14.90 3,260,600
- - Kenya Power & Lighting Ltd 4% Pref 20.00 8.00
5.50 5.50 Kenya Power & Lighting Ltd 7% Pref 20.00 5.50
28.75 12.65 Total Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 26.50 26.25 28,800
13.00 13.00 Umeme Ltd Ord 0.50 13.00
20.00 7.30 British-American Investments Co.(K) Ltd Ord 0.10 17.65 17.70 657,800
12.20 4.20 CIC Insurance Group Ltd Ord.1.00 11.00 11.25 1,137,400
334.00 217.00 Jubilee Holdings Ltd Ord 5.00 331.00 328.00 300
21.00 13.10 Kenya Re Insurance Corporation Ltd Ord 2.50 19.70 19.90 110,400
23.00 9.20 Liberty Kenya Holdings Ltd Ord.1.00 21.75 21.25 40,100
145.00 51.50 Pan Africa Insurance Holdings Ltd Ord 5.00 124.00 125.00 7,900
41.00 17.05 Centum Investment Co Ltd Ord 0.50 39.75 40.00 136,400
6.00 3.50 Olympia Capital Holdings Ltd Ord 5.00 4.75 4.80 2,700
37.75 20.00 Trans-Century Ltd Ord 0.50 AIMS 23.25 23.50 19,400
- - A.Baumann & Co Ltd Ord 5.00 AIMS 11.10 -
190.00 100.00 B.O.C Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 140.00 140.00 2,000
635.00 521.00 British American Tobacco Kenya Ltd Ord 10.00 590.00 600.00 100
67.50 30.50 Carbacid Investments Ltd Ord 1.00 33.00 33.50 3,400
426.00 212.00 East African Breweries Ltd Ord 2.00 295.00 297.00 67,500
4.00 1.90 Eveready East Africa Ltd Ord.1.00 3.50 3.60 50,500
8.60 4.40 Kenya Orchards Ltd Ord 5.00 AIMS 8.60 -
5.05 2.85 Mumias Sugar Co. Ltd Ord 2.00 3.10 3.10 780,000
28.00 14.00 Unga Group Ltd Ord 5.00 27.50 26.00 35,700
13.40 6.15 Safaricom Ltd Ord 0.05 13.00 12.85 3,512,300
25.00 4.40 Home Afrika Ltd Ord 1.00 5.20 5.25 235,100
Page 50 / TODAY IN BUSINESS Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
MONEY FUNDS Daily Yield E. A. Rate
GenCapHela Fund 11.94% 12.49%
Old Mutual MoneyMarket Fund 6.33% 6.51%
CBA MoneyMarket Fund 5.94% 6.12%
Madison Asset MoneyMarket Fund 9.29% 9.70%
British-American MoneyMarket Fund 9.43% 9.89%
CIC MoneyMarket Fund 9.67% 10.11%
GenCapEneza Fund 123.98 119.64
GenCapIman Fund 115.90 110.11
GenCapHazina Fund 118.93 114.76
GenCapHisa Fund 126.14 121.72
Old Mutual EquityFund 376.95 403.89
Old Mutual Balanced Fund/Toboa 154.78 164.81
Old Mutual East Africa Fund 150.00 158.77
Old Mutual Bond Fund 102.42 104.85
CBA EquityFund 155.66 165.24
CIC Fixed Income Fund 9.18 9.42
CIC EquityFund 13.30 14.00
CIC Balanced Fund 12.99 13.60
ICEA BONDFUND 99.56 100.57
ICEA EQUITY FUND 139.33 146.66
ICEA GROWTH FUND 140.18 147.55
Madison Asset Balanced Fund 69.48 73.31
Madison Asset EquityFund 57.68 61.23
British-American EquityFund 201.41 207 .81
British-American Balanced Fund 191.37 196.96
British-American Bond Plus Fund 145.30 148.26
British-American Managed Retirement Fund 133.90 135.03
ATI rebounds to post
144pc jump in proft
Demand for infrastructure
development boosted the
insurers proft to Sh128m
compared to Sh51m in 2012
ATI Chief Executive Ofcer George Otieno
(centre), Chief Finance Ofcer Ms Toavina
Ramamonjiarisoa (right) and Chief Under-
writing Ofcer Jef Vincent peruse through the
results for 2013 yesterday. [PHOTO: COURTESY]
Continental trade credit and investment risk
insurer, Africa Trade Insurance Agency (ATI) has
posted $1.5 million (Sh128.5 million) prot for
year ending December 31.
This is an increase of 144 per cent over the
prot made in 2012. In 2012, ATI made Sh51 mil-
lion net prot, marking a turnaround from a
Sh21 million loss experienced in 2011.
Unveiling the nancial results in Nairobi,
ahead of ATIs annual general meeting sched-
uled to take place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,
Chief Executive Ofcer George Otieno said in-
frastructure development, especially the energy
sector, is playing key role in the companys
growth. The company is also insuring the -
nancing linked to infrastructure projects.
We are here to support the priority areas of
our member countries. Last year, this included
large projects such as covering fuel importation
into Zambia, insuring a banks nancing in sup-
port of Tanzanias State power utilitys construc-
tion plans and support of the Olkaria IV geo-
thermal plant in Kenya, noted Mr Otieno in a
statement. With ambitious objectives to devel-
op infrastructure in most countries, we predict
that this priority will continue driving demand
for the next decade.
The rms turnover increased by 24 per cent
to $13 billion (Sh1 trillion) while the insured
trade and investments (gross exposure) in-
creased 23 per cent to $872 million (Sh75 bil-
lion). Shareholders capital increased 14 per
cent to $178 million (Sh15 billion) while net
earned premium increased by 55 per cent to $6
million (Sh514 million).
The companys growing international repu-
tation in underwriting energy sector deals led
to them securing a two million Euro grant
(Sh236 million) from the European Investment
Bank signed during the EU-Africa Summit in
April. The grant will prepare ATI to take a lead-
ing role in initiatives that will see a newly
formed body, the African Energy Guarantee
Fund insuring renewable energy projects
across Africa. ATIs Chief Finance Ofcer Ms
Toavina Ramamonjiarisoa said the companys
efforts to diligently manage its nances have
reected in results over the past ve years.
This led to a drastic reduction of ATIs cost
ratio (the percentage of the companys earned
premium used to pay all costs) from 268 per
cent to just 59 per cent, said Ms Ramamonji-
arisoa. Diversication of the investment port-
folio by ATIs nancial management strategy
initiated in 2011 saw credit quality of the com-
panys investment portfolio grow higher than a
few years ago to 71 per cent.
The companys 2013 annual accounts will
be formally unveiled and approved during its
Fourth Annual General Meeting on May 28, in
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Tanzanias Minister of
Finance and Economic Affairs Saada Mkuya
Salum will chair the meeting.
Insurance agents want
companies to pay them al-
lowances over and above
commissions they earn after
selling policies to customers.
The agents argue that they
are not well remunerated as
the companies only pay them
commissions despite the
harsh working conditions
they operate under.
In a phone interview, Bi-
ma Intermediaries Associa-
tion of Kenya (BIA) National
Chairman Washington Nde-
gea observed that most of the
changes effected in the insur-
ance industry lacks their in-
put, making it difcult for
them to implement.
By coming together, we
desire to ensure the entire in-
surance industry recognises
us especially on changes
management of the compa-
nies effect every other time,
said Ndegea. We will regu-
late ourselves by making sure
agents follow the code of con-
duct that we have devel-
The agents last month
launched Bima Intermediar-
ies Association of Kenya at
the College of Insurance in
Nairobi, an outt they say
will assist in promoting their
welfare . By forming this as-
sociation, our intention is to
seek for deep recognition by
insurance companies and
Government as well. Our key
agenda is to reach out to the
insurance companies so that
they can involve us in formu-
lation of policies among oth-
er regulations.
Ndegea said the associa-
tion will force companies to
facilitate them in their work
in terms of granting retainers.
For example, it will be easier
for us to enhance penetration
in the industry through pro-
motion of micro insurance
products, he added.
According to the Insur-
ance Regulatory Authority,
level of insurance penetra-
tion in Kenya stands at is 3.2
per cent to the Gross Domes-
tic Product.
Insurance agents root
for higher allowances
NOTICE / Page 51 Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Nairobi 102.7 | Nyeri 105.7 | Meru 105.1 | Nakuru 104.5 | Kisii 91.3 | Kisumu 105.3 | Mombasa 105.1 | Kericho 90.5 | Edoret 91.1 | Kitui 93.8
Blogs, archives, reader
forums and more:
Page 52
Egyptian Brotherhood split on
using force as Sisi poised to win
Egypts presidential candidate Abdel al-Sisi, in Cairo. [PHOTO: REUTERS]
While the Muslim Brotherhoods
old guard doggedly call for peaceful
resistance from their Egyptian court-
room cages, some youth members
are seriously considering forceful re-
taliation against a state crackdown
on their movement.
Young activists - many of whom
are on the run and rarely sleep in one
place for long to evade capture -
complain that top leaders have lost
touch with reality and failed to pro-
vide direction since then army chief
Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ousted the Isla-
mist group from power last year.
Faced with the near certainty that
Sisi will win a presidential election
next week, youths tired of slogans are
tempted to break with the Brother-
hoods long-standing policy of re-
jecting violence.
The traditional leaders want
peaceful action. What did that get
us?, asked one youth leader, sitting
in a cafe in Alexandria, a former cen-
tre of Brotherhood support.
Even protests are not working.
They are getting smaller because se-
curity forces attack us. We have no
strategy, he said, asking not to be
named as he is a wanted man.
The Brotherhood has been
banned following what its members
and some other Egyptians regard as
a military coup last July. Established
leaders have been under heavy pres-
sure since Sisi toppled President Mo-
hamed Morsi, Egypts rst democrat-
ically elected leader, after mass
protests against his rule.
Many, including Morsi, are on tri-
al. Others ed the country to escape
the repression, which included death
An Al-Qaeda-inspired group in
Libya said it will ght troops loyal to
a renegade general behind an attack
on the countrys parliament the day
before and join forces with Islamic
militias who were targeted by the
generals secular followers.
The announcement by the inu-
ential Lions of Monotheism Group
further adds to the quagmire in Lib-
ya, three years after the overthrow of
dictator Muammar Gadda.
On Sunday, forces loyal to Gen
Khalifa Hifter, a former rebel in the
ght against Gadda, stormed the
parliament in the Libyan capital,
Tripoli, saying they were suspending
the house in a struggle against Isla-
mist lawmakers and ofcials whom
they blame for allowing extremists to
hold the country ransom.
The attack saw militia members
backed by truck-mounted anti-air-
craft guns, mortars and rocket re
raid the parliament building in the
heart of Tripoli, sending lawmakers
eeing for their lives as gunmen ran-
sacked the legislature.
The brazen assault in which
two people reportedly died and more
than 50 were wounded was a sig-
nicant challenge to the countrys
weak central government.
In a video on militant websites,
the Lions of Monotheism Group said
Hifters troops also attacked Islamic
militias in skirmishes elsewhere in
Tripoli on Sunday and would be pun-
ished for this.
You have entered a battle you
will lose, says a masked militant in
the video, identifying himself as Abu
Musab al-Arabi.
After ransacking the parliament,
Hifters forces pulled out. For a while,
ghting appeared concentrated
around the road to the citys airport
and its southern outskirts. By Mon-
day morning, gunre along the air-
port highway had died down and a
tentative calm returned to the city.
Authorities seemed determined
to convey a message of business-as-
usual. Libyan news agency LANA cit-
ed the Ministry of Education as de-
nying that high school end-of-tern
exams were suspended.
Militant group vows to ght Libyan general
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
The group has come
under heavy crackdown
with hundreds of its
members killed or jailed
CAIRO: EU says will monitor
Egypt elections
The EU said it would monitor all of
Egypts presidential election, reversing
a decision to scale back its operations
after authorities agreed to release a load
of impounded equipment. The bloc had
said two days earlier its ofcials would
only be able to watch voting in the capital
as vital communications and medical
gear was being held up in the airport.
We are going to be spread all over the
country, EU Chief Observer Mario David
said yesterday. Former army chief Abdel
Fattah al-Sisi, who deposed elected
Islamist President Mohamed Morsi last
July following mass protests, is widely
expected to win the presidency.
ABUJA: Nigeria suicide blast
leaves four dead in Kano
A suicide blast in the northern Nigerian
city of Kano has killed four people, police
say. The blast happened in a street with
many bars and night-spots. Witnesses say
the explosion was caused by a bomb in a
car in the predominantly Christian area of
Sabon Gari. The blast could be heard from
several miles away. The militant Islamist
group Boko Haram has carried out attacks
in Kano state and other areas of northern
Nigeria. Kano Police Commissioner
Adelere Shinaba said the victims were
three men and a girl of about 12.
KHARTOUM: Sudan arrests
opposition leader al-Mahdi
Sudanese opposition leader Sadiq al-
Mahdi was arrested on Saturday on
charges that could lead to the death
penalty, a government ofcial said, a
move that could hurt efforts to ease
political tensions before elections due
next year. Al-Mahdi, a former prime
minister in Sudans last elected civilian
government, is the head of the Umma
Party, the most prominent party opposing
President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who
ousted him in 1989. The public prosecutor
had in the past days already opened an
investigation into accusations that he
insulted state security forces over a surge
in violence in the troubled Darfur region.
GENEVA: Norway pledges
$63m for South Sudan
Norway is pledging $63 million to help
alleviate the humanitarian crisis in South
Sudan, even as World health Organisation
reported nine people died in a cholera
outbreak in the capital Juba. WHO
spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said 138 cases
had been registered so far in the outbreak
in and around Juba. There have been
growing fears the conict in the worlds
youngest nation to worsen in the months
ahead. Violence broke out last December,
pitting President Salva Kiirs Dinka people
against the Nuer of his former deputy,
Riek Machar, whom the president sacked
in July 2013.
South Sudans president has warned
his country faces one of worst famines
ever unless the current conict is ended.
Speaking to the BBC, Salva Kiir also
accused his sacked deputy, Riek Machar,
of stoking ethnic tension and violating a
ceasere. Last week, Mr Kiir postponed
presidential elections due next year to
give government and rebel forces more
time to achieve reconciliation. Some one
million people have ed their homes since
ghting broke out. The unrest erupted
after the president alleged that Mr
Machar was plotting a coup. Agencies
sentences for the Brotherhoods 70-
year-old leader, Mohamed Badie,
and 682 supporters last month.
Sisi, who has formally quit the
military, enjoys cult-like adulation
from supporters who hope he can re-
store stability after a year of often
chaotic government by the Brother-
hood and the violence following its
overthrow in which hundreds died.
He is expected to win the presi-
dency easily on May 26-27, further
undermining morale among the
Brotherhood, which had triumphed
in the vast majority of elections held
after a popular uprising ousted auto-
crat Hosni Mubarak in 2011.
Several youth activists inter-
viewed by Reuters said that for the
rst time their comrades are con-
templating taking up arms against
the security forces - despite repeated
warnings from senior Brotherhood
ofcials that this could lead to the
movements complete destruction.
Believed to have about one mil-
lion members in a country of 85 mil-
lion, the Brotherhood renounced vi-
olence decades ago. Aside from
being outgunned by security forces,
leaders say it will lose the moral high
ground by using force.
But it is becoming increasingly
difcult to control the young mem-
bers. One said associates were con-
sidering killing those policemen who
they say had blood on their hands.
Another estimated up to 20 per-
cent of youth members think vio-
lence may be the only option left,
though older leaders put the gure
at 10 percent. Some are speaking of
bombings to instill fear in security
forces, said the youth leader.
Islamist militants based in the Si-
nai have stepped up attacks on the
police and army since Morsis over-
throw. Hundreds have been killed
and the insurgency has spread to the
cities and towns, including Cairo.
Egyptian authorities call the
Brotherhood a terrorist organisa-
tion, making no distinction between
them and the Sinai-based militants,
but have yet to offer compelling evi-
dence to back their allegations.
Senior Brotherhood ofcial Mo-
hamed Saleh said the movement had
started holding the workshops to
rein in young members who have
been imprisoned and tortured.
Some youths suggest violence is a
way to confront the regime. We try to
get rid of this thinking, he said.
Saleh says the Brotherhood
should play the long game peaceful-
ly, believing Sisi will fail to tackle
Egypts huge social and economic
problems, prompting the people to
rise up against him eventually.
So far, the Brotherhood has had
little success in winning over public
support following Morsis cata-
strophic year in ofce, when he was
accused of monopolising power, try-
ing to impose the movements views
on society and mismanaging the
economy - allegations he denies.
CANBERRA: China maps
seabed in search for MH370
A Chinese navy ship will start mapping
the seabed off the west Australian
coast this week as part of the latest
phase in the search for the Malaysian
airliner. Chinese, Australian and
Malaysian authorities agreed that the
Chinese ship Zhu Kezhen will conduct
a bathymetric survey of the Indian
Ocean oor as directed by Australian
air crash investigators. Ofcials
believe the Malaysia Airlines Boeing
777 that vanished with 239 passengers
and crew on March 8 during a ight
from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing veered
far off course and crashed in the
Indian Ocean. An initial air and seabed
search failed to nd any trace of the
wreckage leading to a new phase
over a vast seabed covering 60,000
square kilometres.
TIRANA: Earthquake rattles
central Albania
Seismologists say an earthquake
with a preliminary magnitude of 5.2
has rattled central Albania, causing
minor damage to buildings but no
injuries. Albanias Seismological
Department says the quake, which
occurred at 2:59am Monday, had
its epicentre 44km south of the
capital, Tirana. Ervin Kasaj of the
Seismological Department said some
houses and apartment blocks in the
towns of Cerrik and Peqin, close to the
epicentre, have cracks but nobody was
reported hurt.
China of cyber spying
The US yesterday announced
espionage charges against several
Chinese individuals, accusing them
of spying on American companies
and stealing trade secrets, according
to media reports. The US Justice
Department, in ling the charges,
is publicly accusing China with such
cyber spying for the rst time. A
Justice ofcial did not dispute the
reports but declined to give further
details. The reports did not name
the Chinese government ofcials or
companies targeted by US ofcials,
but NBC News said they include those
in the energy and manufacturing
sectors. They used military and
intelligence facilities to commit cyber
espionage against US companies, one
US ofcial told NBC News.
TEL AVIV: Israeli, Chinese
universities to collaborate
Two top universities from Israel and
China announced they are starting a
$300 million research project focused
on nanotechnologies, the latest move
in boosting ties between the Jewish
state and the Asian giant. Tel Aviv
University and Beijings Tsinghua
University said they will exchange
graduate students and faculty
members to work at a joint research
centre based at the two institutions.
The cooperation initially will focus
on nanotechnology, particularly with
medical and optics applications,
but may be later expanded to other
areas, including raw materials, water
treatment and environmental issues,
ofcials from both sides said. Tel Aviv
University President Joseph Klafter
said funding will be sought from
private and government sources.
MOSCOW, Monday
Russian President Vladimir Putin
has ordered military forces to return
to their permanent bases after drills
in three regions bordering Ukraine,
the Kremlin said.
Putins ofce said he had issued
the order because the spring ma-
noeuvres were over. The move could
also be intended to ease tension in
Russias standoff with the West over
Ukraine before Kiev holds a presi-
dential election on Sunday.
In Brussels, however, a NATO mil-
itary ofcer said the military alliance
had seen no sign of the Russian
troops returning to their bases.
We havent seen any movement
to validate the report, the ofcer,
who requested anonymity, said.
The Kremlin said in a statement
that Putin had ordered his defence
chief to return troops that had been
involved in exercises in the border
provinces of Rostov, Bryansk and
Belgorod to their places of perma-
nent deployment.
NATO said Russia has amassed
some 40,000 troops near the border
with Ukraine, and Putin has reserved
the right to send forces in to protect
Russian-speakers if necessary.
Their presence on the border in-
creased tension after Russia annexed
Crimea in March and raised fears in
the West that Moscow could invade
to support pro-Moscow separatists.
In another conciliatory signal,
Putin welcomed what the Kremlin
said were initial contacts between
the Ukrainian government and sup-
porters of federalisation who want
more power for largely Russian-
speaking regions in eastern Ukraine.
Russia wants Kiev to speak directly
to the separatists.
Thailands acting prime minister
ruled out resigning as a way out of a
protracted political crisis that is
stunting economic growth, as anti-
government protesters stepped up
pressure to remove him and instal a
new administration.
Thailand is stuck in political limbo
following the dismissal of Prime Min-
ister Yingluck Shinawatra and nine of
her ministers on May 7 after a court
found them guilty of abuse of power.
Six months of turmoil that has in-
cluded violent protests and a dis-
rupted general election is dragging
down Southeast Asias second big-
gest economy, which shrank 2.1 per
cent in the rst quarter of the year.
Commerce Minister Niwattham-
rong Boonsongphaisan has replaced
Yingluck as caretaker prime minis-
ter, but the anti-government protest-
ers say he has no legal standing and
they want a neutral government to
push through reforms.
Niwatthamrong met members of
the Senate, which is trying to come
up with a way out of the deadlock,
but he said he would not resign.
The current cabinet is legal in
every way... it must stay until a new
cabinet of ministers is elected in. We
cannot install another prime minis-
ter while we have an acting one in
place, Niwatthamrong said in state-
ment following the meeting.
Thailand has not had a function-
ing lower house of parliament since
Yingluck dissolved parliament in De-
cember. Bangkok is the scene of a
tense stand-off between government
supporters loyal to Yingluck and her
brother, ousted former Prime Minis-
ter Thaksin Shinawatra, and opposi-
tion demonstrators drawn from
Bangkoks middle class and royalist
Putin pulls back Russian
troops from Ukraine border
Thai PM rules out resigning as
protesters move to oust him
South Koreas Park weeps as she
apologises for ferry disaster
Park pledged sweeping reforms to
improve oversight, as well as tough
punishment for bureaucrats and
businesses whose negligence endan-
gers public safety.
A 20-year-old vessel was bought
and refurbished to add excessive ca-
pacity, then it was loaded with much
more cargo than allowed with a false
reporting on weight, but not a single
person in the position to supervise
stopped any of it, Park said.
She singled out structural prob-
lems within the coast guard as the
reason there was such a high casual-
ty toll from an accident that played
out on national television as the ves-
sel gradually sank with most of the
passengers trapped inside.
Had there been a proactive res-
cue operation after the accident, we
would have been able to reduce the
casualties, Park said.
The coast guards rescue duties
would be transferred to a national
emergency safety agency to be set up
and the national police will take over
its investigative function, she said.
Some of the crew, including the
captain, were caught on videotape
abandoning ship while the children
were told to stay put in their cabins
and await further orders. Park has
apologised in person to many fami-
lies of the victims but her adminis-
tration has faced continued criticism
for its handling of the disaster.
Parks public support has dropped
to 46 per cent, from 70 per cent be-
fore the accident, anew poll shows.
Her apology and the blueprint for
bureaucratic reform have been criti-
cised for coming too late, while her
decision to break up the coast guard
has also been questioned.
Although we need to integrate
government functions on safety and
disaster management, dissolving the
coast guard all of sudden can create
more problems that may be difcult
to x, said Professor Lee Jun-han of
Incheon National University.
SEOUL, Monday
Tears rolling down her cheeks,
South Korean President Park Geun-
hye formally apologised for a ferry
disaster that killed about 300 passen-
gers, mostly school children, and
said she would break up the coast
guard for failing in its duties.
Park has been hit hard by an an-
gry nationwide outcry over the gov-
ernments response to South Koreas
worst civilian maritime disaster in 20
years and the seemingly slow and in-
effective rescue operation.
Polls show support for Park has
dropped by more than 20 points
since the April 16 disaster.
I apologise to the nation for the
pain and suffering that everyone felt,
as the president who should have
been responsible for the safety of the
people, Park said in a televised na-
tional address, her rst since the
Sewol capsized and sank with 476
passengers and crew on board.
She fought back sobs as she re-
membered some of the teenagers
who perished trying to help one an-
other, calling them heroes in an un-
precedented show of emotion.
Park, who is serving a single ve-
year term, is the daughter of Park
Chung-hee, the former military
strongman who ruled for nearly two
decades in the 1960s and 1970s. She
lost both her parents to assassins.
At least 286 people were killed
and 18 remain missing. Only 172
people were rescued, with the rest
presumed to have drowned.
Of the passengers, 339 were chil-
dren and their teachers on a eld trip
from a high school in Seoul.
The President has been
hit by an angry national
outcry over her
handling of the disaster
South Koreas President Park Geun-hye cries as she delivers a speech to the
nation at the Presidential Blue House in Seoul yesterday. [PHOTO: REUTERS]
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard NEWS OF THE WORLD / Page 53
54 / NEWS OF THE WORLD Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
CAIRO: Kuwait to deport 15
Egyptians over Sisi rally
Kuwait will deport 15 Egyptians who
took part in an illegal rally in support
of Egyptian presidential candidate
Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a Kuwaiti
government source said. Kuwaiti
authorities are especially wary of
political gatherings that could stir
tensions in the Gulf Arab state, where
expatriates make up around two-
thirds of the 3.8 million population.
Foreigners are not allowed to
hold political events and there are
restrictions on public rallies held by
Kuwaitis. The 15 were seen beating
drums and waving and planned to
join other Egyptians to express their
support for former military chief Sisi.
BEIRUT: Syria defence
minister resigns
The minister of defence for Syrias
opposition government has resigned
following disagreements with the
bodys head, opposition sources said
on Monday, highlighting divisions
among President Bashar al-Assads
opponents. Saudi-backed dissident
Asaad Mustafa was appointed to his
post in November as part of a plan
by the opposition National Coalition
to administer rebel-held areas of the
war-torn country. But the government-
in-exile has been unable to control
disparate rebel groups, which include
foreign al Qaeda insurgents, and has
received only marginal support from
its Western backers. Mustafa served
as minister of agriculture under
Assads father, Hafez al-Assad, but
defected after the uprising against 40
years of family rule started in 2011.
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan clears
FBI agent arrested at airport
A Pakistani court dropped a case
against a US agent charged with
weapons offences for trying to board
a ight while carrying bullets and a
knife in his luggage. US and Pakistan
ofcially cooperate to ght Islamist
militants but frequently trade public
accusations. In the current case,
Pakistani authorities arrested Joel
Cox, an FBI agent, at the airport in
Karachi on May 4 after he tried to
board a civilian ight with the knife
and 15 9-mm bullets, police said.
Spurned by the West, Putin
visits China to bolster ties
bours have conducted joint military
drills. But many in Russia have felt
increasingly uneasy about their pow-
erful neighbour, fearing that Russias
population decline and a relative
weakness of its conventional forces
compared to Chinas military could
one day tempt Beijing to grab land.
But seeking to offset Western
pressure, Putin signalled Russias in-
tention to expand ties in the areas it
had been wary to develop in the past.
He said that Russia would welcome
more Chinese investments, in par-
ticular in a free trade zone currently
being established in the far eastern
port of Vladivostok.
Obviously, we are interested in
Chinese businessmen making use of
these opportunities to become one
of the leaders here, since both Rus-
sia and China will benet from an
accelerated development of the Rus-
sian Far East, he said.
MOSCOW, Monday
Amid a bitter crisis in relations
with the West over Ukraine, Russian
President Vladimir Putin is moving
to bolster ties with China.
Russia sees relations with China
as a top priority and their ties now
are the best ever, Putin said in an in-
terview with the Chinese media re-
leased by the Kremlin Monday, a day
before his trip to Shanghai.
He said that a deal on Russian
natural gas exports to China is close
to being signed, adding that it would
allow Russia to diversify its export
routes and let China meet its grow-
ing demand for energy.
Russia, whichexports the bulk of
its gas to Europe, has sought to de-
velop an alternative link to China,
but the two nations have been locked
for years in difcult talks over price.
Moscow sped up work on the
contract amid the Ukrainian crisis,
as the United States and the Europe-
an Union slapped travel bans and as-
set freezes on members of Putins en-
tourage over Russias annexation of
Crimea and threatened to impose
even harsher sanctions that would
target entire sectors of the Russian
In the context of the turbulent
global economy, the strengthening
of mutually benecial trade and eco-
nomic ties, as well as the increase of
investment ows between Russia
and China, are of paramount impor-
tance, Putin said.
The two countries developed
what they call a strategic partner-
ship after the 1991 Soviet collapse,
including close political, economic
and military ties in a shared aspira-
tion to counter US domination.
Russia has supplied sophisticated
weapons to China, and the neigh-
President Vladimir Putin is increasingly looking to China for an alternative
market for Russias gas exports. [PHOTO: REUTERS]
Russia is wary of
threats by US and
Europe to impose
further sanctions
KUWAIT, Monday
Kuwait will hold parliamentary by-
elections on June 26 to replace ve
lawmakers who quit over a row about
questioning the Gulf states prime
minister in parliament, a senior gov-
ernment ofcial said.
Some Kuwaiti media have said the
resignations of the ve in April and
May could lead to the dissolution of
the 50-member assembly. By setting a
date for by-elections, the government
is signalling it wants to push ahead
with the current parliament.
In recent years, the Gulf states par-
liaments have been repeatedly dis-
solved over procedural disputes or for
challenging the government, in which
members of the ruling family hold top
posts. Requests to question ministers
have sometimes led to dissolutions
because the ministers want to avoid
such grillings or votes of no con-
Three of the MPs - Riyad al-Adsani,
Abdulkareem al-Kandari, Hussein
Quaiqaan - resigned on April 30 after
parliament voted to cancel their inter-
rogation of Sheikh Jaber al-Mubarak
al-Sabah over issues such as housing
and corruption.
They were joined on May 4 by for-
mer parliamentary speaker Ali al-
Rashed and Safa al-Hashem, the only
female MP in the National Assembly.
The ve do not represent a unied
bloc in Kuwait, where political parties
are banned. Kuwaits parliament is the
most powerful in the Gulf Arab region
but policy is determined by the gov-
ernment, which said Sheikh Jaber, a
senior ruling family member, was not
responsible for the issues MPs wanted
to question him about.
Kuwait plans June 26 by-
election after 5 MPs quit
BEIRUT, Monday
At least 162,000 people have been
killed in Syrias three-year-old con-
ict, a monitoring group said on
Monday, and thousands more are
missing after being captured by Pres-
ident Bashar al-Assads forces and
rebels trying to overthrow him.
The pro-opposition, British-
based Syrian Observatory for Hu-
man Rights said losses among ght-
ers on the government side were
higher than those among pro-rebel
groups, and estimated that at least
54,000 civilians had been killed since
the conict began.
It estimated 62,800 deaths among
the army, pro-Assad Syrian militia,
Lebanese Hezbollah ghters and
other foreign Shiite gunmen.
That compared with 42,700 peo-
ple who had died on the rebel side,
including ghters from al Qaedas
Nusra Front, other Islamist brigades,
who defected from Assads army.
Nearly 3,000 people of unknown af-
liation had been killed.
The Observatory said all sides
played down their losses, making an
accurate count impossible, and the
overall death toll was probably
around 70,000 higher at 230,000.
Efforts to nd a political solution
to the conict collapsed three
months ago and the international
mediator Lakhdar Brahimi will step
down at the end of the month.
Assad, who has steadily clawed
back control over the centre of the
country, is widely expected to win a
third seven-year term in a June 3
election which his enemies have
condemned as a charade.
The Observatory said its gures
did not include 18,000 people who
had been detained by authorities
and whose fate was unknown, as well
as thousands more who were miss-
ing after raids by security forces.
Another 8,000 soldiers and pro-
Assad militia were also missing after
being held by rebels, and hundreds
of people had been kidnapped.
China has used diplomatic chan-
nels to warn North Korea against con-
ducting a fourth nuclear test, multiple
China-based diplomatic sources told
Reuters, after the reclusive state re-
newed its threat of counter-mea-
sures against perceived US hostility.
North Korea, which regularly
threatens the South and the US with
destruction, is already under heavy
sanctions imposed by several UN res-
olutions beginning in 2006 but has
deed pressure to abandon its missile
and nuclear programmes.
It last conducted a nuclear test in
February 2013.
China has told North Korea that
there is no justication for a new nu-
clear test and that they should not do
it, said a Western diplomat who was
briefed by Chinese ofcials.
The sources said China had used
diplomatic channels in Beijing and
Pyongyang to convey its anxiety about
the possibility of a fourth test.
China is North Koreas most im-
portant diplomatic and economic al-
ly, though three nuclear tests and sev-
eral rounds of sabre-rattling have
tested Beijings support.
But China had not threatened the
North with explicit consequences, the
sources said, and its message to the
North had remained consistent.
They are against another nuclear
test - but it is a mistake to believe that
China is getting more severe, said a
second diplomatic source, adding
that China had raised the issue with a
special envoy appointed by North Ko-
rean leader Kim Jong Un.
The US has said it hopes China will
use its inuence to coax the North to
abandon its banned nuclear weapons
program. In recent public statements,
Chinese foreign ministry ofcials
have called on all parties to exercise
restraint without pointing the nger
at North Korea alone.
China signed on to tougher UN
sanctions last year after the third nu-
clear test, but has come under criti-
cism from western countries and in-
dependent experts for failing to
properly implement them.
Chinas stability-obsessed govern-
ment fears the continuing develop-
ment of North Koreas nuclear pro-
gramme will unsettle the region.
Foreign minister Wang Yi said in
March that denuclearisation on the
peninsula was the only road to peace,
and that China would not permit war
or instability on its doorstep.
North Korea said they were justi-
ed in using all means at its disposal
to counter aggressive challenges by
the United States and South Korea
aimed at stiing its sovereignty.
Pundits say it was likely China
would support another round of sanc-
tions on the North if it went ahead
with another test.
Syria conict
kills at least
China warns North Korea against nuclear test
Ukrainian President Viktor
Yanukovychs decision in No-
vember to pull out of an asso-
ciation deal with the EU sparked
huge street protests that even-
tually led to his downfall.
In March, Russia annexed the
Ukrainian region of Crimea and
unrest is growing in eastern
Ukraine, where pro-Russian
sentiment is strong.
Western nations and Japan
brought sanctions against Rus-
sia specically targeting peo-
ple and businesses, with travel
bans and asset freezes hitting
individuals who are considered
to be close nancially or politi-
cally to Russian President Putin.
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Dr Isaac K. Mwangi,
Kenya Institute of Planners
Kenya Institute of Planners seeks to make Kenya a nation of planners

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P.O BOX 7759, ELDORET.TEL: (053) 2030223
EMAIL: simuplan@yahoo.com, Mobile number 0733-897301

Specialists in: Land use Planning,
Integrated Strategic Development plans,
Research and Feasibility Studies and Environmental Management
The Kenya Institute of Planners (KIP) was
founded by among others Dr. Isaac K Mwangi
as the founding Vice-Chairman of which he
is a Fellow Member and the current serving
Chairman since May 2012. He served as a
member of the Physical Planner Registration
Board (PRRB) and its Chairman of Education
Sub-committee from 2006 to 2009 where he
was instrumental in formulating the rst Boards
professional certication examinations syllabus.
Dr Mwangi has also served for over ten years
as research, training and technical advisory
services expert at the United Nations Centre
for Regional Development (UNCRD) Africa




0720645197, 0738828430

Occidental Plaza 4
Flr. Rm B7, Muthithi Rd, Westlands
P.O. Box 1364-00502, Nairobi, Kenya
Email: ecoplankenya@yahoo.co.uk


Marks 15 commemorative years since it was founded
Plan Bosire Ogero, EBS, MKIP, FKIP
Qualifications: BA Land Econ.(Hon)-UON, MA (Planning)- UON, Post Graduate
Diplom ousing Neatherlans
Museum Hill Centre, 4
P.O Box 59343 Nairobi, 00200
Tel: (254 20), 3751048/3751050; 3747232
E-mail: matrix@matrix.or.ke
Website: www.matrix.or.ke

Grakam House
PO. Box 35516 - 00200
e-mail: epcconsultantsyahoo.com
Construction Engineering
Transportation Planning
Urban & Regional Planning,
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Audit.
A. Kamenyi
Registered Physical Planner
Registered E.I.A./E.A. Lead Expert
TeI: 07ZZ-333 ZZ4

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Postal Address is P.O. Box 3384-40100, Kisumu
Phone Numbers: +254 - 057 2020395
Cell Phones: +254722 610707/+254717 524 087 or +254721 748534
Website: www.geoplanconsultants.co.ke
Email Address: geoplanconsultantsltd@gmail.com
or geoplanconsult@yahoo.co.uk

Ofce in Nairobis UN Complex, Gigiri. During
his stint at the UN, he worked in Namibia and
Botswana among other African countries where
he interacted with academia, practitioners and
policy makers of diverse backgrounds. He
is currently a researcher, consultant licensed
planner and environmental impact assessment
(EIA) lead expert at Mipango Institute in Nairobi
and teaches planning at University of Nairobi.
The Institute held two national conferences
in 2012 and 2013 where planners, county
and national government ofcials, scholars
and private sector discussed issues under the
theme of Planning under Devolved System
of Government in Kenya. It has reviewed its
Constitution with the new draft under discussion
before it adopted by members. The Institute has
also published its new publication, PLANNING
KIP is a professional body of planners
incorporated in 1999 and registered under the
Societies Act. Membership of the Institute stand
at 546 members distributed as follows: 169
corporate members, 251 graduate members, 109
student members, 6 technicians and 7 associates.
However, the number of planners who are
registered by the Physical Planners Registration
Board (PPRB) as professionally competent is
173. The board has issued practice license to
83 or 48% of the registered physical planners
to provide planning services as consultant
planners in the fast growing Kenyan planning
industry. The other 90 or 52% registered physical
planners are employees of the National and
county governments, public corporations, non-
governmental organizations (NGOs) and other
development agencies and private companies.
KIP was formally launched on March 8, 2001
at the Nairobi Safari Club which Hon Joseph
Nyagah EGH, the then Minister for Lands
was the chief guest. The theme of the launch
conference was making Kenya a planning
society. Its overall objective is to promote
effective national, regional, urban and local
planning for efcient placement of projects and
programmes geared to promote productivity of
the economy as wells as socially and politically
responsive patterns of human settlements towards
realization of sustainable development in Kenya.
Goal: The goal of the Institute is to act as body
that gives the planning profession identity and
champion the positive role planning industry has
in change and development in Kenyan society as
it is happens in other parts of the world. Overall
Objective: KIP seek to promote professional
planning by providing a focal point for
promoting relevant ways of preparing urban and
rural communities plans, playing a critical role
in developing planning standards and regulations
in partnership with business and government.
This effort by KIP strife to inuence planning
at national level, level at which the six regional
development Authorities plan and operate, and
the newly introduced county planning. The
Institute also organizes appropriate forums
where its members learn new practices, exchange
experiences and nd common understanding on
issues, new concepts and techniques and methods
of planning. Business leaders and public ofcials
We and our consultancy rms of Licensed Members of the Kenya Institute of Planners congratulate the Chairman, Governing Council and all members of the Institute during this auspicious commemorative occasion as the Institute marks 15 years since it was formed.
Striving Towards Planned and Sustainable Environments
Real Plan Consultants
Physical Planning and Environment Consultants
St Ellis House (Former Cotts House)
4th Floor, Wabera Street,
P.O. Box 1555-00200
Tel: (020) 2214116
off. Cell: 0722-477500
E-mail: info@realplan.co.ke
also share their perspectives including concerns
and expectations of planners from these forums.
KIP Partners: The Institute is a member
of the Professional Society of East Africa
(APSEA), Africa Planning Association (APA),
East Africa Association of Planners (EAP), the
Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP)
and the Global Planners Network (GPN). It is a
signatory of the Vancouver GPN Declaration of
2006 on effective Global planning. KIP maintains
close working relations with professional bodies
of planners in Africa and internationally. These
include the Tanzania Institute of Planners (TIP),
Uganda Institute of Physical Planners (UIPP),
Malawi Institute of Planners (MIP), Zambia
Institute of Planners (ZIP), Ghana Institute
of Planners (GIP), Town Planning Institute of
Nigeria (TPN), South African Planning Institute
(SAPI), American Planning Association (APA),
Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP), Royal
Town Planning Institute (RTPI ) of the UK,
Planning Institute of Australia (PIA), Malaysian
Institute of Planners (MIP), Singapore Institute
of Planners (SIP) among many others. Post-
2010 Constitution and Devolved Government
Dispensation: Kenya has been planning its
towns and rural settlements under The Physical
Planning Act (PPA), 1996 and the Physical
Planners Registration Act (PPRA), 1996 under
which the Physical Planners Registration Board
operates. The two old Acts are still in operation
even though Kenya has a new Constitution
2010, County Government Act and Urban Areas
and Cities Act for planning under devolved
government dispensation. The two old Acts
need urgent review in the light of changed
circumstances, in particular the adoption of
the new Kenya Constituion, the coming into
effect of the County Governments and the need
to conform to international good practices.
The review of the two Acts should seek to
consolidate the numerous other laws that touch
on different aspect of planning in one Planning
Act and Planners Registration Act in ways
that secure unied plannng and sychronized
policy functions of the national and county
governments, agencies and bodies that the two
governments would form as well as relevant
semi-autonomous public bodies such as the
National Land Commission. In this the Institute
and its members are committed to work with
other players for a smooth transition to devolved
system of government and the realization of
equity that would derive from sustainable
economic, social and cultural development;
nationally, in the counties and at the grassroots
in communities.

Centre for Urban and Regional Planning
Bruce House, 14
floor, Standard Street P.O Box 2908-00100 G.P.O Nairobi
Tel +254 (0) 20 2244463,
Website: www.curp.co.ke,
E-mail info@curp.or.ke

Tel+ 254 (0) 20 2244463, Website: www.curp.coke, E-mail info@curp.or.ke

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565888, 041-2226090. Bamburi
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0722565888, 0412226090. Bam-
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plot. Details on application.
0722565888, 0412226090. Shanzu
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tails on application.
NYALI behind Nyali Barrack, 1.7
acres, vacant, 85m p/a. Call 0720-
0722565888, 0786565001. Mko-
mani 1 br apartment fully tiled @
Kshs 12,000/=.
0722565888, 041-2226090. Bam-
buri Beach 2 br beach apartment
with access to the beach, secure
parking & 24 hrs security @ Kshs
0722565888, 041-2226090. Mi-
kindani 2 br apartment @ Kshs
0722565888, 041-2226090. Nyali 3
br bungalow m/ensuite with secure
parking @ Kshs 35,000/=.
0722565888, 0412226090. Mbaraki
open yard. Details on application.
0722565888, 0786565001- of-
ce space in a modern prestigious
building within CBD. Details on ap-
0722565888, 0786565001. Bedsit-
ter with secure parking & security
@ Kshs 12,000/=.
0722565888, 0786565001. Nyali
2br apartment m/ensuite newly with
secure parking & 24 hrs security @
Kshs 45,000/=.
0722565888, 0786565001. Nyali-
Beach Rd 4 br maisonette with sq,
guest wing, secure parking & gar-
den @ Kshs 120,000/=.
0722565888, 0786565001. Bamburi
(Vescon II) -3br bungalow m/ensuite
with secure parking & 24 hrs secu-
rity @ Kshs 35,000/=
0722565888, 041-2226090. Bam-
buri- 2 br apartment m/ensuite with
secure parking @ Kshs 20,000/=.
KIKAMBALA 6br 1 ac 20m
KILIFI BOFA, 1/8 pl ot 2m.
KILIFI Mrimani 2ac seaview 2m.
KILIFI opp Tuskys 1/8 2.5m.
KI TEGELA 2br f l at 2. 5m.
AT-REAL MGT. SERV. 0721-582227,
0733-881200. Muringa Rd, Kilimani,
3 b/r exclusive apt, dsq, m/ensuite,
s/pool, elec. Fence, parking, secure
AT-REAL MGT. SERV. Hillview, 4b/r
exclusive houses, all ensuite, dsq,
elec fence, garden, spacious se-
CHESKA: 4441983/7326/0722-
908214/0737-908213. Kili, 3br apt,
sq, P: 18m. o.n.o.
CHESKA: Buru Ph 4, 4br maiso, P:
9m. o.n.o.
CHESKA: Kile, 3br apt, s/pool, P:
15.5m o.n.o.
CHESKA: Riara, 3br apt, ensut, b/
hole, gazebo, P: 14m.
CHESKA: Westlds, 600sq. ft. of-
ce spa.
D/PRITT, 3br, ensuit, 15.255m. 0721-
DAM, off Langata Rd, 4br + sq.
DONHOLM, r/about. 3br, 9m. 0733-
KOMAROCK Phase 3, 3br 6m. 0733-
MUTHAIGA 4bed 1/2ac Kshs 120m.
OFF Enterprise Rd, godowns. Tel.
RUNDA 1ac 6bed Ksh 130m. 0722-
from our principals we shall sale
by auction under mentioned motor
vehicle at the yard of Alibaba Mo-
tors Ltd. Debt or VS Creditor Nis-
san Wing Road KBQ 639Y.
ANTIQUE furniture ! Teak / Mvule
wood ! @Khimjis tel 0733767070
A great soul serves everyone
all the time.
A great soul never dies.
It brings us together
again and again.
- Maya Angelou
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
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forums and more:
TENNIS: Azarenka out of
French Open with injury
World number ve Victoria
Azarenka has withdrawn from
the French Open as she continues
to recover from a foot injury that
forced her earlier withdrawals
from tournaments in Doha,
Miami, Madrid and Rome.
Unfortunately I will not be able
to compete in Roland Garros this
year, the two-time Australian
Open champion wrote on her
Twitter page. Working hard on
my recovery and getting back on
court. Azarenka has battled an
injury to her left foot for more
than two months. The French
Open begins on Sunday and runs
until June 8. Reuters
CRICKET: Hathurusinghe
to coach Bangladesh
Chandika Hathurusinghe will
leave his post as coach of the
Sydney Thunder Twenty20 team
to take up the head coaching
role with Bangladesh, Cricket
NSW said on Monday. The 45-
year-old Sri Lankan, who took
charge of Thunder last season,
has been offered the chance
to coach at full international
level, after previously being
an assistant coach of the Sri
Lankan side. Hathurusinghe
took over the acting head coach
role in December 2012, when
Anthony Stuart was released.

Kenya Sevens skipper Andrew
Amonde is among the three top play-
ers who have earned a call up to bol-
ster the Kenya 15s squad, the Tusker
Simba XVs, ahead of the World Cup
qualiers in Madagascar.
Kenya 15s team manager Wangila
Simiyu noted that Amonde will be
instrumental in the teams campaign
due to his leadership abilities.
He is one player who has the po-
tential to unite the squad; his pres-
ence on the team can never be
doubted, said Simiyu, who is help-
ing the squad of 30 step up training
in the Tusker training camp at the
Ruaraka grounds in Nairobi.
Other notable Kenya Sevens play-
ers who have been called up are
France-based William Ambaka and
Oscar Ouma who are expected to
play a vital role in the qualiers.
The team is set to face Portugal, a
formidable team ranking 24th in the
world, on June 7.
The match will test the teams re-
silience and preparedness ahead of
the World Cup qualiers that are
slated for July.
The Portugal match will be a
clear indicator for us on whether we
are on the right track. It will expose
the loose ends, which we will need to
strengthen before we leave for Mad-
agascar, said Simiyu.
The national 15s team recently
returned from a two-month tour of
South Africa, having featured in the
prestigious Vodacom Cup tourna-
The South Africa training camp
was made a success after generous
support from the South African Rug-
by Union.
In addition, Michael Shamia, Ke-
nyas strengthening and condition-
ing coach, has returned from three
weeks of intensive training at the
world renowned Stellenbosch Acad-
emy of Sport in South Africa and is
expected to pass on to the team the
skills acquired from his trip.
The three will be a great addi-
tion, especially against the likes of
Namibia, Zimbabwe and Madagas-
car, the three teams that Kenya will
be facing in the nal round of the
World Cup qualiers in Madagas-
car, said Simiyu.
South Africa was a stepping
stone for the team and it showed us
where our strengths and weakness
This test match will be a good
platform to showcase our improve-
ments, he added.
Ambaka and Ouma also named in
team for World Cup qualiers
BASKETBALL: Pacers pull
away from Heat 107-96
Paul George scored 24 points,
David West had 19, and the
Indiana Pacers protected their
home court with a 107-96 victory
over the Miami Heat on Sunday
to take a 1-0 lead in the Eastern
Conference nals. Indiana led
wire-to-wire and never even gave
the Heat a chance to tie the score
after starting the game with a
5-0 lead. Game two is Tuesday
in Indiana. The home team has
won all ve meetings this season.
Dwyane Wade scored 27 points
and LeBron James had 25 for
the two-time defending NBA
champions, who lost for only the
second time in 10 playoff games.
Indiana extended the lead to 19 in
the third and Miami couldnt get
closer than nine. AP
Kenyas Andrew Amonde outpaces
South Africas Chris Dry during the
Las Vegas Sevens World Series.
Amonde has been named as part of
the Kenya 15s team for the World
Cup qualiers. [PHOTO:AFP]
Page 60 / FEVERPITCH Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
African teams will
make impact - Etoo
African nations have the
ability to be a competitive
force at next months World
Cup in Brazil despite not get-
ting the respect they deserve,
Cameroon striker Samuel
Etoo said.
African teams have often
struggled at World Cups, with
Cameroon becoming the
rst side from the continent
to reach the quarter-nals in
Senegal and Ghana have
since matched that feat and
Etoo believes the improving
quality of players like Ivory
Coast midelder Yaya Toure
means the ve African na-
tions can make a major im-
pact in Brazil.
People think Africa are
just there for the show,
Etoo, who is in line to play in
his fourth World Cup nals,
told africanfootball.com.
It is because football
leaders dont respect us that
our opponents dont respect
us. Africa must ght to get as
far as possible and why not
win the World Cup. Look at
the main European clubs
where a lot of Africans are
shining. Take Manchester
City as an example, and look
at the goals scored by Yaya
Toure. If it was (Lionel) Mes-
si, we will be talking about it
for three years.
Cameroon have been
handed a difcult World Cup
draw and will play Croatia,
Mexico and hosts Brazil in
Group A. But Etoo, who has
made 116 appearances for
Cameroon and scored 55
goals, is relishing the pros-
pect of meeting much-fan-
cied Brazil side.
I have never been afraid,
he added. If you are scared,
dont become a football play-
er. It is going to be difcult,
for sure, but in football ev-
erything is possible. We will
have our chances, and we
need to take them.
The 33-year-old Etoo
looks to be on the hunt for a
new club after his contract at
Chelsea expired, but the for-
mer Barcelona striker has
not lost his hunger for the
game and is adamant he will
be good enough to play at
the next two World Cups.
Some believe I am going
to retire in the United States
or in the Middle East, added
Etoo, who scored 12 goals
for Chelsea this season.
I am going to go to this
World Cup and to the next
one when I will be 37. Some
did it at 42, so I can still play
in two more World Cups.
Cameroon, Ghana, Nige-
ria, Algeria and Ivory Coast
are the ve African teams
who have qualied for this
years World Cup. Reuters
Ghanas Asamoah Gyan runs with the ball during a training session northeast of Franceville in
Cameroon striker Samuel Etoo.
Cape Verdes coach Lucio Antunes (left) with Ghanas coach
James Kwesi Appiah during the African Cup of Nations 2013.
Ghana Black Stars coach
James Kwesi Appiah will call
the shots at the Fifa World
Cup in Brazil for the rst
time and he has insisted he
will do it his own way.
The 53-year-old former
international defender
made history when he be-
came the rst local coach to
guide Ghana to the World
Cup last year.
Since I took over the job,
I have been my own man. If
you let someone inuence
your decision, they wont re-
spect you, said Appiah, who
was an assistant to Serbian
Milovan Rajevac when Gha-
na reached the quarter--
nals at the 2010 World Cup.
You do things your own
way when in charge of the
team and if they dont work
out you become responsible
for the consequences. If they
do, you take the honours.
Appiahs rst test as boss
after being appointed in
April 2012 was the 2013 CAF
Africa Cup of Nations in
South Africa. The highly fan-
cied Black Stars were
stopped in the semi-nals
by Burkina Faso.
The coach insists there
were positive aspects to the
teams performance in the
For me, I have never re-
gretted any step I have tak-
en. The main reason (why
we did not win) being many
of the players we took to the
Nations Cup were young
and we were building the
team, he reasoned.
Saying that, any coach
goes into a competition to
win it and I dont think we
were disgraced at the com-
petition. We came out of the
competition with a lot of
players who had played a
tournament for the rst time
and could help us in the fu-
Ghana put behind their
exit from the Nations Cup to
qualify for the 2014 World
Cup with a convincing 7-3
aggregate thumping of
Former Black Stars skip-
per Stephen Appiah said the
former Asante Kotoko de-
fender is the man to lead the
country to greater glory in
Over the period his team
(players) have shown a lot of
commitment to him, he
said. I think it is a good sign
which will lead to many
more successes. There is
more motivation in the
team. This is a group lead-
In the Brazil 2014 World
Cup, the four-time African
champions are drawn
against Germany, Portugal
and USA in Group G.
Ghana reached the round
of 16 on their debut at the
2006 World Cup in Germany
and four years ago in South
Africa, they equalled the
best African performance by
getting to the quarter--
Appiah, a defensive mid-
elder who captained Gha-
na during his ve-year stint
with the national team, said
his team will not suffer any
inferiority complex against
his fancied rivals.
We play Germany, USA
and Portugal in our group,
but we did get this far and
we cant underrate or over-
rate any team, the game has
come of age and its any
mans game, he said.
All teams in our group
Black Stars
coach says
he will call
the shots in
are strong, but we cant fear
them because our qualica-
tion demonstrates our abil-
ity and potential. If you have
qualied for the World Cup
and you fear your oppo-
nents, then you might as
well not go for the competi-
tion, he said.
FEVERPITCH / Page 61 Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard

BRUSSELS: Belgium to
nd stand-in keeper
Belgium coach Marc Wilmots
has been forced to call up yet
another reserve goalkeeper
after Anderlecht number one
Silvio Proto broke his arm in
the nal match of the Belgian
league season on Sunday.
Wilmots said in a tweet that
he would add Sammy Bossut,
28, of Belgian side Zulte
Waregem to his 24-man squad
although Bossut could nd
himself cut from the nal 23
in two weeks time. Chelseas
Thibaut Courtois, loaned out
to Atletico Madrid for the past
three seasons, is Belgiums
clear number one, followed by
Liverpools Simon Mignolet.
SAO PAULO: Brazil hold
nal stadium tests
Brazilian organisers
acknowledged problems but
expressed satisfaction with
the nal two stadium tests
for the World Cup on Sunday,
including one at the troubled
Sao Paulo arena that hosts
the tournament opening game
in a few weeks. Brazilian
league matches were played to
inaugurate Itaquerao stadium
in Sao Paulo and Arena
Pantanal in the western city of
Cuiaba. Organisers said there
were problems at both venues,
including a leaking roof at
Itaquerao and a eld invasion
by a fan at Arena Pantanal.
But no major setbacks were
reported. AP
Witch Veron retires
Former Argentina midelder
Juan Sebastian Veron retired
for the second time on Sunday
at the age of 39, bowing out
with a 2-1 loss for boyhood
club Estudiantes but with no
regrets from a career that
yielded silverware across
the globe. Veron came out of
retirement last year to play
another season in Argentinas
top ight, having already taken
a role as a sporting director
at the club where his father
Juan Ramon was known as La
Bruja - The Witch - for his
spellbinding runs on the left
wing in the 1960s. Reuters
A Brazil fan dressed in
the likeness of coach
Luiz Felipe Scolari,
wearing a fake nose,
holds a replica of the
Fifa World Cup trophy
in Rio de Janeiro.
Steve Mandanda ruled out of
French team over neck injury
If the TV commercials pig-
gybacking on the World Cup
are to be believed, watching a
football match is fun, healthy
and sociable.
For hundreds of millions of
fans, say experts, the World
Cup will be a life-afrming -
esta but for others it will be
unhealthy, painful or even le-
thal. Statistics show that foot-
balls great parties are typical-
ly accompanied by a surge in
heart attacks, suicide, depres-
sion, assaults, road accidents,
binge-drinking and pigging
out on artery-clogging, waist-
line-expanding junk food.
The biggest risk comes
from emotional stress which
builds up during the match,
said Jean-Francois Toussaint,
director of Frances Institute
of Sport Biomedical Research
and Epidemiology (IRMES).
The risk is naturally greater
when a fans team loses rather
than when it wins because the
cumulative stress is nega-
Investigators in the south-
ern Germany city of Munich
found that local hospital ad-
missions for heart attacks or
palpitations rose 266 percent
on days when the national
team were playing in the 2006
World Cup which was hosted
by the Germans.
Researchers at the Univer-
sity of Birmingham in central
England even recommended
that penalty shootouts be
banned on public health
grounds after discovering
that the tally of heart attacks
in Britain rose by a quarter on
the day England lost on kicks
against historic rival Argenti-
na in the 1998 tournament.
Mitroglou makes Greece nal squad despite injury
Fulham striker Kostas
Mitroglou made Greeces -
nal 23-man World Cup squad
on Monday despite a roller
coaster season.
Mitroglou scored three of
Greeces four goals in their
aggregate 4-2 win over Ro-
mania in a World Cup quali-
fying playoff in November.
He scored a series of hat-
tricks for Olympiakos, in-
cluding in the Champions
League, at the start of sea-
son, then missed a month
through injury, before sign-
ing for Fulham.
Mitroglou struggled with
a knee injury and form at the
London side who were rele-
gated from the English Pre-
mier League.
The only criterion in my
selections was the players
who I chose to make me feel
safe both in the technical
sector and in their physical
state, said Greece coach
Fernando Santos.
We noticed in the last
matches that Mitroglou with
Fulham played 30 minutes
and I considered that he can
help the team, Santos said.
Santos also brought back
Verona defender Vangelis
Moras after three years out of
the national squad that starts
the World Cup in Group C
against Colombia, Ivory
Coast and Japan.
He has had a very good
season with his team and
seems to be in very good
Goalkeepers: Orestis Karnezis
(Granada), Panaglotis Glykos (PAOK),
Stefanos Kapino (Panathinaikos).
Defenders: Kostas Manolas, Giannis
Maniatis, Jose Holebas (all Olympiakos),
Sokratis Papastathopoulos (Borussia
Dortmund), Giorgios Tzavellas (PAOK),
Loukas Vyntra (Levante), Vasilis
Torosidis (Roma), Vangelis Moras (Hellas
Verona). Midelders: Alexandros
Tziolis (Kayserispor), Andreas Samaris
(Olympiakos), Kostas Katsouranis (PAOK),
Giorgos Karagounis (Fulham), Panagiotis
Tachtsidis (Torino), Ioannis Fetfatzidis
(Genoa), Lazaros Christodoulopoulos
(Bologna), Panagiotis Kone (Bologna).
Forwards: Dimitris Salpingidis (PAOK),
Giorgios Samaras (Celtic), Konstantinos
Mitroglou (Fulham), Theofanis Gekas
Greece team poses prior to the start of a World Cup Group G
qualifying match against Latvia in Athens. [PHOTO: AP]
World Cup
fans at risk
from footie
Frances goalkeeper Steve
Second-choice goalkeep-
er Steve Mandanda (pictured
right) has been ruled out of
the World Cup after cracking
a vertebra in his neck playing
for Olympique Marseille on
Mandanda was hit in the
face by Mustapha Yatabares
knee during OMs 1-0 win
against En Avant Guingamp
in their nal Ligue 1 xture.
OM doctor Christophe
Baudot told the clubs web-
site (www.om.net) on Sun-
day: Steve Mandanda is suf-
fering from a crack in his rst
cervical vertebra and from a
cervical sprain.
It will require wearing a
neck brace for three weeks
and the same amount of time
in physiotherapy.
Mandanda conrmed his
withdrawal on his Twitter
feed. It is with great sadness
that I announce that I will
not be able to take part in the
World Cup, he said.
Mandanda, who has 16
caps, is number two behind
captain Hugo Lloris.
He has been replaced by
St Etiennes Stephane Rufer,
the French federation said in
a statement.
Coach Didier Deschamps
has not replaced Rufer in
the list of players on stand-
The World Cup nals be-
gin on June 12. France are in
Group E with Ecuador, Swit-
zerland and Honduras, who
they face in their opener on
June 15. Reuters
condition. He meets the re-
quirements I have for this
mission, Santos said. AFP
Page 62 / FEVERPITCH Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Safaricom Head of Marketing Rita Okuthe (centre), Athletics
Kenya Vice President David Okeyo (right), head coach Sammy
Rono (left) with athletes Eunice Sum, Janeth Jepkosgei, Norah
Jeruto and Mark Mutai during the send-off luncheon, yesterday.
Manchester United hand Dutchman 3-year
contract to manage former champions
Dutchman Louis van Gaal
(pictured above) was named
as Manchester Uniteds new
manager, with Ryan Giggs as
his assistant, as the Premier
League club issued a statement
conrming the worst-kept se-
cret in the game yesterday.
Former Ajax Amsterdam,
Barcelona and Bayern Mu-
nich coach Van Gaal, who will
lead Netherlands at the World
Cup next month, has agreed
a three-year contract, United
Giggs, the clubs record ap-
pearance maker, took charge
of Uniteds nal four Premier
League of the season following
the sacking of David Moyes.
Van Gaal, 62 has won do-
mestic titles and domestic
cups in three countries, as well
as the Champions League with
Ajax and the UEFA Cup.
In Louis van Gaal, we have
secured the services of one of
the outstanding managers in
the game today, United execu-
tive vice-chairman Ed Wood-
ward said in the statement.
He has achieved many
things in his career to date
and Old Trafford provides him
with a tting stage on which to
Gold medallists at the
forthcoming World Relays in
Bahamas will each get Sh1
million from mobile tele-
phone provider, Safaricom.
Safaricoms Marketing Di-
rector Rita Okuthe announced
a reward of Sh600,000 for ev-
ery silver and Sh400,000 for
every bronze won by Kenyan
teams in Nassau.
We will give a further Sh1
million for every record bro-
ken there, said Okuthe, who
rewarded each of the 28 ath-
letes and travelling ofcials
with airtime worth Sh10,000.
Team Kenya captain Mark
Mutai says the countrys tar-
get is to make it to the nals
and win, especially in the
4x400m category.
The World Relay Champi-
onships is slated for this week-
end in Nassau, Bahamas.
Our aim is to qualify for
the Rio 2016 Olympics and the
World Championships next
year in China, soft-spoken
Mutai told FeverPitch at the
send-off luncheon organised
by Safaricom in Nairobi yes-
Inspired by the above
pledges, Mutai, the 2010 Afri-
can Athletics champion said
he has a good team in his cat-
egory which should propel Ke-
nya to the gold in Bahamas.
I can say my teammates
are strong and focussed. We
have been working on how
we are going to oor other na-
tions, says the reigning 400m
Commonwealth champion.
Others in the Kenyas
4x400m mens relay team are
Boniface Mucheru, Alex Sam-
pau and Solomon Buoga, who
said they are all building a
game plan to win.
We are targeting the nals
to qualify automatically for
China next year. We want to
be part of the team that will be
making history at the inaugu-
ral world relays, said Buoga.
Big cash rewards await relays medallists
write new chapters in the Man-
chester United story.
Everyone is very excited
about this new phase in the
clubs history. His track record
of success in winning leagues
and cups across Europe
throughout his career makes
him the perfect choice for us.
Im delighted that Louis
has chosen Ryan as his assis-
tant. Ryans association with
the club spans over two de-
cades and his knowledge and
stature will be of great use to
In addition, this is a fan-
tastic opportunity for Ryan
to learn his trade alongside a
world class manager whose
attacking instincts and belief
in youth are tailor-made for
Manchester United.
Van Gaal will also bring
Netherlands goalkeeping
coach Frans Hoek and scout-
ing specialist Marcel Bout to
the club as assistant coaches.
It was always a wish for me
to work in the Premier League.
To work as a manager for Man-
chester United, the biggest
club in the world, makes me
very proud, said Van Gaal.
This club has big ambi-
tions; I too have big ambitions.
Together Im sure we will make
United, English champi-
ons on 20 occasions, nished
seventh in the Premier League
and will miss out on European
football next season.
Moyes, who replaced the
retired Alex Ferguson, was
sacked last month after 10
troubled months in the Old
Trafford hotseat.
Cross city rivals Manchester
City have won the EPL with
Liverpool and Chelsea coming
second and third respectively.
Arsenal, Everton and Tot-
tenham Hotspur all nished
ahead of United.
FEVERPITCH / Page 63 Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Harambee Stars coach Adel Amrouche during
the match at Nyayo National Stadium on
build on it for a better re-
sult in the return match.
We have to be grateful
for the one goal. In foot-
ball, what is important is
to be able to score even
a single goal. There is no
knowing what may hap-
pen in the return match.
We may score four
times and then concede
ve goals.
Our focus now is to
build on this victory and
also have more friendly
matches in our quest to
establish a strong side.
Football authorities
need to work on ensuring
we have more build up
xtures so that the play-
ers can get used to each
other, he said.
Wanyama is positive
that Stars will make it
through to the next round
of the qualiers where ei-
ther Lesotho or Liberia is
will be their rivals.
The players are deter-
mined to work hard away.
We know that our oppo-
nents will open up their
game and not defend as
they did on Sunday.
This will create more
chances for us to score
goals, he said.
Amrouche admit-
ted that the luck of build
up matches before the
knock-out xture affected
their performance, but
was nonetheless delight-
ed by the home win.
We did not play any
build-up xture and also
had to bring in some new
players into the team at
short notice.
Overall, we are happy
with the result and that is
what is important at this
time, he said.
Amrouche reiterated
the fact that Comoros will
be no push-overs in the
return match after the
strong performance they
put up on Sunday.
Before this, I had
warned my players that
there are no longer min-
nows in African football.
All teams on the con-
tinent are equal and in the
case of our opponents, the
fact that they have a good
number of their players in
Europe gives them a slight
We are ready to go
and work hard to pick the
results we need to make it
to the next round, he told
His Comoros counter-
part said, Amir Abou, said
they had picked some
positives from the loss
which they hope to turn
into a win.
In football, when you
make a mistake, you pay
for it and as a team this is
what we have learnt from
this loss.
Kenya got only one
chance and they benet-
ted from it. We know what
needs to be done in the re-
turn xture and hopefully
we can do it and qualify,
he said.
Belgium-based Lom-
mel United midelder Jo-
hanna Omolo gave Stars
the much-needed goal at
home, watched by a huge
crowd who cheered the
home team throughout.
Stars elded their best
players, including Wanya-
ma, Italy-based MacDon-
ald Mariga and France-
based Dennis Oliech.
Their presence made
fans roar in support,
which helped the hosts to
dominate the game.
Continued From P64
AFC Leopards unveil new Dutch coach Hendrik De Jongh
After months of waiting
and speculation, AFC Leop-
ards have nally unveiled a
new head coach.
Dutchman Pieter Hen-
drik De Jongh (pictured) has
signed a one year deal worth
Sh350,000 per month to han-
dle the struggling GOtv shield
Speaking when he accepted
to take over, De Jongh prom-
ised to turn around the for-
tunes of the club and declared
he has what it takes to do just
He, however, cautioned
against rushing him, insisting
that it will take time to bring
desired results.
I understand that AFC
Leopards is a big club with
huge expectations. But I am
used to this and there should
be no problem doing it here.
However, this will not hap-
pen overnight and we need
time. It will take two or three
months before we see result
trickling in, he told journalists
and supporters who witnessed
the occasion at the Nyayo Na-
tional Stadium.
Later, the new tactician ad-
dressed the players and em-
phasised on the importance of
discipline and hard work.
There is need for you to
work hard and ght for the
team. Discipline is also key to
success, he said.
Club chairman Allan Kasa-
vuli said the deal will be re-
newed based on performance
and expressed the clubs con-
dence in the Dutchmans abil-
ity to perform.
He asked fans to be patient
with the new man and accord
him all the necessary support
he requires to succeed.
We have agreed on a one
year contract with the coach
and it will be renewable based
on performance.
We have every condence
that De Jong will bring a long
term solution to our poor run
of results. We are now happy
that nally the whole techni-
cal bench is complete and
that they will work together to
achieve the results, he said.
He said the new coach was
appointed based on his tacti-
cal ability and hope it can be
imparted on the team.
De Jong takes over just
two weeks after Leopards had
agreed terms with Briton Trev-
or Morgan who whoever failed
to take over at the team after
he requested for two
weeks to consider
another option he
The Dutch-
man takes over
from James
Nandwa, who
was sacked
almost two
months ago
at the height
of poor re-
By the
time he left
N a n d w a
had won
only two
Kenyan Pre-
mier League
matches out
of eight the
club was in-
volved in.
Nandwa had
taken over from Luc
Emayel, whose stay
in the Den was just as
short after succeeding
another Dutchman, Jan
Coach and captain say Stars will proceed


Man City 38 27 5 6 102 37 +65 86
Liverpool 38 26 6 6 101 50 +51 84
Chelsea 38 25 7 6 71 27 +44 82
Arsenal 38 24 7 7 68 41 +27 79
Everton 38 21 9 8 61 39 +22 72
Tottenham 38 21 6 11 55 51 +4 69
Man United 38 19 7 12 64 43 +21 64
Southampton 38 15 11 12 54 46 +8 56
Stoke City 38 13 11 14 45 52 -7 50
Newcastle 38 15 4 19 43 59 -16 49
Crystal Palace 38 13 6 19 33 48 -15 45
Swansea City 38 11 9 18 54 54 +0 42
West Ham 38 11 7 20 40 51 -11 40
Sunderland 38 10 8 20 41 60 -19 38
Aston Villa 38 10 8 20 39 61 -22 38
Hull City 38 10 7 21 38 53 -15 37
West Brom 38 7 15 16 43 59 -16 36
Norwich City 38 8 9 21 28 62 -34 33
Fulham 38 9 5 24 40 85 -45 32
Cardiff City 38 7 9 22 32 74 -42 30
Atletico Madrid 38 28 6 4 77 26 +51 90
Barcelona 38 27 6 5 100 33 +67 87
Real Madrid 38 27 6 5 104 38 +66 87
Athletic Club 38 20 10 8 66 39 +27 70
Sevilla 38 18 9 11 69 52 +17 63
Villarreal 38 17 8 13 60 44 +16 59
Real Sociedad 38 16 11 11 62 55 +7 59
Valencia 38 13 10 15 51 53 -2 49
Celta de Vigo 38 14 7 17 49 54 -5 49
Levante 38 12 12 14 35 43 -8 48
Malaga 38 12 9 17 39 46 -7 45
Rayo Vallecano 38 13 4 21 46 80 -34 43
Getafe 38 11 9 18 35 54 -19 42
Granada 38 12 5 21 32 56 -24 41
Espanyol 38 11 9 18 41 51 -10 42
Elche 38 9 13 16 30 50 -20 40
Almeria 38 11 7 20 43 71 -28 40
Osasuna 38 10 9 19 32 62 -30 39
Real Valladolid 38 7 15 16 38 60 -22 36
Real Betis 38 6 7 25 36 78 -42 25
De Jongs rst duty will be
during the Regional (Cecafa)
Nile Basin tournament that
kicks off on Thursday in Su-
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Appiah says he is his own man and predicts Ghana will excel in WC, P.60-61
Manchester United name Van Gaal as manager P.62
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R0 4r|ers frastrate4 at carce||at|cr cf t|e|r ka||] resa|ts .t
Twaha pitches for election on clean image, experience
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(|eem(|ea || rew. -A
S You A1 NYAYo: 6er Mahia feIIewers. |lnOO: SlllOlL
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On Muy 22, Tuskef wefe uI home uguInsI Gof Mu-
hIu, buI InsIeud oI pIuyIng Ihe hxIufe In NuIfobI, de-
cIded Io Iuke Ihe muIch Io MumIus Io uvoId Ihe In-
IImIduIIng 'Gfeen Afmy` us Ihey hunIed Iof muxImum
poInIs Ifom Ihe muIch.
The pIoI dId noI wofk, us Ihe 'Gfeen Afmy` some-
how Iound IIs wuy InIo Ihe MumIus CompIex In u
muIch IhuI ended In u buffen dfuw.
ThIs IIme, Ihe bfewefs huve no opIIon us Ihey
come Iuce-Io-Iuce wIIh Ihe ufmy us Ihe Iwo sIdes
meeI In mIdweek Ieugue cIush uI Nyuyo SIudIum Io-
moffow evenIng.
The hxIufe Is cfucIuI Iof boIh sIdes, whIch seek Io
keep up Ihe chuse on Ieudefs Bungefs.
Gof MuhIu skIppef JefIm Onyungo hud no kInd
Saturday 8arcede
Suuday 8arcede
Saturday 8arcede
Suuday 8arcede
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Harambee Stars captain Victor
Wanyama (right) covers the ball
from a Comoros opponent during
the Africa Cup of Nations qualier
at the Nyayo National Stadium on
Lack of matches blamed
for Stars narrow victory
Despite the slim 1-0 victory over Comoros in the Africa
Cup of Nations qualier on Sunday, Harambee Stars are
condent that they will make it to the next round of the
Team captain Victor Wanyama and coach Adel Am-
rouche said the narrow win is still important for Stars con-
sidering the fact that the team has not played together for
almost six months.
The last time Harambee Stars played together was on
December 12 when the team beat Sudan 2-0 in the nal
match of the Senior Challenge Cup at Nyayo Stadium.
A planned friendly against Sudan in March did not take
place following a stand-off on where it was supposed to
be played.
Wanyama, who turns out for English side Southamp-
ton, said the team is grateful for the one goal and should
Transition hitches as
move to chip ATM cards
nears tail end
PAGES 1415
Tourism can thrive despite
terrorism PAGE 6
Kenyas new economic data: Will
size matter? PAGE 3
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Turn Sh15,000 in seedlings
into Sh1.8 million PAGE 10
Joy of
Mr Call More
Safaricom CEO credits rms enviable
prots to a helicopter strategy that
enables it think long term
With her career in nance and
accounting spanning about 20 years at
some of Kenyas top rms, Ms Rosemary
Kinanu Gitumas humility is refreshing. She
is renowned for being no-nonsense in the
ofce, and gives off a condent demeanour
as she balances on her four-inch heels. The
mother of ve has embraced fashion, and
loves wearing red and embellishing her
look with pearls and brooches.
Why do you think your peers have
dubbed you a no-nonsense leader?
(Laughs) I believe it is because I am
rm but fair, operate with high integrity
and I am highly committed; I thrive best
under complexity. I push for attention to
detail and a holistic business view. This
may make some uncomfortable, thus the
How do you describe yourself?
As a mother of ve and an accountant
by profession. For the last 14 years, I have
been serving at the East African Portland
Cement Company Ltd, where I have held
positions such as acting head of nancial
management, internal audit manager and
board director at EAPCC (Uganda) Ltd.
Youve held several other management
positions, right?
I worked with Numerical Machining
Complex Ltd as the nance and
administration manager before I moved
to EAPCC. I also worked at Care Kenya
as a nancial consultant, and at Nairobi
Bottlers as the treasury and operations
accountant for about two years.
I have also served as vice-chairman
at the Institute of Certied Public
Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) Council,
where I took ofce in August last year, and
I am on the management committee of
the Association of Women Accountants of
Kenya (AWAK).
In the early years of my career, I worked
at Kenya Airways as a management trainee
and budget accountant after working at
Deloitte, where I was an audit trainee.
What is your educational background?
I have an MBA (accounting and nance)
and a bachelor of commerce degree
(accounting option), both from the
University of Nairobi.
I am currently expanding my knowledge
with a PhD in Switzerland, which was
inspired by an advanced management
programme I undertook at Strathmore
Business School.
What is your management style?
I strongly believe in teamwork. In
accounting, one has to be time-based, so
to beat deadlines and ensure the quality of
work done is high, I want to help out with
assignments and inuence results.
You are very passionate about the
accounting profession, why?
Unlike what it is depicted to be,
accounting is a profession that can steer
growth and impact different strategic
spheres. Accountants are trained in all
disciplines and I believe that if they are
given the right recognition, they can
facilitate driving the national agenda.
What are your weaknesses?
I am a workaholic. I feel the pressure to
accomplish things, so I ensure I work until
I complete all assignments.
So how do you nd time for family?
I am an early riser Im up by 4.30am
even if I sleep late due to deadlines. I have
also mastered the art of discipline and
plan my days activities. I get the strength
to strike a balance between work and
family from God who has given me great
devotion and patience.
What inspires you?
I am the rst born in a family of 11.
Since I was a young girl in Mwichiune
Lowerchure Primary School, I have wanted
the best for myself and for my loved ones.
I worked hard and knocked on doors until
I got opportunities; I want to set a good
example for my siblings.
My determination saw me become the
rst person to join university in my village,
and I was also the best-performing student
in the rst year of my BCom studies.
I now use the knowledge I have gained
through my years of experience to impact
What do you do when you are not
I am a member of the Karen Country
Club and Parklands Sports Club and
enjoy networking, travelling, reading and
Your advice to the youth?
Follow your dreams, exercise humility,
be resilient, have respect for others even if
they are your career rivals, and maintain a
high level of maturity.
Business Beat
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
I have been impressed with the urgency of doing.
Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being
willing is not enough; we must do,
Published by: The Standard Group Ltd; Group Managing Editor Print: Kipkoech Tanui; Deputy Managing Editor Daily Editions: Peter Okongo; Production Editor: Richard Kerama; Business Editor: Hussein Mohamed; Weekend Business
Editor: Jevans Nyabiage; Supplements Editor: Julius Mokaya; Senior Sub-Editor: Kagure Gacheche; Sub-Editors: Andrew Watila, John Oyuke; Writers: Jevans Nyabiage, James Anyanzwa, Lillian Kiarie, Macharia Kamau, Frankline Sunday,
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co.ke All correspondence to Business Beat is assumed to be intended for publication. Business Beat accepts no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, artworks or photographs. All rights on publication remain with the
The Energy Regulatory Commission has said Ke-
nyans should brace themselves for higher electric-
ity prices and subsequent rise in the cost of living.
On each unit of electricity consumed, the fuel cost
charge will increase to Sh7.22 from Sh5.19.
The rise has been attributed to depressed rains
over the March to May season. ERC said this would
see power generation shift to heavy dependence on
thermal power producers that burn diesel to gener-
ate electricity. The cost of the pricey fossil fuel will
be passed on to consumers. Generation capacity at
the Seven Forks hydroelectricity dams has already
fallen by about half as a result of low water levels.
The Presbyterian
University of East Afri-
ca (PUEA) has appoint-
ed Professor Peter
Kibas as the next vice
chancellor. He is a pro-
fessor of management
and entrepreneurship,
and holds a PhD in en-
trepreneurship studies
from the University of
Illinois, USA, specialis-
ing in micronance and human resource develop-
ment, management and evaluation.
He holds a master of education in vocational and
business studies from the same university, and a
bachelors degree in business studies from the Uni-
versity of Brunswick, Canada.
Prof Kibas, 62, previously held the position of
deputy vice chancellor at Kabarak University for a
ve-year term.
The increase in fuel cost
charges on electricity bills
that will be effected this
East African Portland Cements nance
manager Rosemary Kinanu Gituma.
Although developing
countries have seen poverty fall
dramatically one billion
people have been lifted out of
poverty since 1990 income
inequality has been unchanged
since 1960, according to
research by economists Amparo
Castell-Climent and Rafael
Across countries, because of
the relatively faster growth of
emerging economies, inequality
has dropped as the income gap
narrows. But within countries,
inequality on average has risen
or not improved signicantly.
One of the reasons is that as
countries industrialise and
urbanise, they grow more
quickly. Those who move into
industry and cities earn more
than those who dont. So,
income inequality tends to rise
with economic development.
However, countries can bring
down income inequality through
redistributive policies, such as
social welfare systems.
Another solution is
progressive tax rates. The
Organisation for Economic
Co-operation and Development
(OECD) suggests a cut in taxes
to encourage employment,
offset by a rise in certain taxes
including green taxes, plus
active labour market policies to
cut employment costs.
In brief: New data on income gaps
propels issue to global policy stage
Business Beat
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
I think they are trying to massage the
gures to convince the public the economy
is doing well, but we are in bad shape,
Samuel Nyandemo
he reading out of the
countrys performance data
has in recent years largely
been greeted with gloom,
disappointment and frustration.
The annual event, which
normally precedes the release of
Budget estimates for the new
nancial year, has mostly served
as a forum where expectations
are trimmed and investment
plans revised.
But this is set to change when
Cabinet Secretary for Devolution
and Planning Anne Waiguru
releases Kenyas economic data,
thanks to the new method of
calculating gross domestic
product (GDP), commonly
known as rebasing.
Though the adjusted statistics
are still being compiled by the
Kenya National Bureau of
Statistics (KNBS), preliminary
indications are that the total
value of goods and services
produced in the country (or the
GDP) will increase by between 15
and 20 per cent.
Whether the growth is
Will size matter? The
reality of new GDP data
Politics of statistics: The economy
is expected to grow by 20 per cent
after gures are revised, yet poverty
and income inequalities persist
supported by economic
fundamentals remains to be
seen, but a cross-section of
economists are of the view that
such growth could be per-
ceived and not in tandem with
This is because the economy
remains burdened by poverty (it
is among the worlds 30 poorest
countries), unemployment (at 40
per cent) and high costs of living.
It is also plagued by insecu-
rity, dilapidated infrastructure,
high levels of maternal and
infant mortality, increased
Government spending on
recurrent items, and rising
income disparities (the top 10
per cent of Kenyans earn 44 per
cent of national income, while
the bottom 10 per cent earn less
than one per cent) .
Kenyas GDP is expected to
grow from $41.6 billion (Sh3.61
trillion) in 2013 to $50 billion
(Sh4.35 trillion) this year,
pushing East Africas largest
economy into middle-income
status by September. The
country was expected to attain
this feat by 2030.
The new gures could see the
Jubilee Administration walk tall
for having steered the economic
rebound the country has been
working towards for decades.
The changes being proposed
all seem fairly standard, with the
new data continuing to highlight
the importance of the service
sector as the engine of growth in
most African countries, said Mr
David Cowan, Citibanks head
economist for Africa.
Given that the delay in
rebasing was not as signicant as
in West Africa, the impact is
unlikely to be as large as in
Ghana in 2010 or Nigerias recent
According to Mr Cowan, the
revision of Kenyas GDP would
help lower the countrys high
scal and current account
decits, giving it better standing
when it seeks to borrow from
international lenders.
But concern remains that the
proposed growth is not sup-
and Planning
Anne Waiguru
will announce
economic data
that will show
the countrys
GDP increas-
ing by
between 15
and 20 per
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Business Beat
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
he scale of rot at the
Companies Registry has
once again been high-
lighted in a boardroom war that
has pit a Greek against a
Canadian and two Kenyans.
The feud at the rm Bact-
lab Limited, a healthcare
products marketing company
dragged on silently for over a
year before spilling into Kenyan
It has now exposed the soft
underbelly of the registrars
ofce where feuding directors
can cut out fellow shareholders
from ownership of a company
through back-door measures.
Documents led at the courts
show that each camp of feuding
directors has secured different
records of shareholding pur-
portedly from the same le
each favouring their case.
Further, the documents,
which are in Business Beats
possession, allege that a faction
of Bactlab directors went ahead
to register a company with an
identical name, which is contrary
to the law, and started operating
a similar business that allowed it
to steal unsuspecting custom-
ers from the mother company.
The irregularity in the
company names should have
been easy to spot as the
controversy involves at least two
The case touches on legiti-
mate registrar records, which
could have signicant ramica-
tions for the thousands of
companies registered every year.
In addition, the changes in
shareholding were done without
following laid-down procedures,
allege the documents led in
Bactlab Limited was regis-
tered in November 2007 by a
Canadian businesswoman, Mrs
Soa Asali, and a Greek, Mr
Gregorious Smaragdis, each
holding a 50 per cent stake in the
About a year later, on July 30,
2008, the two foreigners agreed
The allocation of the name Bactlabs East
Africa Limited to you was inadvertent,
and the same is no longer tenable,
Companies Registry
to enter into a partnership with
two Kenyans. They each ceded
20 per cent of their stake in the
This saw Mr Hussein Ahmed
Farah and Mr Farah Mohamed
Awad join the company as
shareholders. The two Kenyans
injected Sh5 million in working
capital for a 40 per cent stake in
the rm.
Mrs Asali, Mr Smaragdis and
Mr Farah each ended up with 30
per cent shareholding under the
new arrangement, while the
remaining 10 per cent was taken
up by Mr Awad, who also
doubled as the companys
nance director.
According to the joint venture
agreement seen by Business Beat,
Bactlab Limited was to hold
courses, lectures and exhibitions
and organise seminars in its
efforts to market medical and
diagnostic products in East
Africa. The company has ofces
along Nairobis Kinoo Road.
The companys troubles
began in September 2011 when
Smaragdis registered a different
company with an identical name
Bactlabs East Africa Limited
to carry out a business similar
to Bactlab Limiteds.
To widen the rift, Smaragdis,
who describes himself as an
economist, then moved with all
but two of the employees from
Bactlab Limited to his new outt.
All key staff who resigned
from Bactlab Limited are now
employees of Bactlabs EA Ltd.
The company was operational
even when the previous
management was active at
Bactlab Limited, thereby using
the resources at their disposal to
benet the rival company, the
court documents read.
The other directors also allege
that the Greek went ahead to
bleed the original company by
taking cheques payable to
Bactlab Limited and banking
them in Bactlabs EAs accounts.
This was in addition to diverting
customers and suppliers to the
new outt.
During a meeting held on
November 15, 2011 at Bactlab
Limited after the other directors
learnt of his duplicity, Smaragdis
was kicked out of the position of
managing director.
After various reforms were
implemented at the Companies
Registry, the department on
November 7, 2012 attempted to
address the controversy around
the two rms names by asking
the proprietors of the new
company to register a different
business name.
We have noted that this
ofce registered a company by
the name Bactlab Limited
(147012) on 5th November 2007.
Please note that this was before
you sought registration for your
company under the same name
Bactlabs East Africa Limited
(CPR/2011/56079) on 9th
September 2011, the letter,
signed by State Counsel Chirchir
Faith on behalf of the registrar of
companies, reads in part.
The registrar argued that the
two companies bear similar
names and cannot exist concur-
rently as this would confuse the
The allocation of the name
Bactlabs East Africa Limited
(CPR/2011/56079) to you was
inadvertent, and the same is no
longer tenable within the
meaning of Section 20 of the
Companies Act.
We, therefore, call upon you
to change the name of your
company within six weeks from
the date hereof, the letter said,
adding that failure to do so
would force the ofce to invoke
the provisions of Section 20 of
the Companies Act.
Under this legislation, if a
company is directed to change
its name and does not do so
within the given timeline, its
ofcers shall be liable to a ne
not exceeding Sh100,000 each
day the default continues. A year
and a half down the line,
Bactlabs EA Ltd still exists.
The faction led by Smaragdis
has also moved to court seeking
orders to wind up the original
Reforms needed: Case pitting two camps of
directors against each other reveals tenuous
nature of records in a department where one
can get rid of shareholders virtually at will
Latest boardroom feud exposes depth
Business Beat
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Filly Investments supplied goods to the
company at an uncompetitive price
determined solely by the petitioner,
Court documents
In his case, the Greek argued
that the new shareholders did
not pay for their shares, a
position that the other camp has
Awad has accused Smaragdis
of engaging civil courts to
ground operations of Bactlab
Limited through winding up
The ght has also spilled over
into cyberspace, with one faction
accusing the other of stealing its
website domain name.
The year in November when
Mr Gregorious Smaragdis
was kicked out as managing
director of Bactlab Limited.
Contacted by Business Beat
for comment, Smaragdis said his
lawyers would revert with his
side of the story, but by the time
of going to press days later, this
had not happened.
Business Beat wanted him to
respond to allegations that he
had on previous occasions
registered a company and at
some point failed to fully
disclose that he was a foreigner.
On a separate occasion, it is
alleged that he used one of his
companies to apply for a work
Records led in court show
that in April 2012, the Director of
Public Prosecutions asked the
Criminal Investigations Depart-
ment to investigate the fraud
allegations against Smaragdis.
According to the documents,
Smaragdis and two other
employees of Bactlab Limited
had incorporated Filly Invest-
ments, a rm that supplied
goods to the mother company,
without the knowledge of the
other shareholders.
At one point, Filly supplied
reagents to Bactlab Limited in a
transaction synonymous to a
person buying goods from
The petitioner abused his
position as a managing director
of the company by secretively
incorporating Filly Investments
to supply goods to the company
and Bactlabs East Africa Ltd ...
and by using his company, Filly
Investments, he supplied goods
to the company at an uncom-
petitive price determined solely
by the petitioner, court
documents read in part.
A search at the Companies
Registry revealed that the owners
of Filly Investments were also
employees of Bactlab Limited.
Also in contest is who the real
directors and shareholders at
Bactlab Limited are, given that
the registrar has different
versions, depending on who is
And despite the fact that the
two Kenyans did not sign any
share transfer forms indicating
they had left the company,
Smaragdis managed to have
them kicked out, records at the
Companies Registry show.
This case has come to light at
a time when the registry is
implementing reforms to
streamline its processes, with
some changes operationalised as
recently as earlier this month.
The department has shufed
most of its staff, rooted out
middlemen who have pushed up
the costs of getting services, and
now requires company directors
to provide their photos, PIN
certicates to show tax compli-
ance, and copies of their IDs or
Economists query reality of Kenyas anticipated super growth
ported by economic fundamentals.
According to Dr Samuel Nyan-
demo, a senior lecturer at the
University of Nairobis School of
Economics: [The Government is]
targeting a favourable base year for
calculation of the GDP, which is
unethical. The cost of living has
drastically gone up, energy prices
have risen beyond the roof and the
agricultural sector is devastated. How
do you expect the economy to grow by
these gures?
I think they are trying to massage
the gures to convince the public the
economy is doing well, but we are in
bad shape.
Currently, KNBS data is hinged on
gures from 2001, but with the
rebasing, the reference year will be
According to Dr Nyandemo, the
Kenyan economy is supported by
three critical sectors tourism,
agriculture and manufacturing and
they are not performing well.
Dr Thomas Kibua, a senior
economist at the African Develop-
ment and Economic Consultants and
former deputy governor at the Central
Bank of Kenya, described the rebasing
exercise as the politics of statistics.
I dont believe there is any
economy in the world growing at 20
per cent. The fact of the matter is that
our economy is not growing, he said.
Whichever way you look at the
gures, I dont think the economy can
grow by more than ve per cent.
The National Treasury, however,
has claried that it will maintain its
growth forecast of 5.8 per cent for this
GDP will be higher by between 15
and 20 per cent, but the growth rate
will still be 5.8 per cent, even though
it will be based on a higher GDP
gure, National Treasury Principal
Secretary Kamau Thugge said.
Mr Kwame Owino, the Institute of
Economic Affairs chief executive,
added: What we are doing now is
accounting for the fact that since
2001, certain industries that have
grown, such as mobile telecommuni-
cations, and certain structures of the
economy have changed.
Last year, the economy took a
larger than expected beating, manag-
ing to grow by a marginal 0.1 per cent
from 4.6 per cent in 2012.
Analysts attributed this to a poorly
performing agricultural sector, which
is the countrys main economic
engine. The country has also yet to get
close to the 7.1 per cent growth it
recorded in 2007.
I dont believe
there is any
economy in the
world growing at 20
per cent. The fact of
the matter is that
our economy is not
growing. I dont
think the economy
can grow by more
than ve per cent.
of rot at companies registry
Business Beat
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
What fails our security system is that the
people entrusted with it are willing to make
short-term gains through corruption,
n 2012, about 83 million
tourists visited France, 58
million visited Spain, 67
million visited USA and 25 million
visited Malaysia. In 2011, Egypt
had about nine million interna-
tional visitors, while another nine
million visited Morocco.
We got 1.7 million tourists
and hope to reach ve million in
the next ve years. But from the
other countries data, our target
should be 40 million tourists,
about our current population. But
this dream is being frustrated by
Tourism operators, from hotel
owners to curio shop owners, are
concerned about the fall in
international arrivals, particularly
after the recent evacuation of
British tourists from the Coast.
Some observers have sug-
gested that the evacuation was
not so much about a terror threat,
but a pronouncement made just
before that claimed that if the UK
does not open up its market to
miraa, British farms in Kenya
would be seized. One day the
truth will be known.
Tourism operators are calling
on the Government to do
something to reverse their
fortunes after all, security is its
A government is always willing
to secure the country because it
makes political sense; it does not
want to be accused during
elections that of doing nothing to
stop the death of its citizens from
terror attacks.
But more importantly, a secure
country is more likely to grow
faster economically. Terrorism
subdues economic activities
beyond tourism, it prevents
businesses operating 24 hours,
affects late-night drinking and
transport, and so on. I am not a
security expert, but I believe we
can secure this country.
Without boasting, I was in the
USA in 2001 when the September
11 attack took place. I recall
Americans anger and the
governments reaction.
Passing through airports
became a nightmare as security
checks were upgraded, but
Americans were willing to be
inconvenienced to be secure. New
technologies came up to detect
weapons. Americans, like
Kenyans, were willing to go after
the terrorists outside their
borders. But the greatest weapon
against terror in the US was not
new technology, it was American
unity and the citizens trust in
their government.
Historically, we have never
trusted our Government. If our
Government issued a travel
warning to Kenyans abroad, most
would ignore it and laugh it off.
In the aftermath of September
11, there was no Democrat or
Republican, they were all
Americans united in grief and
resolve to make their country
secure. Can we do the same? Can
we forget we are Jubilee or CORD
and just support each other until
our country is secure?
I once witnessed a couple
ghting in broad daylight. An
innocent man tried to separate
them. The turn of events
surprised me: the coupled ganged
up against the man and beat him
until he ed.
We must also be willing to
volunteer information on terror,
but the issue of trusting the
Government arises again. Most
Kenyans are afraid that if they go
to a police station to report a
terror threat, they would be
arrested. It is time the Govern-
ment built more trust.
Most terrorists and their
sympathisers live among us, not
in caves. Just like in most villages,
all the thugs are known, but no
one is willing to report them to
the police for fear of reprisal.
To defeat terrorism, we need to
improve our security and
registration system. How come
Ethiopia, which has a longer
border with Somalia than Kenya,
has had no terror attacks?
In the aftermath of September
11, the US immigration depart-
ment was reorganised and even
renamed. It became harder to get
an American visa. Universities
were mandated to keep tabs on
their students whereabouts.
We need to improve on our
registration system to ensure
every Kenyan or non-Kenyan is
accounted for.
What fails our security system
is that the people entrusted with it
are willing to make short-term
gains through corruption at the
expense of the country trust
again, but add a lack of patrio-
We also must be willing to
make trade-offs. We might lose
some freedoms to secure the
country; we cannot have it all. But
some feel that the Government
might take advantage of insecurity
to permanently curtail our
freedom. We have enough
institutions to balance the
excesses of the Government.
To make this country secure
and bring back the tourists, we
must be quick to forget.
During the anniversary of
September 11, American media
usually show attacks in Nairobi
and Dar es Salaam, not New York.
They want Americans to go on
with their lives. We put too much
emphasis on past events, creating
patterns that make the country
look too insecure. Any time there
is a terror attack, we go back to
history and list all terror attacks.
Any tourists reading or watching
that will rarely return. We should
not really leverage on bad news.
If we could take these few
steps and then repackage our
country beyond the Big Five, we
could reach 40 million tourists a
year and grow our economy and
create jobs.
We must nally learn from
nature. Delivering a baby is a
painful experience, but with time,
women forget the experience and
get yet another child. We can do
the same. Think of terrorism as
the birth pangs of a new nation
that is stronger, united and
prosperous. Didnt Americans
make Ground Zero a tourist
attraction? Were the worlds most
thriving economies today, like
Germany and Japan, not once
ravaged by war? This is not time
for pessimism, its time for resolve.
We should see ourselves as the
generation that rose to the call of
duty and overcame the threat of
terrorism. Is this not how heroes
are made?
By the way, why are terrorists
attacking ordinary Kenyans now?
The writer is a senior lecturer at
University of Nairobis School of
Business. xniraki@gmail.com
Have an opinion to share on business
issues? bizbeat@standardmedia.co.ke
Tourism can thrive despite terrorism
are afraid
that if they
go to a po-
lice station
to report
a terror
they would
be ar-
It is time
the Gov-
built more
The reality of the standard gauge
railway (SGR) was highlighted when
the Prime Minister of China and the
President of Kenya put pen to paper
in the presence of regional presidents
at a State House event.
The Governments commitment to
bringing positive reform in the trade
logistics industry is, therefore, not in
About two weeks prior to the State
House signing, another signicant
event, also attended by regional
presidents, occurred, this time at
Nairobis Safari Park Hotel where the
Kenya Trade Network Agency
(KenTrade) launched its agship
project, christened the National
Electronic Single Window (e-SWS)
The projects objective is to reduce
cargo clearance time at key trade
nodes like the Port of Mombasa, Jomo
Kenya International Airport (for air
freight) and borders.
This will be achieved by imple-
menting a single platform to process
trade-related cargo clearance
The two events are very closely
related in trade logistics, especially in
cargo evacuation from the Port of
Mombasa into the region, which
explains the regional interest in both
events. It is also not by coincidence
that Kenya hosted both events since
we are both the gateway to East
Africa and the big brother in the
regional economy.
My interest is in the launch of
e-SWS, which is the feeder to the
second event and should create a
synchronised system and provide the
much-needed magic to make trade
facilitation in the northern corridor
more effective.
However, there are some
concerns. First, it is important to note
that rail wagons can only have cargo
loaded for a destination after an
order from the Kenya Ports Authority.
However, for KPA to issue the order, it
must receive clearance from all
invested Government agencies.
My worry, and that of many other
clearing agents, is that in the event
the wagons have to wait longer for
cargo to be loaded, the blame for the
delay will rest squarely on the agents,
who will then be branded corrupt,
inefcient and unprofessional.
This would be far from the truth,
and the e-SWS should provide the
much-needed efciency to ensure
cargo is quickly evacuated from the
port into wagons for onward
But did the launch of the single
window address the issues of
inefciencies at the port?
My experience, and that of many
other agents, is that the launch has
changed little as port operations still
maintain the status quo. Inefciencies
transferred to the window will
produce the same results of long
cargo dwell times and higher costs of
storage and trade.
As clearing agents, we may have
been informed, but I can say without
any fear of contradiction that we were
never fully involved in the actual
formulation of the modules in the
window, yet so much will be expected
of us in the long run.
As clearing agents, we need to be
allowed to interrogate the e-SWS and
evaluate its efciency if we are to
make positive steps in trade logistics
as envisaged.
The Government must take the
lead in recognising the important role
of clearing agents in cargo logistics
by insisting that all requisite State
agencies work together for better
interventions. Can we borrow a leaf
from Nigeria where the clearing
agents umbrella body is housed in
the Ofce of the President for better
monitoring and information sharing,
which has greatly contributed to
better service delivery?
By working together, we can make
better use of our diverse expertise in
The writer is CEO, Keynote
Regional trade needs SGR, single window to work in harmony
Business Beat
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Business Beat
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Record performance: Telecom rm
credits enviable prots to its ability to
see further ahead and anticipate risks
to lock in long-term gains
Safaricom CEO
Bob Collymore.
View from the top: Safaricoms helicopter strategy keeps tills ringing for shareholders
When you look at the CBD from several hundred
metres above, it seems like a really small city and it
gives you an opportunity to look further ahead,
or the majority of Kenyans,
the news and signicance
of Safaricoms record
prots has probably been
replaced by another success,
scandal or crisis.
For Bob Collymore, Safari-
coms CEO, it is not unexpected.
The nancials are good for a
day, but after tomorrow, people
will start calling with all sorts of
issues, Mr Collymore reected
in an interview with Business
Beat, a day after Safaricom
announced it had made Sh23
billion in net prot.
Many people will not
remember the numbers a few
days from now, but we will
remember the school that we
have built in Pokot and the
Sh250 million dam we are
putting up in Kwale, he said.
Working with Safaricom is
satisfying frustrating at times
but the joyous times have
been much more. The reward is
the success that comes with
transforming lives.
That Collymore chooses to
focus on what has changed lives
seems utopian and like some-
thing out of an NGOs playbook,
not a corporate like Safaricom.
But this is what is helping the
rm make money hand over st.
So what is his reward for
holding together the behemoth
that Safaricom has become?
Most importantly, what is the
wider signicance of these
results for the Government,
shareholders and competitors?
Business Beat asked Colly-
more the former question. He
did not give a straight answer,
but said since he is on assign-
ment from Vodafone, Safaricoms
UK-headquartered parent rm, it
is the one that rewards his hard
work in Kenya.
I do not get fat bonuses, but
I am not complaining, he said.
In jest, he added that the
board had agreed to give him
something special.
Yesterday, they [the board]
agreed to buy me a private jet,
Collymore said. He, however,
implied that if that offer were
ever to be put on the table, he
would rather settle for a
Collymore is fascinated by
He has a miniature helicopter
on his ofce coffee table and
makes regular reference to
choppers when talking about his
strategy at Safaricom.
He said he takes a helicopter
approach, where he is able to
see things from a different
perspective when he is off the
When you look at the CBD
from several hundred metres
above, it seems like a really small
city and it gives you an opportu-
nity to look further ahead. But
the city is not so small when you
are in it on a Friday afternoon,
with the human and vehicle
He said that is the approach
Safaricom is taking looking
further ahead and long term, as
opposed to living for the day.
And this strategy has put the
telco in a most enviable position.
Safaricoms revenue for its
nancial year that ran from April
2013 to March this year was
Sh144 billion, up 16 per cent
compared to the previous
nancial year.
The performance was driven
by strong growth in non-voice
revenues as customers sent more
short messages (SMSes), used
more Internet services and
became more active on its
mobile money transfer service,
M-Pesa, increasing earnings
from the innovative product.
Voice revenues remained
Safaricoms bread and butter,
with Sh6 out of every Sh10 in
revenue contributed by money
earned from phone calls. Its
voice revenues stood at Sh86.3
billion, an 11.6 per cent increase
compared to the previous year.
It was an impressive perfor-
mance in voice, given that
Safaricoms competitors Airtel,
Orange and Essar have tried
hacking away Safaricoms
dominance by offering cheaper,
and even free, calling rates.
Despite the telcos network
being the poorest among the
four mobile phone operators, it
keeps growing subscriber
numbers. This dees all logic
taught in business schools that
great service equals more money.
However, it underlines the
truism that he who controls the
market, controls the mind and
the money.
Safaricoms voice subscribers
grew 11 per cent to 21.5 million
customers in the 12 months to
March 2014.
The rm has been able to stay
protable by keeping a lid on its
direct costs (such as the commis-
sions it pays out) and operating
costs (such as salaries and rent).
Its nancial results show
direct costs and operating costs
increased by 10 and 14 per cent,
respectively, while revenues went
up 16 per cent.
Safaricoms three competitors
Airtel, Orange and yuMobile
are making losses. The fate of
Orange and yuMobile is
unknown as potential suitors
Business Beat
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
View from the top: Safaricoms helicopter strategy keeps tills ringing for shareholders
The record prots largely reect
Safaricoms near-monopoly in, not just the
telecom sector, but also the money transfer
sector in Kenya, Peter Wanyonyi
M-Pesa in 2007.
And now chapter three is
being written with the collapse
and re-emergence of Safaricoms
new competitors.
But there are two things that
show Safaricoms adaptability to
First, the SMS as a form of
communication is headed the
way of the fax machine. It is
becoming obsolete as subscrib-
ers turn to free messaging
applications like WhatsApp.
Safaricom knows this and in
its nancial year ended March
2014, the telco reported it had
lost about 130,000 SMS custom-
ers. In 2013, Safaricom had 12.47
million SMS customers; a year
later, this dropped to 12.34
However, the loss in customer
numbers has not translated to a
drop in SMS revenues. Instead,
these revenues were up 34 per
cent to Sh13.6 billion and this
is despite a reduction in the cost
of sending a text message.
Safaricom rolled out an SMS
bundle service and the Bonyeza
Ushinde promotion (that
rewarded customers who sent
texts with cash and other prizes),
which helped grow revenues.
Second, Safaricom sits on a
pile of cash and is able to
generate more easily.
Safaricoms free cash ow as
at the end of March stood at
Sh22.7 billion, up 56 per cent
from Sh14.5 billion a year earlier.
Free cash ow is the money
that is left over after a company
has taken the money it has
generated from operations and
invested some of it in capital
expenditure, and paid taxes and
Since Safaricom can generate
Sh22.7 billion in free cash ow, it
can choose to continue investing
in its infrastructure, pour more
money into innovations or
increase the dividend payout,
which it did. The dividend per
share was increased to Sh0.47.
Hence, with the ability to
generate free cash ow and the
cash that Safaricom sits on (the
mobile phone services company
had Sh17.6 billion in the bank at
the end of March, enough to
fund the laptop project!), it is a
foregone conclusion that the
telco will be defending its turf
against competitors.
Perhaps also ghting in
Safaricoms corner might be the
Government, which is the
second-largest shareholder with
a 35 per cent stake in the telco
(Vodafone holds 40 per cent).
In the last nancial year, the
Government received about Sh54
billion from Safaricom in the
form of dividends (Sh6.6 billion)
and taxes (Sh47.5 billion).
Further, the Government and
other shareholders have
probably enjoyed Safaricoms
share price rally.
The rms share price has hit
a high of Sh13.40 in the last one
year. On Friday last week, the
Safaricoms growth in
revenue in its 2013/14 nan-
cial year from the previous
year. It made a record Sh23
billion in net prot.
look to buy off their assets. The
uncertainty is working in
Safaricoms favour, as some
subscribers of the former two
rms switch over.
But Safaricom cannot sit
pretty. The exit of France Telkom,
which is the majority owner in
Orange, could usher in South
Africas MTN or Vietnams Viettel
into the market.
And then there are the mobile
virtual network operators
such as Equity Bank and Tangaza
Ltd who have been given the
licence to offer mobile phone
The new entrants will usher
in what will perhaps become the
third chapter in the making of
the countrys telecommunica-
tions industry.
The rst chapter was written
between 2000 and 2003, when
Kencell (the grandfather of
todays Airtel) grew faster than
Safaricom due to its high quality
voice and data network, while
the latter experienced teething
problems due to its association
with the then struggling Telkom
Safaricoms network was
congested and prone to break-
However, from around 2002,
Safaricom began rebranding
itself as a cheap network. It
began a billing system based on
seconds rather than its rivals
minutes. Taking advantage of
Kenyans peculiar calling habits,
where the average phone call
lasts a few seconds, Safaricom
found a comfort zone. Kencell
later changed its tariffs to
per-second billing, but the
damage had been done.
Chapter two of the industry
was written with the launch of
counter closed at Sh12.85.
This means that since the
initial public offering in 2008, the
share price has risen by about
Sh8 per share, reecting a gain of
about 168 per cent.
From a capital appreciation
perspective that is, the rise in
the value of the shares from the
time of the IPO to date the
Governments is sitting on a
capital gain of Sh112 billion in
six years.
This raises an important
question: will the Government
ever come down heavy on a
company that gives it so much
money and continues to do so?
This probably puts Safaricom
in a very strong negotiating
position to protect its network
and M-Pesa, and most impor-
tantly, keep the tills ringing.
The record prots largely
reect Safaricoms near-monop-
oly in, not just the telecom
sector, but also the money
transfer sector in Kenya. It is
testament to an excellent money
transfer platform and great
marketing skills, said Mr Peter
Wanyonyi, a telecoms analyst.
But it is also a worrying
indicator for the other telecom
operators, as well as for the
sector in general.
But Safaricom is not just a
telecom. It is also in banking,
insurance, health, agriculture
and the media space.
For the rst time, Standard
Investment Bank (SIB) valued
Safaricom separately as a
nancial services rm and as a
telecommunications company.
We have attempted to value
M-Pesa using relative multiples,
considering it as a payments
processor in the league of Visa or
MasterCard. We believe separat-
ing the nancial services and
telecommunications will help
improve visibility on the value
drivers for Safaricom, the
analysts said a research note
before the release of the results.
SIB valued the core telecoms
business at Sh6.92 per share,
while the nancial services
business was valued at Sh5.61
per share. The total value of the
business per share was Sh12.53.
This is an interesting way of
looking at Safaricom. What if
some time down the road
Safaricom decides to list the
nancial services as its own
entity at the stock exchange?
Would there be more value in
breaking up Safaricom in two
and trying to grow the busi-
nesses separately?
However, Collymore has
always maintained that both
sides of the business have to be
looked at as one.
Analysts remain bullish about
Safaricoms prospects, attribut-
ing their condence to the rms
dominant position and diversi-
cation of earnings.
SIB says it does not see major
downside risks to its valuation.
But there are two uncertain-
ties: one relating to the proposed
national roaming regulation
(mandating sharing of both
telecommunications infrastruc-
ture and mobile money agency
network); and the other the
mobile termination rate (MTR).
The next MTR reduction is set
for July and will see operators
paying Sh0.99 for call termina-
tions to other networks, down
from the current Sh1.15.
According to industry gures,
Safaricom accounts for 77.5 per
cent of voice trafc, meaning it
terminates most of the calls.
This is unlikely to have a
major impact on retail tariffs, in
our view. With regards to the
proposed sharing of infrastruc-
ture, as long as there is a fair
tariff-setting mechanism, we do
not feel that this will be a major
concern, though the competitive
strength of Safaricom may be
Implementation will,
however, be challenging,
depending on the type of
roaming adopted. East African
nations are also discussing
eliminating international
roaming costs, which will have a
positive impact on trafc
The biggest asset for the
mobile operator is its innovation
machine. M-Pesa has become
the latest push around mobile
payments, and it is giving the
mobile operator a headstart in
e-Commerce. The recent
introduction of Lipa na M-Pesa
which enables cashless
merchant payments will likely
be a hit this year .
And it is poised to be a big
beneciary in the new regula-
tions that ban cash payments in
passenger service vehicles (PSVs)
from July 1. It has signed up
about 3,000 buses, matatus and
taxis to its Lipa na M-Pesa
Collymore likens Lipa na
M-Pesa to M-Pesa, both in its
potential to grow revenues for
the company and change the
payments culture in Kenya,
where cash is king.
We do not expect huge
returns in the short term
because, again, we are not a
short-term company. In a few
years, we will look at this in the
same way that we look at M-Pesa
now, he said.
I was on the Safaricom board
in the early days of M-Pesa and
we would constantly ask Michael
(Joseph), When are we going to
get a return on this thing? I have
learned to look at things more
like Michael.
The telco is also working on a
number of innovations in the
public transport space, some on
its own and others with partners
such as Google.
While it may be delivering
record numbers for its share-
holders, Safaricoms network is
its biggest undoing. Top of the
woes among customers is the
number of dropped calls and
M-Pesa downtimes.
Collymore conceded the poor
network has been its main
In the CBD, for instance, the
rate of dropped calls is higher
than I would like it to be we
already know what the problem
is, he said.
Data trafc doubled over the
last year while voice has
increased by 30 per cent; we
primarily need spectrum.
The rm together with
Airtel had proposed to buy
Essar Telecoms (yuMobiles)
assets in a deal that is dragging
on longer than expected, partly
because of the tough conditions
imposed by the Communica-
tions Authority of Kenya (CAK).
Collymore said while
Safaricom still needs the
spectrum it would get if the deal
went through, it is not prepared
to meet the CAK conditions.
Among the conditions the
rm deems unacceptable is a
requirement to share its
infrastructure and open up its
mobile money system to
Collymore said the three
operators itself, Airtel and
Essar Telecom had expected a
yes or no answer from CAK.
The regulator is asking too
much for what seems to be a
fairly straightforward transac-
tion. And if anything, there is no
framework to work with if
there was a framework, we would
consider it.
Passive sharing of infrastruc-
ture is largely practiced in the
country, but I do not know
anywhere else in the world
where you have active sharing of
Money grows on trees: Turn Sh15,000 in
seedlings into Sh1.8m in prot in two years
ost business ideas arise
from the desire to meet
the need of a particular
customer base looking for a
specic good or service.
However, some businesses
ideas transcend an entrepre-
neurs intended immediate
customer base and have
national impact.
Agro-forestry is one such
venture, and Mr Benson Kanyi
is among a growing number of
Kenyans making a living out of
commercially producing trees.
This group swears by agro-
forestry being a protable and
sustainable business that also
meets a national need.
The market for trees is
large, and about 18,000 local
farmers owning about two
acres of land each are making a
good living growing and selling
trees, especially the fast-
maturing eucalyptus, says Mr
Eucalyptus has not had the
best of reputations in recent
years, but most farmers who
had a bad experience with it
planted a variety unsuitable for
their lands soil type and
prevailing climate.
Kanyi is an ofcial of the
Tree Biotechnology Programme
Trust (TBPT), a public and
private sector partnership that
Big returns: Commercial tree farming
holds great potential for entrepreneurs
to cash in, and is good for the country
provides knowledge transfer to
farmers and entrepreneurs who
desire to venture into commer-
cial tree planting.
Kenya currently has just
about 46,000 acres under
private commercial tree
farming, which is hardly
enough to feed the booming
demand for timber for con-
struction, biomass energy and
In addition, the Government
is hard pressed to effect the
rural electrication programme
and get more people onto the
national electricity grid.
It is unfortunate that
Kenya, with its good climate
and potential for commercial
tree farming, is still talking
about unemployment when, at
the moment, it is exporting
jobs to neighbouring countries
by importing electricity
transmission poles, says
Data from the United
Nations Environment Pro-
gramme (Unep) shows that in
2009 and 2010, Kenya lost Sh6.6
billion and Sh5.8 billion,
respectively, to deforestation.
With the countrys water
catchment areas in the Mau
Forest, Mts Kenya and Elgon,
the Aberdares and the Cheran-
ganyi Hills shrinking from
illegal logging and urban
development, it is imperative
Business Beat
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Some of the trees dried up and others were
destroyed by ants, but I still made more
than enough money to cover the loan I
had taken, Habil Onyango
Kenya nds alternative sources
of timber.
For investors like Mr Habil
Onyango, a Nairobi-based
businessman with three acres
under eucalyptus in his home
district of Bondo, the demand
for timber saw him uproot two
acres of maize crop in 2009 to
plant 4,000 eucalyptus seed-
I had taken my nephews to
visit Kisumus ASK agricultural
show in 2009 and I got a
pamphlet about commercial
tree planting from the Kenya
Forestry Services (KFS) stand,
he says.
Mr Onyangos interest was
piqued, and a week later, he got
an ofcer from KFS to visit his
farm and advise him on the
best tree variety to plant.
I started my tree farm with
1,000 eucalyptus seedlings,
which I bought for Sh15 each,
says Onyango.
I later decided to go all in
and uprooted the maize I had,
which was not doing very well,
and planted 3,000 more
Two years later, his rst
batch of eucalyptus crop was
about 12-feet long and he sold
the trees at a local timber yard
for Sh2,000 each, earning him
Sh1,800, 000.
Some of the trees dried up
and others were destroyed by
ants, but I still made more than
enough money to cover the
loan I had taken to prepare and
fence the land and buy inputs,
he says.
There are several varieties of
eucalyptus trees, and their
seedlings retail at between
Sh15 and Sh25. Some can be
harvested from as early as 18
months, and each trunk sold as
construction material for as
much as Sh3,000.
Others can take up to nine
years to mature fully and fetch
Sh18,000 when sold to Kenya
Power for electricity poles.
There is the Eucalyptus
grandisX camaldurensis, which
is ideal for marginal areas, and
other pure breeds for high yield
areas such as the highlands.
We are soon going to offer
the much more heat-tolerant
hybrid eucalyptus grandisX
urophylla from South Africa
that has been undergoing
testing in Kenya the last six
years, says Kanyi.
This species has a better
diameter, produces more
biomass within a relatively
short time and has more
tolerance to common pests.
For more information on the
companies proled here, email
Enactus Kenya and Syngenta have announced the launch of
an Africa Agribusiness Competition and have invited youth
across the continent to generate creative business ideas that
would improve the agricultural productivity of crop value
Through the online platform www.agribiz4africa.com, youth
aged between 18 and 30 from sub-Saharan Africa are invited to
submit 500-word business ideas that will be judged by leading
agribusiness academics from East and West Africa.
The best 25 contestants will each receive a $1,000
(Sh89,500) grant to test the viability of their idea.
The best three among them will then be selected by a
recognised panel of agribusiness leaders and invited to attend
the AGRF Forum on African agriculture to be held in Addis
Ababa, Ethiopia in early September, where they will have a
chance to mingle with some of Africas most inuential thought
leaders and receive due recognition for their ideas.
In recognition of the need to position agriculture as an
attractive occupation for young people, youth with talent in the
creative arts have a special category in which to compete,
dubbed the Agriculture Video Messaging Competition.
Through online submissions on the same website, entrants
are invited to create messages that depict agricultural activities
from farm to fork as cool.
The entries will be judged by leading academics in the
communication eld, and the top 20 entries will be selected.
From these nalists, a judging panel comprising recognised
leaders in the communication and advertising industry will
select the top three, who will also travel to Addis Ababa for the
award ceremony.
All entries have to be submitted by June 10.
The objective of the Syngenta-Enactus Kenya Agribusiness
Competition is to raise awareness among the youth and key
stakeholders in agriculture of the enormous business opportu-
nities within the agricultural value chains across Africa, and to
encourage young people to actively engage in shaping this vital
It is a great honour for us at Enactus Kenya to play a key
role in positioning African youth as champions in offering
agribusiness solutions for Africa through this competition, said
Mr James Shikwati, Enactus Kenyas country director.
At Syngenta, we recognise the important role young people
in Africa can play in creating wealth and jobs through their own
agribusiness ventures. The energy and creativity that comes
naturally to them can make a great contribution to challenges
like food security, job creation and environmental sustainability.
We are excited to be partnering with Enactus in this
initiative that will generate many business solutions and
develop strong positive messages about African agriculture,
said Mr Kinyua MMbijjewe, Syngentas head of corporate affairs
for Africa and Middle East.
Have an agribusiness idea? Write it down
in 500 words for chance to win Sh89,000
Kenya slowly losing its grip on EAC market
Woes: Manufacturers are exporting
fewer goods to the region as new
levies raise shelf price of local goods
housands of jobs are on
the line as Kenyas
manufacturers lose their
market share in the East African
Community. This has placed the
countrys dominance of the
regional market which has a
gross domestic product of $80
billion (Sh7 trillion) in
According to data from
industry experts and the recently
released Economic Survey 2014,
Kenyas dominance in intra-EAC
trade the past year has declined
considerably as the manufactur-
ing sector reels from new double
taxation policies.
Kenyan exports to the EAC
region have reduced by a total of
7.4 per cent from about Sh134
billion in 2012 to Sh124 billion in
2013, reads the Economic
This is despite the output in
Kenyas manufacturing industry
growing by 4.8 per cent last year,
compared to 3.2 per cent in 2012.
According to the survey,
increased production of
agricultural produce, particularly
in the sugar and horticulture sec-
tors, buoyed Kenyas manufac-
turing industry.
This led to an increased
Kenyan exports to the EAC region have
reduced by a total of 7.4 per cent, from
about Sh134 billion in 2012 to Sh124 billion
in 2013, Economic Survery2014
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Business Beat
volume of output valued at a
total Sh1 trillion.
However, a deeper analysis of
the gures, and cross-referenc-
ing trade balances between
Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and
Tanzania, has Kenyan manufac-
turers worried that they may be
losing ground to their regional
The volume of exports to
Tanzania reduced from Sh46
billion to Sh40 billion, while
exports to Uganda also reduced
from Sh67 billion to Sh65 billion,
and to Rwanda from Sh16 billion
to Sh13 billion, said Ms Phyllis
Wakiaga, the head of policy and
research at the Kenya Associa-
tion of Manufacturers (KAM).
The fact that countries in the
EAC region are some of the
biggest importers of Kenyan
goods, this trend will be
retrogressive to the countrys
manufacturing industry and the
And while Kenya lost ground
in the regional trading block,
Rwandan and Ugandan manu-
facturers expanded their share in
Kenya, with Ugandan exports to
Kenya increasing from Sh15
billion to Sh16 billion, and
Rwandan imports going up from
Sh822 million to over Sh1 billion.
Ms Wakiaga said this shift
could be part of the reason the
countrys manufacturing sector
KAM said if the situation
persists, Kenyan manufacturers
might be forced to relocate their
businesses to cheaper destina-
tions like Asia, which could lead
to massive job cuts in the sector.
Due to these disincentives ...
business people who nd the
cost of goods manufactured in
EAC very high now have to
source their goods from
countries like India and China,
thus exporting jobs from the
region, said Wakiaga.
This is not the rst time that
business people in the region are
blaming poor policies for being a
stumbling block to the integra-
tion process.
The high cost of cross-border
calls within the common market
has become a contentious issue,
which has been escalated to East
African heads of state for
Currently, it costs nearly 10
times more to call someone in
Kampala from Nairobi compared
to making a similar call to
someone in the United Kingdom,
which is halfway around the
EAC ministers last month
agreed, after years of debate and
bureaucratic wordplay, to
remove all roaming rates and cap
termination charges within
mobile operators in East Africa
by this December.
This is expected to lower the
cost of doing business between
member states, reducing the
underlying suspicions and
boosting the integration process.
Dip in purchasing power drives demand for milk dispensers
The number of shoppers buying pasteurised
milk from digitised dispensers in supermarkets
has increased. This has seen savvy traders
acquire milk dispensers from external markets,
and seek approval from the Kenya Dairy Board
(KDB), the dairy industry regulator, to sell
treated raw milk.
Mr Geoffrey Gitonga, an entrepreneur in the
sector, said there has been growing demand for
pasteurised milk from the dispensers, particu-
larly in urban areas.
We have been installing machines at
strategic locations in urban centres and
shopping malls. In the last two years, we have
installed more than 40 dispensers. We have
partnered with supermarkets and other
shopkeepers as the demand for sterilised milk
picks up, he said.
Mr Gitonga told Business Beat he shares the
prots equally with supermarkets and retailers
as he is protected from other expenses such as
rent, water and electricity.
He said the demand for milk from the
machines is being dictated by changing
dynamics in the local market, including the need
for quality milk, depressed purchasing power
and a surging population.
The prices for processed milk have increased
since the introduction of VAT last September,
which has prompted consumers to turn to raw
milk. Currently, a litre of raw milk in most
estates costs between Sh50 and Sh55, while a
litre of processed milk averages Sh85.
The dispensing machines are digitised and
sell pasteurised milk, providing an avenue for
customers to get farm fresh produce at an
affordable rate.
We are selling one litre at Sh65, but a
consumer can get as little as 77ml at a cost of
Sh5. All one needs to do is key in the amount
they require, and the product is dispensed,
Gitonga, who procures his machines from Italy,
We are giving consumers who frequent
outlets in estates that sell raw milk that may not
be inspected a safer choice.
Almost half of the milk produced in Kenya is
sold in the informal market raw, and in several
instances, it is contaminated with other
components such as wheat our or vegetable
fats, putting consumers health at risk.
Data from KDB indicates that the country
produces ve billion litres of milk annually, out
of which 2.3 billion litres, or 46 per cent, are
used at the household level, while 2.7 billion
litres reach both local and regional markets.
However, 2.2 billion litres of the 2.7 billion litres
are sold in the informal market.
KDB Managing Director Machira Gichohi,
though he could not conrm the exact number
of licences issued to traders operating dispens-
ing machines, said there has been a signicant
increase in approval requests.
Over and above licensing other milk
machines in the industry, we have approved a
signicant number of dispensers he said when
KDB has been accused of poorly regulating
the sector, and has elded numerous consumer
complaints over the prevalence of contaminated
milk in the market.
There is a lot of contaminated milk being
sold in the local market, and especially in urban
areas, under the watch of the dairy board. After
licensing milk bars, they fail to monitor the sale
of the milk, thus risking the lives of millions of
Kenyans depending on raw milk, said Ms Ann
Mwangi of Nairobis Kawangware.
had a poor showing in the last
nancial year, contributing just
8.9 per cent to the countrys GDP.
Kenyas trading woes in the
regional block have been
attributed to new regulations
ratied by the EAC, particularly
Article 25 of the EAC Customs
Union Protocol.
The article imposes duty on
nished products manufactured
using raw materials benetting
from reduced rates under the
EAC Duty Remission Scheme
and sold in the customs territory.
This means that manufactur-
ers who are using imported raw
materials in their goods can only
export them outside the EAC,
and if they do sell them within
the EAC, they have to pay full
duty on the nished product.
Last year, KAM said the new
levies amount to double taxation
and have raised the shelf price of
Kenyan goods.
With an average growth rate
of over six per cent, the World
Bank has rated the East African
block as one of the fastest-
growing in emerging markets. In
2011, it was cited the best-
performing regional block in
However, there have been
concerns from exporters within
the region that protectionist
policies like Article 25 will make
it difcult to open the common
market, reducing the pace of
Customers at a milk dispensing machine.
e was raised in a
Christian home and
credits this with teaching
him the value of patience, a
virtue that has proved indis-
pensable in his entrepreneurial
Mr Obadiah Maina, 35, has
risen from the turbulence of
abject poverty in Mathira, Nyeri
County, to set up a nancial
Three years ago, the idea of
owning a savings and credit
co-operative (Sacco) was not
even in his wildest dreams.
Then, Mr Maina was an
instructor at a Nairobi-based IT
college, and got paid just
enough to get by.
To supplement his income,
he started selling vegetables.
His side business did surpris-
ingly well, and he was soon able
to buy a pickup to ease the
transport of groceries.
After selling groceries for a
while, I sold the pickup. Soon
after, a friend of mine asked me
to lend him money, which he
said he would repay with
Money management: Obadiah Maina set up savings
and credit co-operative when he was 32 to help owners
of micro and small businesses access affordable credit
interest. This got me thinking
that there must be a nancing
need that has been overlooked
by existing institutions, he
He decided to research what
it would take to open a Sacco.
He wanted to enable people
pool their money and lend it on
to individuals in need of
affordable credit.
Further, from his experience
as a grocer, he knew micro and
small enterprises nd it difcult
or too costly to borrow money
from mainstream nancial
institutions, so he felt sure there
would be a market for his
To reect his business
aspirational nature, he named it
Good Life Sacco. He spread the
word about his company, and
within six months, had 30
members. He decided to quit
his job.
I wanted to give my Sacco
my full attention to see it grow
to a fully edged bank in a few
years time, even as we opened
more branches across the
country, Maina said.
Today, three years later, his
rm has over 5,000 registered
members, an asset base of Sh20
million and branches in
Nairobi, Thika, Nyeri and
We give loans at 12 per cent
interest, and our members can
request three times the amount
they have saved with us.
Maina added that marketing
his Sacco has not been a
challenge as the Government
has encouraged the co-opera-
tive movement. He is also
working with the Chamber of
The Chamber of Commerce
has given us networking
opportunities to access funds
from companies and individu-
als abroad who are interested in
investing in Kenya.
To join Good Life Sacco, one
is required to pay a registration
fee of Sh1,000 and must be aged
over 18. The minimum amount
one can contribute monthly is
I am trying to change the
Aloe vera has been dubbed the
plant of immortality for its healing
properties and rich nutritional
It has at least six natural antisep-
tics, which are able to kill mold,
bacteria, funguses and viruses, and it
helps with digestive issues and is a
beauty aid.
In Bura village, Taita Taveta County,
Mr Apolinary Ngoma, 60, has come to
appreciate the crop for its monetary
value. While many of his neighbours
struggle to make a living from their
land as prolonged drought hits the
region, Mr Ngoma is sitting pretty.
Ngoma is a member of Mwakibu
Farmers Co-operative Society, which is
determined to make a mark in the
countrys aloe cottage industry. The
society has brought together 320 aloe
farmers from Mwakitau and Bura
villages (hence the name Mwakibu) in
Mwatate Constituency.
Aloe vera has great economic
potential in Taita Taveta County and
has the potential to benet hundreds
of thousands of farmers, Ngoma says.
The farmer, who is the county aloe
value chain chairman, says the major
varieties being grown by the local
farmers are aloe vera and aloe
We formed the co-operative society
so that we could have greater
bargaining power and get better prices
for our produce. As a result of the
improved incomes, we are now in the
process of purchasing a Sh3 million
aloe processing machine that can turn
aloe sap into aloe jelly, since the latter
fetches higher prices than raw sap.
Governor John Mruttu is helping us
procure the machine, he says.
According to Mr Patrick Muli, the
marketing ofcer for aloe value chain
with the Kenya Agricultural Productiv-
ity Programme (KAPAP), Taita Taveta
farmers have been getting good
We are buying a litre of aloe sap
for Sh1,000 per litre. We take it to our
cottage industry in Bura where we
produce various aloe products such as
creams, soaps, conditioners and
shampoos, he says.
The aloe products, under the brand
name Morio, have proved popular in
Taita Taveta and the Coast region, and
plans are afoot to set up outlets in Voi,
Mwatate, Wundanyi and Taveta
According to Mr Muli, more than
900 farmers in Taita Taveta are
growing aloe.
Arid lands need not be condemned
wholesale as unt for agriculture; it is
innovation that holds the key to
sustainability, he says.
Lack of knowledge on the economic
value of aloe coupled with a lack of
processing technology are some of the
challenges that we have had to deal
with, says Ms Eve Kiseu, the aloe
cottage industry project co-ordinator.
But the industry has begun to
show signs of viability and farmers are
making good money from the aloe
Health elixir: Farmers warm up to therapeutic aloe vera
lives of members of our society
by ensuring they get the best
services, said Maina
The Sacco, which has 60
employees, also offers junior
accounts for children, group,
business, xed deposit and
personal accounts, as well as
accounts for private institu-
tions, such as churches.
Informal sector institutions,
like churches, have been left
unattended, yet there is huge
potential lying there, he said
And he is still looking to
improve the sacco.
We will soon launch a
computerised system that will
How friends request
for soft loan gave root
to successful business
Mr Obadiah Maina, 35, the founder of Good Life Sacco, which currently has 60
employees, more than 5,000 members and an asset base of Sh20 million.
allow members check their
account balances wherever they
are. We are working under
Co-operative Bank, which has
given us a lot of guidance.
We are also working closely
with Co-operative Insurance
Company (CIC) to offer medical
cover under Good Life Health,
Maina said.
His advice to young entre-
Be more innovative and use
the talents you have to make a
living, and it will denitely pay
Business Beat
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Be more innovative and use the
talents you have to make a living,
and it will denitely pay off,
enyans living in rural
areas may soon access
affordable Internet from
Pasha Centres, or digital
villages, as the Government
moves to revive stalled projects.
The Government has
outsourced some of its advisory
roles in the project to a private
rm that will provide the digital
centres with support services,
the lack of which was cited as
contributing to their failure the
rst time round.
According to Mr Kwame
Shiroya, the ofcial in charge of
the digital villages projects at
the Kenya ICT Authority (ICTA),
the move to revamp the digital
villages project (DVP) is in keep-
ing with the recommendations
of a report by audit rm
Deloitte East Africa, which was
contracted to look into the
factors that caused their
ICTA has recruited a
business development rm to
develop common minimum
business standards and ways of
operating to enhance efciency
and quality, he said.
In addition, The Youth
Banner, the appointed consul-
tant, will provide a supervisory
role to Pasha managers,
monitoring how they develop
their service offerings and work
with other providers.
Launched in 2010 by the
former ministry of Information
permanent secretary, Dr
Bitange Ndemo, DVP was
considered a novel initiative
that would help bridge the
technology divide in the
The idea was to have
information hubs set up in rural
areas where users could access
various Internet services,
including email, web browsing,
Internet calls and IT learning.
The Pasha Centres were
supposed to be run by entrepre-
neurs who were to get subsi-
State breathes new life into digital villages
Bridging divide: Private
players contracted to help
provide support services
that will enable Kenyans in
rural areas access Internet
dised loans from the Govern-
ment (at 10 per cent interest)
through a revolving fund.
The landing of multiple
undersea bre cables was
expected to further boost
broadband penetration and
facilitate Internet connection in
rural areas.
It later emerged that the
Government had greatly
oversimplied the execution of
the project, and four years later,
the anticipated benets to rural
residents are yet to be met as
most Pasha Centres are unable
to break even or even provide
their core services.
Pasha Centres are unable to
generate adequate revenues
because they have an undiversi-
ed portfolio of services, said
Mr Shiroya.
In addition, the high costs
of operations and underutilised
equipment limits their nancial
Others, however, attribute
the failure of the DVP to a shaky
shared-responsibility formula
between entrepreneurs and the
The Pasha Centres are a
very strategic initiative, and
they have given some young
people opportunities to do
good IT-based business, said
Mr Sam Gichuru, the co-found-
er and CEO of incubation hub
However, the Government
also needs to do its part in
terms of making it possible for
Pasha managers to run their
enterprises effectively. This
includes the provision of
essential services like electricity
and broadband connectivity,
which is quite capital-intensive
and should not be the duty of
the entrepreneurs, but the
A recent study conducted by
the Communications Authority
of Kenya (CAK) found that 16
per cent and 88 per cent of
sub-locations in the country do
not have access to voice and
data services, respectively.
Some of these areas with
access gaps can neither sustain
the demand nor supply for IT
services, therefore, there is no
commercial viability that would
prompt service providers to
make investments in those
However, there is market
sufciency in some other areas
where the demand and supply
of IT services can work and
investment is viable, but the
opportunities are yet to be
The Government is trying,
under the recently released
National Broadband Strategy, to
facilitate the sealing of these
gaps and allow universal access
to broadband.
But with the Government
unable to nance the more than
Sh70 billion required to set up
base stations for voice and data
services across the country, the
digital divide looks set to
remain wide, at least in the
short and medium term.
Pasha Centres are unable to generate
adequate revenues because they have
an undiversied portfolio of services,
Kwama Shiroya
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Business Beat
Business Beat
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
here are just under two weeks to go
before the May 31 deadline when
commercial banks are expected to have
issued new chip and pin cards to their
customers. After this date, the liability for any
fraudulent transaction carried out on a
customers magnetic stripe card shall be borne
by the issuing bank.
However, the transition from the old cards
to the more secure Europay MasterCard Visa
(EMV) cards has not been as seamless as
many had hoped.
Most bank outlets are now characterised by
long queues of customers lining up to change
their ATM cards as several institutions have
begun distributing the new payment cards.
My bank is giving us the new cards on the
spot, so the queues are not necessarily moving
quickly, but at least you know that by the time
it is your turn, youll get the upgraded card
and you dont have to visit the branch later
on, said James Omondi.
But not all banks are able to do so.
We have received feedback from some
banks that they are experiencing challenges in
getting the cards issued, mainly due to delays
in certication as well as logistical concerns
around importing and personalising the new
cards, said Mr Fidelis Muia, the director of
technical services at Kenya Bankers Associa-
tion (KBA).
The costs have also been quite an under-
taking. EMV certication costs between $6,000
and $10,000 (Sh525,000 and Sh875,000) per
institution. System upgrades cost much more
and vary depending on the vendor.
A number of banks have had to outsource
their card systems to third-party processors
due to the cost implications, while others have
had to procure completely new card manage-
ment systems. The new chip and pin cards are
more expensive than the old magnetic stripe
cards, said Mr Muia.
The migration to the EMV standard is,
therefore, expected to continue beyond this
We must appreciate the steps that the
relevant entities need to go through to be
compliant. It is important for the public to
understand the complexity of the work that
goes into ensuring EMV compliance, said Mr
Jabu Basopo, the Visa country manager for
Southern and East Africa.
Before the move was started, KBAs
operations and technical services committee
held a series of workshops for member banks,
during which its members agreed to stan-
dardise the migration.
First, banks had to upgrade their auto-
mated teller machines (ATMs) and point of
sale (POS) terminals to ensure they are
capable of handling EMV transactions to get
them certied.
After this, the institutions had to procure
the plastic for the cards, and then get a
different vendor to do the actual personalisa-
tion or production of the card to enable it
carry customer details.
It is important to appreciate that there are
lots of players involved in this process, and
planning is key, said Mr Basopo.
He added that migration to EMV is a
journey that requires patience, and distribu-
tion of the cards to consumers may take some
time to nalise.
Visa ofcials anticipate that the process
Transition hitches as
Security: Long queues
in banking halls and
delays in issuance of
compliance certicates
slow down process
3 months
Amount of time Visa ofcials anticipate
it will take banks to issue the more
secure chip cards to all customers.
the steps
that the
need to go
to be
It is
for the
public to
stand the
of the
work that
goes into
EMV comp-
A number of banks have had to outsource
their card systems to third-party processors
due to the cost implications,
Fidelis Muia
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 / The Standard
Business Beat
migration to chip ATM cards nears tail end
may take up to three months and is depen-
dent on the availability of the consumer.
The process should not be seen as an
inconvenience to banks or customers. The
long-term benets of EMV technology cannot
be overemphasised. EMV chip cards are
embedded with a multifunctional microchip
that has superior security features that are
unavailable on the magnetic stripe. Chip
technology, both embedded in the card and
the acceptance device, increases the safety
and security of transactions, said Basopo.
These security features include strong
authentication levels to validate the card-
holder, the card and the transaction. This
makes chip technology the most secure
instrument for card payments. The microchip
embedded in the plastic is virtually impos-
sible to replicate, a deterrent to fraudsters.
In many cases of fraud, information on
magnetic stripe cards is captured via a simple
device that skims the strip. The data can then
be cloned onto a blank card and used to make
fraudulent purchases or withdrawals.
Banks have invested heavily to issue the
compliant chip cards and upgrade their
systems to protect deposits.
We see any additional investment in
security as an opportunity for banks to
enhance business opportunities through
additional channels, grow cross-border
transactions through renewed condence in
the payment system, and reduce losses due to
counterfeit fraud, said Basopo.
The traditional magnetic stripe cards are
slowly being phased out on a global scale.
We cannot afford to be left behind
because a weak system here is a threat to the
entire global nancial system. We are proud
that Kenya is currently one of the few
countries in Africa that have adopted the EMV
compliance standard, placing it at par with
other leading countries in enhancing fraud
mitigation systems, said Mr Habil Olaka,
KBAs chief executive.
We will run the nal part of our series on the
EMV migration next week. Email questions or
comments to bizbeat@standardmedia.co.ke
Business Beat
Tuesday, May 20 2014 / The Standard
NSE 20 Share Index +0.1% Dow Jones +44.50 (+0.27%) Nasdaq +21.30 (+0.52%) S&P 500 +7.01 (+0.37%) Oil +0.67% US$ +0.01%
4,967.57 16,491.31 4,090.59 1,877.86 $102.18 1 EUR = $ 1.3696
Source: SIB
Equity turnover retreated 18 per cent to Sh5 billion
from last weeks all-year high of Sh6.1 billion.
Foreign investors remained net sellers,
StandardInvestment Bank
Stock Price % week on week % year to date
Safaricom 12.85 0.0% 18.4%
Equity Bank 39.00 -4.9% 26.8%
EABL 297.00 -0.7% 2.4%
KCB 46.75 -4.1% -1.1%
Stock Price % week on week % year to date
Kakuzi 132.00 13.8% 38.9%
Kenya Orchards 8.60 8.9% 186.7%
Limuru Tea 670.00 8.1% 34.0%
NBK 33.50 7.2% 16.5%

Stock Price % week on week % year to date
NIC Bank 59.50 -6.3% -0.8%
Scangroup 46.75 -4.1% -3.1%
Carbacid 33.25 -2.9% -35.4%
Sasini 16.85 -2.9% 15.0%
coffee prices
fell 5.2 per
cent (to
Sh15,560 for
a 50kg bag)
on the back
of reduced
as buyers
have enough
Sasini is
the most
on coffee
among the
The NSE 20 Share Index gained 0.1 per cent
from the previous week, while the NSE All Share
Index went down 0.5 per cent.
Equity turnover retreated 18 per cent to Sh5
billion from the previous weeks all-year high of
Sh6.1 billion. Foreign investors remained net
sellers for a second straight week, while their
activity increased by 27 per cent.
Accounting for the highest net inows for
the second straight week, Equity Bank was
among the top movers. The bank shed 4.9 per
cent to Sh39 on prot taking, retreating after
touching a high of Sh42.50.
Safaricom was unchanged during the week
after announcing FY14 results to March, with a
31.2 per cent year on year jump in earnings per
share (EPS). The Government has a deal with
the telco in which Safaricom will develop a
public safety communication and surveillance
system worth Sh14.9 billion (at cost) in
exchange for spectrum of equivalent value,
specically 4G, when it is made available.
Ahead of books closure at the end of this
month, Kakuzi recorded a new 52-week high of
Sh132 (+13.8 per cent, week on week) but on
thin volumes. The company is holding its AGM
Agricultural rm Limuru Tea also set a new
52-week high of Sh670 (+8.1 per cent, week on
week), while tea and coffee producer Sasini
declined 2.9 per cent. Kenyan coffee prices fell
in the week (-5.2 per cent to $178.1 (Sh15,560)
for a 50kg bag) on the back of reduced demand
as buyers already have enough stockpiles.
Sasini is the most exposed on coffee among the
agricultural rms.
Liberty Insurance will hold its AGM tomor-
row, the same day of books closure (scrip
dividend of Sh1; scrip issue price of Sh15.90).
Standard Investment Bank
Top Gainers
Top Movers
Top Losers
NSE All Share Index 151.15
Equity turnover Sh972.4 billion
Total shares traded 70,755,700
Market capitalisation Sh2.1 trillion
Statistics as at May 16, 2014
A sitcom mocking the political antics
of the newly elected governor.
During the campaign, he made
several promises he cannot keep.
Adored and hated in
equal measure